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Mount&Blade, war has come down on Calradia and war attracts its own bunch of misfits. Men ride to war, for one or other reason. Some because they are looking for thrill and excitement, some because they are desperate and know no other way. Some because they are so bitter and hateful that they are willing to unleash doom on earth. Yet some, who are the very heroes, will step forward to stop that.

Combining a sophisticated, dynamic game world and intense medieval sword fighting action, Mount&Blade has you venturing through a world filled with daring enemies as well as friendly groups that will come to your aid or need yours. In a land torn by constant danger, raids and skirmishes, you will raise and lead your own war band, commanding dozens of hardened soldiers. You will hunt down your enemies following the tracks they leave behind. And you will fight epic battles where arrows cut the air with deadly hisses, axes and swords hack with fury, and horses and men clash into a violent melee. Interact with hundreds of characters - hire mercenaries to build a private army, accept quests to assassinate troublemakers, or boost your reputation by buying a round of beer at the local tavern

  • Mount & Blade offers a realistic world, where some quests are resolved through the world's own dynamics.
  • A demanding game with a high degree of concentration and user involvement.
  • Innovative battles take place with your character on the horseback.

Customer Reviews:

  • Almost but not quite
    Overall is a good game but It could have been better - the potential is there, maybe an add-on to the game somewhere in the future would make it even better.

    Basic description of the game:

    A sandbox game with a combination from Medieval II: total war and Grand Theft auto(just a little). You play the role of a mercenary looking to 'score' in the midst of turmoil & chaos in the land. Join tournaments, recruit soldiers/mercenaries to fight under your banner, do tasks, trading, hunting bandits & caravans, and so on.

    I give this game 3-stars because the combat system is flawed whether when you are fighting on the field or be-sieging a city, and the map could have been bigger.

    Combat system:

    Your troops don't respond well to your commands. There are times when no matter how times you give the commands the troops do not respond to the commands - it gets worse especially when you are besieging cities.

    Speaking about cities what's up with the 1 ladder or 1 tower siege ?? Why can't they add more ladders and towers when you are assaulting the cities??

    Map: More cities - more functions within the cities.....more info
  • A fun change of pace
    I decided to give Mount&Blade a try after reading several of the reviews. I'm very glad I did so. The gameplay is interesting and the combat is a joy to behold. The character and party management is well developed and provides the RPG feel to the game. As previously noted, the mounted combat is what makes this game truly stand out. Considering that no million dollar companies have managed to create truly satisfying mounted combat, the offering put forth by TaleWorlds is truly astonding.

    I can't realy offer any complaints against this game, as it is a great initial offering from a relatively unknown company. Thanks to Paradox for distributing. Already there is talk of a sequel with multiplayer and more involved storylines. Not to mention the excellent mod community for those who want different foes to face.

    ...more info
  • If you like to fight on a horseback, this game is for you
    I love RPGs in general, but I prefer the ones with a compelling story-line. M&B is not one of them, but still it is a surprisingly nice game. The best part for me is riding and fighting, though I got bored rather quickly. Still I play it on and off. This game is definitely not for everybody, but it is worth trying as a demo. Hard to say in advance whether you'll like it, but if you like it, it will give you many hours of entertainment....more info
  • An Excellent Action RPG
    I understand that some people may not enjoy this game as much as I have, but to me this has been one of the funnest games I've played. I've played the beta versions of it, on and off for about three years, and I just keep coming back to it. I'll play new games, but I always come back to Mount&Blade. It is an action rpg where you make your character, build an army, and fight other nations. It has a massive modding community, so they're are mods for nearly any setting, you just have to select what module you want to play in, and it changes the game to a whole other world. Everything from samurai, ancient greeks to the renaissance are represented with historical accuracy, and ,most of all, fun. ...more info
  • Great game, MUST have.
    This is a great game, the game in vinalla form is great.
    It has a lot of little features that make it so much better than most other games of this type.
    Fighting on horse back, large battles and a good character skills/stats system.

    The combat is fast pased and fun, both on and off horse.
    The game looks a bit dated, but it makes up for it and more with the ammout of fun that can be had, you can play pretty much any role you want, there is no real story line and no real goals.
    Just quest and fight, raid, loot and burn villages, seige castles and compete in tourneys.

    You can also lead your own army, as large or as small as you want it, but getting that larger amry takes time, and carefull investment of skills points and keeping them fed and paid is something to think about.
    Also, you can recruit other heros to fight with you as well.

    Over all a great game, everone must try it, a demo is avable at the games home page....more info
  • Fun, addicting, unique, open ended, this is what is good about PC gaming.
    - Combat and Strategy: The game is a great combination of strategy and action. You implement your strategy and the over world map where you recruit followers and soldiers, find equipment and raise funds to maintain your armies, level up your character and chose his strengths and weaknesses. If you want to gather a brood of archers for long range combat you can. If you wish to gather a horde of horsemen you can or you an try to go it alone. You can choose your strategy and implement it as you wish.

    The combat phase is a medieval battle (think braveheart) where you and your troops fight off the opposing force. The actual combat is somewhat similar to oblivion where you have your weapon and hack and slash, or shoot, or charge on your steed through opposing forces. If you win, you get their gear and exp. if you lose you still live to fight another day (after a few days as a captive. The battles are very very fun. Nothing like popping a guys head with a bow from 100 yards.

    - Open Ended / Sandbox: This game has no linear story whatsoever . This is a positive thing. You are presented with an open world and are free do do whatever you want. As others have mentioned, you can be a Slave Trader, a Merchant, a Mercenary, the Mayor of small towns, a gladiator, or a Nobleman following the dictates of the king. Because of the sandbox nature of the game it has a very very high replay value. (a linear story can be added via Mod)

    - Healthy Mod Community: the Mod community for this game has been around for quite a while. There are gobs and gobs of value adding mods that can change the game and extend the replay value.

    - Price and value: I got this new for relatively cheap and have been playing it more than my more expensive games. You could drop 50 quid on an EA game that may or may not become a rental after 3 installs, or you could risk 15 dollars and get a game with fantastic game play.

    - Free online download: If you buy this new is you get an activation code to download it for free from [...]. I downloaded the game online and never even used the disk. My [...] experience has been great. I don't have to start up a game manager or anything like that to run the game. I just downloaded the installer, ran it and now I am good to go. No CD in the drive needed. (Keeping the DVD as a backup because I love the game)

    - The graphics are still very good, but they are not eye popping like Crysis. to me this is one of the halmarks of a good game. Gameplay is the key and not graphics. Plus, almost any computer out there can run this game.

    Someone has said this game is not for everyone. I disagree. Everyone should take a look at the game and see what it has to offer....more info
  • Best RPG EVER
    Excerpt from the manual - "...devoid of magic and high fantasy." At long last. Those countless numbers among us that are nauseated by the endless tired out themes of demons, demons, and more demons prevalent in most every other RPG available finally have a place to turn to. References by other reviews to Mount and Blade as a niche game are inappropriate. Mount and Blade is what mainstream RPGs should be, and it appeals to a much wider segment of the market than those that enjoy the stupid fixation on demons in *every* other RPG on the market. This is the first RPG offering that doesn't seem to have taken the LOTR/D&D model, changed the name and box art, and been placed on the shelf for sale.

    And if the originality wasn't enough to sell you, the game itself will. Mount and Blade is not deficient in any area - length, gameplay, graphics, controls, or structure. So, if you're a "misunderstood" teenager in a black trench coat looking for something to do in between sacrificing kittens, look elsewhere, you have plenty of options all over the market. Here with Mount and Blade, the normal segment of society finally has an RPG to enjoy. ...more info
  • Great game
    I want to add my voice to the others who have thoroughly enjoyed this game.

    I've always thought it would be cool if a bunch of rich archaeologists and historians got together to create authentic historical 3D games that let the player walk around in and interact with a piece of the world that no longer exists. I may have to keep waiting for that dream to come true, but Mount & Blade has convinced me that this kind of game is certainly possible.

    The M&B combat system, which so many people laud as fun, is also realistic in many ways. Factors like weapon lengths, armor, momentum, bow accuracy and so forth are all individually done in a plausible way. But when you combine these factors and put them into a battlefield with scores or hundreds of combatants who also happen to behave plausibly, the result is a swirling, chaotic melee of the sort that seems strangely authentic to me--as if this sort of melee would be recognizable to a medieval soldier.

    For me, this sense of authenticity raises the bar for all other RPGs. Having played M&B, I realize that something has been missing all this time....more info
  • Addictive Medieval Mahem
    As 'garage game' from from a small publisher, M&B is an unexpected and totally addictive pleasure. A free-form RPG with many group tactical elements, M&B lets you run amok in a medieval world.

    This isn't a game that focuses on exploiting the latest advances in graphics and effects - the landscapes and models are nowhere near as impressive as those found in games like Oblivion. The fun here is in the game play, something that many high-tech 'big name' games forget to add to their polished graphics engines.

    As a lone adventurer you are tasked with making your fortune among a handful of sparring factions, each with several large cities, castles and small villages. You can join a faction by winning favor with the faction's Lords and King by completing quests.

    As you roam the land you'll run into bandits, caravans, and war parties which you can engage in battle. You can also lay siege to towns and castles and loot the surrounding villages.

    Like a classic RPG your character gains experience which can be used to modify attributes. Depending on how you spend points you'll be able to use better equipment, hire more soldiers, take more prisoners, etc.

    The best way to see if you like it is to download the demo which lets you play up to a certain level. After that you can purchase a code from the website. A Highly recommended game!...more info
  • Revolutionary indie game, more value than any other in recent memory
    To be fair I have been playing M&B since it was in beta 0.610 or thereabouts. It was rough and unpolished then, but it was the first game of its kind, an incredibly immersive and fun steel-and-horses age combat simulator. I bought it immediately, and have never looked back.

    This first thing that confuses people including off-the-cuff (Gamespot) reviewers is that this game is not Oblivion. Taleworlds went in a completely different direction, instead of rehashing the same formulaic crap that infests the game publishing world today, and they should be thanked for it. Instead, they get rated down for NOT being boring. This is not strictly speaking an RPG in the way that the industry thinks of RPGs. It is not strictly a strategy game. It is not a shooter. So what is it?

    Mount & Blade is a great sandbox game, along the lines of Pirates!, but more interesting (to me, anyway). You get thrown into the game and from there can literally do whatever you want. The game does skew towards combat professions and goals, since its greatest strength is its combat engine, but you can be a merchant, a rebel, a vassal, a mercenary, even a tournament specialist. You can even do several of these things in sequence, defining the career of your character through your gameplay choices.

    The combat engine is utterly magnificent. This is one of the rare games where you can come up with a solution to a problem by doing what you would do in the real world, and it works! On foot, you turn your body in the same direction as your weapon swing as you make contact, and you get an increase in damage. Duck in and out of striking range based on the actual length of the weapons you and your opponent are using. Stand on the high ground with your bow for a range advantage that you can see happening as your arrows take a natural dropping flight path. Get back up on the hill to slow the momentum of that gyu riding down on you, step to his blind side, and chop his horse out from under him so you can brain him while he tries to get back up. This is a lot more immersive and gratifying than spending points on various melee skills and hitting control buttons for special moves over and over again while standing in one place.

    The political and economic systems in vanilla (un-modded) Mount & Blade are simple, but they work! Build up friendships with local lords by doing stupid errands for them if you like, or else catch them in combat with a superior force and run in to save their bacon, which they'll be grateful for. Build favor with the ladies of the court so they can funnel bribes for you to lords who mislike you. Gain enough renown and favor with your liege to be put forward as a candidate for Marshall, but make sure you can curry enough votes to win the election. Burn local villages to prevent enemy lords from recruiting there, and kill their caravans to stagnate their city's economy.

    I have seen lack of a concrete storyline mentioned as a weakness in some "professional" reviews. The game lacks a storyline because it's not supposed to have one! There is a background, there is an ongoing political dynamic, but you create your own story. Honestly, I don't understand the point of "story" based games where you walk through in a linear fashion, click some buttons, and listen to some voiceovers. To me the last great story-based computer game was Fallout, which also incorporated a sandbox play style as part of its dynamic, in addition to some really great lore. Nowadays, if you really want to follow a storyline, you can probably find better and longer-lasting ones in different media. Books, for instance. (If you lack the imagination required to have a rewarding experience reading a book and prefer the multimedia experience brought to you by some hack writing computer games, there is always television.)

    The most important thing to me about Mount & Blade, though, is that it captured my attention back then, and still does. I spend many nights not going to sleep because there's one more siege I want to pull off, or one of my rebellion faction lords who needs help, or some juicy enemy caravans waiting to be plundered. I would rate its replayability along the same lines as the original Civilization when it came out (and I basically wasted six months of my life on that). Not many games nowadays can even capture my interest, let alone hold it for longer than a couple of days. It's just that much fun.

    There are a lot of videos of M&B gameplay on YouTube, and some of them are mine:

    [...]...more info
  • This was a reminder of why I like games!
    This game is a ton of fun! In the first 10 hours or so I've already won a tournament, recruited a fair sized army of peasants, sworn my allegiance to a lord, had that lord's enemy king chase me down, slaughter my men, and drag me around the countryside for a day or so. Lost some of my equipment and money, but for some reason this game makes it so instead of wishing I had saved and restarted, I just picked myself up again and started recruiting a new army!

    With no linear plot line there are no right and wrong choices to make- which is fantastic- so all that really happens is that you become more experienced and learn how to fight better. Just like life! You can read some of the other good reviews on this but I would add a couple of points:

    The balance in combat between large numbers of troops and you as an individual is great. You can be as BA as you want, but if you're mobbed by a bunch of dudes you're probably going down.

    Also, it says this in a roundabout way, but there really is no fantasy element to this game. While I was initially skeptical about not having any magic, special abilities, or "+3 Dagger of Smiting," I've now been sucked into this medieval world and love it!

    It's ironic, but great games always make you think of the tiny tweaks you would want to make to make it even 'that much better'. Maybe its because you care enough to actually want to improve something? (I love cookie dough...wait a minute- what if I add ice cream!) That being said I can't wait for the expansion to this rascal which is coming out soon.

    Buy this game! ...more info
  • Great Fun, But Definitely a Niche Game. Please Read
    This is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences in recent memory. However, having siad that, this game is probably only for a certain audience. My favorite game genres are RPG and Strategy that occur in either a medieval or fantasy setting. This game combines good elements of both. If you enjoyed the character development and FPS elements of Elder Scrolls Oblivion, then you will like this game. If you like the strategic elements of Medieval II Total War, then you will like this game. Granted, M&B doesnt go nearly as in depth into strategy as MTWII or similar strat sims, and M&B isnt as visually pleasing as Oblivion or similar RPGs, but it is a happy combination of both. Wouldnt it be great to raise an army in Oblivion and assault the imperial city, or fight along side your troops in MTWII. This game allows you to do those things. It is the complete fantasy. You can be the great general and the great warrior all in one.
    So, if this review didnt make you foam at the mouth in anticipation of playing this game, then it is probably not for you. But for the those of you that can appreciate the elements this game brings together, this will be an all time favourite....more info
  • Mount & Blade ok
    I find it very difficult to learn battle in this game,especially on horseback. Many scenes are extremely repetitive. It seems that it is more a trading game than a battle game. I will not finish this game and am disappointed in the way it plays....more info
  • I can't stop playing this!
    I got this game 3 months ago and I'm still playing it with every free hour I get. Mind you I have a career and a family so that's not exactly saying a lot, but it's been a long time since I had this much fun and kept with a game this long.

    I agree with many of the other reviews on this site - like any other game this isn't for everyone. However there is a free demo and absolutely no reason to pay if you don't want to. As soon as I hit the level limit I paid for the full game without hesitating one second. The "DRM" simply limits you to 2 activations per month.

    What can you expect?

    I'd call this a "medieval action RPG". It is an open sandbox type of game like Pirates! You're free to roam the world doing whatever you like and there is no central story arc. There are also no classes, but you are best served by choosing to augment your own chosen skills with NPCs you add to your party and whose skills/equipment you control. It's strictly medieval in the setting with no magic or any other fantasy element. The heart of game is medieval combat and as the title implies mounted combat is a key aspect.

    There is a limited strategy aspect in the extent that you can offer a few battlefield commands to up to 3 categories of participants (infantry, archers, cavalry). Commands are fairly simple (stay here, move up, move back, follow me, charge, dismount, mount, use blunt weapons). There are mods that allow more complicated formations and commands, in addition to many other types of tweaks or even alternate worlds. Each of the different kingdoms has different troop specialties that may require differing tactics or use of terrain. They are fictional but you can easily see that they are based roughly on these cultures (English/French, Russian, Mongol, Viking, and Southern Europe).

    The graphics are slightly dated, but still very well done with every village, castle, and town being completely unique. There is a spartan 3D map for moving around the game world. You then drop into a real world first person perspective for battles and exploring towns, villages, and castles. There are a variety of equipment options for playing dress up with your dolls... er character and NPCs.

    Combat will take a little time to master your weapons and timing - but it's an absolute blast!

    I'm on my 3rd character now and found a great deal of replay value in trying to build a different type of warrior and seek a different role in the world. ...more info
  • Worth a serious look
    It really is interesting how something can be both the best game I have played in years and the worst. Lots of little bugs take a lot of the force out of an otherwise great game. If all you to do was run around fighting battles it would be great the combat factor is amazing but all the other little elements drag it down. The most annoying quests have got to be either the cattle ranching quests or the collect taxes from X village quest(makes me feel like some scumbag tax collector). However the beauty of the game is you don't have to take the quests if you don't want to just move on to something else. I've been playing it for 6 months now and it doesn't get respective or old I wish someone with some noodles would design a space game using this concept. ...more info
  • IF you have steam try out the demo!
    Since this game had low advertising I didnt expect much from the demo but man was I wrong. I bought it only a day after playing the demo its incredible fun instead of me telling you the details try the demo on steam if you have it or install steam at ...more info
  • Mount UP!
    This is the first role playing game I have ever scene that allowed you to recruit your own mercenary band and head out for grand adventure! Not only can you develop and train your hero to be whatever you want, but you can gather a force of heros to back up your character and specifically develop them into the troup types that you desire.
    Lead a host of knights, or an elite infantry troup with both long range and shortrange combat ability. Mount them up for a headlong charge, or dismount them to hold onto a hillside strong spot. Its your choice, and your battle!
    My suggestions for the sequel or expansion pack would be a larger map, more kingdoms, and the ability to declare independence and stake out your own kingdom. Since searaiders and vikings are a definent theme, naval battles should certainly be added, along with rivers for launching raids. The siege warfare is cool in design, but alot of things could be added to make it more intertaining.
    This game is the reckord breaker for horseback and mounted combat! It is a new world as far as mounted combat goes, and I hope if nothing else is gained by the companies that produced this game, they will take that design and improve upon it for future games. The character development and interaction is also very well crafted and has no where to go but up in future role playing games.

    THanks for the opportunity to brag on this long awaited game type. More should certainly be made of its kind in the future, and I'm very excited to see the online version.

    ...more info
  • Though lacking slightly in finesse, very fun and open-ended. Some bug issues remain.
    I downloaded the trial version, upgraded to the latest (1.11 now, I think?) and purchased a serial key.

    This game is a ton of fun. You WILL find yourself leaning to the right as you try to reach enough so that your hatchet connects with the Swadian Footman whose group ambused your trading party. You'll also find unexpected joy in a well-placed headshot (with a recurve bow, no less) that reduces your foes by one.

    System-wise, it's also not very demanding, which is a relief given how rapidly the tit-for-tat of hardware and software developers keep pushing each other to their limits.

    However, there are limits to the fun that is to be had. Dialogue is very basic, as are the quests. Interaction is similar to Freelancer (though text-only) in its repetition. Your quests come down to: deliver a message, collect a debt, train villagers, bring us some cattle, and kill this criminal. There are also only five kingdoms - I was hoping for a few more, just to make it interesting - and the entire landscape can be crossed in about 2 days of game time, provided you aren't ambused by looters or bandits in the process.

    Finally, there are still bugs to be worked out. This along shouldn't deter you from purchasing this fun game - remember Sacred, with its 100 MB+ patches? That RPG was still a blast. The bugs are mainly graphics-related at this point. NPCs lose faces or some of the screen backgrounds go quirky. There are program crashes (though I've yet to see a full system crash from M&B), and for this I can only suggest saving often and reporting the crash to the developers....more info
  • Good game
    This game is fun if you ever imagined riding down your opponent and skewering him then thins game is for you. With both RPG and Strategy elements to keep you busy for many hours to come. Could have been a little more fleshed out but it is fun. I wish I had more time to play between work and school, oh well....more info
  • Great fun, but know what to expect
    This game is great fun, and that's from an older player who's hopeless at 'real-time' combat. It's still a hoot to charge into battle on a horse, using any of a large variety of weapons. Or to storm a castle. Or defend your own. (And at lower difficulty levels, even I can succeed.)

    But please understand that medieval combat is the whole point. Yes, there are other parts to the game, but they're not well developed. Not bad, just not implemented anywhere near as well as the 'real-time' (I hate that phrase) combat.

    There's also no story. You can - and should, eventually - join a faction and help them conquer the world, but the game is quite open-ended. Combat is the clear focus here, so this IS a niche game. But given that, it's superbly done.

    There's a great fan community, too, which means mods and tweaks (and bug fixes) from other players. Independent game developers are doing the best work these days, and I'm willing to grant them some slack, since they don't have the resources of the huge gaming companies. But really, this game doesn't need that. I'm amazed at what they've accomplished here.

    This game won't appeal to everyone. So, if you're not sure, then download the demo (which is actually the complete game, so it's a LONG download) and give it a try before buying. It's a niche game, but it is VERY well done. I'm not crazy about 'real-time' games (still preferring the old turn-based games of years ago), but this is just FUN!...more info
  • Mount & Blade is addictive
    Mount&Blade is a game that simulates combat with medieval weapons. Most of the fighting is done by men under your command, though your personal fighting ability is important.

    There is supposedly no magic in the game, but you and the other Lords (party leaders) are immortal and Lords have some way of knowing the location of all other Lords of their faction.

    M&B is highly addictive....more info
  • Innovative & has great potential
    I had played the beta awhile back, and recently bought the game. The game has incredible combat! Excellent character development, including sharing skills with hired heroes. All characters in your party will increase in experience, and can upgrade gear/skills for your heroes (including yourself). The drawbacks to the game are, unfortunately, are the endgame. You cannot become a king yourself, and taking keeps is somewhat redundant. After you make an army the game pretty much is at an end, at least for me. I don't see how the game progresses from that point. I wish the world was bigger, more dynamic, and had more options. I like to support new (indie) companies that have a great concept in mind & development. Unfortunately, many games are hyped and not worth the cost....more info
  • Not this much fun in 10 Years!!!!
    The specifics have been said. It's a 1st person shooter, only you don't shoot guys, you fight medevil style.

    The games emphasis is about combat. Some people complain about roleplay...Although I think the amount of different story lines and character interaction is plenty for me.

    Fighting is not hard at all...once you get used to "Looking where you attack". Steer with your left hand and hack away (exactly where you look) with the right hand (using mouse of course). It's Easy and loads fun.

    I haven't lost this much sleep for a game in over 10yrs!!!

    ...more info
  • From Cautious to Hooked
    I first downloaded the demo of Mount & Blade from Steam, curious about what there was to do. I put off playing it for awhile, as I have other games and this was by an indie studio, which typically makes me wary.

    The tutorial didn't make me terribly inclined to play, either, as it wasn't as intuitive as I'd hoped. It took a lot of work to get rid of four combat dummies (one task), it took a long time to figure out how to hit my target in archery practice (arrows drop VERY quickly in the tutorial), and I couldn't get the mounted combat to work very well (I kept missing the combat dummy). So I put the game off again.

    Then I tried it, in the actual game, and went to the level 7 limit, and then the level 7 limit a second time. I'd had a lot of fun playing, and wanted more. So I bought the full game.

    Without a doubt, there are things in this game that could be BETTER, such as possibly the graphics or a few more quests, or a few more ways to command allied armies. I've noticed over the years that there's always someone lamenting the fact that nobody seems to care that the point of games is FUN, and Mount & Blade is FUN.

    Some of the things that would be nice to have:
    1. Better explanations for why things work the way they do (large armies moving slower, full inventory slows you down same amount whether it's expanded or not)
    2. More siege choices (abilities to knock down walls instead of just scaling, choosing ladders versus siege towers)
    3. A BACK button once you get to your character sheet the first time. The questions they ask about your character's background aren't very indicative of what sort of character they will lead to, and you have to actually finish creating your character and exit out to try again.
    4. Maybe better graphics, primarily on the overland travel. The graphics aren't very bad at all in combat.

    But those issues? Really pretty minor, considering the amount of fun this game leads to. I just really really REALLY wish it was one I could play with friends in multiplayer (high on my wish list for mods for it). I'd be buying this for other people if that were a choice....more info
  • Great Fun!
    I am having so much fun with Mount and Blade! I love being able to command my army! And to actually be in the battles! And using the different weapones in battle! Can not wait for the multiplayer version with mods for playing cowboys and indians!...more info


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