Merit Fitness 725T Treadmill
Merit Fitness 725T Treadmill

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Product Description

Provides smooth power at all speeds, so even heavy walkers can enjoy steady belt motion underfoot. Motor is backed by a two-year warranty. Speed is adjustable from 1 to 10 mph, for slow walking to running

Get in shape without breaking the bank with the Merit 725T treadmill. A great choice for both walkers and recreational runners, the 725T offers a 1.25-horsepower continuous-duty motor, with a speed range of 1 to 10 miles per hour and an elevation range of 0 to 10 percent. The computer console, meanwhile, includes one center and two side LED windows that track your resistance level, speed, time, and distance, along with five quick keys and five quick interval keys for instant adjustments. Other details include two cup holders, a thumb pulse heart rate monitor, a fold-up frame, and four preset programs: manual, intervals, rolling hills, and weight loss.

Treadmill Features:

  • Motor: 1.25 continuous horsepower, 2.25 total horsepower
  • Speed range: 1 to 10 miles per hour
  • Elevation range: 0 to 10 percent
  • Running area: 18 x 45 inches
  • Running deck: 15 mm
  • Cushion system: AeroSoft
  • Belt thickness: 1.3 mm
  • Roller size: 42 mm
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Warranties: Lifetime on the frame, 2 years on the motor, 90 days on parts and labor

About Treadmills
Walking is still considered one of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises for people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels. As a fundamental form of aerobic training, walking has numerous physical benefits for the heart, lungs, and circulatory system, while also increasing muscle tone and burning fat calories. Treadmills provide a convenient way to regularly exercise in all weather conditions in the comfort and safety of your own home.

From beginners just starting an exercise regimen to advanced athletes looking to maintain their fitness level, anyone interested in getting and staying in shape can benefit greatly from regular use of a treadmill. Treadmills allow you to determine the pace, distance, and complexity of the workout based on your needs, all while watching television, talking on the telephone, or reading a magazine. Much easier on sensitive joints like the knees and hips, treadmill walking and running surfaces are typically long, padded platforms that allow ample room for a long stride and comfortable, low-impact walk or jog without the harsh contact of a concrete surface.

Many treadmills offer unique features like a fold-up design for easy storage, an electronic display monitor showing speed, distance, workout time, incline level, and burned calories, and EKG grip pulses to monitor the heart rate while exercising. Regardless of the features you may choose, treadmills offer an array of aerobic exercise opportunities that will provide long-lasting cardiovascular benefits without requiring a commute to the gym or a jog in the rain.

About Merit Fitness
Merit Fitness is part of Johnson Health Tech, one of the largest manufacturers of fitness equipment in the world. The company is committed to designing, engineering, and manufacturing superior products for health clubs and homes. Johnson's manufacturing facilities rank among the most sophisticated in the industry, with an intricate mix of robotics and skilled workers that maintain the highest standards of accuracy and quality. Every stage of manufacturing undergoes a testing phase, and 10 percent of Merit's products go through a rigorous quality inspection that includes completely taking them apart and reassembling them.

  • Folding treadmill with 1.25-horsepower continuous-duty motor
  • Speed range of 1 to 10 miles per hour; 0 to 10 percent incline
  • 7 preset programs, 2 cup holders, and hand contact heart rate monitor
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds; AeroSoft cushioning system
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame, 2-years warranty on the motor

Customer Reviews:

  • Manual/user's guide directions were incorrect
    I was so excited about getting a good treadmill at a reasonable price - with free shipping! We had a few days of confusion as it appeared that the enclosed hardware bag #1 was incorrect and was missing parts. The hardware store couldn't help us, but the merit fitness customer service rep assured us they would send out the correct bag the next business day. My husband eventually figured out that the enclosed manual itself was wrong. We compared it to the manual I had downloaded off the website, which turned out to be correct. He was able to assemble the machine in a short time afterward. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I've been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and have always been leary about buying a "cheap" home machine. This treadmill works great for home use. I was thoroughly impressed. I'm 230lbs and I can run on it with no problems! Great machine for the money!...more info
  • 2 thumbs up!!
    I really love this treadmill. The "interval" setting is the best. After 2 weeks there is a difference in my britches....LOVE IT!! I bought the machine on the advice of a physical therapist because of a bad back AND I'm truly happy I made the purchase! Easy to put together. I can't say enough good things about this product....more info
  • Great for home use
    I wanted a treadmill - my husband bought me an elliptical stepper. That would be great if I didn't have equilibrium issues. After he bought that, I felt guilty spending too much $ on a treadmill and found this one. It works great for me. I can walk different "courses" and keep my water right there. Great handles for me to hang on to and an emergency stop cord if you "fall off" (a possibility for me). I paid much less than Amazon has this listed for now, and got free, fast shipping. I don't run on it, just walk fast, but, it really fits my needs. Great buy for the money....more info
  • Great Deal and I like great deals!
    Looks better then i thought. Was delivered as promised. Had little issue with a cut cord going to consol when i put it together. call company and to my susprise they were great. Sent new cord in two days and had repair man here 2 days latter to install! Great for the money....more info
  • Perfect!
    My husband and have been using this machine for about a month now and are still in love with it. The cup holders are great and the book ledge doubles as an ipod holder. I'll admit we haven't done any of the routine maintenance as the book told us to do. But, the machine doesn't seem to mind. I absolutely recommend this treadmill and I am a very, very picky person :)...more info
  • Good for the money!
    I would have to say I researched buying a treadmill for some time and came upon this one for many reasons. 1. it was in my price range. I also saved $87 dollars on the shipping. As for shipment , it came fast and was in mint condition. Setup, was easy. This machine is a sturdy piece of equipment. Doesn't feel cheap. I will say I wish it would fold up more vertical but with all the features it is more than satisfactory. If your looking for something durable and effective for your exercise needs this will surely be the purchase....more info
  • huge disappointment
    I ordered the Horizon 725T treadmill based on the price and excellent reviews. We're pretty mechanically savvy, but putting this together has been a nightmare. First, there were parts missing, which,when we called, they said they would send the washers out and that we couldn't pick them up at any hardware. Ok, we waited five days and again the washers we needed were missing. We decided to start putting it together and see if these really were necessary. Then we had a major issue with the cord. If we installed it the way the instruction book read, it would cut the cord. As we turned it over to investigate what the problem was, we discovered the plastic on the right side bottom was cracked halfway through.

    Although this came packaged beautifully and looked brand new, I'm beginning to wonder if we got a returned or refurbished treadmill or just a lemon.

    I really looked forward to getting started with this and am terribly disappointed. We will probably end up returning this and possibly having them replace it, but we are really leary and hate this waste of time when we could have been using it.Merit Fitness 725T Treadmill...more info
  • noisy!
    noisy, dofficult to assemble, screws shown in the catalog are different the screw packs i received...more info
  • Great treadmill
    I love this treadmill. It was delivered very quickly. I was able to assemble it with only some minor help, and I don't have a mechanical bone in my body. The treadmill itself works well. I didn't know much about them, but it's very user friendly. I highly recommend it....more info


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