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UFC 2009 Undisputed is an explosive fighting game detailing the action, intensity and attitude of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Featuring an authentic and comprehensive UFC atmosphere, including an extensive roster of the best mixed martial arts fighters in the world, players will push the envelope with a powerful new game engine and put their best fighting disciplines to the test in the world famous Octagon. Take your best shot - UFC 2009 Undisputed is as real as it gets! Develop attributes, perfect moves and fights for entry into the UFC Hall of Fame through a series of dynamic storylines that build friendships and instigate intense rivalries

UFC 2009 Undisputed is an explosive fighting game detailing the action, intensity and attitude of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Featuring an authentic and comprehensive UFC atmosphere, including an extensive roster of the best mixed martial arts fighters in the world, players will push the envelope with a powerful new game engine and put their best fighting disciplines to the test in the world famous Octagon. Take your best shot - UFC 2009 Undisputed is as real as it gets. Develop attributes, perfect moves and fights for entry into the UFC Hall of Fame through a series of dynamic storylines that build friendships and instigate intense rivalries.

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Fighting Styles
Success in mixed martial arts in real-life is all about a fighter's ability to combine different aspects of various fighting disciplines to his advantage when inside the octagon and that is exactly what players will need to do in UFC 2009 Undisputed. Ideally these combination of disciplines are used to devastate an opponent, but if used wisely they can also be used to frustrate and neutralize the power and tactics of a stronger fighter who can't be knocked out. UFC 2009 Undisputed features the six international fighting disciplines that are used in the UFC. These six fall into two categories, striking disciplines and grappling disciplines, and include:

Striking disciplines:
    Western Boxing (Boxing) - Boxing relies on complex foot maneuvers and quick jabs to mount a powerful offense.
    Kick Boxing - Kick Boxing is a fighting style that integrates boxing punches with a variety of martial art kicks.
    Muay Thai - Also known as 'Thai Boxing,' Muay Thai utilizes elbows, knees and low kicks often from the clinch position.
Grappling disciplines:
    Wrestling - The oldest sport known to man, Wrestling consists of taking down your opponent using hand-to-hand maneuvers.
    Judo - Judo is a Japanese martial art that emphasizes on throwing your opponent and immobilizing him with grappling moves.
    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Derived from Kodokan Judo, BJJ utilizes joint locks and choke holds to allow smaller/weaker combatants to defeat bigger, stronger opponents.

Gameplay in UFC 2009 Undisputed is designed to be the most authentic representation of mixed martial arts in a video game to date. To do this the game utilizes the six fighting disciplines to help the player develop actual strategies used by UFC fighters. Each playable fighter is initially assigned one striking and one grapple martial discipline. The fighting strategies that come out of these make up a player's 'standing game' and 'ground game,' with the standing game reflecting your striking discipline and ground game your grapple.

The standing game consists of utilizing the precision of your striking style to breakdown your opponent with quick combos, kicks from the perimeter or knees and elbows in the clinch. After these have done their work you unleash your power and go for the knockout. The ground game on the other hand consists of knocking your opponent off balance, taking him down to the canvas and there going for a tap out via submission hold or securing dominant position and pounding away until it is over. In developing a ground game players will learn to use UFC 2009 Undisputed's 'ultimate fighting control' game mechanic. This innovative control system initiated through the right stick, allows players to transition their fighter while on the ground from one advantageous physical position to the next. This control is available to both combatants while on the ground, so as players seek for optimal positioning they must also beware of counter moves. Regardless which strategy is preferred, players must acknowledge both. Although players may feasibly survive and even progress for a while using just the standing or ground game, sooner or later the in-game competition will demand the development of both.

Roster of Fighters
A big part of UFC 2009 Undisputed's dedication to realism is its extensive list of playable UFC fighters and other in-game characters familiar from the real-life world of Ultimate Fighting. The game features 80 headline fighters, 16 from each of the UFC's five weight divisions. Fighters available include such notables as Brock Lesnar, Chuck Liddell, Anderson Silva, George St. Pierre, BJ Penn and many many more. Click here to see an example of fighter bios. In addition to the fighters, Undisputed also features realistic representation of in-game trainers, commentators, ring announcers, card girls and more that UFC fans will instantly recognize.

Key Features

  • Authentic UFC Personalities - Explore a deep roster of more than 80 top names in UFC competition across five weight classes and enter the Octagon surrounded by the sport's popular commentators, announcers, referees, trainers, Octagon girls and more.
  • Photorealistic Models and Effects - Experience the world of UFC as it appears on television with photorealistic fighters who breathe, sweat and move like their real-life counterparts. Players will also view amazing ripple effects across the faces and bodies of their fighters from the impact of devastating punches and kicks.
  • Constant Control - Gain the upper hand in matchups with a brand new fighting game engine designed specifically for next generation systems. Emphasis on innovative, responsive and easy-to-play controls will give players unparalleled command of their fighters in the Octagon.
  • Fighting Disciplines - Take down opponents and get the submission with a variety of mixed martial arts disciplines, including Judo, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  • Create-a-Fighter - Jump-start the career of a future champion by customizing your fighter's physical appearance, learning new fighting techniques to use in the Octagon and managing the training process through attributes such as strength and cardiovascular health.
  • Career Mode - Develop attributes, perfect moves and fight for entry into the UFC Hall of Fame.
  • Multiplayer Support - Enjoy both local and online multiplayer support via Xbox LIVE.

  • Influence fighter's careers by customizing physical appearance and attributes, learning new fighting techniques and managing his training process through attributes such as strength and cardiovascular health.
  • A fighter roster of more than 80 top names from all weight divisions, as well as popular commentators, announcers, referees, trainers, Octagon girls and more from the world of Ultimate Fighting.
  • Photorealistic fighters who breathe, sweat and move like their real-life counterparts. Players also experience ripple effects across fighters faces and bodies from the impact of punches and kicks.
  • A brand new fighting game engine that emphasizes innovative, responsive and easy-to-play controls will give players unparalleled command of their fighters in the Octagon.
  • Take down opponents and get the submission with a variety of mixed martial arts disciplines, including Judo, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Customer Reviews:

  • THis would be an excellent MMA game if it wasn't so difficult
    This would be a great MMA game if it were not so difficult. I usually dominate in most fighting games. Dont get me wrong, the graphics are awesome and the fights are very realistic, a little to realistic!!!. My main problem with this game is that the controls are way to diff. You can hardly win a match on experienced, because the game is just gona grapple you to the ground, get in full mount position, then pumble you until you are K.O. Another thing is that when you play the computer they cheat like never before, I've been in MMA for quite some time and let me tell you, if you get kick in the head by a master kicker something is gona break weather you block or not. Just ask Shamrock, kung lee kicked him in the arm and it broke. So some aspects of the game are very unrealistic especially when playing against the computer, but as a overall its an ok game if you can deal with serious cheating. I dont know but it seems like when they made this game they made it so that you can barley reverse anything that they computer does to you, and that sucks big time, because you're just gonna keep losing matches especially with the way that they cheat when it comes to grappling (I can't stress that enough, trust me) This is this how a match usually goes on on the experienced and up levels. You start you go in doing your thing (Punching, kicked, clenching, or judo throws....ect. you get a couple of strikes off. The computer blocks most of you strikes, then grapples you to the ground. You may get out of a couple of submission that they try, but then after a while you're gona either get K.O. or they will make you tap. you try to reverse or twist out as much as you want, but you're gona tapping trust me. So the game gets pretty boring and meaningless after a while......that my take on it, I'll probably trade it in for some thing better.......If anyone has any advice on how to get pass some this thing I previously discussed please fill me in........shalom...more info
  • As real as it gets.
    "UFC Undisputed" is a masterpiece of a video game that does justice to the sport of MMA in ways I didn't believe to be possible. It captures the intensity, challenge, and science that makes mixed martial arts such a treat for fight fans and brings that experience into your home. Essentially, it does for cage fighting what the (previously) unparalleled Fight Night Round 3 did for boxing and expanded upon it, adding multiple combat styles along with a deep and challenging ground-fighting mechanic to the mix. The result is something that will kick your a$z in every possible sense.

    This is the greatest fighting simulator ever made. Just playing it makes me work up a sweat and after my created character's jab/jab/hook combo knocked The Dean of Mean out I damn near jumped up and ran around the room like Chuck Liddell. You really have to work your skills and strategy to get ahead in this game and doing so is extremely rewarding and give you a sense of elation with every victory. I honestly can't say any fighting game has ever done that for me. Building up your character's career from scrub to stud is just a lot of fun. I thought I was hot stuff and built up an impressive record utilizing my muay-thai skills to beat opponents to a pulp while taking them down with judo to wear them out. It worked out well and I felt like a pimp when I broke into the top ten rankings and got to choose to fight The Iceman or Tito Ortiz. Since I like Liddell, I decided I wanted to take on Ortiz. Bad choice. Turns out I didn't know jack about the ground-fightig mechanics and the fight went shockingly similarly to how a real life fight between me and Ortiz would go. He took me down the first time I threw a strike, climbed on top of me, and pounded on my face until I stopped moving. The end. It was ugly. Very ugly. This is to say that to make it in the big leagues in the virtual UFC you are going to need some serious practice. The ground game is complicated and hard to master, but it can be very rewarding as well. Personally, I'd rather stick to kneeing guys in the head, but that's me.

    There are six combat styles to choose from. Each fighter gets one striking martial-art and one grappling style of their choice. Each style has their own special moves and stat bonuses to bestow. You can gain levels and new techniques by engaging in training camps and completing certain tasks during your sparring sessions there. This can take forever, but it's worth it once you get access to those headkicks and throws. But I do have to complain that the grappling camps are impossibly frustrating. For example, they'll ask you to counter-grapple a punch and your opponent will only throw kicks or they'll take you down and lay on top of you for minutes on end. I thought these people were supposed to be helping you learn. Honestly, that's the only complaint I can muster at this point. Every other aspect is spot-on as far as I'm concerned. The fact that you have so many ways to train and a limited time to do it and still try to keep you endurance up for each fight adds another layer of depth to the game. The endurance system plays a huge part in the fight itself and it has never been done more realistically. You have one endurance bar which is invisible unless you select otherwise from the options menu. When you attack, the bar diminishes temporarily and the lower it gets, the more susceptible you are to getting knocked out. Taking body shots and other damage diminishes your endurance bar permanently and leaves you with less ammunition to throw down with without opening yourself up to a KO. Managing this requires a lot of strategy and planning because you will be an angry gamer when you spend 2 ? rounds chasing a guy around the cage throwing everything you have at him only to get KTFO with one punch because you got rope-a-doped while you spent the whole fight tiring yourself out. You gotta think!

    The physics in this game are awesome. I actually got an achievement for knocking a mouthpiece 3 meters out of my opponent's mouth by using his own head as a croquet mallet. I mounted him and my first punch caused his mouthpiece to pop out of his mouth and fall to the side of his head and my second punch snapped his head to the side so hard that is hit the mouthpiece and sent it flying across the cage. That is awesome. No wonky collision detection, no clipping to speak of, the whole think looks like you're watching an authentic UFC fight. Almost all of your favorites fighters are in the game and they look great. If you want a true-to-life fight simulator, this is it. There is definitely some room for improvement (in training camps and submissions, mostly), but considering this is the first game to really capture the sport of MMA, one could not ask for more.

    ...more info
  • Welcome to the Octagon
    Well well well here we are. Finally a legit hands on take on the ever-growing and beautiful artform known as MMA. I have been following the UFC religiously for the past 10 years or so and this is easily the most in depth and "true to the sport" depiction of all that goes into MMA and the UFC. Fans of the UFC would be very proud to have this game in their repetoire. It is an extensive attempt at giving the consumer of MMA the chance to put on the gloves themselves in a digital environment so to speak. Somewhat like Madden can teach you endless amounts of knowledge to the x's and o's of football, this educates the gamer on everything there is that goes into the world of fighting. All the terminology is accurate as can be (somewhat overwhelming for newcomers though) but if you can soak it all in you got the perfect weapon and that is knowledge on the canvas and knowing your body is a fine tuned weapon.

    All the techniques are spot on and all 6 of MMA's disciplines are implemented with extreme accuracy (Boxing/Kickboxing/Wresting/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Judo/Muay Thai). The controls are rough to polish that is no question but that is somewhat expected if the developers are trying to truly make a solid MMA game. The average joe might think its kicks punches and submissions but its much more broad than that. You can target body parts and methodically beat down your opponents morale and once you see the blood in the water you can attempt a submission on that targeted body part.

    To summarize everything for the most part can be simply stated like this: If you are video game saavy, a fan of the UFC, or someone who wants to join the fastest growing sport in some way buy this game and devote some time and you will not be disappointed....more info
  • Best fight game PERIOD!
    This is the best fight game out there.

    Graphics: 10
    Fun Factor: 10
    Replay Value: 10

    This game Rocks! The only negative I could find is you can't watch the computer AI go head to head. ...more info
  • Baller Status
    i first started with the demo and after the fantastic tutorial jumped in and kicked shoguns butt. this game is a must buy for anyone who likes MMA. With the create a fighter mode it takes you even further into the game and octagon experience. With a nice soundtrack and a infinite amount of moves this is the game of the summer!...more info
  • What a surprise
    I wasn't expecting the deepest, most balanced and entertaining fighting system when I popped this disc in. I'm overwhelmed with the options set before you in this realistic combat simulator.
    I'm a long time fighting game fan since the Street Fighter 2 days. This game blows previous games fighting systems away. The available attacks and counters are overwhelming and welcomed at the same time. There is so much going on yet a beginner can take small bites at a time.
    As this game matures I am interested to see if any fighting exploits are discovered, but right now I am in pure bliss.

    Update: I'm close to 100 Xbox Live fights now and the rush of adrenaline after a win is just as strong as my first fight. I've never felt cheated after a loss. I have had to do some studying to close up weaknesses in my game.
    Now my only problem with the game. If a person disconnects they should lose the match. Usually if a person has a ridiculously good record it means that they disconnect right after you beat them. Fortunately, these people are the exception and not the rule 4/80+. I just mark them as "Avoid" and file a complaint for using exploits....more info
  • A Game Worth Fighting For!!!
    When I first heard that THQ was coming out with UFC Undisputed I was absolutely ecstatic! I of course downloaded the demo the day it came out on Live. I am a huge MMA fan and loved the idea for an MMA Game on the 360.

    This game seriously lives up to the hype! With the controls set up the way they are to the wonderful graphics and sound, MMA fans will be pleased!

    Career mode is a blast and the classic fight mode is a great touch. Stand up striking is fun along with the takedowns and ground and pound.

    Controls are set up so there is no button mashing allowed, which is the way it should be. With tons of moves to learn and fighting styles galore there is definite replay value in this one!

    There are some complaints though.....as most reviewers on other sites say, the movement is a bit mechanical and submissions are very very difficult to pull off against the A.I. I wish they could find a better middle ground for submissions. Also career mode is only 7 years long and than your fighter is forced to retire, which makes absolutely no sense. There are fighters in the UFC who are well in there 40's! Just doesnt make much sense to me.

    Overall, the game is an absolute blast to play. 100% value out of this gem. I have a feeling you won't be able to put the controller down for a very long time!...more info
    I've been waiting for this game since I got my Xbox360.
    I'm a BJJ and Muay Thai Practitioner, and I used to play with my buddies Fight Night 3 a lot, and we were eager to get a real MMA GAME.
    This is it!
    To those who complaint about the fights being repeated and maybe even boring, try setting up the level to expert and lets see if you can handle the cardio and rithym of the CPU there. Plus, try playing it with a couple of friends, were the winner stays on court and the looser rotates, ohh man, it can even cause divorce in some cases. LOL
    It is true, it is easier to get a K.O. than a Submission, but again in real life is that way as well, since K.O.'s are a matter of luck, when submission are a matter of precision.
    I have not try it on line yet, but I definetly give it a shot.
    The only thing I'd like to have is a real training mode in the career, by real a mean having to actually lift the weights, or run the threadmill, or do some shadow, e.g. Fight Night 3.
    Other than that, is amazing, and the graphics and expressions are terrific.
    I do miss not having Randy The Natural Couture as a fighter. Maybe there will be updates on line.
    I'd also love to see fighter's profile and skills updated like the FIFA game. ...more info
  • great fighting engine, no other UFC game can touch this.
    every UFC game in the past let fans down with poor fighting engines and lackluster presentation, but it looks like they finally nailed it. the presentation could still use a few improvements. intros to the fights get really repetitive when theres no ring entrances and its basically the same exact routine before every match. with my tiny complaints out of the way, on with the good:

    nearly every fighter from every weight class in the UFC is included, you can take any online, including custom fighters you create yourself. the fighter creater is solidm theres plenty of options to make your fighter unique, althougfh i wish there were more tattoos to choose from.

    Career mode is well done and addictive, gradually building up your up and comming character until he's tough enough to take on the champ.

    graphics are phenominal showing every bead of sweat and every drop of blood, not to mention the progressive wound system.

    the most important part of a game like this, the fighting engine, handles nearly perfect, although the control scheme is a little complicated (you control the height at which you attack with LT/LB and which limb you use with the 4 face buttons) which which may throw some off. the rewarding feeling of a hard faught victory awaits those with the patience to learn the complex controls. once you master the controls, it is a total blast, the most fun ive had with a ring fighter outside of the revered Fight Night franchise....more info
  • MMA fighters gotta love it!!!
    Things to consider when reading this review; 1. I have only played this game for about 30 mins; 2. I am not a huge fan or that knowledgable with the Mixed Martial Arts combat.

    This game is well put together, i can imagine if you are a MMA fan, you gotta love this title!! I bought this game due to all the hype i read about. It lives up to the hype. In my match I played with very basic style fighters; Rampage Jackson and the Ice Man Lydell, basically cause they were prue boxers (i think). Game has some great graphics, and a wide variety of ways to which you can knock your opponent out! All i have done was play for about 30 mins, used 3 different fighters all on exhibition mode so my review is not too deep or thorough. Basically I would say it is worth buying if you are a fan (80 different players)with a very deep fighting style. I enjoy it. ...more info
  • Dripping with awesome
    I love this game - it has some major depth but at the same time someone can pick up the controller for the first time and KO someone in 6 seconds.. good times.. the only complain (which will be addressed I'm sure) is the online latency....more info
  • Excellent Rendition of MMA in a game FINALLY!
    When I read a review I am looking for what is wrong with something, so I will touch on those points here.

    1. The auto-save feature (which cannot be turned off) saves six different places after you spar and use your skill points. Very time consuming and annoying.
    2.Very awkward controls for the ground game., both offense and defense.
    3. Create a player mode could have had more options for hair colors.
    4. Getting to see a physical difference in your created fighter throughout his career would have added a feel of realism to seeing your fighter "come up". Seeing on how most boxing games have this feature, it was a little disappointing to not see it here.
    5. Sometimes instant replay is such a fail, it doesn't even look like the punch/kick actually touches the opponent. Its also a bit choppy at times.
    Really that's all I can come up with here, Im trying really hard too. There is lots of fun to be had with this title. Definitely a must have for anyone who likes fighting games and finds themselves getting bored with unrealistic fighting games like Tekken/Mortal Combat, and boxing games will find this title to be pure delight.

    ...more info
  • Undisputed, and unexpected.
    Conventionally, I wouldn't have bought this game. But I like getting a new game every once in a while, and the recent string of games haven't been up to snuff. So I took a risk, and I was surprised.
    THQ also makes those wrestling games, which I played a little while back and decided weren't my thing, which was no surprise because wrestling in that sense wasn't my thing either. I was dubious now that they had delved into the world of real fighting.
    The controls are like Skate. They say they're intuitive, they aren't, but once you get the hang of them, the learning curve is huge, and they make enough sense. I've gone back to the tutorial not once, not twice, but three times, because every time I learn some more about the game and feel the need to brush up on the finer points.
    Options are limited. This isn't some shooter type game where you can alter every last detail. You pick the number of rounds, the arena, and if you really want, which referee you have. And you only have three to choose from. The depth of this game lies in the gameplay.
    I personally feel that the game is progressing as I am, and that every time I learn something new the fighters in career mode are just that little bit harder. I rarely play a game with such remarkable pace and challenge from beginning to end. Nothing is ever impossible; nothing is ever simple either.
    Certain elements of the career mode, like just basic training, are annoying and time wasting. Other elements, like the camps, are actually useful. While playing, I consciously think "man, I need to work on my ground game", or something similar, which is a feat, because the game is actually making me think like a fighter.
    Is this game perfect? No. And I won't make some statement about it coming damn close. But quite frankly, this type of game has never been done before, and it's been done pretty well-without any frills or gimmicks to distract me. Undisputed makes me act and think like fighter, gets me involved, and challenges me just enough. I'm satisfied....more info
  • Great game with room to improve!
    This game is exactly what a fighting game should be. Fast and frantic with controls that are fairly easy to learn but tough to master. This along with the possibility that no matter how good you are at the game, you are only one wrong move from going LIGHTS OUT or TAPPING OUT make it a great game for hard-core gamers and casual gamers alike. Yes there are areas where the game can improve (create a player and career mode), but this is only the first installment from THQ. Overall, I love this game and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great online experience (minus quitters) in the fighting game genre. And don't whine if you get knocked out and submitted from time to time..... it happens to everyone....more info
  • A very promising start
    UFC Undisputed 2009 is a very promising start to what will hopefully be a long-running franchise. THQ has managed to successfully translate the chaos of a UFC fight into something clear and logical. No small feat.

    The heart of UFC Undisputed is its career mode. In it, the player creates their own custom fighter to battle existing UFC fighters in the hopes of being the most dominant force in their selected weight division. The player's character will train their skills, develop their fighting techniques, and fight opponents on a regular basis in order to climb the ranks and win the title.

    The fighting engine in the game is surprisingly deep. Given THQ's other, similar games - most notably their WWE titles - it would be natural for someone to think that this was nothing more than a button mash fest, but that is not the case at all. Fighting is broken down into two large categories - standing, and being on the ground. Standing can be broken down even further into strikes, clinches, and takedowns. Similarly, the ground game is divided up into various positions, and the player's ability to transition into an advantageous position in order to deal damage (ground-and-pound), or attempt a submission.

    The amazing thing about this is that it all looks and feels natural. The fights tend to have their own individual flavor. It's not uncommon to have one bout that's all stand-up striking followed by another that is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu clinic. Fights can also be ended in an instant as there is no health meter. In fact, there's an achievement for knocking out an opponent within the first 20 seconds of a match. That constant threat of a sudden KO keeps fights tense and interesting.

    UFC Undisputed does well in other areas, as well. The audio is solid. Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan provide decent commentary. Like any sports game, they repeat their lines occasionally, but what is there is good. Dana White - president of the UFC - makes a couple of speeches as well. The three referees have a few muted, generic lines, but that's about it.

    Strike impacts sound pretty impressive as well. There's a distinct difference in sound when a character hits another fully opposed to a glancing blow. Leg kicks, in particular, have a distinct snap to them when they hit properly.

    So, with all that's right with the game, why did I not give it five stars?

    Well, the biggest flaw would have to be the create-a-character (CAC) system. Every character is right handed. Some of the sliders don't seem to do much in terms of tweaking a new fighter's features. Each character has to choose from a set of three striking styles - boxing, kickboxing, and muay thai - and three ground styles - wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo, which seems a bit limited. As a character progresses through their career, they never age, nor do they suffer any sort of atrophy to their stats or skills. Yet, they're still forced into retirement for being too old to continue.

    Next, submissions are incredibly difficult to pull off. Unlike knockouts, which can literally happen at any time, submissions tend to occur only after careful planning and a lot of time spent wearing down the opponent. There's no way to capitalize on an opponent accidentally leaving their neck vulnerable for a choke attempt, or putting their arm in an exploitable position. Even more glaring is that submission attempts are the only portion of the game that rely on button mashing or fast right stick spinning. Given how well the rest of the ground game was implemented, the submission system sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Finally, the menu system is atrocious. Everything seems to be buried several layers deep, and for no good reason. Attempting to change a CAC's look is not a task for the feint-hearted.

    Despite these flaws - some, admittedly, glaring - UFC Undisputed 2009 is a game that's more than the sum of its parts. The fighting shines through, and is an impressive system for the franchise to build on. There's nothing quite as satisfying as knocking out BJ Penn in 16 seconds, or slamming Brock Lesnar down on the mat to dish out some retribution....more info
  • UFC Undisputed a KO victory for fans
    If you are a fan of the UFC, or MMA in general, this is a game you need to play and have in your library. This is my first time playing an MMA based game, but hand high expectations based or previews and screen shots that I had seen prior to release.

    To start, the tutorial mode is farily deep, breaking the game down into multiple catagories. I HIGHLY recommend everyone go through the tutorial at least once, to get an understanding for how the controls will work. After proceeding through the tutorial, you have the chocie of practicing or continuing to the main menu.

    The career mode starts off with you creating a fighter. While this is nice, I think it would be fun to start with an established fighter and work through his career. This is solved by getting to relive some of UFC greater moments over the recent years, such as the TUF finalle between Bonar and Griffin. The difficult portion of reliving these moments, is to successfully complete it, you MUST recreat it exactly. So, in the example I gave of Bonar v Griffin, you must play as Griffin and win via decision. That really adds a new challenge level. While proceding through your career you will learn to manage strength, speed, and cardio trainning, sparring, resting, and other actions such as autograph session while working your way up the ranks of the UFC.

    All in all, though what I have played so far, this is a game that is going to have a lot of replay value, but one must be willing to put the time into learn the controls, and mastering the art off grappling, ground and pound, and submissions. If you don't want to put the time into learning the controls, rent the game. If you don't mind a learning curve, add this one to you collection....more info
  • Don't bother reading this review
    I just wanted to rate the game. This game is addictingly fun but as everyone else has stated it can make improvements. Overall it's very fun and that helps alot to look past the cons.

    Create a fighter
    Relive past fights for unlockable videos
    The addicting play
    I personally enjoy the button layout
    Various techniques making for great finishes

    Laggy online play
    Create a fighter has dull spots, only a few points for any event or training session
    No custom music or entrances
    No custom celebrations or taunts
    Fighters feel stiff some times...more info
  • Best UFC game? No - The best fighting game.
    Let me start off by saying I am not a fan of wrestling, UFC or anything MMA. I am in no way biased towards this genre, but I do like to kick a little butt via my Xbox 360. I loved Fight Night (round 2 mostly) and a few Wrestling games, and even the previous UFC game. They were all quite fun - But the new "UFC 2009 Undisputed" tops them all. Let me explain why.

    I'll start with the first thing that most people look for in picking out a new game: the graphics. I have to say, I was amazed by the graphics of this game. When my girlfriend sees me playing NBA 2k9, she sometimes thinks I am watching a real basketball game. When I first put in UFC 2009 Undisputed, I had to convince her It was a video game opposed to the real thing. The game is friggin' realistic, believe me. The crowd is a bit stale, but still a step up from previous games. For the graphics, I give an A+

    Gameplay and Controls. I love the controls, they're perfect. Although this series is just starting, I hope they never change them (and we all know how developers love making new and "innovative" controls).They are easy to learn and become natural to the player pretty quickly. But don't let this fool you, just because the controls are easy it doesn't mean the game is. I have yet to master any aspect of this game, but I would have to give the difficulty a 7.5, with 10 being the hardest.
    The gameplay is what what really won me over with UFC 2009. With dozens of real life fighters, there are seemingly hundreds of moves that you can make that ensure every fight is a unique experience. And from what I have seen from real life UFC, the game play here is pretty much identical. One thing I must point out, is that I absolutely hate UFC once the fighters are grappling on the ground. I was certain I would hate it here, but I absolutely love it. It is a very unique gaming experience, but most of the game is still played on your feet. Gameplay and controls: A+

    Game modes: So far I have only done career mode and 1 vs 1 against a friend. Both are great. The career mode has its flaws, but not many. It is still difficult for me to navigate through the menus as it seems like they went out of there way to make this take longer than it should. My favorite part is that they gave us character creation. The different appearances that you can give your personal fighter aren't superb, but there are tons of different attributes that you add points to as you progress through your career. For now I made my guy specialize in standing kicks and grapples on the ground, I'll see how that works out for him. As I continue sparring and training between matches, I'll be able to add points to any attribute I please. Career mode A, while multiplayer I give an A+ (I have only played multiplayer for about an hour, but I had a blast.)

    Overall, I think you know already, I give the game an A+. My only complaint is the load times, but they are totally expected with all the detail that went into the game. The great thing about this game is that you can invite friends over and play for hours, and then when they leave just load up your career mode and keep going. Sounds like a kind of sad way to spend your Friday night? That's what you think now - but try it, and you'll be hooked.

    ...more info
  • One of the best fighers out there
    I'm not a huge UFC fan. I can count the matches I've seen on one hand. When I saw the game originally I was like meh, another fighting game. I'm a shooting fan and wasn't really going to give this the time of day. As the release date came closer I started taking a look and saw a lot of promise. I played the demo and I was hooked. I ran out and picked it up on release day and have been very happy to play it.

    The game itself is very technical. It's best to run through the tutorial or else easy actions like getting up and taking someone down will leave you clueless. What I like also is there is a counter for everything and, like the real UFC, size doesn't always mean domination. Lesnar could get submitted by Mir even after being being savagely. The striking is very accurate and you can see the pain on their face after a huge blow. KO's. They happen a little more frequently then I would like. Most matches end in KO's and I have not had one match since I bought it that has gone to decision. Submissions are a whole nother beast. While it's great to have them they need some work. Depending on stamina and submission abilities I can do submissions easy. Agaist my friends they can't button mash anywhere close to what I can so I make them easily submit. Kinda annoying for them. With a computer it seems they ALWAYS can get out of them. At least on the higher levels.

    Career mode is a bit of a bore. You have to play with stamina and abilities to craft the figher you want and it's time consuming and very boring. You are signed to only a 7 year contract so you have 7 years to make it big. I'm 23 and that's how old I put myself in the game. Only 7 years? 30? Liddell is 39, Hughes 35. I know they did it so you can't be like 99 overall once you finish but how about just making the levels go down as you age. They need more interaction with the fighter you choose to fight. I'm thinking something like WWE where you can develop storylines and different paths to fight.

    I have to say announcing is superb. Minus some out of place elements they do an excellent job. It's probably some of the best commentary I've heard in a sports game thus far. They react to the action and aren't still talking about something that happened 30 seconds ago. The crowd reacts as they should and the hits sound great.

    Online matches and Classic Fights could use some improvement. Online matches are glitchy and all people do is submissions. They also only pick the best fighters and take it to the floor over and over again. I don't hate it but it could use some work. One more qualm is that there really doesn't feel like many fighters. A lot of the fighters are low 80's and 70's overall so you really only fight with about 4-6 fighters per weight class. Classic Fights are just a pain. Having to recreate fights. Some going to decision as well or certain things in a certain round. Honestly it's really hard to get to a decision without just getting pummelled. I can KO someone by the 3rd round every time.

    Overall I would say this game is a lot of fun and definitly worth the money. Playing with friends is suggested and Career mode has enough to warrant a couple play throughs. Because of this game I have taken more of an interest in UFC because it also teaches all the moves and fighting styles so now watching I understand why it's much more tech then just two people beating each other down....more info
  • Not a fan of UFC? Not a problem...
    I am not a follower of UFC by any means. I could recognize maybe 4 or 5 of the fighters on the UFC roster, tops. I could not tell you the difference between any of the martial arts styles that fighters use in MMA.

    However, I can tell you that UFC 2009 Undisputed is one heck of a video game.

    After reading all the hype surrounding this game, I thought I'd give it a try. I remember enjoying playing an old UFC game for Sega Dreamcast back in the day...that, combined with the positive reception to this game, helped me decide to pick UFC 2009 up.

    Immediately, I felt overwhelmed by the number of moves and the complex controls. Sounds like a bad thing, right?


    After playing through the Tutorial and getting a few exhibition fights in, becoming accustomed to the controls felt not like a chore, but more like training for an actual contest. You had to devote some time to learning the moves. Learning and mastering the controls was a rewarding process.

    After getting the basics down, I ventured into the Career mode. While I enjoyed progressing through the career of my fighter (nicknamed 'Big Nasty'), it felt a little shallow. There were plenty of things to do, but training I thought should have been interactive more than it was. Sparring in a shortened fight and Camp work was fine, but for speed, strength and cardio training to be just a button press on a menu was disappointing.

    Also, your fighter (or any other fighter, for that matter) never ages. I started with a 24-year-old character and ended, seven years later (after being forced to retire, which is another letdown), with a 24-year-old fighter. Odd, to say the least.

    With that said, Career mode has plenty of positive aspects as well. Being able to increase your "CRED" by doing PR work, photo shoots, interview sessions, etc. is a neat idea. Also, customizable trunks are a cool addition, with plenty of real-life company logos to at your disposal.

    Graphics are very accurate. Knocking your opponent's mouthpiece across the Octagon never gets old. Realistic bruising and cuts add to the authentic feel of the game. Collision detection is also spot-on.

    Commentary is also near perfect. The announcers call the action accurately and little repetition ever appears.

    One other gripe I have about the game is the menus. They are unappealing and can be cumbersome to navigate through. I recommend installing this game to your hard drive (I play on Xbox 360). This eliminates a bit of the menu lag and speeds loading times as well.

    Finally, I have not played any matches online, so I cannot comment on that area of the game.

    Overall, this game appeals to hardcore MMA/UFC fans and casual ones at the same time. I have only caught UFC fights sporadically and know little about the sport. Even with a limited knowledge of UFC and MMA in general, I find myself spending plenty of time with this game. Despite its (minor) flaws, UFC 2009 Undisputed is a great start for THQ and this franchise. ...more info
  • UFC Undisputed
    This game is the best in it's series of UFC games by far! Very technical, sorry arcade fans. In career mode you need to create a fighter for each weight class. Also in career mode it is easier to build up your attributes (cardio, speed, strenght) first than focus on your skills/techniques. Only way to build up your skills/techniques are "Spar". Your skills/techniques isn't much without good attributes. Try not to go into any fight without good stamina. The create a fighter mode is a waste of time, once you've made him you can not make him better. You can use the created fighter from career mode, the guy you've built up. Blocking doesn't do much cause he still hurt you even if you block a shot but it'll help you not get knocked out/knocked down. Before you go online, classic fights or career mode learn the game. Use various fighters. Just make online play, classic fights and career mode easier to play. Becaeful of using power strikes, if missed and/or countered you can get KO or knocked down. Like Fight Night this game has flash knock KO and stun strike! ...more info
  • The Most Realistic Fighting Game, Ever.
    Keeping in context that this is THQ's first attempt to make a UFC game and you have to admit they did an amazing job.

    This was obviously a very hard game to make because it's based on real fighting technique's and has to be grounded in reality. They didn't have the liberties to do impossible moves with super hero like abilities to dish out and withstand punishment like in other games. It had to be as real as possible and that alone must have made for a challenge. Why it's so much more challenging than a wrestling or fighting game is also for the fact that you have to be able to have as much ability to attack and defend from the ground as you do on your feet. A handful of moves won't do it either as it'll get old and stale real fast. Considering they had no existing engine to work with like they're WWE games and had to build a new one from the ground up, it's all the more impressive.

    I've been playing it all morning and so far I have to say it's alot of fun. The controls are good although they take a little getting used to but it won't be long before your dishing it out like a pro. The fighters all have their own unique move sets so they're not just different looking, they actually play different from one another. I love the variety of ko's and submissions and I went alot of matches before I saw any of the same finishes twice. I started by jumping right in to exhibition mode to just go at it and get a feel of it. Then I went to tutorial mode to learn the various technique's to play the game how it was meant because I could only go so far on my own. The games excitement ramped up alot after that as I found myself eager to apply the new strikes, takedowns and submissions I had just learned. It really started to look and feel alot more real when thinking and strategizing during matches. Other than those, there's a deep career mode where you get to build your own fighter from scratch, train him, and fight up through the ranks to become one of the elite. Also included is an online mode and classic fights mode where you get to recreate some of the best fights in recent UFC history where your rewarded with unlockable video montages of those fights. I thought the original pre-fight interviews they show you before the fights were a nice touch. I'm also very impressed with the 80+ roster of fighters from all 5 weight classes.

    Graphically, it looks great. Most all the fighters look very close to the real ones and some are almost spot on. The only one who doesn't is Mark Coleman and the strange thing is that he instead looks EXACTLY like Frank Trigg. Dana White also looks a little too unlike himself but I was happy with all the others. Otherwise, there's a great attention to detail with the rings, muscles, sweat, cuts and clothing all looking pretty real.

    The audio is really good. You'll here the same theme songs from the Ultimate Fighter, UFC Unleashed and Fight Night. Also included are background music you'll hear played often at the events. It's all rock type and meant to get you pumped up for some fighting. The commentary is better than I've heard on any wrestling game. Mike and Joe don't repeat themselves nearly as much and actually have alot of informative things to say. They're also synched very well with the action going on in the ring. The crowd noises ramp up with the action or slow to a boo with inactivity and the smacks and thumps of combat are well represented.

    It's not a perfect game though. It could be a little faster, ko's come a little too frequent and easy while submissions are pretty tough to pull off and the cpu doesn't attempt to ground you and try them very much. I'd like a little more blood effects from the fighters as in bleeding down they're faces, getting in they're eyes, and more on the body and shorts. Not to be gory but if you've watched alot of UFC you'll know it happens often enough. There are no ring entrances which also means none with customizable music which is what I would've like to see for my fighter in career mode. And why not have your created fighter start out on The Ultimate Fighter show for a chance to be the next Forrest Griffin? I'd also like to save my best matches, highlights and maybe have a tournament mode like the old UFC where you'd have to beat 3 or 4 guys in the same night. But that's all secondary. What matters is that the core game is intact and it was no doubt a very tough task but I believe they pulled it off.

    I've been very excited about this game from it's announcement and early screens and video, till picking it up today and I have to say that I'm not disappointed at all and believe most fans of the UFC and video games won't be disappointed either. For the most part, it lives up to the hype. It's also light years beyond any other UFC game that's ever been made and one heck of a start to capturing the feel of the UFC and MMA in general. I give it 4 stars out of 5 for room for improvement next time but also a big recommendation for UFC fans.

    Update: I've been playing the game alot over the past 4 days since I got it and am just continually blown away by how authentic it is. The fighters fight alot like their real life counterparts. Chuck Liddell backs away and counters, Anderson Silva constantly tries to get you in a muay tai clinch to punish you with knees and Brock Lesnar attempts to ground and pound you out, brilliant. There are also tons of reversals and escapes on the ground to make it a really fun and interesting part of fighting. I'm also really enjoying the commentary by Rogan and Goldberg, as they'll also recognize and talk about previous matches between fighters who had significant matches like Arlovski vs Silva, Liddell vs Ortiz and Silva vs Franklin, very cool. Congrats to THQ and Yukes, they really did their homework. ...more info


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