Panasonic ES8103S Pro-Curve Wet/Dry Rechargeable Linear Pivot Action Shaving System, Silver

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Product Description

Wet and Dry / 13,000 RPM Linear Power / Arc Foil Glides / One Pass Shaving / LCD Status Screen / Auto Dual Volt

The Panasonic ES8103S Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver uses a pivoting head, a linear motor, and other innovative technologies to give you an outstandingly close and comfortable shave. The ES8103S's linear motor achieves an astounding 13,000 revolutions per minute. Even the thickest beards are no match for the shaver, and you'll experience a frictionless shave with less pulling and irritation.

A triple-head design offers comfort and support while delivering great performance. View larger.
Triple-Blade Design for Extra Close Shaves
A triple-head design offers comfort and support while delivering great performance. There are two foils and a center slit that all float independently, and the pivoting head offers a shave that closely follows the contours of your face.

The blades are angled at 30 degrees for the sharpest cut in the industry. The blades are also polished with Nano Technology for even better cutting performance.

Wet/Dry Design Lets You Shave in the Shower
The wet/dry design of the shaver means you can easily clean your shaver by simply rinsing it under running water. The Vortex has a cleaning mode that speeds the motor up to 17,000 RPMs for quick and easy cleaning.

The wet/dry functionality also gives you the option of shaving wet with lather while in the shower, in addition to dry shaving when you need a touch up on the run.

Rechargeable Battery Saves Money and Reduces Waste
An internal rechargeable battery means you don't have to wastefully buy and throw out batteries. The shaver gets about 14 shaves on a one-hour charge, and a handy battery monitor lets you know how much charge is remaining at all times. A convenient five-minute quick charge option lets you quickly charge up for a single shave.

International Voltage Conversion
With an automatic voltage conversion feature, you can take the shaver wherever you go and not worry about voltage converters; just plug it in and you're all set to go. A travel pouch is included with the shaver.

The shaver measures 2.6 x 6.3 x 1.7 inches (WxHxD).

What's in the Box
Shaver, charger, travel pouch.

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Wet/Dry Get an ultra-smooth shave every day, and the convenience of using the shaver wet or dry, rinses clean
Hypoallergenic, Stainless Steel Foil and Blades
Floating Heads Floating heads follow facial contours to provide a clean, close, and fast shave
Pop-up Trimmer For mustache and sideburns
Vortex HydraClean System Powerful hygienic cleaning system automatically charge, cleans, and dries shaver
Sharpest Blades Conventional blades only cut at 45-90-degree angles, Nanotech blades cut at 30-degree for a precise cut at first pass
Micro Polished Nanotech Blades The cutting blades are polished with Nano particles to create an exceptionally cutting surface
Arc Foil Revolutionary arc foil nestle against the skin and glides uniformly
Linear Motor Super fast 13,000 RPM linear motor ensures a quick cut eliminating pulling and tugging due to slow motor speed
Pivoting Head Adjustable pivoting head rocks both up and down, and back and forth, following the contours of your face
LCD Display LCD battery status and charge indicator to keep your blade fresh
Dual Voltage
Number of Blades 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 4
Replacement Outer Foil WES9941P WES9941P WES9941P WES9833P WES9085PC WES9085PC WES9087PC WES9087PC WES9161PC WES9161PC
Replacement Inner Blade WES9942P WES9942P WES9942P WES9850P WES9064PC WES9064PC WES9068PC WES9068PC WES9068PC WES9068PC
Replacement Foil & Blade WES9979P WES9979P WES9979P WES9839P WES9012PC WES9012PC WES9013PC WES9013PC WES9020PC WES9020PC
Cleaning Cartridges WES035P WES035P WES035P

  • Product #: ES8103S
  • Manufacturer: Panasonic Personal Care
  • Manufacturer Item #: ES8103S
  • UPC: 037988566426

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome Shaver!
    I am very happy with this shaver and am impressed with how nice the shave is. I have owned many different electric shavers over the years and this is the best one! The closeness of the shave is nice and the unit feels solid. I did not get the cleaning system, that part seems kind of gimmicky to me. The unit charges up fast and is considerably lighter and quieter than my 3 year old Panasonic shaver. I think the blades and motor speed make the biggest difference in a shaver, not so much the pivot action even though this model has an intricate pivot mechanism. Overall seems like a great unit.
    ...more info
  • wow!
    This is by far the best electric razor that I've ever had. It leaves my skin almost as a regular blade would do besides the fact that I can use it while my skin is still wet. I totally recommend it. Great product!...more info
  • Highly Recommended!!
    I have used electric shavers for a while now and I recently purchased the Panasonic ES8103S. The shaver is identical to the ES8109, which has the drying dock. The ES8109S is great, if you are willing to spend the extra $50 - $70 for the drying dock, but not a necessity. I believe this shaver is far better than any other on the market due to its 30 degree blade and all other manufacturers use a 45 - 90 degree blade which requires multiple passes. (I'm an internet shopping junkie; hence I do a lot of research on details about products). It was definitely the right choice to get the ES8103S....more info
  • Too much noise. But ok for the discounted price.
    I have used a much much cheaper Braun shaver (similar to this one except for the LCD) for a few years. When it was time to change the blade, I threw it away and bought this one (50% off). It looks and works good. However, it generates much more noise than the previous one I had. I usually use it for less than one minute, so no big deal. However, for a shaver at this price, I'd expect that it would be more quiet. ...more info
  • Great Value, Highly Recommend
    I had an old Braun that finally just died and was in need of a new electric razor. The Braun never gave me a satisfying shave but it was good enough for when I needed to look semi-presentable in a hurry.

    After using the Panasonic for the first time this morning I am very impressed. It's fast, extremely comfortable, and plowed through my very tough beard painlessly (both figuratively and literally).

    Cleaning is easy (you can use water on it) and you won't end up with stubble pouring out of the unit while you're using it.

    Superb product. ...more info
    I am 63 and my skin is a lot more tender and subject to cuts than when I was younger. I have been using electric razors off and on for about forty years - Primarily Norelco but also Remington, Braun and Toshiba. During those forty years I did not notice any significant change in the quality of the shave or the pulling, picking and burning that came from shaving certain facial sections over and over again. Panasonic takes electric shavers to a level that is comparable to a blade (which still gives the closest shave) without the mess and pain. I was not sure it was working until I felt the smoothness of the shave. Shaving is much quicker because there are few do overs and it does not irritate sensitive skin. A remarkable and greatly needed advance in electric shavers....more info
  • Good Value
    I bought this razor for my husband. He has tried many of the more expensive razors and he is always complaining that they don't do a very good job. He thinks this one is great and likes that he can use it in the shower....more info
  • Great Shaver
    When my old Panasonic needed new blades and foil, I decided to shop for a new shaver. The motor after so many years of cutting my "wire beard" sounded like it was laboring. I thought I was tired of wet shaving and bought a top of the line Braun - it's for baby beards! Also, the Braun will not move over your skin if it is oily or micro-moist from a warm bathroom, even with shaving powder. It was returned. This ES8103S [[ASIN:B001DNE3KQ Panasonic ES8103S Pro-Curve Wet/Dry Rechargeable Linear Pivot Action Shaving System, Silver] shaver cuts my tough beard like it was fuzz, saving much time and my face! I don't have to push it hard against my face to get a close shave and it gets all the hard to shave face and neck areas....more info
  • Close, Smooth Shave
    Best feature of this shaver is the close, pain-free, smooth shave. I would say 99% as smooth as razor, the difference is nominal (Can't tell the difference visually). I have a thick, tough beard and the Panasonic breezes through in very few passes. I get even better results on shaving the mustache, compared with my razor. The neck area is where the shaver has some difficultly, although I think it may be because the shaving cream has a tendency to wash off in the shower. After a second application of cream I can get as close. No razor burn, no in-grown hairs (I do get these with razors). It takes a few extra minutes to complete the shave compared to razor (maybe 7-8 min vs. 5-6 min). All in all I am pleased with the experience and do not plan to move back to razor. ...more info
  • impressed
    After using a Norelco shaver for a number of years and thinking that it was the most comfortable shaver, I'm rather impressed at how well this Panasonic shaves. Looking at the price, I must admit I really didn't expect much. But after reading some of the reviews on this product, I gave it a shot. And I'm glad I did. I used to get burns on some parts of my neck from the Norelco, and I thought it was just my sensitive skin. But no matter how hard I try, I can't get the Panasonic to leave any burns! I absolutely love this shaver. It shaves close but is never uncomfortable on my face. This one is a keeper! I've thrown the Norelco into the trash can (minus the battery of course). Just a couple of notes: some reviewers mentioned the noise, and that was my concern at first, but it's only as loud as a Norelco. Since the motor runs faster on this, the noise is a little more high pitched than other shavers and some may consider that annoying or loud. It doesn't bother me at all. The battery lasts about a week for me, as compared to 1.5 to 2 weeks for the Norelco, but I really don't care since this shaver is a class above anything I've tried so far....more info
    This model is great but not as good as my older Japan-made ES8016, which I sadly had to replace with this one a few weeks ago as it was not shaving close enough anymore after 4 years (four years!!) of faithful service.
    I have tried Philips and Braun and while they are ok, nothing compares to Panasonic.
    I have read complaints from some users that the shaver is noisy. Nonsense. They are very quiet, especially considering the motor spins much faster than competitors'.
    Try to get a Japan-made model (this one is made in China) and do not settle for anything less than those featuring their 13,000rpm "linear motor". Absolutely amazing.
    Also; superlative craftmanship, quality, durability, design and completely submersible/washable!

    ...more info
  • Good but not great!
    I have been a Panasonic user for nearly 10 years now and have been very impressed by the quality of the product, but more so by the quality of the shave. I am even more pleased with this latest version, as the shave is the best I have yet experienced, the noise of the shaver is virtually non-existent (compared to all earlier versions), and the feel and quality of the product remain high. However, I am a little disappointed with the battery duration. I suppose this caution is a bit unrepresentative of most users, as I shave my entire head, not just my face. To complicate my use approach, I have a full facial beard that I trim to a very fastidious level using the trimmer. My complaint is that I only get two or three of these shaves from the battery of this new product. That does not compare favorably to my previous version (5 years old), with which I got six to ten such shaves. In fact, one of the reasons I decided to get a new model was because the battery on the old one was beginning to diminish in strength and duration of usefulness. The saving grace for this slight disappointment is that the battery charges to full capacity in much less than an hour, so I can travel or do whatever at home without any serious shortage of availability to shave the way I have come to do this thing. Over all, I would recommend this shaver to anyone, even heavy users such as myself. I was just disappointed that the battery could not do better (overcome by rapid recharging). Panasonic is and will probably always be my preferred shaver. They seem to find a way to please me with each new iteration....more info
  • Excellent Razor
    After years of having a beard and the little hair from having a hippocratic bald head, I decided to shave it all off. An electric razor seemed to be faster and easier than my old Fusion blades. Well, on the top of the head anyway. So, I bought this Panasonic.

    I wanted to keep shaving in the shower using my "The Total Shaving Solution" oil. Panasonic razors are recommended by them and they work great with the oil. It is smooth, fast, and no irritation at all. Of course, I didn't have any irritation with my Fusion either.

    It doesn't shave quite as close as the Fusion blade, but close enough. It is remarkably close for most areas. I think it works even better on the upper lip. It's not quite as good on the neck (front), but you have to rub to feel the difference because you can't see it.

    On the top of the head I can buzz over the bumpy scalp smoothly and easily without cutting anything. I do have to feel to find a few spots that are easy to miss. The head doesn't curve to fit the scalp, but none of them do.

    With the shaving oil in the shower, I get no build up of whiskers in the razor. I do rinse it out after easy shave, but have never seen anything there. It does remind me to do the soft-soap-cleaning about every 10 times, but it isn't a problem with nothing in there.

    I suppose my only complaint it that the battery only last for 4 shaves. OK, it is going over a lot of territory. It does charge remarkably fast though - about an hour.

    I highly recommend this razor for top, back, sides, and front of any head. I highly recommend using it in the shower with The Total Shaving Solution oil too. They make a great combination.
    ...more info
  • Yes, satisfied so far
    I had an old Braun foil shaver that finally wore out, and the replacement parts were half the cost of a new 3-head rotary shaver from another brand. The rotary was OK, comfortable, but not as close and so slow.

    That was a couple of years ago. I was going to replace the rotary with another Braun of some type, but they are kind of expensive, and this Panasonic had good reviews.

    After a month or so, I can say it's faster and closer than the rotary (which I now keep at work, just in case), and almost as comfortable. Like my old Braun. I guess that's the trade off.

    Battery life is good, a couple weeks. The battery 'countdown' on the display is nice, not just a warning that you've run out. Also it tells you when you should clean it. Cleaning is easier, too. I haven't tried the wet option yet. Maybe in the summmer.

    The case is just a cloth bag. I worry about packing it and having something press against the button and put it in turbo mode. That should attract the attention of the TSA!

    If it holds up, then I will be very satisfied with this shaver, especially for the price....more info
  • Great Razor!
    My husband loves this razor and he says it gives him a very close, aggravation free shave. He has no complaints at all. ...more info
  • Excellent shaver, will not be going back to razors
    I tried a Norelco in high school 20 years ago, it stunk, so I have stuck with razors ever since. I saw this on Amazon for $69, read the great reviews, thought I would give it a try and am very glad I did. With my beard, shaving down with a razor looked just o.k. and was rough. Shaving up on the face got me really smooth, but it was hard on my skin, and shaving up on my neck was not an option. In just a couple weeks of getting used to this Panasonic, my face gets near-up razor smooth, and my neck is closer than I could ever get it with a razor. And no burn, rash, nothing. Very comfortable. It's not quite as good if you let your beard go a few days and the hairs start to lay at all, but otherwise it's great. If you can get this razor for anywhere close to the price I paid, I am not sure why you would spend more on anything else....more info
  • First Shave Review
    This is for the ES8103S model
    Panasonic ES8103S Pro-Curve Wet/Dry Rechargeable Linear Pivot Action Shaving System, Silver

    I've used Norelco and Braun products for over the past 15 years and this is the best shaver ever. Not as close as my Mach-3 or Fusion blades but faster.

    - Fast, took less than 3min to shave my whole face
    - No pain on my neck, unlike all other razors I've owned
    - Dry/Wet shaver. I haven't tried it wet yet but I like the option.

    - A little hard to shave at my upper-lip to nose area but nothing worse that other electrics
    - Won't run off the charger cord
    - No charger stand like my last Braun and Norelco had but I'm glad to give it up for a better shave

    - These comments are from my initial shave, I'll try to remember to update later when I've had more experience. The documentation, like every other razor, says it may cause irritation for the first few weeks or so but not for me.

    ...more info
  • Excellent wet/dry Shaver
    I bought this shaver a little over a month ago. I was looking for a specific set of specs and this seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I'm taking a trip overseas and wanted a single shaver/beard trimmer combo (at the time I was using a separate ancient Remington Triple Action shaver and Wahl trimmer) that also had an international power supply (neither previous device had). I can say that this is an excellent shaver. It shaves cleanly, quickly and efficiently. I have thick, dark facial hair and this goes right through it. I get about 10 shaves per charge, though I do have a full beard and so am only shaving my cheeks and throat. Others' uses per charge may vary. I've had no razor burn from it and only once has it pulled a hair in the month I've been using it. Clean-up is fast and simple using soap and water. I have no particular complaints with it. The sound is not quiet (as others have pointed out) and quite high-pitched, but I don't find it painfully so and it is still quieter than my previous shaver. All in all, I'd say it's one of my best purchases of the last year....more info
  • Great razor.....
    Pros: It works much better than any I have owned. It is a smooth operator. I would highly recommend it.

    Cons: Sideburn trimmer is not very good. You still need to touch up the neck with a blade. But that is true of any electric that I have tried, so that is just par for the course....more info
  • After 40 years of shavers, this one's the best!
    I cannot see how anyone with any skin type could ever be disapointed with this shaver!

    Unlike most electric shavers that ask you to shave with theirs for a few weeks to get use to the shave(most likely so that you will forget how much better your old shaver was than theirs);from the very first shave this shaver had me sold.

    I shaved with it dry for a few days without any skin products and thought I couldn't be happier. And then I shaved with it in the shower, just using bar soap. My wife said that my face was as smooth as a baby's behind (except that the crack was going the wrong way.)

    Spend some time shopping around on the internet for your best deal on the shaver. I bought mine on Amazon for almost half off....more info
  • This is my first electric shaver
    I decided to buy this shaver after I had read all the positive reviews here on Amazon, and I'm glad I did. This is my first electric shaver ever, and I just received it today so I can't really judge it from the first time. After using it, my beard is smooth, but not as smooth as when I use the razor. I'm giving it more time and hoping that my beard will adjust and get used to the new shaver, so it can shave even closer.

    P.S. This machine doesn't seem to be able to cut small hairs that get stuck to the skin, and I have to use the razor to remove them. Any advice on that? I don't have any experience with these electric shavers....more info
  • Best shaver
    Panasonic ES8103S Pro-Curve Wet/Dry Rechargeable Linear Pivot Action Shaving System, Silver Best shaver I have ever used. I have had many different brands of shavers over the years and none can compare with this shaver. After a shave my face feels like I used a blade razer. I would recomment this shaver to anyone....more info
  • Best I've Ever Had
    Simply put, this is the best shaver I've ever owned. I've pretty much tried all the different brands and models over the years and none of them have given me as close or as comfortable of a shave as this. Seems to be a little better wet shaving (with foam) as opposed to dry, and it does take a week or two for your beard to adjust, but after that the shave is very good. Would highly recommend.

    Amazon seems to be having problemss with their order processing and delivery lately as I experienced on this and other orders (which has caused me to start shopping elsewhere), but that is another issue unrelated to this shaver....more info
  • Not as solid as prior model, shave not as good
    I bought this to replace my Panasonic ES8067, which lasted at least 9 years. Loved the old razor, and had been able to buy replacement cutting heads to keep it fresh, but this year the battery finally stopped holding a charge. My only complaints about the old razor were the noise, and that I did have to make multiple passes around the neck / Adams' apple to get a close shave. The new shaver's PROS are that it is lighter and quieter.
    However, the CONS are that it is lighter because it is all plastic, even the head surrounding the cutting blocks. This gives it a much cheaper, flimsier feel than the old razor. My old one survived a couple of knocks off the counter over the years -- -- unlikely the new razor will fare as well. Second, while quieter, it seems to be because the motor is a lot less powerful. The cutting blocks don't seem to oscillate as quickly, and the motor actually slows down as I get to the denser section of my chin. I'm just shaving the day's stubble off - not a full beard or anything, but the new razor struggles and I can feel the hairs pulling before they get cut off. Quite unpleasant. Plus, I'm now having to make multiple passes on all planes of my face just to get a reasonably close shave.
    Finally, though the manual says you'll get "about 14 shaves" to a full charge, I was already down to 60% after the first 3 shaves. Again, that is probably because of having to make multiple passes.
    All in all, disappointing, and am seriously contemplating a return of this one.
    ...more info
  • just as close as a conventional razer, less cuts
    First off: I'm 17 so i don't have the 5 o'clock forest yet, however, this razer gets very close, much closer than my old $20 Norelco (of course it was 3x more) It is easy to clean and most of the stubble shavings stay inside the razer so they don't end up all over the place. I have tried it wet and dry and wet definately gives a closer shave, however it is harder to get everywhere in the shower. It hasn't gotten the hair on my neck well at all, but that could probably be attributed to my relative inexperience and acne bumps. Excellent battery life; you could probably shave for 30 mins straight on a full charge and the 5 min charge is excellent. Also, once you charge the battery, it stays charged. I've left it nearly a week unplugged and it was still 100%

    The only real con i have noticed is its trouble with neck hair. I have had to use the rear trimmer to get my neck almost every time, as the main blades miss 55% of that area

    All in all, I probably could've given it a 4, but I'm happy with it. I hope it will fix itself as I get older and more experienced...more info
  • Hubby loves it, first electric razor
    He used to shave with a razor blade everyday, now he never touches that! He uses this everyday and says he gets a close shave, but he has to keep moving it around and around to get it close. It's very convenient for him to use before going to work....more info
  • As good as my rotary
    but no better. It seemed like I could go a day without shaving and nobody would notice when I was using my Norelco 8140. Unfortunately with the Panasonic I feel stubbly the very next day. Also in comparison, the battery doesn't last as long as the rotary did. I get 10-15 shaves out of a charge. The rotary was good for at least 20.

    I decided to try this shaver after I lost the power cord for my rotary shaver. I was durned if I was gonna pay that kind of outrageous price for a power cord.

    This new shaver has performed well, and with several swipes, produces a shave that feels almost blade-like. The only downside is that my short-hairedness doesn't last nearly as long as with a blade....more info
  • Price changes this much?!
    It is definitely a good product, but I am gonna review it somehow different! I generally use panasonic, and I am happy with it, this year, I was surprised by the $30 discount and rushed to buy it for $66 (padded it with other panasonic eligible products to be able to use $99+ discount). I handed it to my bro a fewe days later since he liked it, so I wanted to get one for myself! surprise, surprise! the price is now $96 (you have to pad it again with something to over $110 to get the discount). So the true question is for Amazon: When you raise the price for $30, what does $30 discount mean?! While I originally bought it for $66, newegg had it for $70. I truly didn't expect Amazon does that...more info
  • Not As Good As Prior Models
    I am a 62 year old man with a very light beard and sensitive skin. I bought this to replace my Panasonic ES8068, which lasted over 9 years WITHOUT ever replacing the blades or screen. It continuously provided very close shaves. The blades were kept sharp by soaking them in rubbing alcohol, overnight (yes, it really works). The old razor still works fine, but it's ability to hold a charge has diminished considerably. It was "hands down" the best electric razor that I ever owned (i am now spoiled). I digress, the newer ES8103S:

    * Light weight and quiet
    * Close shave (not as close as the older ES8068)
    * Built-in ultrasonic self-cleaning feature (this is its best feature)

    * Cheaply made plastic (unlikely to take hard knocks)
    * No charging stand (a real bummer)
    * Motor is less powerful than predecessors.
    * Only holds a charge for about six normal shaves (old razor was 12+)
    * Have to make multiple passes for a really close shave. The old ES8068 can STILL clean up the stubble left behind by the new ES8103S.
    * The shaver foil gets uncomfortably warm from friction after a few minutes (the old ES8068 remained cool)

    Bottom line. The Panasonic ES8103S is made cheaply compared to previous models. Although it ergonomically fits the hand better, there is no heft or feel of quality about it. It does provide a reasonably close shave with multiple passes. I would doubt seriously that it will come close to lasting as long or providing the very close shaves as my older Panasonic. I will not return this razor because I bought it on sale here on Amazon for only $65.95 with free shipping. However, if I would have paid much more that that, I would have returned it in a heartbeat. But to be fair, most ALL of the newer model razors from every manufacturer suffer from the same cheaply made feel. Also, when I bought my old Panasonic, I paid $225.00 for it. So, I shouldn't complain too much. However, if one has never owned a REALLY great razor, previously, there will be nothing to compare this one to and you will most likely be happy with it....more info
  • Great shaver for the price.
    I have an older Panasonic 800 series shaver, but this one is the best in shaving that I have experienced, much faster than the older models. Excellent....more info
  • Close, clean shave
    My older Panasonic ES8043SC Pro-Curve Pivot Action Linear Wet/Dry Shaver, Silver gave up the ghost recently. I was getting ready to purchase a replacement foil and cutting block for it, which luckily I had not yet purchased.

    I was interested in this model and the Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men's Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver, Blue, which was more expensive. After comparing the two (the only difference is an extra head on the 8243), I decided on the 8103 and have to say that it is a very good shaver. It shaves closer than my 8034 ever did, and for the money, it is an excellent buy.

    I have gained a closer shave, the ability to know how much battery charge is left (via an LCD readout) and a prompt to clean the razor when necessary....more info
  • Extremely pleased customer.
    I am 61 years old. I have tried various electric shavers over the years and NEVER found a one to be really as good as shaving creme and a Gillette Razor. Well, I have now ! This new Panasonic that I just purchased from is FANTASTIC. I don't use pre-shave either. I just take a bar of soap and lather my face slightly. All other shavers in my life made my face red and then after shave really burned. I get none of that with this razor. When razor blades from Sam's Club went up to around $40, that was the last straw. This really pleases me. Thank you.

    ...more info
  • Tried Them All. This Is The Best!!
    I've had a go around with all the electric razors. This one seems to work the best for me. The closest shave and the battery lasts the longest. The motor vibrates so fast there is no tugging or pulling on your skin. The end result is a fast clean smooth shave every time! I highly recommend this Panasonic razor! ...more info
  • Exceptional shaver, shaves ultra close, highly recommend, great value
    I recently purchased this shaver because of the excellent reviews on Amazon. I had considered purchasing one of the more expensive Panasonic shavers but I decided to give this one a try because the price was so good. I have been using this shaver for several days now and I am very pleased with it. It is a gorgeous shaver and even better than I had thought it was going to be. It comes with a charging cord and travel case. It is very quite compared to most shavers. It gives the closest shave that I have ever had and I have tried a number of different shavers made by Braun, Remington and Norelco. It shaves the cheeks, upper lip and chin super fast without irritation but it takes a few extra passes on the neck for me personally. It can be used wet or dry and it cleans easily by rinsing it under water. Amazon is currently selling this shaver for about half the price that most other retailers are charging for it. If you are considering purchasing it then I would suggest doing so while the price is low. ...more info
  • Old Baldy
    I've got about 2/3 of the hair on my head left and so decided to go commando (no hair at all). I have never used an electric shaver but after a couple of tries with my regular razor I figured that I would give electric a try for the top of my head.

    I did some checking on various shavers and liked the wet/dry aspect of the Panasonic. I chose this model based on features vs price.

    So far it has worked very well on the top of my head. I did try it for facial hairs but am sticking to my edge and a razor for the face. The five star rating applies only for shaving my head, not my face.

    As it has only been a month or so, there is no way of knowing how well it will hold up over the long run.
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  • What's not to love ?
    I received the product quickly as usual with amazon,and at an incredible price.Sleek and compact design is very nice to handle. i used it dry first time out and results were great! Very quick and efficient, yes it is a little loud but not in annoying way. cleans simply without costly cartridges like my old braun self cleaner. I highly reccomend this shaver you won't be dissapointed....more info


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