The Anti-Alzheimer's Prescription

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From a world-renowned neurologist: the first book to feature a scientifically substantiated program for the only treatment for Alzheimer's: prevention.Alzheimer's is pandemic among older adults worldwide, and as baby boomers age it promises to be the Great American Epidemic of the twenty-first century. Unlike other books in the category, which focus primarily on caring for an Alzheimer's patient after diagnosis, The Anti-Alzheimer's Prescription presents a program to lower your risk by 70%:* Assess your risk factors and determine your "Real Brain Age"* Step One: the Anti-Alzheimer's Diet, including recipes and a twenty-eight-day menu* Step Two: daily physical exercises for the body and mind* Step Three: daily "neurobics" to build a big brain reserve* Step Four: the importance of stress reduction and quality sleep* Making a diagnosis and the latest medical therapies being developedFor the millions of men and women at risk for developing this debilitating illness, The Anti-Alzheimer's Prescription is a lifesaving breakthrough.

Customer Reviews:

  • Fantastic info
    The book allows proven action to be taken NOW. It does not give false hope but gives the power of knowledge to give us hope for reducing the odds.

    A book with info ALL of us should know about....more info
  • Thanks for this book...
    Lost three people in my life this year to severe dementia. One had brain x-ray test showing only 20% of his brain left though he recognized us all and could sing well. After his memorial I determined to help myself to prevent this. So glad I bought this book. It is very easily read, makes common and practical advice easy to follow, and gives me hope for a better future. I would say the doctor's information is "time sensitive". It is time to do everything we can to prevent and alleviate Alzheimers and Dementia. ...more info
  • The Anti-Alzheimer's Presciption
    I found the Anti-Alzheimer's Prescription very informative and easy to understand. The exercise program is excellent. I have started on the diet and found it satisfying and I am losing weight. ...more info
  • Avoid Alzheimer's without Drugs
    My husband and I've started and failed at many diets. This is one we hope to stay on because as long as we have sufficeint sleep, as Dr. Fortansce explains, we should succeed. So far it's working. We love the exercise program and are sharing the information with our friends....more info
  • Scared into Action
    I thought I was doing OK until I read this book, and realized that I must do a lot more if I want to end my days in control of my mind, able to recognize my loved ones. The good news is that everything you do for your mind is also good for your heart. The bad news is that salmon and blueberries aren't cheap. This book isn't just for oldsters, but for everyone over 40....more info
  • Valuable info for a Healthy & Peaceful mind
    Finally my wife and I have found helpful and useful information about how to prevent Alzheimer's horrible predicament. This book answers many of our questions and provides comfort for our many concerns....more info


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