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  • KIDS- definately not for kids !!!
    My daughter was supposed to watch this for a college group project. Neither she nor her peers were comfortable watching it. I viewed it at a later time.

    This supposedly "wonderfully insightful film" glorifies the main characters who goals are to deflower as many young virgins as he can. (It turns out that he is not only sharing his sperm, but the HIV virus too. All the sex in unprotected sex.) This is shown in graphic detail w/ 2 long sessions of him talking the girl into sex and the showing the act of sexual intercourse, in graphic thumping detail. In one case the girl is crying for him to stop because it hurts so badly and he ignores her.

    The characters drink, drug, steal and commit a gang style beating of an innocent man in the park. Later they jokingly wonder if they killed him. The characters party until the pass out, puke or both.

    Towards the end of the movie, one of the main characters rapes his unconscious "friend" who had some drugs forced on her by another "friend."
    She literally flops around like a rag doll as he does his "business." This scene was way too long and painful to even watch.

    I don't think this film is an insight into anything. I think it was done for pure shock value. Yes, I believe these things can happen. The drugs, drinking, wild parties, illicit sex, but not all w/ one group of deviant amorale teens -- who also encourage pre-teens to smoke dope and party too.

    This may seem extremely harsh, but I think a viewer/buyer should know as much as they can about content, before purchase, as possible.

    After writing the original review, I have heard a couple parents remark that they thought it was appropriate for their kids to see, if only for the shock value of it.

    I guess my final thought would be, if you think you want your kids to see this movie, watch it by yourself first.
    ...more info
  • This is reality....
    What's so 'ugly' about this movie? Because it depicts the truth? To all you parents out there, this is exactly what teenagers do on a daily basis. I know because I was once a teenager too, and this movie hits the mark. This is what happens when parent's don't have a solid relationship with their kids. This movie is not ugly, its just the straight up truth which most people don't like to recognize. It's up to us as parents to guide our children in the right direction so this type of behavior can be minimized....more info
  • Just Wow.....
    This movie brilliant, beautiful, and sick. I think it can only be descibed by the last line of the film, "Jesus Christ, What Happened". If you want a film about life, this is it. KIDS continues in the same steps as movies like 'This Is England' 'American History X' and of course 'Girl, Interrupted'. ...more info
  • Truthful and Disgusting
    I agree...this does happen all over the world...there are kids out there who live and act like the very kids in this movie. But just because it is a reality does not mean that I have to like the movie, and I definitely do not. My friends and I did some crazy, stupid things in high school, but we did not behave this way. My goal as a parent is to raise my son in a caring, loving, yet disciplining environment where he can make his own decisions but understand the consequences of his own actions. Hopefully (without sounding naive) I can give my son the tools to make good decisions so he does not find himself in these same situations. ...more info
  • needs a better plot and better actors
    keep this short and sweet the telly actor is the worst actor in the wrold.I seen bad actors in my life but telly is like some kid you will beatup everyday.And the plot relly sucked,if i made this movie this is what i would have done.Convertation about the hiv,with jenny and telly. telly feels guilty,and kills him shelf for the pain he inflicted on the girls.And could be more than a wake up call to kids for all the pain you put poeple through and your shelf. And if poeple think this his the best movie way because thires a wake up call this movie never chanched me because the plot was relly bad....more info
  • Fantastic Movie!
    This movie is one of the best i have seen in years. it depicts the lives of young adults being curious and shows how easily virgins can be persuaded into things that they will regret the rest of their lives. ...more info
  • Kids for Real
    A must see for every mature teen. So realistic and so real. A lot of kids are good and can't relate but a lot of people can relate and this movie is everyday life for a lot of teens who are just out livin life.
    So real it's scary....more info
  • Real life Movie!!!
    I watched this movie years ago and thought it would be best to purchase it. This movie is a wake up call for parents and young adults. There is a lot of vulgar language used in this movie but when you understand what the movie is all about then you will see why the language is used. If you are not from a urban city then you will not be able to understand the mindset behind this movie. This movie is not for kids despite the title of the movie.

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  • where are you
    this what happens when kids have no parents to raise them . all parents should see this if they have the guts...more info
  • They're bringing up the next generation?!
    I did feel this movie was a bit weird to give as a Christmas present, after watching it, but considering I'd never heard of it, when I opened it, I was just a bit curious. It sounded just a tad depressing (how wrong was I????) to watch on Christmas Day, so I decided to watch it the next night.

    What's ultimately shocking about Kids is how realistic it is. How many times have you seen a group of kids walking towards you, and crossed the road to avoid them? How many times have you seen a couple openly snogging at a bus stop and stopped to think, "They're too young?" How many times have you read in the press about the latest 12 year old getting pregnant, cos her boyfriend told her he loved her? Or am I just getting old? It could also be because I never experienced that when I was young. I was still playing with Barbies when the kids in this were out getting drunk and doing god knows what. What's also realistic is the language. I actually went to put the subtitles on whilst watching this, cos I couldn't understand a word the kids were saying. (I'm only 22!) And as it turned, there weren't any subtitles to understand Telly or Casper, so I had to gather as much as possible.

    Telly is the main character; with a face only a mother could love, and has a thing for deflowering virgins. He also has HIV. But does he know? Personally, I didn't find the actor playing him that attractive, and he got girls into bed, by telling them that he "liked" them. At least they didn't fall for the "I love you, now come to bed" line. There are some attractive scenes of Telly at it in bed, with the unlucky girl. His best friend, Casper, doesn't seem to get the girls as much, at least, until the end.

    Jennie and her friend, played by a really young Rosario Dawson, go to a clinic to get tested. No pregnancy tests are ever mentioned, but an HIV test is. And Jennie has it. The only guy she's ever slept with? Telly.

    Jennie decides to catch up with him, to confront him, to do god knows what, but fatally, only just catches up with him when he's already found himself another virgin. She also gets caught up the whole nonsense, when she passes out drunk, and Casper, hungover (or still drunk) and horny, decides he needs a piece of her.

    This should really be shown to any irresponsible parents out there. The ones who don't care about their kids, and care about their job/toyboy/favourite child etc. The parents who give their kids too much pocket money, which will ultimately be spent on cigarettes & booze, rather than a decent lunch.

    It's probably not a good idea to watch this film if you're easily affected by this kind of thing. I couldn't forget about it, and a day later, am still thinking about poor Jennie, and ultimately, Casper too. The kids are set on self-destruction, and this movie shows how. Afterwards, I felt like I needed a cuddle, just some general love & affection. It's a really hard movie to watch and also a hard movie to forget about. It will probably haunt the viewer for the rest of their life, if they've got a haunt. The film needs to be taken seriously. Pick it up if you see it for a lesson in life, and how NOT to bring your children up....more info
  • This film is rough and brutuall honest.
    I love this film and have for years. I know alot of people were disgusted by it... "that's not how kids really act!". Sadly that is how some do... and some don't. It wont be an easy pill for some to swallow--- and for others it may be all to familiar.
    The recording is shakey... but that's sort of a signature of the directors.

    Basically if you can't handle the thought of kids on drugs, having sex, dealing with hiv, being in gangs... dont watch this....more info
  • Better when I was younger
    I watched this many years ago, and at the time it was really good because that's how I was as a youth. You also thought it was a real documentary which made it more disturbing. Now that I watched it as an adult, it's pretty sick and twisted and you realize now that it was acted out. There really isn't much of a plot other than the one storyline. It's kind of all over the place with a overemphazising of how young teens act. I would rather have rented but it's very hard to find....more info
  • KIDS, the movie of education
    I think of this movie of a education video to teenage girls, for it teaches them safe sex and how to spot horny teen boys, that all they are looking for is sex, I shown this to my 4 teenage cousins and they now have a brighter side of life. I would hope even they show it in schoolfor sex ed, this movie is a great one and the best of the least, and it would never get old....more info
  • sensationalistic nihilism
    WOw, I would say that these kids are a carefully selected bunch of losers. They have nothing going for them but their reckless youth, meaningless promiscuity, and semi-affluence, combined with indifferent parents and a complete lack of interesting minds, not to forget low self esteem. Those are all the buzzwords designed to shock: all of the buttons are pushed, even rape and violence. Oh, then there is HIV/Aids. The execution of this film is also clunky, while some of the acting is good, though I suspect the actors may be exctly what they are portraying.

    While there are certainly subcultures likes this - pseudo-sophisticated, selfish, and arrogantly fearless - I must admit that I doubt my kids hang out with kids like these or ever would. Of course, there but for the grace of God go we all, but we listen to our kids, they enjoy achieving, and they are developing interests that possibly are pointing in career directions; they rebel, they experiment, and we talk with them.

    So I don't think the sick kids here reflect much about the youth of today, except for a very small group. Most kids understand basic limits, and it is our job as parents to make sure they do.

    Not recommended, except for those parents who need this kind of shock, utterly lacking in nuance and subtlty as it is....more info
  • "What happened?"
    This film was far from fantastic, and further from being 'a wake up call to the world' (as the cover proudly attests to would-be consumers). The fact that the film was made in 1995 indicates that although the same behavior in the film is totally translatable between the past couple generations, the concepts, attitudes, and dare I say implications of such behavior are fashioned around a culture that is many moons behind ours. The capacity of mid-90s urban society allows that kids such as those in the film are able to freely indulge in an almost amusingly unrefined madness compared to that of current times. Several institutions, opininons, and perspectives had not been set in motion at that time, thereby not prompting the kids to employ certain measures we see now in going about attaining their delinquent delights. Don't interpret me wrongly--as in, don't vindicate me as being amorally aware of the progression of urban squalor, but rather consider how base and unadorned the behavior shown in the film is, culturally as well as philosophically.

    Let me go back in saying that the culture of these kids in the urban mid-90s makes progressively possible the severity and immorality of the kids behavior possible. Therefore, is the viewer to be tempted into believing that civilization is a state of institution, or a state of mind? If the former is true, then has it been attained? Furthermore, what is the defining aspect of it? If the latter is true, how could it be implemented in such a way as to puncuate a society? Among others, these are some questions posed by the film and the many, many others like it.

    Generally, this film is very much worth watching but very much not worth buying at full price--unfortunately, most video rental stores will not carry this in a showing of wide-spread lunatic morality that uses, in effect, denial of the 'bad' to promote betterment of the 'good', and so, find somewhere or someone that will sell you the film at a negotiable price....more info
  • Wake up call indeed!
    Its would be hard to add anything to what's already been posted. There is one observation I'd like to share.

    I live in New York City, and frequent many of the neighborhoods where "Kids" was filmed. While walking through one of those areas about a year ago, I saw one of the actors from the film. His appearance was unmistakable.

    Keeping in mind that this movie was made in 1995, what do you suppose this guy was doing? Hanging out on the streets, getting high and drinking with other kids. 13 or so years later, and this is still how he lives his life.

    "Kids" isn't a drama; it's a documentary....more info
  • Not as bad as I thought it would be
    Even though this film wasn't as graphic as I had feared it is still very disturbing and uncomfortable to watch. I think that is to be expected of any film that begins with a rape and ends on a double rape. However the film has good things going for it. It has an important message about safe sex that while the delivery is sometimes questionable the lesson is very important. It also features amazing performances by its young cast which includes Leo Fitzpatrick, Chloe Sevigny, and Rosario Dawson making their film debuts. Taking place in New York during one hot summer day the film focuses on two groups of teens. Telly (Fitzpatrick) who dubs himself "the virgin surgeon" is sharing the graphic details of his latest conquest with his best friend Casper (Justin Pierce). The language in this film is more than vulgar it is disgusting and in terrible taste. Casper jokes about his cousin having rough sex with a handicapped girl at one point. Telly makes it his duty to devirginize as many girls as will allow it. On this particular day he is making it his mission to achieve the impossible : sex with two virgins in one day. He already has his next victim picked out and she happens to be the younger sister of one of Telly's and Casper's friends. As Telly and Casper wander the streets stealing, drinking, and doing drugs on the other side of town Jenny (Chloe Sevigny) is receiving life changing news. Jenny accompanies her best friend Ruby (Rosario Dawson) to the clinic where both girls get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Ruby has had sex with at least nine guys often without protection whereas Jenny has only slept with Telly over a year ago. Ruby passes with a clean bill of health while Jenny tests positive for HIV. Jenny is devastated and makes it her mission to track down Telly and tell him the bad news before he can infect anyone else. (At this point Dawson disappears from the film.) The film is shocking for showing kids as young as twelve or thirteen smoking, taking hits from pipes, drinking, and engaging in sex. There is also a scene in the park where a large group of kids are buying grass and Casper has a run in with a black man. At the slightest hint of a threat Casper and at least ten other kids jump this guy and beat the hell out of him. The film is full of shocking and disturbing moments like this and director Larry Clark just lets the camera roll for an unbearable amount of time. It goes over the line many times and is often too much to handle but it is admittedly well made and very well acted. When it came out in '95 it may have been a "wake up call" as critics put it but with all of the reality t.v. and other films focusing on teens that came after it it feels somewhat tame. There aren't many new revelations in terms of teens who aren't holding back when it comes to experimenting with sex or drugs. The film shows how easily manipulated and pressured teens are by their friends and how serious this can be if they suffer from low self esteem. It is a well made and disturbing film that is worth seeing at least once....more info
  • Definitely controversial. Interesting original story, but pretty graphic.
    I remember when this came out, and I was just a few years older than the kids portrayed in this film, and I thought this was just crazy, nobody I knew ever did this junk. But, older and wiser looking back, and looking at kids these days, I am guessing that this kind of stuff does take place, I just am sheltered. This movie has the HIV scare tied into it, teen sex, and rampent drug use, stuff people, myself included, don't often associate with young to mid teen-agers. But, bad habits start somewhere, and this film portrays it well. As I now now, this behavior is more common than I ever could have immagined. Just speaks volumes about maintaining a good relationship and communication with your children, and maintaining a solid household. Check it out, still eye opening to this day....more info
  • Disturbing & Painfully Accurate
    As much as this movie may disturb it's audience, it's a painful reality of the world we live in today. I watched this film for the first time a few years ago, and I truly forgot how disturbing it was. I recently watched a TV show that mentioned it and I decided to buy it, and give it another shot. I definitely think a few years made a huge difference because the next time I watched it, although still disturbing, I realized what a powerful, and painful film KIDS is.
    This is a movie that is definitely not for young children. It is very graphic, and the constant reminder that the characters are in fact, Kids, is at times very off-putting and upsetting. However, it is an accurate depiction of how over-sexualized teens & young teens are today. It is a true testament of our society today. This movie deals with various issues like drug use, violence, STDs, AIDs, and even rape.
    KIDS is a painful, but amazing movie.
    ...more info
  • Kids
    This movie is over the top if you live in suburbia. This is an extreme inner-city showing of nasty sex and illegal drug use. Explicit scenes that are very graphic. This movie is actually deplorable. When I viewed the movie, I was shocked and disgusted with what I saw and to think that I actually purchased this online because my son asked for it. It is a lesson in showing your kids how to have dirty sex, do drugs, and totally disrespect women. It doesn't have any respect for a relationship like you would want you kids to learn to have. My son was inviting his friends over while I was at work so they could sit around and watch this. This movie will show your kids the wrong way to enjoy each others company and have a relationship.
    Don't buy it unless you don't care anything about your teens and the examples that they see. This movie is trash. I threw it out. The part about the HIV was an excuse to make a move to subject "kids" to some really nasty stuff. And the title "kids"? This is NOT for "kids" at all. Actually, it shouldn't be for anyone. BAD BAD BAD...more info
  • A definate good choice
    I saw the movie suggested on a Behavioral Health Site, to see what children actually do when they are in the city and don't have many activities to do for school, sports, etc. I took this movie as a way to see kids grow in there element. I would suggest this movie to anyone, it was a great movie. Yes it could be considered controversial, but I considered it a documentary that was a great A+ Production. ...more info
  • Is there more
    The movie was incredible! The actors did a bang up job and everything fell perfectly into place but my only small concern was that I heard a lot of awesome music in the movie but NONE of it was on the soundtrack....more info
  • Telly has made it his duty to "deflower" as many girls as possible.
    First time viewing this film and it brought back some memory's of my adolescent years during that time frame. I was around the same age as them (between 15 and 16 years old) living in NYC. Despite the cast having no previous acting experience, the performances are all wonderful, especially Justin Pierce's (as Casper).
    The realistic story line, the classic dialogue, and the horrific finale are the film's best features. There isn't a whole lot to the story, other than it chronicles an eventful day in the life of Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick), his friend Casper (Justin Pierce) and their inner-circle of similar-minded, sex/drug-crazed associates. Telly has made it a duty to "deflower" as many girls as possible and later brag to his friends about his latest conquest; but by day's end, guaranteed, he would've done it again (a record for him to do two girls in one day). The main conflict of the story surfaces about 30 minutes in, when Jennie (Chloe Sevigny) discovers that she had contracted HIV from Telly during their first sexual encounter and it becomes her mission to track him down before another young girl shares her fate.

    These are the kids of yesteryear, the forgotten generation; these kids are America's worst nightmare because they are young, dumb and just do not care; the fact that they do not care makes them especially dangerous. The imagery is extreme and frightening. If there ever was an honest thing these kids ever did, it would have to be willfully giving change to the less fortunate (a man with no legs who rides a skateboard on the subway). We also get images of younger children, swearing, drinking, smoking, talking like adults; trying to fit in with their peers who are not much older than they are. I was actually quite frightened by some baby pictures of our main character and then I see what's on screen.

    Leo Fitzpatrick puts a face on a sleeping monster in America: the doomed generation of young people that disregard older generations completely and follow their own set of corrupted values. Telly is reckless and stupid; it is impossible to really sympathize with his character, even though we probably are. But it is difficult to do so, mainly because of his preference for deflowering girls younger than him (the first girl we see him with is only 12; he's about 15 or 16) and that could open up discussion for Telly possibly being a borderline pedophile.

    I kept saying to myself "Where are the parents?" One could very easily ask that question. Strangely enough, Telly lives with his mother and baby brother. She is the only parent in the film and she seems as every bit as irresponsible as her misguided son.

    Watching "Kids," I couldn't believe how real it is, how it sucks the viewer into its dark, dangerous, and seductive world; it's easy to see how a weak person could believe that what goes on in this movie is cool. It begs the most fundamental question any responsible person could ever ask, "Do you know where your children are?"

    It is a question that every good parent should ask when their teenage son or daughter steps out that front door and into the "real" world. This is not a film that will leave a very good taste in your mouth, but then again it isn't supposed to. This is better and more honest than any reality program out there and it will scare the daylights out of you. This is our world, we must change it.
    ...more info
  • Kids is an inner city classic
    I remember when this movie first came out. It was perfect. Finally a movie is made that shows how the kids in the city or should I say the "hood" live vs. the goodie two shoe surburbia movies. There needs to be a little bit of every environment shown.

    A classic because times have changed, and so have the styles, but the same issues apply today. Sex, Drugs and Aids. It's not a joke....more info
  • Kids exposed me to the wonder and the horror of my own humanity...
    The movie "Kids" exposed me to the wonder and the horror of my own humanity. The youth captured in the film were foul, offensive, jaded, destructive, and all too much like me underneath it all. While their outward practices, language, and behavior I must admit are mostly foreign to me today, there is something within their culture that is more like me than I care to admit.

    While watching this film, I felt that in many moments these `kids' were having a better time than I was. How can I compare sitting in classroom full of strangers, to skinny dipping with a bunch of good friends? These youth have a camaraderie together that is rare in my world. They literally fight for one another without question or judgment.

    Although many of their actions are unhealthy, I can feel they are reacting to the same human longings for acceptance, community, authenticity, and love that I desire myself. These `kids' just happen to act on their overly sexualized and abusive compulsions; blatantly saying and doing the same things that I think about, but hide from everyone else. Beneath it all, they are not just an embarrassing cross-section of our society, they are human beings. They are not stupid. They are spirits like me who are trying to get by with the best options that we are aware of.

    I have hopes of planting a missional church that proclaims Jesus in every relevant way possible. As it stands today, I am completely irrelevant to these `kids'. If I was them, I would not want to be friends with someone like myself. I am so far removed from their world there is no way that I could ever get `in' with my natural presumptions and civilized front. Reflecting on this film has helped change my view of them. However it is only the beginning, and not enough, because I still see these at risk youth as `them'.

    My ministry must move beyond simply awareness of `them'. I cannot see transformation happening without real, intentional, friendship involved. My faith community must know them as fellow human beings on the journey through life. Their rampant sexual behavior must be gently won over with persistent and extraordinary love. Their violence must be overcome with a people with an even more violent desire; a community that would rightly fight on behalf of them for their futures.

    The film was a snippet of what God sees every day, both on our streets and in our hearts. If these children are merely a reflection of my own humanity and God still chooses to give hope and a future to me, then I must choose to give hope and a future to these children. ...more info
  • Good, realistic movie.
    This is one of the best independent movies of all time. It depicts the lives of some high school students that live in the inner city, and goes through a few days of their lives. It will open your eyes to how youth think and really act....more info
  • This Movie Is A Wake Up Call To The Real World
    This is a movie wear "Kids" party, do drugs, and have sex with everyone until this one girl gets aids "hiv" then she starts spreading it to all of her friends. This movie is for mature people only! Not for Kids "children"...more info
  • Powerful Movie
    A very good movie that not many have seen from what I've heard. Great cinematography, and very insightful into the world of teenagers....more info
  • Realistic niew of adolescence
    Ever wonder what your kids are doing when they say they're staying at a friend's place over the weekend? Ever think to yourself "Im sure i had another $10 in there"....This movie is not only entertaining, but educational to both parents and adolescents. My only quam is that in some cases it glorifies the life these kids are living. No doubt in their own mind they are living in glory, however, the stark reality is quite the opposite, and i think this message gets blurred at times....more info
    One day in the life of a bunch of multi-racial east coast kids. Never has the culture of diversity been made to look so threatening to middle America; never has "today's youth" seemed more lost. The barely teens in this movie steal, fight, do drugs, talk vulgar trash, vandalize, and in the case of one of them, a true moron who works an improbable Casanova charm on barely pubescent girls in order to bed as many virgins as he can, unknowingly and probably uncaringly spread HIV. This movie came out while I was in high school and I didn't get around to seeing it till 2001, and I mention that because from that vantage point I was able to step back and be every bit as appalled as the filmmakers meant me to be, whereas earlier I might have seen this film, as others have, merely as an exercise in shocking "grown-ups." Kids might be tough to watch, it might alienate you, but I think deep down a perceptive viewer will give credit where it's due for managing to create a confrontingly vivid portrait of `90's youth on a rough and filthy canvas....more info
  • Boring, and not altogether shocking....
    This film is nowhere as shocking as critics made it out to be, and, in fact, is rather boring. It shows a lot of kids smoking, sleeping around, drinking, sleeping around some more, talking about sex, doing drugs, etc., etc.. Most critics were in deep, deep shock that the children of American would actually indulge in this type of behaviour. I wasn't. Teenagers do incredibly stupid things (mostly revolving around drugs) and seem to enjoy wasting time (all in the name of so-called rebellion). This kind of stuff has been happening since time began, and while it may be more explicit nowadays, it's still not that shocking. Perhaps critics think of America as the TV shows they saw in the 1950's or something like that, some lame, completely unrealistic Norman Rockwell, My Three Sons type of America, which doesn't exist and has never existed. I don't really know. As for the film, I would have preferred Harmony Korine (the screenwriter of this film) to direct it. He has a much better sense of art and cinema than Larry Clark does. Larry Clark's directorial style (if you can call it that) is way too straightforward and really lacks in imagination. The only scene that I found haunting was the final one, when an aria is heard (or an operatic song), and we see some beautiful camera work. It's the only moment of poetry in the film, and it wouldn't have surprised me if Korine directed it himself, as there are similar scenes in Korine's underrated julien donkey-boy. Clark and Korine would revisit this subject with the infamous, rarely screened Ken Park, and that film is supposed to be worse than this one. If you check Kids out once, that's enough. You don't really need to see it again. ...more info
  • 3 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Kids can be difficult to watch at times, but it's not exploitative and offers a searing look at the ennui of modern youth as only Larry Clark can deliver....more info
  • Eww
    I have never seen this movie and never will. First of all, i ain't aloud(I'm 11). Second, based on other reviews this movie sounds so disturbing. kids as young as 10 smoking illegally, drinking, swearing, having sex, beating, and getting and delivering sexually transmitted diseases just AIN'T right! i mean there are some things i do and can't stop because of habits(swearing) and it is not so bad but this kinda stuff is WRONG!there are some things i will encounter in my life that are wrong and i won't do like the kids in this movie that I'm reading about in reviews. this movie is a true wake up call....more info
  • Real life Movie!!!
    I watched this movie years ago and thought it would be best to purchase it. This movie is a wake up call for parents and young adults. There is a lot of vulgar language used in this movie but when you understand what the movie is all about then you will see why the language is used. If you are not from a urban city then you will not be able to understand the mindset behind this movie. This movie is not for kids despite the title of the movie.

    ...more info
  • Ugly Movie
    People who claim they "loved" this gratuitous violence and debauchery-filled movie need to get a life and learn what a great movie is. There is nothing redeeming or "important" about this movie. It's just ugly.
    ...more info
  • Eh. I got fooled by the hype.
    Kids (Larry Clark, 1995)

    Once all the furor has died down, Kids will be remembered as the movie that started the careers of Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson. Of course, it's been twelve years, and the furor hasn't yet died down. I'm a little confused as to why.

    The story, though it takes Clark a while to get around to it: Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick) and Casper (Justin Pierce) are skate kids in New York. Jennie (Sevigny) is a girl Telly had had sex with in the past. She accompanies her friend Ruby (Dawson) to the clinic so Ruby can get an HIV test; Ruby turns out negative, but Jennie is positive. The rest of the movie is Jennie trying to track down Telly before he can sleep with anyone else and tell him.

    First off: watch the movie with subtitles on. It won't offer a complete translation, but it'll probably help. Telly and Casper's dialogue is often unintelligible. It may lend credibility to the characters, but sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit of credibility so as not to lose your audience. (Interestingly, almost every male in the movie talks in the same odd patois; I can't remember a single female in the movie doing so.) Second, the pace here is all over the map; it seemed as if Clark were working entirely without an idea of pace until the main story starts up (which happens far enough into the film that it seems as if it's going to be a plotless slice-of-life flick for a while), and once the main story does appear, the movie wanders off into tangents that sabotage the pace even more. Parts of the film that should have been minor scenes to advance the plot are dragged out, while valuable character-building scenes are jump-cut.

    I got the feeling I was supposed to be shocked by the ages of the participants, as well. First off, that's a gimmick at best, and a transparent one; second, are there really people who don't know what teenagers are like these days? (And "these days" is a misnomer-- it's been a long, long time since I was a teen, and we were like this then, too.)

    It's not bad, and does contain some good performances, but it's certainly not the groundbreaking masterpiece I'd been expecting given the twelve years of raves I'd heard about it. ** ?...more info
  • Powerful
    First of all, I would like to say that this is possibly one of the realest films I have ever seen. It really proves a point, and the way it has a real-time feel makes it more realistic, compared to other supposed "similar" films, like Thirteen. Which brings me to my second point.

    This movie should not be compared to Thirteen, because Thirteen is not nearly as shocking, graphic, or believable. It gets one star in my book; also the plot and the characters were quite boring to me.

    Even though KIDS takes place in New York City, which is one of the biggest cities, this kind of behavior takes place everywhere..this is the truth. In fact, I was friends with kids like Casper and Telly in high school, which sort of made the shock value of this film significantly less for me. Reguardless, the AIDS situation is quite realistic in this movie. It definitely makes you think before your next endeavor with a sexual partner.
    The soundtrack also made this movie awesome to me. Sebadoh and The Folk Implosion make great music, along with Slint, who's song is not in the movie, but on the soundtrack.

    To all of you teenagers bashing this movie, claiming this does not really happen: Crawl out from underneath the rock you have been living under, or stop denying reality, because I am 100% sure the whole situation of this movie is happening in almost all urban and rural areas right now....more info
  • Real
    To all of the moms who are upset because they got tricked into buying this for their teens: This movie is not a parent. This movie is not for Kids (I know the title is deceiving). The movie is an accurate depiction of one side of life as it was experienced by inner-city youths in the early 90s. But maybe your kids need to watch it because the wildest kids i know are the ones who are sheltered from reality. Moms and dads do your jobs and let filmmakers make movies that actually mean something. HIV is real and that is the theme of this drama. But I guess that is what a parent is supposed to teach......more info
  • "When your young, nothing matters. When you find something you care about, that's all you got."
    Kids is the story of unrestrained teenagers living in the grim atmosphere of poverty-stricken New York in the 90s and their empty, morally wayward lives. It's a controversial movie, featuring extremely graphic yet causal conversations about sex, ten-year olds taking drugs, brutal gang beats, and rape. Though there's naturally subplots, the movie can just as easily be taken as a whole, a film showing the character's typical routines and experiences.

    At the center of the story is Telly, a pale, gangly boy with a "addiction" for virgins and who enjoys the act of deflowering them. His friend is the vulgar Casper who is as sexually deviant as he is, and the two regularly socialize with drug-dealers, gangster skateboarders, and all-around degenerate losers. One of Telly's previous girls, Jenny, discovers she has acquired AIDS through Telly, and urgently sets out to find him before he passes the disease to other girls whom he may coerce into intercourse with. Telly and his clique have their own criminal adventures, climaxing at a wild, drug-laced party while Jenny searches the city with increasing hopelessness.

    This movie has some of the most realistic dialogue I've ever heard despite its explicitness, and nearly all the slang is up to date. The scenes of downtown New York, the interactions of the characters, and its sheer relentlessness create powerful, resonant feelings upon viewing. It's pessimistic, but you know that there really are unfortunate people like this, some made the way they are due to their terrible environments, others simply vile people whose situations augment their own corruption. It's just a great movie, and thankfully not so simply because it has a reputation.

    ...more info
  • "Kids" really took it there
    The movie was raw and gripping. A true saga which compels the young adult to stop and give pause before participating in risky behavior. I beileve that it should be viewed by teens and pre-teens as young as, and including age 10. Our society has regressed to a point where shocking intervention may be the only way to keep our babies from making the mistakes of a lifetime. Take your kids by the hand, pop some popcorn, sit and watch it together. Truly worth your time. ...more info


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