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Product Description

The Smoking Everywhere Electronic Cigarette is an incredible product that allows you to smoke without any of the traditional problems of smoking. No more coughing, wheezing and health risks - only the pleasure of smoking at a fraction of the cost of real smokes. We have done the research for you. Our product engineers examined and tested every electronic cigarette manufactured in the world. They took the best product features from all of them and brought it to you in the Smoking Everywhere Smokers Paradise Super Cigarette. Smoking Evertwhere E-Smokers Paradise rolls back the cost of smoking equivalent to smoking a package of cigarettes for under $1.00. How the Smoking Everywhere Cigarette Works: The Smoking Everywhere Cigarette features 3 components: 1) The Battery A rechargeable lithium battery which will give you approximately 100 puffs before needing a charge. On the tip of the battery is a in use indicator light that illuminates and looks like a cigarette tip glowing when you puff on it. 2) The Atomizer A electronic device that couples a sensor that activates when a puff is taken. The atomizer then takes a little bit of the Smokers Liquid from the cartridge and vaporizes it with the atomizer. 3) The Cartridge A plastic cartridge that holds the Smokers Liquid for delivery into the atomizer. The Smoking Everywhere Super Cigarette produces full clouds of smoke as you would expect on a real cigarette. You will even feel that light hit when you get a good puff and inhale deeply. The likeness this product has to actually smoking is unique to Smoking Everywhere for a far superior smoking sensation, appearance and feel. What is Included: 1) Complete Electronic Super Cigarette 2) Spare Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery 3) Package of Five refill cartridges 5) Power cord 6) Charger All packed in a Beautiful gift pack CREATING CLOUDS OF SMOKE WITHOUT THE SMOKE DAMAGE

  • You can get your nicotine hit, and the entire habit and pleasure of smoking, without the horrible side effects of regular smoking!
  • Hold your E-cigarette, inhale the delicious vapor, and exhale a beautiful cloud...
  • Smoke without the harmful effects of tar and chemicals.
  • Highest quality products at a fraction of the cost of real smokes.
  • No more coughing, wheezing and health risks - only the pleasure.

Customer Reviews:

  • Crappy Brand. Ripoff. Get a real e-cigarette elsewhere
    Smoking Everywhere rips off everyone and depending on the kiosk, usually has a shoddy return policy (if they allow returns at all) and overpriced products. They overinflate their claims and make people think that their product is the holy grail. It's not. Electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to smoking without a million chemicals but don't purchase a product made by Smoking Everywhere. I purchase products, parts and refill cartridges or eliquid from freshsmoking . com . Just remove the spaces. Their prices are great, they're honest and informative. ...more info
  • Satisfying way to quit smoking
    I had two friends recommend the ecigarette. I had tried other methods to quit but was not successful.
    In just one week I have more than cut my cigarette smoking in half with the e-cigarette. I didn't attempt to quit completely.
    They take some getting used to, not quite like a real cigarette. Flavor is great and no odor is even better. I can see myself off cigarettes completely within a month or two.
    Stock up on cartridges or liquid when you start, it is no fun running out....more info
  • Read this before you buy
    I bought this set about a week ago. First of all, let me just say that everything works perfectly well and I'm really happy with it. (some reviews say that there is always something broken)
    I was going to give 5 stars since I could quit smoking real cigarettes because of this, however, the reason I gave only 3 stars is because this is very addictive(of course, since it has nicotine). When I was smoking real ones, i used to smoke only 5 or 6 a day but with this, I smoke at least two cartridges everyday. On the website, it says "Each cartridge is equivalent to 20 traditional cigarettes" and that makes me scared because it literally means I'm smoking 40 cigarettes a day. I think they are just trying to say that one cartridge lasts long.... BUT, it does NOT last that long, so don't trust that. Maybe because it dries out too quickly or, could be because of me smoking too much (which I doubt). but anyway, if you want to save money, you better buy the "e-cig juice" which comes in different flavours. The one I bought (mint) tastes much better than those official ones.

    oh, good things are,
    the battery lasts much longer than I thought.
    I can smoke this in my brand new car!! (could be illegal in some states so be careful)
    with e-cig juice, I can obviously save so much money compare to real cigs.

    and the best part is.......no more "you smell bad... Did you smoke!?" (I hated this lol)...more info
  • Makes smoking more acceptable
    I bought mine at a mall kiosk as well. I love not having to go outside while working as it does take away the edge, I also like the flavors. I have not had any problems with mine and it has helped me cut back alot on reak cigs,
    [...]...more info
  • Refills hard to find
    The concept is good, but the execution is not without it's flaws. I read the reviews that recommended charging for 24 hours prior to use, so I did. Never the less, one battery didn't work. I haven't messed with talking to customer service yet. I also noted that the starter kit cartriges don't last all that long (first one lasted me 6 hours in a high stress environment). Now I find out that Amazon doesn't have replacements in stock, and doesn't know when they will be available. That sucks, as I only got 5 cartriges in the starter kit. Wish I had known that before shelling out for the thing. Wish they had used some other method of feedback than a simulated cherry, as I have already been accosted four or five times, and am getting tired of trying to explain to anti smoke nazis that it's not really a cigarette. ...more info
  • Got this for husband with respiratory problems.
    My husband was in the hospital for two weeks with a severe case of pneumonia and atrial fibrillation. It was a very scary time and I thought he was going to die! The doctor told him that if he continued to smoke that we'd be visiting him at his funeral.(He's been smoking for 30 years and mind you he's only 42!) When I got home, I went on-line and said, God, please help me find a way to help him quit. I started looking up smoking cessation products when I found the e-cig, smoking everywhere. I ordered it for him as a valentines day present. He was really amazed by it. Its been a week that he's been home from the hospital and he really is trying. Everytime he gets the urge, he grabs the e-cig.. You don't know the gratitude and relief that I feel when he smokes the e-cig. There's been so much controversy about the safety of the e-cig but this product has chemicals in such low doses that it cannot even be compared to a real cigarette, ever. I think this product will save millions of lives. I'm sure that the controversy will continue because tobacco companies cannot bear the competition. I believe that they will lose billions, but that is nothing compared to the billions of lives that will be saved. thank you e-cigarette companies. ...more info
  • Had to Return Mine annd am still waiting
    I bought mine at the Florida Mall and paid 149.99. I am still waiting for the defective battery to be shipped back. Meanwhile I find that one can buy the E-liquid and fill the cartridges yourself instead of paying 2.00 per filter, you pay 9.99 and get a bottle of the fluid to refill them. This makes it to where you are smoking a pack for .013. I bought my liquid and the New model that looks real and is the size of a real cigarette at
    www.be-smoke-free.com , check them out. ...more info
  • Better, but needs more R&d
    I also purchased this kit at a mall kiosk--$105.00 which included the USB charger, 15 cartridges + the cigarette. With the first cartridge I used, the liquid nicotine came up through the hole in the mouthpiece, causing a very unpleasant and stinging sensation. The only thing I could compare it to would be the stinging sensation you get when you park your Nicorette gum against your gums. The vendor said it was rare that the cartridge would do that (approximately 1 out of 20 cartridges would do this). To prevent it from happening, he showed me how to "shake it out." Determined to quit with this device, I went ahead and purchased it. I am on my 3rd cartridge, and all 3 cartridges have given me that Liquid Sting...though in varying strengths. Additionally, when I leave the cigarette on the coffee table, it leaves little oily nicotine marks. As another reviewer mentioned, you do have to pull on it a little harder than you would normally pull on a real cigarette; and that may be why I'm getting the liquid coming out of the mouthpiece.

    It's not all doom and gloom though--as a pack a day smoker (Marlboro Lights) the taste and the "throat burn" from the smoke is pretty darn close to the real thing. When I get my craving for a cigarette, I pull it out and take only a couple of puffs (versus going outside, lighting and finishing a whole cigarette) and then go back to whatever I was doing.

    The claim about no smell is absolutely 100% true in regards to the smoke. There is, however a slight smell (though not as stinky as a real cigarette) from the liquid nicotine.

    Additionally the salesman claimed that one cartridge was the equivalent of 1 pack of cigarettes, but I have found this to be a little bit generous. 15 cigarettes is probably a more accurate equivalent, but then again, that may be because of my leaking liquid nicotine problem with the cartridge!

    Initial $100.00 cost was a little hard to swallow, but doing the math with the cost of a pack averaging $5.00 anyway, it seems a reasonable price. Definitely the "easiest" quit smoking device I've tried so far (have tried, gum, patch, wellbutrin, and commit losenges)...more info
  • How electronic cigarettes match up
    I have tried several brands of electronic cigarettes but some of them out there are cheap knock offs! Don't be fooled by lower prices. Low price=low quality. I have been using the mini electronic cigarette by smokeless delte and have nothing but great results from it! Its worth checking out!...more info
  • Great idea for electronics fans
    I bought this for a Christmas gift for my adult son who loves computers, XBOX 360, MP3 players and all electronics. It was a big hit with him and his friends. It satisfies the smoker on many levels (not just nicotine) as it mimics the smoking ritual. No smelly smoke, bad breath or stained teeth. So far, two weeks, we haven't had any mechanical problems. ...more info