The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media's Favorite Candidate
The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media's Favorite Candidate

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Has any major candidate for president of the United States ever received less critical examination than Barack Obama? Who is this man, who was only elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004? How did someone with his meager record of accomplishment become the Democratic nominee for president? How did someone with the most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate and long-standing relationships with a former terrorist, a racist minister, and the corrupt operators of Chicago Machine politics end up as a supposed beacon of a newer, cleaner, bipartisan politics? Investigative reporter David Freddoso has the answers. Doing the legwork that the mainstream media has neglected, applying a critical eye while the media swoons before the Obama-messiah, and posing the hard questions that Obama needs to answer, Freddoso reveals a politician as calculating as any other, a far-left Democrat who goes beyond -abortion rights- to supporting de facto infanticide, whose -new politics- amount to Chicago-style hardball overlain with lofty rhetoric, and who, from his positions of power, has helped his patrons. Sober, fair, and thoroughly researched-and all the more powerful and provocative because of it-The Case Against Barack Obama removes the halo from a man less qualified, and more radical, than the mainstream media has let you know.

Customer Reviews:

  • Where was the mainstream media?
    When John McCain sprung the obscure Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin asa his vice-presidential candidate, the mainstream media sent hundreds of "reporters" into Alaska to dig up every salacious, demeaning, degrogatory and insulting tidbit they could find on the woman and her family. The left-wing slime machine went into full battle mode.

    Contrast this behavior with how the very same mainstream media treated Barack Hussein Obama, their choice. The Man could do no wrong.

    Two weeks into Obama's Presidency and the same "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil" is in operastion. Two of Obama's cabinet appointees evaded income taxes? Just a hiccup the media is told: don't bother with it - and they obey. No lobbyists in his administration proclaims Obama - except for a few here, a few there. Just a few exceptions the media is told - ignore it. And they do. Four dozen Kentuckians have frozen to death, hundreds of thousands are without electricity and clean water in freezing weather and the the new President's FEMA has done nothing. Not a word should be written the Obama White House instructs - and not a word is, even while Obama fetes the high and mighty to $65 a pound Kobe beef. The White House thermostat is turned up because Obama doesn't like the cold. This is the same Obama who told Americans the world wouldn't let them turn their thermostats up. The mainstream press is silent.

    "The Case Against Barack Obama" is the factbook the mainstream media should have been consulting while, instead, they were giving Obama a free pass.

    Here many of the questions surrounding Obama that should have been answered are answered. For example, Michele Obama's salary was almost triple when her husband was elected to the Senate - and her employer shortly thereafter received more than a million taxpayer dollars. No questions were raised by the mainstream press. Obama worshipped in the church of anti-American, anti-Semitic, racist black pastor and the press allowed him to claim that he never heard said pastor ever make an untoward remark. The press paid no attention when Obama's chief Illinois fundraiser was convicted of numerous felonies - and, worse yet, never investigated Obama's unceasing efforts to provide Rezko and other political allies with a stream of taxpayer dollars in the form of rent-subsidy funds that guaranteed them a steady income stream while doing little to create and maintain quality affordable housing. The mainstream media gave Obama a pass on his first saying he would accept public campaign financing - and then, at the last minute, reversing himself on this very important issue. No problem: the mainstream media do what they are told by this campaign.

    This book is filled with the facts that were withheld by the mainstream media from the American people. How can you judge the truthfulness of this book? Not only by the solid credentials of its author, but by the atatcks on it by the left-wing. For example, the Obama campaigned urged its zealots to call the radio stations where Freddoso was interviewed to jam their lines.

    It is a pity more people didn't read this before the election. Now, after the election, it is a more important book than ever because it will let you keep score as Obama breaks one of his campaign promises after another.

    Jerry...more info
  • This book is a joke
    This sensationalized and inaccurate piece is a waste of time and money. If you want to learn about the REAL Barack Obama, read one of his books. This is nothing but a tabloid smash piece....more info
  • Drawn from Obama's own words and the public record, this is NOT a sensationalist book
    Let me say right at the start that this is NOT one of those conspiracy books about Obama. Nor does it try to smear him with innuendo about Obama's childhood, parents, and so forth. This book is a serious consideration of Obama's adult political career, his rise to power, his political associations, and peers behind the mask presented in Obama's current political (marketing) campaign.

    The author, David Freddoso, is a serious reporter who covers Capitol Hill for National Review Online. Yes, he is a conservative, but he is no radical or sensationalist. He is a graduate of Notre Dame and the Columbia University School of Journalism.

    The book's first chapter covers Obama's connection the Chicago Political Machine and his go along performance. His record in reforming the Daley political machine is non-existent. Obama was a pure machine politician and rose because he "didn't make waves or support no losers". We get to meet his patrons and those who were hurt because they got in his way. The second chapter shows his loyalty to the party as a state senator.

    Chapter 4 examines the cult of personality that has grown up around Obama that has grown outsized where he has actually been compared, favorably, to Jesus Christ. This is where people start losing their bearings and projecting on Obama qualities they wish he had, but his record does not demonstrate. Chapter 5 covers his brief record in Washington. Still no reformer. He is a pure Democrat party politician and has a very left wing voting record in the U.S. Senate.

    Chapters 7 & 8 look at Obama's personal associations and friendships. Freddoso does NOT accuse Obama of being a Manchurian Candidate or a crypto communist or anything subterranean. What the author does ask is why all his friends and major life influences are universally so far left. Can this tell us anything about the man? If Jeremiah Wrights promotion of Liberation Theology isn't the part of Obama's politics, where are the counter influences that were important in Obama's life? They aren't to be found. You can make of this what you will. Maybe you put no weight on it at all. Others will find the weight of these associations from the extreme branch of left wing politics to be dispositive about the character and political views of the man.

    Chapter 9 shows how Obama is very weak and very ignorant in foreign policy. He uses shadow puppets to feign experience and is aided by the mainstream media that is completely in the tank for him and does not even try to hide it anymore. Abortion and Obama's really extreme and ferocious support of it is explored in chapter 10.

    Chapter 11 covers more of Obama's business associates and patrons such as Rezko and what Obama actually did for him. One of the more interesting seeming quid-pro-quos is the million dollars that Obama got as an earmark for the hospital where his wife works. Also Michelle's pay went from up about $200,000 when Barack became a U.S. Senator. When asked about this, Obama just said the "we should have passed on to Durbin" the task of getting that million dollar earmark. He did not deny it or seem to even sense there was any potential appearance of impropriety.

    Freddoso makes use of Obama's two books, public news stories, and the public records of the government offices Obama has held. This isn't a book of unnamed or secret sources. Supporters of Obama have tried to smear all the books on Obama with the sins of the most extreme and careless books. Remember, this book is NOT one of those. This is a serious and interesting book that you should read in these final weeks of the election.

    Become better informed about this candidate. Do not fall sway to the emotional image the media has created to pull you in. Get the facts and make sound judgments.

    Reviewed by Craig Matteson, Ann Arbor, MI

    ...more info
  • The Case Against Barack Obama
    This is an extremely eye-opening book filled with facts about the dealings and shady past of the man who is trying to completely down play his associations and is getting away with it. I had lots of questions about Obama before reading this book. An important book to read before you vote!...more info
  • If Only Everyone Knew...
    I wish all of the Obama supporters would read "The Case Against Barak Obama". Citizens really need to know about the Candidate they're behind. So blinded are the people; intelligent people. Unfortunately, intelligent people who believe what they hear on TV and in the liberal newspapers.

    "The Case Against Barack Obama" was written in a well formatted fashion and easy to follow. Well documented with Barack Obama's own words and associations. An accurate timeline of Barack's every move. I was facinated and alarmed; scared and outraged; sad and depressed at what our society "admires" as our next potential leader....more info
  • Great Book
    This book is well researched, it is not a smear on Barack Obama. It lays out how he came to be, the people (like Ayres, Wright, Rezko, the Chicago Political Network) who put him in power. His views on Abortion are truly horrifying.
    This book is a fast read and a critical one if you are thinking of voting for Mr. Obama.
    ...more info
  • Case Well Presented
    David Freddoso has presented us with the well documented background story of Barack Obama we have needed and which the press seems oblivious to. Do yourself a favor - read this book....more info
  • Written by political reporter for National Review Online, David Freddoso
    Writers who can put together an argument either in favor of or against a political candidate seem to surface around presidential election time. This book is a one sided viewpoint written by political reporter for National Review Online, David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama. This captivating chronology of Obama's career presents a history of the meteoric rise to fame of an obscure newcomer who now stands on the threshold of claiming the number one prize in American politics, President of the United States.

    Freddoso cleverly provides insinuations which try to have the reader to draw, but one conclusion, Barack Obama uses poor judgment in the selection of his friends and supporters. Association with questionable people who supported his political and personal ambitions is presented in a manner which does not directly accuse Obama of wrong doing. "By what criteria does a man choose his friends and end up with the likes of Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, and Bill Ayers?" Rezko, a convicted criminal for bribery of public officials, and Ayers an underground bomber terrorist who professes hate for his country, and finally Reverend Wright who was made famous for his hate of America.

    "It's not that Barack Obama is a bad person. It's just that he's like all the rest of them. Not a reformer. Not a Messiah . . . Obama's radical ties don't make him a radical. His ties to Communists don't make him a Communist. His ties to a terrorist do not make him a terrorist. But his continued relationships with radicals throughout his public life show an important influence in Obama's public career . . ." (p.233)

    Also, pointed out by David Freddoso, when people are confronted with the facts, they still defend Obama by saying his relationships were all in the past. Many people support his philosophy from his two books. However, when asked if they had read his books, the response is no! His followers take cues from publicity and commentators who try and depict Barack Obama as they would like to see him. The Case Against Barack Obama presents an opposite viewpoint. To be fair, before you cast your ballot, read this book and Obama's books, The Audacity of Hope (2006) and Dreams from My Father (1995). A careful analysis of any candidate may possibly persuade you to vote the other way.

    Clark Isaacs
    ...more info
  • Pointed and concise
    Freddoso has a basic premise that he backs up with detailed research and reference. And at only a couple hundred pages, it's an easy read. Afterwards, you'll be shaking your head....more info
  • After making allowance for the expected slant ---
    This "allowance" rings true for any serious commentator on any political candidate. In fact, wouldn't it be a decent idea for every political candidate to have a "devil's advocate" like this one? Successful politics should produce public executives, judges, and lawmakers who are talented, but "regular" people who need to examine the reality of their policies and beliefs.

    David Freddoso's slant in "Obama" is obvious: he does not want Barack Obama to be President of the United States. Getting past that, the three thoughts he wishes to leave the reader with seem to be: 1) Mr. Obama is not the reformer he claims to be; 2) the Chicago political "nursery" which Mr. Obama developed in and from, could be one of the worst and corrupt systems anywhere in the country; and 3) the reform claimed by Mr. Obama will turn out to be quite left-liberal. Viewed this way, the critique becomes a reasonable one. Not necessarily true in the long run, but reasonable for the present. There are 11 chapters in this work, each with an expectedly different topic of criticism. That Chicago theme runs through them all, be forewarned.

    Consider this interesting experiment: reread the book six years from now. What a checklist this could be, in a minor way for the now-President Obama, but more so for the author's prediction powers!
    ...more info
  • fair and interesting
    This is a revealing look at Obama's political career. Though the author admits he has a conservative bent, he is even-handed in his treatment of Obama. He avoids the shrill and emotional fears you hear about Obama while looking at the then-candidate's rise to power and his record. I found it especially fascinating to read about Chicago and Obama's dealings in the state legislature. If you want an insight into Obama's political philosophy and a look at the people he surrounds himself with, you should read this book. In a nutshell, Obama is about politics as usual, not about change....more info
  • Censorship in America under Obama (aka Fairness Doctrine)
    I had a review taken down here because I - horror -compared Obama to Tony Blair, another smooth talking likeable liberal whose ten years were disastrous for Britain re unlimited and thus huge huge immigration (which as it sinks into recession will probably lead to race riots in Britain next summer - cf Leeds 2001), large increases in taxation further squeezing the middle class and wholesale changes in the public education curriculum, convincing every British child that British history has been nothing but a long march of shame, infamy and genocide.........more info
  • Fair, balanced and alarming
    Everyone should read this. The author is very fair. He does not question Obama's patriatism or suggest anything from his early religious background. Ironically I've seen top Democrats and liberals do just that the other direction lately. This book doesn't say Obama isn't well intentioned and does not question his ideals. What it does do is raise serious questions about his judgement. Start with a childhood mentor who was a card carrying member of the communist party and move on to Chicago. For all the serious things Obama fought for helping the poor there is the other side. The case is made that he towed the line with party machines where many people are now going to jail. He used underhanded tactics to insure he ran unopposed his first election and hamstrung opponents in future elections with dirt acquired under ethically questionable means, all timed to let everyone else do the hatchet jobs first. There is the affiliation with ACORN and it's votor fraud and the slumlords. Obama has close ties to a number of developers who have had their government financed sweetheart deals turn into condemned disasters. In fact nearly half of the projects built are taxpayer money down a rat hole to turn poor people out in the cold and bring campaign donations back to Obama and staff his election committee. There are a huge number of apparent cases of influence peddling here. The only time Obama went against his party was to back a banker with mob ties to public office, something Illinois Democrats were stunned by. Guess who handles the Obama campaign accounts?

    Obama could be summed up as a wealthy and powerful black man who still holds to feelings of racial injury and wants extreme redress. Never mind that he is wealthy, there is guiilt enough to go around. His actions conjure the image of a consumate Machiavellian willing to do or say anything to get power and aligned with the most liberal and most corrupt elements of government. He even threw his beloved grandmother under the bus to argue racism among whites when he knows she was not racist. He is blaming Republicans for financial problems when Democrats Dodd and Frank have blocked every attempt to regulate GSEs. Obama has two financial advisors who were CEOs of Fannie Mae and made over $100M between them. In case you missed it, Fannie and Freddy are at the heart of our current financial problems.

    Since Barrack Obama is an unknown he himself says he is a pallette for people to paint their perceptions on, and he himself says some or all of them will be dissapointed. Given the risks financially and from terrorists who only fear strength it is crucial to dig for real factual background on this guy. This book will give it to you with as little bias as possible....more info
  • Not much of a case, but a case none the less...
    I think it was only about one week after John McCain had picked Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska for his VP, and reporters had already interviewed his next door neighbors cat, and dug through her trash, and found endless things to attack her on. Funny how Obama got the biggest pass the media has ever given anyone in politics.

    David Freddoso's book is just a quick review of Obama as he made his way toward the Democratic candidacy. Mostly its just a review of his political work for ACORN, and in the IL Senate, and US Senate. It reveals a Barack Obama who is quite different from what the media has portrayed him as; a savior. So now he is president. Obama has 4 years to make his case now to the American people.

    I wouldn't bother reading this book now since Obama is president and every day we have new revelations. I do find it strange though, that the media never made any attempt to learn anything about Barack Obama, other than what his capable media team wanted them to know. Why didn't the media interview his teachers, and friends from college? I knew Obama's girlfriend from high school through his first year at Occidental. Why didn't the media ever contact her? They found John McCain's Brazilian girlfriend that he met in Rio way back in 1957 and interviewed her. Funny how Obama got a pass on the girlfriends, the roomates, the drugs, etc. Sadly, Obama will come to disappoint in the next few years as nobody, and especially, not him, could ever live up to the expectations that his worshippers have of him. And I pity the fool who sets himself up as a false prophet....more info
  • Should be read by everyone.
    Very informative. Probably should have been read by every voter prior to voting. Didn't change my view, but still was very informative....more info
  • The Case Against Barack Obama
    After reading this book, I don't know how anyone could have voted for this man! It is a sad fact in American politics today that not enough people seem to care about the character of their candidates. Image appears to be everything these days. The words of Shakespeare are as true today as they were hundreds of years ago: "So may the outward shows be least themselves. The world is still deceived with ornament." May God help us!...more info
  • Enlightening
    I read the reviews on this book before purchasing it and saw both positive and negative reviews. As President Obama's presidency progresses and I see the actual "Change" he is bringing to Washington and politics, versus what he promised, the book gains creditability. ...more info
  • The Real Obama
    Anyone who reads this shoulld be extremley concerned of the direction he may take us if elected....more info
  • MUST Read for All! NOT a Hatchet Job!
    I don't care if you are Democrat, Republican, Independent, Populist, Ron Paulist, Whig, Tory,... whatever. You NEED to read this book. It is a terrific piece of investigative journalism, which builds on other great research pieces, many of which were published by Chicago media but not read by many outside of Illinois.

    The books breaks down as follows:

    Introduction: The Rhetoric vs. the Reality
    Chapter 1: Obama and the Chicago Machine: Not a Reformer
    Chapter 2: Obama Games Springfield
    Chapter 3: The Accidental Candidate
    Chapter 4: Obamessiah
    Chapter 5: Obama in Washington: Still Not A Reformer
    Chapter 6: The Stealth Liberal
    Chapter 7: The Radical Influences
    Chapter 8: Reverend Wright and Obama's Faith
    Chapter 9: Obama's Foreign Policy: Inexperience and Uncertainty
    Chapter 10: Abortion: Barack Obama's America
    Chapter 11: Pinstripe Patronage: Obama Takes Care of His Friends

    Freddoso admits up front that his own political leanings are to the right. But, this is no hatchet job. He debunks some of the unsupported claims and misinformation about Senator Obama (e.g., that he was sworn into office on a Koran) and is careful not to jump to conclusions or make too much of certain "events" (e.g., Obama & Rezko's shared property purchases back in 2005).

    But, he does take a hard, frank look at the various mentors and other influences -- personal and political -- that shaped Obama's beliefs, attitudes, and ways of "doing business". The book raises very valid issues that anyone concerned with the leadership of the U.S. should ask themselves of Obama. Even if you agree with many of Obama's socio-political positions, you need to understand the difference between the rhetoric and the reality.

    I challenge you to read this book with an open mind, especially if you are used to only reading and listening to the mainstream media (aka Obama's cheerleading squad). Like anyone else, Obama should not be above critique. If he is genuinely the messianic, post-partisan wunderkind that he and his supporters make him out to be, then he (and you) should have nothing to fear from honest investigation.

    On a minor negative note, since the book is arranged mostly by topic rather than chronologically, I found it a little hard to keep track of what was happening when (e.g., when was Obama in Springfield vs. Chicago vs. DC vs. ???). Maybe that's just me. There is a Timeline at the back, but it would have been more helpful if it distinguished dates/events specifically in Obama's life/career from those indirectly or tangentially related (e.g., "Jun. 12, 1972 -- Saul Alinsky dies.", or "Nov. 28, 1995 -- Alice Palmer loses congressional bid.", or "Oct. 11, 2006 -- Tony Rezko indicted on 24 counts.").

    Freddoso has produced a terrific, meticulously researched, timely and up-to-date (thru June 2008) work. Highly Recommended!!

    Content: 4.5
    Style & Structure: 4.5
    Average Score: 4.5, rounded up to 5...more info
  • Exposing facts the media should have uncovered
    I appreciate the author who first off dismissed all the rumors about Obama's religion and childhood and concentrated on his public service. The old cleche about not trusting any politician as they all say what they think you want to hear certainly comes to mind. One has to check out the politician's background and what he has accomplished. Character should be a given in one's qualification and the media has certainly given Obama a free ride. The author stuck with the facts and stayed away from any "ad hominum" attacks. Well writen and strongly recommend....more info
  • Brilliant expos¨¦ on the President-Elect
    David Freddoso has done a masterful job of illuminating the complex, non-reformer truth about our new President-Elect. "The Case Against Barack Obama" investigates the earliest makings of Obama's character development and systematically carries that through his formative political years and extreme left stances.
    Obama's many questionable relationships with real estate developers, radical leftists, racist religious leaders and corrupt Chicago kingpins are well developed and painfully revealed. The woeful history of Obama's extreme position on abortion is also well documented in Freddoso's work. That Americans have chosen to ignore all this information is another study in itself.
    Freddoso labors to remain objective, but the facts are just too clear. This paragraph on page 233 best summaries the theme and the conclusion: "It's not that Barack Obama is a bad person. It's just that he's like all the rest of them. Not a reformer. Not a Messiah. Just like the rest of them in Washington. And just like all the other liberals, too."
    I would add that he's actually MUCH BETTER than the rest of them. Obama knows the precise edge of the legal Grey Zone, is adroit at when NOT to vote on an issue, knows the precise balance of what people desperately want to hear and believe and what to say to them. Obama knows so very well how to speak eloquently and actually say very little. The President-elect is so exceptional in his talents that a man could come home from work, find Barack in bed with his wife and by the time Obama was done explaining himself the man would be thanking him for his time and effort.
    We shall see if Obama makes history, not by being the first black President, but by keeping any of the promises that he has made to America.
    Other books to read are "America Alone" and "Bleeding for Allah".
    ...more info
  • The Case Against Barack Obama
    Solid writing by someone who obviously does not fall in line with the media's love of the new president; well written; should have been required reading for any voter prior to voting. Only time will tell if the writer is correct about President Obama's future....more info
  • Should be read by everyone.
    Very informative. Probably should have been read by every voter prior to voting. Didn't change my view, but still was very informative....more info
  • An Interesting Read
    An interesting book, especially in light of the Illinois "pay for play" investigations that are currently going on. Written by a conservative author, he nonetheless dispels many of the outrageous lies about President-Elect Obama, while delving into the serious questions that surround his quick rise to the national scene. Great discussions about the Clintons, Chicago and Springfield "pinstripe patronage," Obama's agenda with regard to taxes, abortion, judges, the Iraq War, etc., his campaign and voting records.

    Ultimately only three stars since I tend to take partisan writings as what they are: Partisan. I don't buy into the extremes of either party, but approach these types of books with a healthy skepticism. A good read nonetheless.
    ...more info
  • Propaganda
    I didn't feel this book made a reasonable case against Barack Obama. It used speeches, opinions, and quotes from his political opponents to explain his unlikely rise and to look at his "unexamined agenda." Barack Obama poses some important questions to the nation, but they were not adequately addressed in this book. ...more info
  • Numerous inaccuracies
    This book has numerous inaccuracies. I wonder how those that love this book will survive living the next 4 years under Obama. Actually make that 8 years, since more than likely the economy will not be in a recession 4 years from now, which will make his re-election all but guaranteed. I'm glad Obama won the presidency....more info
  • The Case Against Barak Obama
    Its difficult to know, when buying a book that is clearly critical of someone, if the criticism will be legitimate or slanderous. This book is very thoroughly researched and supported, and the author takes great pains to distance himself from simple mud slinging. I've found the book informative and easy to read, but the big surprise here is how balanced it is. Frudoso isn't shy about pointing fingers at either party which gives the book a feeling of credibility for independents.

    I already decided not to vote for Obama, but I like to be able to justify myself when cornered. Now, I'm really recommending this book to those who haven't made up their minds yet....more info
  • Highly Recommended
    This is a must read for every American. This book does the job the mainstream media fails to do. ...more info
  • An honest appraisal of Barack Obama the man and his record
    This is a great book if you would like to learn more about Obama the man and politician. Fredoso treats Obama fairly and follows Obama from his political beginnings as a state senator in Illinois to his run for the U.S. Senate all the way to his run for the presidency.

    Fredoso starts with Obama's entry into politics. He shows how Obama fit right in with the machine politics of Chicago. From the start he was not a reformer but a party line machine politician. Fredoso outlines Obama's associations with Rezko, Wright, and Ayers which show Obama to be a person of very questionable judgement, at best. He shows that Obama contined to be a party line democrat in the U.S. Senate and is not a reformer as he claims. He shows how Obama often says one thing while doing another and has used the earmark process to pass largess on to his friends and allies. Fredoso fairly points out that many politicians do this and Obama is no worse than most of them but notes that these pratices do not qualify Obama to be the reformer he claims to be.

    The section on Obama's views on abortion was very powerful. Not only does Obama believe that abortion is acceptable in any and all cases (including partial birth abortion), he voted against the Born Alive bill. This bill was meant to protect infants born alive during an abortions. It would not have affected the legality of abortion but Obama still opposed it and voted against it. In 2001 the U.S. Senate passed a born alive bill (98-0). The bill included a statement that assured the abortion crowd that the new law would not undermine abortion law (i.e. Roe vs. Wade). In 2003 this same bill was submitted to Obama's health committee in Illinois. Obama held the bill up in committee and killed it. In his book Audacity of Hope Obama claimed that the bill he killed in committee gave personhood status to pre-viable fetuses. That is a patently false claim. Obama's dishonesty on this issue is reason enough for me not to consider voting for him.

    On too many occassions Obama says one thing and does another. He cannot be trusted to hold the highest office in the land. This book does a great job of arguing the case against Obama.

    ...more info
  • Changed. My. Life.
    This book was amazing! The best political expose since Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Profiles of Liberal Hypocrisy. Obama is the next Al Sharpton!!!...more info
  • so what else is new?
    This is a very dull, boring book that fails to make any kind of case. The truth is that Obama is an eloquent, inexperienced empty suit. He is a superb marketeer who can sell anybody's plan but lacks one of his own. He shifts position as quickly as his handlers can make them up in response to their polls. He rivals Ronald Reagan as the Great Communicator but lacks Reagan's vision and resolve. The book doesn't touch any of this. ...more info
  • A measured look at a so-called reformer
    David Freddoso's book is not the mud-slinging Obama-bashing diatribe that one might have expected in today's polarized political climate. I found it to be a carefully measured examination of the common claim that Barack Obama is a reformer, a bringer of "hope" and "change." Because he doesn't overstate his case, at times I found myself wondering how the picture of Obama we were getting was any different from what we have come to expect from most politicians: a charismatic, opportunistic, ambitious individual associated with people of questionable reputation. He may not be different from most politicians, but that is exactly the point of concern for Freddoso. An uncritical acceptance of the image of Obama as a reformer is causing many to embrace a man they really don't know. David Freddoso is simply doing what the media has been negligent in doing, which is a bit of digging to find out just who is this man who has recently become the most powerful man in America.

    The author suggests that one reason people like Barack Obama even though they don't know him very well is that he can utilize his exceptional rhetorical skills to craft answers to deeply controversial questions, articulating "an opinion that often appears so universal that people of various viewpoints would consider it their own" (p. 56). His "opacity and lack of specificity" is not by accident, but reflects the deliberate decision that his campaign "should revolve more around personality than policy" (p. 57). A book such as this one becomes more important, then, as Obama is unlikely to speak freely when his ideas are likely to cost him votes, and the press does not appear to be engaging in any critical examination.

    The image of Obama that is presented gives the impression of a thoughtful, reflective person who actually listens to people and considers what they have to say. In fact, a friend of mine who had voted twice for Bush, this time cast his ballot for Obama, citing just this as one of his reasons. Freddoso, however, has come to the opposite conclusion. "Obama the legislator is the kind of man who looks right through you while you speak. You can tell he is not really paying attention. He thanks you when you are done, and then proceeds to ignore everything you said. He votes with his contributors, his Machine bosses, or the left-wing groups he knows he owes" (p. 76).

    If this sounds a little harsh, consider his position on abortion, which is clear from his voting record. When he was a state senator in Illinois, a bill was presented that would require that following failed abortions after which a baby was born alive, the child could not just be left to die, but was to be "fully recognized as a human person and accorded immediate protection under the law." The bill was clear that it did not apply to those not born and so posed no challenge to the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision which legalized abortion. It just wanted to place abortion survivors in the same legally protected status of "persons" as other babies who were born prematurely. Nevertheless, Obama spoke against it, and he was the only senator to do so.

    In 2001, the United States Senate voted on the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which was essentially the same as the earlier Illinois bill in that it clearly distinguished itself from referring to the unborn and thus was not an abortion bill. Even liberal senator Barbara Boxer spoke in favour of it, and she was the most avid supporter of legal abortion in the United States Senate. But when this bill came before Barack Obama's health committee two years later, in 2003, as chairman, "he bottled it up in committee and killed it" (p. 198). He argued that we cannot legally recognize abortion survivors as "persons" because if we do, then this would be the slippery slope that might eventually threaten the right to abortion.

    Obama also opposed the 2003 partial-birth abortion ban which Congress passed. The late Democratic pro-choice senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said of the procedure: "It is as close to infanticide as anything I have come upon in our judiciary." Freddoso concludes that "Obama is one of the very few pro-choice advocates who accepts no restrictions on late-term abortions, or any kind of abortions" (p. 203).

    The point is not that since Obama is pro-abortion that therefore he will make a bad president. The point is that he has demonstrated a firm commitment to an extreme position in a highly controversial and divisive subject, and has made no attempt to reach across the divide. Then maybe we could take seriously his message of hope and change. But what I think is most revealing, considering the image that has been crafted of Obama as a reformer, is that no other reformer that I know of in the history of mankind has worked to contract, rather than expand, the number of human beings who count as members of the protectable human community. And yet this is precisely what Barack Obama is doing in pursuing the agenda for which it appears he is the most committed.

    David Freddoso discusses a lot more than Obama's position on bioethics. But we can learn enough here to come to some conclusions. Is Barack Obama a reformer? There is no evidence for it. Partisan politics and appealing to one's constituency may be the way things are done in Washington, but by playing the same old game, Obama is not going to bring hope and change to a country that was really counting on him to deliver the goods.
    ...more info
  • Authoratative and well sourced
    Freddoso gives the reader an authoratative and well sourced account of Obama's history and his radical left wing agenda.

    The attacks on Freddoso have over the top and have concentrated on attacking him as a person, not the facts in the book. I think the book is an excellent source of information for those undecided voters who wish to examine Obama's history and agenda from, perhaps, the most objective writer I've read on "The One"....more info
  • Wow! Who Knew?
    What a thorough picture of Obama's political journey . . . all backed with sources. Scary. I only hope Obama simply used all of his early alliances to get to the presidency and will drop them like a bad habit when he gets in. However, I know that is not the case. Please read this book before election day and share the information with those who are so infatuated they can't see beyond the nice smile and smooth words....more info
    This book helps us understand the person behind Barack Obama and the people that have shaped his world view. This was an eye opener in a big way!!...more info
  • Critical, essential reading!
    Please, get your hands on or download this book and read it before the election. Logical, and full of impressive research, it will inform you who the real Obama is. Corrupt Chicago Democrat machine politics, corrupt government-funded housing deals, hardball political power plays, ultra-liberal politics, radical associations, expediently shifting positions, outright lies all play a central systemic part in Obama's political record.

    The impressionistic campaign David Axelrod has put together, patterned after the one he did for Deval Patrick, has projected an Obama that does not exist. Patrick is a young, attractive, articulate black man who rode into the Massacheusetts governorship on a wave of emotion and a vague theme of change. Not long after, his approval ratings are in the sewer, as the people awoke to find they had bought a bill of goods. We cannot afford to make the same mistake at the national level.

    Fredosso has done a superb job putting the story together. This is a book every voter should consider carefully. So much is at stake....more info
  • All Americans should read this book...
    All Americans should read this book and get the real behind the scenes story of Obama's quick (to quick) rise to stardom, I, I, mean Presidency. Whatever your political affiliation everyone should know the history behind this guy and if more people knew the "real" story about this guy, not just what the liberal mainstream media, he wouldn't have even been nominated as the Democratic candidate. The election is over, Obama is in BUT people should still read up on this guy for future reference.

    The book, I feel is an accurate portrayal of his almost instant political rise to the top. It clearly shows how he has been given a free pass and is untested and has been almost unquestioned about his political views and agenda's. I did feel like the author on occasion was reaching a bit to prove Obama's ties and the severity of some of them. The chapter on Rezko I felt was a far reach even though it was politically wrong what Obama did for Rezko in exchange for favors it is however the way politics work in general, "You scratch my back I'll scratch your's."

    Clearly in this book you can see Obama isn't an agent of "change" as he portrays himself to be on the campaign trail. He is the polar opposite of political change. He is a product of one of the most corrupt political climates in this country. He is and always will be politics at it's worst. It's what defines him. He is a masterful politician (not a good thing) and will say or do whatever he has to at any given time and will totally change course in the blink of an eye to further his expansion of power, fortune, and fame. This book proves it and I think it is a very accurate history of our new elected President. It also shows that he is just the messenger for a vast array of other political figures and their dangerous hidden agenda's. Be very afraid of this guy and his associates. Bush doesn't have anything on this guy and what he will be pushed to do (change). Change is definately coming but change for the sake of change isn't a good thing.

    I'm disappointed he won the election for several reasons: (1)Americans have not only been misguided by the vast majority of mainstream news outlets BUT the info has been available and most Obama supporters chose not to believe it or at least research it's validity as I have done. They chose him because he speaks well or gives hope, even though it's based on falsehoods and fantasy world ideologies and are void of common-sense and practicality. Everyone needs hope or for lack of a better word(s) a peep talk on occasion but it needs to be "real." (2)Is Obama and McCain the best this country has to offer as Presidential candidates?????? McCain would have been only a handful of policies better than Obama but lower taxes for all and Nat'l security are key differences that may end up bitting the "hope and changers" in the butt and we ALL will suffer. I didn't vote for McCain I voted against Obama. (3)Obama and his wife are IMO racist's. They agreed with Wright and Phlager's ideologies and attended a church that is clearly racially discriminatory towards any other race but their own. One need to only look at their church charter to see it clearly. Read up on the fundamentals of "black theology." Americans didn't seem to mind this but if it were McCain with the same hard-core ties to "white theology" he would not even have a Senate job. Clearly a double-standard that is racist in substance is OK as long as it is the black race doing the discrimination........After all Obama has clearly made numerous racial comments pertaining to whites in his two books but I guess, as usual, he gets a free pass.................more info
  • Useful
    I found the book useful but I knew most of the information already. It is a good read for someone that gets all their news from the biased mainstream news media....more info
  • Reviewing the truth
    I highly recommend this book for anyone who really wants to know or is not afraid to know the truth about the man running for president of the United States. It is both shocking and frightening. God help us....more info
  • An Interesting Read
    An interesting book, especially in light of the Illinois "pay for play" investigations that are currently going on. Written by a conservative author, he nonetheless dispels many of the outrageous lies about President-Elect Obama, while delving into the serious questions that surround his quick rise to the national scene. Great discussions about the Clintons, Chicago and Springfield "pinstripe patronage," Obama's agenda with regard to taxes, abortion, judges, the Iraq War, etc., his campaign and voting records.

    Ultimately only three stars since I tend to take partisan writings as what they are: Partisan. I don't buy into the extremes of either party, but approach these types of books with a healthy skepticism. A good read nonetheless.
    ...more info


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