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3M's next best overall quality filter available. The construction quality is top of the line. The filtering efficiency is outstanding. The airflow is better than the Filtrete Micro Allergen from 3M. The Filtrete Ultra Allergen has our highest rating of 5 STARS. Please note that these Filtrete filters measure approximately 0.3 inches smaller than the stated size in order to conform with industry standards.

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  • 3M's next best overall quality filter
  • Meets the American Lung Association Health House program Indoor Air Quality Guidelines
  • Captures microscopic allergens like dust, smoke and smog particles
  • Captures large allergens like mold spores and pet dander

Customer Reviews:

  • Clean air, high air flow resistance

    Our family bought this filter to address some allegry problems in our children. We noticed immediate benefits in term of cleaner air, fewer particles, and less dust. It was a pleasant surprise.

    The downside of the filter is that in less than a month of average use (we live in the moderate climate of NW Oregon) the furnace failed to start due to restricted airflow. Replacing the filter with an standard fiberglass model resolved the problem.

    The furnace / house are new, ~10 years old, and the filters have been replaced 4 times/year.

    Despite the clean air benefits, I'll stop using these filters, as I fear the extra air resistance will burn out the furnace fan motor or cause other furnace problems. ...more info
  • Very effective, very sturdy allergen filter.
    The Ultra Allergen filters work great. My wife and I both have asthma and allergies, and we have a cat. These filters keep us from sneezing during the pollen and leaf mold seasons. The frame is made from very stiff cardstock, and the media is enclosed in a wire mesh. I've been using them for about 8 years, after a cheap fiberglass filter and a "premium" Lysol Elite filter got sucked into the furnace....more info
  • The best...
    Review of 3M Filtrete - Ultra Allergen

    These are outstanding air filters, based on the lack of dust and clean air inside our house; the build quality of these filters; and the fact that they have such a high rating. We've been using these filters for about 10 years in a Trane heat pump system, with no issues.

    This filter has a 3M Micro-particle Performance Rating of 1250. "MPR" focuses on a filter's ability to capture the smallest particles between 0.3 and 1 micron. The higher the MPR, the more effective the filter is, and the more expensive. The "basic" Filtrete is the least expensive. These are near the top-end. Their highest filter is MPR rated at 1700, but costs about 1/3 more that this one, and I can't tell the difference; although someone with allergies probably could. See TYPES OF FILTRETEs after this review for more information.

    Ours is a two-story house with a basement. There are two returns in the system, high in the wall, one each on the first and second floors. Several years ago, to do an even better job of air cleaning, and to keep the inside of our ducts clean, I replaced both return grilles with a grille assembly that has a built-in "furnace" filter holder. We use 3M Filtrete Ultra Allergens in the system's air exchanger and at each of those returns. In other words, all air flows through two Filtretes, which has been no problem for our heat pump's air exchanger. (Since there's no gas or oil "fire", it's not called a furnace). With this setup, the 3 filters need replacement every six months. Before adding the two return filters, we replaced the single air exchanger filter every 2 months, so total filter cost is the same.

    One reviewer said: "little did I know the extra drag on the air flow would cause my Lennox Heat Pump to burn up." All filters cause some drag on air flow, but the only way that could become a significant drag is if the filter was very dirty, which would be the fault of the homeowner for not replacing it. In my setup, if a filter is overdue for replacement, it arches in the middle (from the air drag) towards the fan's suction, and the air whistles as it rushes around the filter. Dirty filters reduce the efficiency of heat pumps or furnaces, but claiming a heat pump "burned up" because of a high-efficiency filter's air drag, is a stretch. It's more likely that his contractor gave him that line to switch blame away from the Lennox equipment, which failed for another reason. I checked the Lennox web site, and they don't even mention disposable filters, which isn't surprising. Imagine Lennox Corporation warning customers not to use 3M filters because their equipment can't handle the stress.

    We don't have pets or allergies; we use these filters because they result in very clean indoor air.


    I did some research, and found that 3M makes three classes of disposable Filtrete 1" filters for heating and cooling systems, with various options within each "class"; 14 different Filtrete filters in all.

    - "High Airflow" MPR of 200 - 600; filter options:

    Basic, MPR: 200
    Dust, MPR: 400
    Clean, MRP: 500
    Dust and Pollen, MPR: 600.

    - "Air Cleaning" MPR of 700 - 1000; filter options:

    Micro Particle; MPR: 700
    Allergen, MPR 800
    Micro Allergen, MPR 1000
    Micro Allergen Extra, MPR 1000.

    - "High Performance" MPR of 1200 to 1700; filter options:

    Allergen, MPR 1200
    Ultra Pure, MPR 1250
    Ultra Allergen, MPR 1250
    Advanced Allergen, MPR 1500
    Ultimate Allergen, MPR 1600
    Maximum Allergen, MPR 1700...more info
  • Keeps the dust down/Great delivery time
    These really keep the dust and allergens down. DO NOT BUT CHEAP FILTERS EVER!!! You can buy less expensive ones but we have a new baby and we feel that a cleaner enviorment would be better. With all the kids with asthma out there we thought "what the heck, it can't hurt. Also I ordered the filters at about 10am ant they were on my porch before noon the next day. Thanks....more info
  • Best filter on the market
    I replaced my A/C units with Trane 19 EER units almost two years ago. Since new I have used 3M Filtrete Ultra Allergen Filters, and the A/C evaporator coils are clean and shiny like new. Filtrete filter, captures all our dog's hair, house dust does not let it reach the coil. Filter has a strong wire mesh reinforcement that keeps it from buckling and allowing dust around the edges. ...more info
  • It Works For Me...
    I have cats and an air return near the floor, so having a good filter is high priority. I've use Filtrete Ultra Allergen filters for 9 years, 5 years with an old A/C & Heat Unit, and the last 4 years with a new dual speed Carrier A/C & Heat Unit. I replaced my old unit before it died, and have had no problem with either unit. I can see no way this filter could cause enough drag to burn out a motor as the previous reviewer suspects. That's a puzzle. As for the Ultra Allergen filter, I don't believe it's the final answer for people with serious allergies, but it certainly will reduce allergens in the household environment....more info
  • Works
    No problems using it. While the filter is more restrictive, it seems to compensate by having more pleats (larger area)....more info
  • Great product, fast delivery
    This is a fantastic product; although it may seem a bit pricey, it is worth it! Product was delivered fairly quickly to my home. Great job!...more info
  • Fine; but overpriced
    Below are some rating information on 3M filters.

    The media fibers are polypropylene and polyolefin plastic to include cardboard frames.

    All our filters will remove particles that measure .3-10 microns.

    Performance, MERV Ratings and pressure drop:

    Maximum Allergen 1700

    1-10 microns - 93%
    MERV 12
    pressure drop .20

    Ultra Allergen 1250 *** (Purple)

    1-10 microns - 90%
    MERV 11
    pressure drop .18

    Allergen Reduction*** (Teal)

    1-10 Microns- 85%
    MERV 11
    pressure drop .23

    Micro Allergen 1000*** (Red)

    1-10 microns - 80%
    MERV 11
    pressure drop .21

    Dust & Pollen 600*** (Green)

    1-10 microns - 70%
    MERV 8
    pressure drop .14

    Dust Reduction 300

    1-10 microns - 60%
    MERV 7
    pressure drop .15

    As clean filters, the product is not restrictive to air flow. Filters will become restrictive if they are not changed when needed. We say filter life is approximately 3 months and this is an approximation. Filter life is actually determined by the user's living conditions and will vary for every user. To determine when the filter needs to be change, we suggest holding it up to the light. When you cannot see light through the filters, it will need to be changed even if it is before 3 months.

    If you are concerned about airflow, you might want to use the Dust & Pollen filter, which has the lowest pressure drop. The capture rate of this filter is also lower. If you have a high velocity furnace with high fan speed, you may need to change the filters more frequently, every 1 1/2 to 2 months.

    If you are in need of additional information please visit our web site at www.filtrete.com
    ...more info
  • disappointed
    I haven't used this product. I ordered a pack of 6, but only one arrived and the end was crushed. The vendor,Bic, did credit it back to me, but I was disappointed that no explanation was made as to why I only received one....more info
  • Filtrete Ultra
    Good price and item as advertised but arrived with 2 out of 6 filters bent out of shape. I didn't return since i could stretch them out and didn't want to go through the hassle....more info


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