The Cosmos Rocks
The Cosmos Rocks

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Tracks on the new Queen + Paul Rodgers album are all newly written by May, Taylor and Rodgers during the late 2007/ early 2008 recording sessions. `Say It's Not True', previously released at the end of last year by Queen + Paul Rodgers as a special World Aids Day download for Nelson Mandela's 46664 HIV AIDS charity will be included, plus a `first' for a Queen album - a cover version.

Customer Reviews:

  • Solid Music - Not So Solid Lyrics
    Overall, this is a promising debut from QPR. The music is tight and Paul Rogers still has a healthy set of lungs on him. From the musical side, this sounds great. My quibble with this album is not the music, it's the inane lyrics on at least a few of the tracks -- most notably the "Cosmos Rockin'" opener and "Surfs Up! School's Out". They're just, well, juvenile. Like the band themselves, Queen and Paul Rogers' fan base have grown up. Songs about loud parties and school being out don't quite resonate and just come off as being immature. Others, such as the ballad "We Believe" have too much trite sweetness. One has to wonder why someone, a producer or some other adult never pulled the boys aside to suggest lyrics that might resonate with the post high-school age crowd a bit more.

    Perhaps I'm overstating the albums weaknesses however. By and large, this isn't bad - probably more a 3 1/2 star offering than a 3, but I can't get past the lyrics enough to round it up to four stars. It's refreshing to see one of the bands I admired in my youth push out in a new direction, and not getting a Freddie impersonator (See Foreigner, Journey, etc.) was a wise decision. Paul Rogers is definitely his own man, and definitely a powerful voice. I can't fault him for not being Freddie -- no one can fill those shoes.

    I hope QPR continue with future releases (featuring lyrics for adults), and it would be nice to have John Deacon return to the fold as well. Perhaps it's also time to give Spike Edney, who has been backing the band with keyboards and rhythym guitar since the 1980's his due as a full fledged band member. Queen has been sleeping with Spike for over 20 years - perhaps its time they got married.

    ...more info
  • Better than expected
    This album was really a lot better than I thought it would be. Now, it doesn't compare with Queen's better stuff, but if you're a Queen fan, you might find yourself liking this one. Here is a track by track:

    Cosmos Rockin'- The lyrics to this song were apparently written by a 12-year-old. What a concept! First, we've got the whole house rockin'! Then the whole town, the whole world, and finally, the whole Cosmos! Sweet! Yes, definitely written by a 12-year-old. Or maybe Roger Taylor. Yeah, probably Roger Taylor. This song also loses points for using the phrase "The mighty power of Rock 'n' Roll" several times.

    Time to Shine- This song isn't awful. It's one of those "Hey, humanity, pull your heads out!" songs. All in all, it's one of those that you write as you are falling asleep, and you think it's great. But the next morning you wake up and go, "Eh, this isn't that good." Unfortunately, Queen + Paul Rodgers never had that realization.

    Still Burnin'- This one sounds like something from a Brian May solo album. The lyrics are kind of, well, meh. It was some Queen-like harmonies, but still falls short of Queen. The inclusion of the We Will Rock You stomps and claps feels like a forced attempt at nostalgia.

    Small- This is the best track so far. It has some good acoustic guitar throughout the song, and has a great electric solo. It also has some nice harmonies. This is actually quite a Queen-ish song.

    Warboys- Ugh. The twelve-year-old lyricist returns. The marching beat fits the theme, but the whole song feels quite juvenile.

    We Believe- This song may, in fact, be the one to turn me into a believer. This is a great song. One can imagine that this is just what Queen would be doing today if Freddie were still alive. The guitar solo has some cool layering from Brian, something he went away from in the '80s. It's nice to hear. It also has some very Queen-like harmonies. This song would almost fit on the Made in Heaven album. At the high point in the song, I nearly had tears in my eyes as everything came together, and I felt as though Queen had been reborn.

    Call Me- Wowee! This is my favorite song on this album so far! This has some GREAT harmonies. It's a nice little, upbeat song. It's quite simple, really. The guitar solo has some of the best layering we've heard from Brian in the last 30 years. This, like "We Believe," is what you have to think Queen would be doing today were Freddie still around. If you only check out one song on this album, let this be it. (If you check out two, make "We Believe" the other. Or "Small." They're both good.)

    Voodoo- This is a bluesy song, and it has a really nice chorus. It is very un-Queen-like. It has some good guitar work, and is a good song.

    Some Things That Glitter- I've read that this song was around as early as 1986. To me, that begs the question, "Why didn't this song make the cut for A Kind of Magic, The Miracle, Innuendo, or Made in Heaven?" However, it isn't too bad of a song. It has a good piano part, and is fairly Queen-like. It has some nice layered guitar. It might pass better as a Brian solo song.

    C-Lebrity- This song has grown on me since first hearing it. It's a nice little rocker. It has a catchy chorus, but it's not very Queen-like. Parts of it sound like it might belong on the Innuendo album.

    Through the Night- This is a dark piano song. It's really not too bad. It also isn't a Queen song. It has a nice guitar solo, but might belong on a Brian solo album more.

    Say It's Not True- This is another song that has grown on me. It has some cheesy lyrics, and is almost more of a Roger solo song. But then Brian comes in with some nice vocals and excellent guitar and turns this into a Queen song. I really wish Brian had had more vocals on the album. His voice is actually very similar to Paul's, which makes me wonder why they needed Paul. Anyway, again, there are some nice layered guitars here, and it might fit in well with songs from Innuendo.

    Surf's Up...School's Out- Ugh. Okay, wait. This song has a very cool intro that is typical of later Queen. However, the main song is very cheesy. The 12-year-old returns again! It is decidedly un-Queen. And it seems to ramble. The ending is excellent, though. It has a great transition into a reprise of "Small," and that is a great way to finish the album.

    Final thoughts:
    This album has been overly ragged-on. It really isn't too bad. Yes, it has some cheese. Yes, it has some childishness. But it also has some great moments. It also has some of Brian's best guitar in a long time. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, but you might give it a try....more info
  • Surprisingly good album. Wasn't sure what to expect, tell you the truth.
    First off, let me start off by saying I know this album isn't technically a "Queen" album. It's officially being billed as "Queen and Paul Rodgers". However, I'm filing it under Queen anyway. :)

    Freddie Mercury is dead, and I think most everyone assumed that after 1995's "Made in Heaven", that was it for Queen studio material. Mercury was so iconic of a voice, there really was no way you can replace a voice like that. And for the longest time, it stayed that way, until around 2004 when Queen was inducted into the UK Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Things moved, and Roger Taylor & Brian May started working with Paul Rodgers. Queen bassist John Deacon had retired from music completely, and from what I can gather gave the project his blessing. So they went forward with the intent of making a new album eventually. That is what this is. The first new studio album in bloody well forever that bears the name Queen. Yeah, yeah, yeah - it's not "technically" a Queen album, bit realistically, it is.

    I loved Queen, and kind of always wanted them to carry on, but had no idea who could pull it off. Rodgers sounds nothing like Mercury, and I suppose that's probably the way to go. You might be able to find someone who could (sort of) mimic Mercury, but I doubt they'd want to do that (although Journey has had success with some singers who mimic Steve Perry). I wasn't sure how this album would sound. I know there was a live album, but I never heard it. So I took a blind stab and bought this without hearing anything.

    I rather enjoy it! It's definitely not that true "Queen" sound. I think that's partially because one of the unheralded things that made Queen "Queen" was John Deacon. Oh sure, they all played their parts, but with Deacon not here, there's something missing. However, there is enough of the Queen sound (May's guitar, the harmonizing) to make it sound somewhat like Queen. Of course, with the vocalist being Rodgers, it's going to sound like his work with Bad Company, and his own material. The blending works for me. I see this album being trashed online, but I think it's an easy target, and people aren't giving it a fair shake. Now that's not to say it's the best album I've ever heard. It's not. But it's a good listen, and I enjoy the tracks. Cosmos Rockin, Time to Shine, Warboys, We Believe, Voodoo, and C-Lebrity all stick out as good tracks. We Believe in particular feels like "Queen" to me.

    If you were an old school Queen fan, I'm not sure if i can predict how you'll feel about this disc. There is good stuff here, and there is some filler. However, if you miss the guitar work of Brian May, check it out. You might enjoy it....more info
  • Fine effort from Paul Rodgers and Queen
    First, of all I wanted to say that the "Enhanced" version is simply a link to a web page which has links to Facebook, Myspace, iTunes etc. like I couldn't find these links on my own. There's no extra hidden tracks or videos, although there are videos on the YouTube link of course, but will they be available indefiintely? So, buy the regular version and not the enhanced version unless there's no price difference.

    Now for the cd itself, after one listen it's quite good. It really does sound more like a Paul Rodgers record but you can very much hear Queen. I know Queen fans are struggling calling this band Queen (+ Paul Rodgers) but the bottom line is the music and it's good to hear these rock legends putting out quality new music. If you don't espect this to be A Night at the Opera and if you like Paul Rodgers in his Free or Bad Company days, you should like this CD. I expect too.
    ...more info
  • This could have been great!
    To begin I am a huge Paul Rodgers fan and probably best described a fair-weathered fan of Queen. Now this album has some great music on it such as "Voodoo" a slow bluesy number which is a superb vehicle for Rodgers crooning style with each word seemingly dripping from a pool of blues guitar. "We Believe" is a good toe tapping anthem crying out for leadership. "Still Burnin" reminds me of the rocking rolling songs from the Bad Company - Yes sir, nice! "Warboys" is a fine rocker with Queen's homage to the fighting "boys" of the war complete with guns and tanks. "Some Things That Glitter" is another gem which is slower and reminds me of BC days. "C-lebrity" has great rock bones to it but the lyrics suck. "Through the Night" should be on the radio. "Say It's Not True" is awful. "Surf's Up...Schools"s Out" - are you kidding me? Horrible! This album starts out with some boring swirling sounds and then breaks into some old fashioned 50's rock and roll complete with hand clapping - shoot me. This is not the way to start an album which does not feature a 50's band throughout. I wish that Queen and Mr. Rodgers had left some stinkers off of this disc because there are some really good tunes on this album. I mean come on, do you really need all 14 tracks which include less than stellar material or wouldn't it make more sense to just offer the cream and start working on the next great Queen recording? Oh yes, the album cover is just lame. Overall, I can delete the poopers before I transfer this to my portable listening device and pretend that Queen + Paul Rodgers rocks! - Ciao...more info
  • For Your Listening Pleasure
    I'm listening right now to this album and you know I enjoy every single song on it. Now this is about my fourth time hearing it and I enjoy/appreciate it more each time. I believe it would have been more aptly titled Paul Rodgers, Brian May and Roger Taylor, The Cosmos Rocks. This is their album delightfully prepared for you. This is where they are now - not Queen not Bad Company but Rodgers, May and Taylor. Appreciate it on its own merit for today. It's a great listen. Enjoy....more info
  • Just sounds like a ton of 1980's bland rock
    I have tried to like this album, but just cant get past Rodgers voice. Bland, lacking emotion.

    I wasn't expecting the old Queen. I have watched other bands lose important members and still sound good. But Queen in it's current form is killed by Rodgers.

    What made Queen so much fun was that they rocked hard, had humor and just sounded like they were having fun.

    This current album just sounds so 1980s. But not the good parts of the eighties.

    Over and out!

    ...more info
  • Good Stuff!!!
    Maybe this cd isn't good enough for Queen or Paul Rodgers purists but, as for me, I can't stop listening to it. I was never a Queen fan and didn't own one single song by them until I sampled and bought this. And I'm glad I did. It's just full of good rock and roll and some decent ballads. My favorites are C-lebrity, Surf's Up Schools Out and Voodoo. Just those songs alone are worth the price of admission!!...more info
  • a great new album!
    As a lifelong Queen fan, I was eager to hear the new album. I have to admit that I did not love the previous Queen + Paul stuff -- it wasn't bad, but Paul's voice just isn't ideal (in my opinion) for material that Freddie sang. But on this album, Paul's voice sounds great. And because the songs are new, I'm not comparing his voice to Freddie's.

    The sound is not totally vintage Queen, but I definitely recognize the style. It is part Queen, part solo Brian, part solo Roger, and part new. I am really enjoying it a lot and am thrilled that Brian and Roger are still making new music. A great new album!...more info
    Aaah, just when you thought Queen was finished, along comes one of Rock's greatest vocalists, one of Freddie's favorites, Paul Rodgers, and alas, Queen + Paul Rodgers is born, and a whole new sound for this rockin' band. Moments of Free, Bad Co. & of course Queen & even The Firm...What a contrast of sorts especially for those who said it would never work...Ha!

    I haven't stopped listening to this album since I ordered it from the UK in September, AWESOME music, my favorite tracks, Still Burnin', a solid Bad Company sounding riff & vocals but with Queen's classic harmonies & guitar...Call Me, reminds me of Who Needs You, early Queen for those who don't remember...C-Lebrity, great rockin' baby, going to be a radio favorite surely...Voo Doo, another Bad Co. sounding song, with some great guitar work by Her Majestys Guitar, Brian May...

    The title track Cosmos, reminds me of One Vision from Queen circa 1986...

    The Whole Album ROCKS, Queen is Back, ooops, excuse me, Queen + Paul Rodgers are back, so welcomed too, we need some hard rock from men who know how to play it...and Paul Rodgers voice is unsurpassed, he truly is "the voice"...Roger Taylor's Drums, he still has it...and Brian May, well, he's been knighted by the Queen...

    Long Live Queen & Freddie Mercury!
    Long Live Queen + Paul Rodgers!...more info
  • Nice Rock Contribution to the Cosmos

    Well ofcourse Queen is not going to be Queen without Freddie. However there is alot of good music on this CD. There is a Bad Company sound that Paul Rodgers brings with him so you have to be able to accept that. I like this recording the more I hear it. The softer ballads are growing on me. So far I count 8 good songs 4 ok songs and 1 dud. You get a good mix of high energy rockin tunes with soft ballads. It falls short of 5 stars because their is no singular masterpiece on it. Ofcourse the expectations are high when you call yourself Queen. If this were a group of another name I'd probably say they can really rock and have great potential. As it is I give 4 stars for 8 really enjoyable rock listening experiences contained in this collection by the new Queen. ...more info
  • "Small" Wonder!
    Just buy this CD for the song "Small" alone - it's absolutely brilliant. This is simply a new musical direction for May & Taylor, it's not intended to be QUEEN, it's simply a brilliant guitarist and exceptional drummer creating new music - that's their passion - it's what they do best. Paul Rodgers is quite exceptional himself, he's the complete opposite of Freddie, but his OWN (deep/bluesy) voice is an awesome instrument in its own right.

    The CD isn't groundbreaking or amazing, but it is scattered with trademark Brian May sound and style, along with some nice harmonies, and just an overall "enjoyable listen" from track to track. Well worth the asking price....more info
  • My Cosmos Has Been Rocked!
    Wow what a fun and satisfying debut album by these two great acts! This is real genuine classic rock music with a great selection of song styles - rock, blues, ballads, pop, new wave, even some that's a little country-tinged. Brian May and Roger Taylor bring their trademark Queen sound to the proceedings with distinctive guitar work and percussion, and Paul Rodgers has one of the greatest voices ever. They haven't lost their touch! This album beats anything in the Bad Company catalogue and is as good or better than any album Queen released in the 1980s. A true meeting of equals, the band's histories blend together to make anew and very distinctive sound of its own. Open your ears, clear out your preconceptions, and get ready to enjoy some *real* music by *real* musicians! ...more info
  • Save your money
    Paul Rogers doesn't cut it! Freddie was the King, the King is dead, may he rest in Peace. There is a reason why it has been so long since Queen released any material with Paul Rogers, he SUCKS. His work in earlier bands was pretty good. He is so out-classed it is actually sad hearing him try to fill the huge void Freddie left behind. ...more info
  • No better or worse than expected
    Freddie Mercury was one of the most unique, engaging vocalists in Rock history, and Queen were an adventurous, creative band under his tenure. Paul Rogers is a generic shouter, his voice devoid of any genuine soul or emotion, who spent his career fronting by-the-numbers bands like Bad Company, churning out faceless corporate rock. The result of the collaboration between Rogers and the remainder of Queen is predictable: a chain is as strong as its weakest link, and you can't replace a genius like Freddy with a hack like Rogers without dragging the rest of the band down to his level. Save your money....more info
  • Great Stuff!!!
    I have to admit that I'm more of a Paul Rodgers fan than a Queen fan, but I've always loved Queen's music, too. Queen die-hards may not like this, but to me it's almost like a Paul Rodgers solo album with a killer backing band. The songs are great, and Paul's voice is still incredible after all these years!...more info
  • A Marketing Ploy To Raid Their Fans Wallets, Nothing More!
    The day that Freddie Mercury died Queen Died, but for Brian May and Roger Taylor to resurrect the Queen name with Paul Rodgers even when John Deacon passed on this travesty is as plain as the nose on your face and they know it too!
    This album wouldn't sell more then a few thousand units, if that many, without the Queen name slapped on the cover! All you 4 and 5 star reviewers (except of course J. Combs, the corporate shill whose job it is to drum up interest in this product) ask yourselves this, would I have even heard about this album unless the Queen name was on it, if you're honest with yourselves you would have to say no!...more info
  • This album realy does rock
    I saw these guys a few years ago at the DCU center in Worchestor, Ma. They were great because they did not try to sound like the "new" Queen. They were who they said they were: Queen + Paul Rodgers. They show was fantastic. Fast forward to a studio album today and you will find (drum roll please) Queen + Paul Rodgers. This is Probably the best album they could make at this time. I will not bore you with a track by track review because you will find that some great and some are better than others. My only grip with this album is the credits. Who played what? I can hear them singing. I can hear Mr. May's wonderfull guitaring all through out the CD but is the rest a bunch of studio musicans like the later Pink Floyd without Roger Waters? It is the only reason this getting 4 stars. If you are a Queen, Bad Co, or a Free fan, you can not go wrong with this....more info
  • A Marketing Ploy To Raid Their Fans Wallets, Nothing More!
    The day that Freddie Mercury died Queen Died, but for Brian May and Roger Taylor to resurrect the Queen name with Paul Rodgers even when John Deacon passed on this travesty is as plain as the nose on your face and they know it too!
    This album wouldn't sell more then a few thousand units, if that many, without the Queen name slapped on the cover! All you 4 and 5 star reviewers [except of course J. Combs, the corporate shill whose job it is to drum up interest in this prodect] ask yourselves this, would I have even heard about this album unless the Queen name was on it, if you're honest with yourselves you would have to say no!...more info
  • 'Queen' should be left off this album completely
    I know I'll take a lot of flack for this but I don't care. This album doesn't deserve one star. As an absolute gotta have everything queen ever recorded fan, I'll probably get the next one that comes out, but I'll down load it for free, seeing how I beleive they owe me for spending good money for absolutely nothing on this album. I think Brian And Roger could have done much better by themselves on his album and certainly could have found a better replacement for Freddie then Paul.

    This is not 'more like' a Bad Company album, it IS a 'Bad Company album. Queen, or Brian or Roger's name should'nt appear anywhere on this album but inside the cover under 'special thanks to'. Not that I dislike Bad Company, they were just 'So So' for me, but If you like Paul Rogers or Bad Company then you'll probably like this album, but don't expect anything even remotely close to queen, except Roger Taylors track near the end. The song 'We beleive', probably the best song on the album is the only song where you get any queenlike harmonies, and there was another song where you get some Brian like guitars ( it would be to painfull for me to listen to it again to find out which song) All the rest of the songs were obviously Paul Rodgers songs and sounded to me that there was no effort what so ever put into them.

    I was never a big fan of Roger Taylor's songs in earlier queen albums when Freddie was alive, but he did add a certain flavor to the albums, but his song in this album is actually the highlight here. Not that it shines above his other work, its just that everything else on this album is horrible except: We Believe and Call Me, and mabey 3 or 4 more that have a breif flash of something worth while in them.

    One thing I don't get is Queen members have appeared on other artists songs before, Billy Squire, Mott the Hoople, Eddie Howell, to name a few, but you don't see 'Queen' appearing on the cover of those artists albums and this one is no different.

    I've listened to this album 3 or 4 times to give it a chance, but it doesn't get any better.
    Heres how I rate the songs:
    1- Cosmos Rockin D+ (somewhat of a catchy rythem)
    2- Time to shine F (Mellow song with random notes, can't stand Paul wavering all over the place on certain notes like "shine"

    3-Still Burnin D+ (F song but has a cool "we will rock you" bridge in it)
    4- Small F (seems to be the most popular for reveiwers, but I don't care for it at all)

    5-War Boys F---- (absolutly horible in every way)
    6- We Beleive B+ ('A' from about midway through till the end, but slow until that point- only song with decent queenlike harmonies)

    7- Call Me C+ ( Great intro, catchy chorus- Reminds me of the band 'Sweet'(they also did a song called 'Call Me')

    8- Voodoo F (nothing good here, no melody just whining to randomized notes, for fans of the 'Blue's' type of music

    9- Some things that glitter D- (Paul Rogers ballad, tollerable at best)

    10- C- lebrity D (this song has some breif glimpses of Roger and Brian in the chorus) (the versus suck, chorus is decent)

    11- Through the night D ( This song could be alright if it wasn't for all the wavering Paul does. Freddie and Steivie wonder are the only 2 singers that can get away with wavering in my oppinion, and Freddie didn't do it to accessively)

    12 Say Its not true C+ ( refreshing to here something actually related to Queen. This song actually has a chance to grow on me. A nice prety song by Roger)

    13- Surf's up.. Scools out D (I could actually like this song if it wasn't for the annoying screeming 'YEAAAAAH' throughout.)

    14- Small Reprise C+ (actually a nice way to end the album, to bad it wasn't much of an album to end it on.)...more info
  • Not the disaster it could have been, but this is not a Queen album
    What would motivate the two remaining members of Queen (Brian May, Roger Taylor) to record a new album under the "Queen" moniker some 17 years after the passing away of lead singer Freddie Mercury? (Original bassist John Deacon passed on continuing.) They recruited Paul Rodgers (of Free and Bad Company) to be the new lead singer, a curious choice, given the stark differences in vocals and theatricals with the late Freddie Mercury, and after a live tour in 2005, they now come again, with new studio material. Let me state upfront that I was highly skeptical.

    "The Cosmos Rocks" (14 tracks, 59 min.) starts off with a terrible "Cosmos Rocking", wanting/trying to prove that the band is a happening, partying band. But things get much better with the hard-charging and romping "Time to Shine" and "Still Burning", which to me sound like Bad Company-era tracks, but they works quite nicely. The album really falters with ballads like "We Believe" and "Some Things That Glitter" (with the horrible opening line "Once I believed in butterflies"). But then "C-lebrity" is a nice surprise, rocking hard.

    In all, this is not the disaster it could've been, but that's not saying much. For one, the album would've been hugely helped if the running time was toned down to, say, about 40 min., weeding out the worst 4 or 5 tracks. But my biggest beef is that this is not a Queen album, period. It is an ensemble piece of 3 guys, 2 of whom used to be in Queen, and the other in Bad Company. There are some nice tracks on here, but to release this as a "Queen" is a disservice to the fine legacy of that vintage band (which doesn't sound anything like this album, incidentally)....more info
  • And Then There Were Three
    i would love to give this album 5 stars because i enjoyed nearly every song and nowadays finding an album with more than three good songs makes me ecstatic but it's a bit disjointed in spots and some of the lyrics are a bit weak. overall a good effort from this collaboration of three of my favorite musicians. i'll avoid the "Should They Call It Queen" or Paul Vs Freddie comparisons and just review the album
    Track 1 The Cosmos Rocks-the lyrics are a bit goofy but this one cooks. nice rave up with sweet May solo. it's amazing that Rodgers sounds this good and strong at 59.
    Track 2-Time To Shine- i could tell this was Paul's lyrics right away. solid number with a nice guitar solo.***Highlight***
    Track 3-Still Burnin-Brian May rocker. the We Will Rock You sample was a bit much but it's got all the elements of a classic rock groove with queen harmonies.
    Track 4-Small- this is my favorite on the record. shocked how much it's stuck in my head. catchy chorus but overall soulful. nice job by Roger on
    the words. **highlight***
    Track 5-Warboys-this version is better than the Rodgers solo version but i don't like them recycling old material for a new album.
    Track 6-We Believe-the Worst song on the record by far. Brian lets his hippie politics get in the way on this one with all the preachy lyrics plus it's just not that catchy and is way too long.
    Track 7-Call Me-another welcome surprise. This sounds a bit like Dreamer's Ball from Jazz but yet it's Rodgers' tune. real infectious and it sounds like they had some fun on this one.***Highlight***
    Track 8-Voodoo-nice bluesy groove. i guess Rodgers background is influecing this a bit though Queen always tried some bits of blues here and there. the voice is amazing and again tasty axework **Highlight**
    Track 9-Some Things That Glitter- i was beginning to worry a bit about Brian May's writing by the time i got to this point. he was always my favorite writer in Queen(though i liked them all)but he redeems himself from We Believe here in strong fashion. beautiful paino driven ballad with some lush Guitar treatment throughout. reminds me a bit of Save Me. great words and Rodgers stretches himself nicely.***Highlight***
    Track 10-C-lebrity- the first single is rough and tumble. decent lyrics from Roger about celebrity driven culture that he is/was part of but i guess he and the boys still look classy compared to Paris and Brittany. Roger's always been one of my favorite unassuming drummers. strong performance from him on this plus you get to hear he and Brian vocally on the chorus.
    Track 11-Through The Night-next up is a cool Rodgers ballad. it's impressive how he can write in the same territory and keys for so many years yet make each one just a bit different. and i have to admit it's cool to hear the Brian May sound embellishing a Rodgers tune. ***Highlight**
    Track 12-Say It's Not True-this is another retread from the last live album. they did jazz this one up a bit on the studio. it's a nice melody but more preachy lyrics and it's been overdone by now.
    Track 13-Surf's Up...School's Out. this one has Roger's fingerprints all over it. reminds me of something from his Fun In Space record. this is interesting to hear Rodgers voice in a different light. the thing i like about this union of these guys is they seem to be influenced enough by each other's styles to come out of their individual comfort zones on a few of these tunes. the bridge breaks thing up before a rousing finish. ***highlight****
    Track 14-Small Reprise-you already know how i feel about this song so hearing a taste of it again at the end was more than fine with me.

    a good job by these veterans. there's a ton of young so called rock groups that could learn a lot from listening to the balance of this album. i'm curious to see how they treat these songs in concert. hope they make it out Az way....more info
  • Excellent Debut Album from Queen + Paul Rodgers
    As a longtime Queen fan (of the WHOLE band, not just Freddie) and an admirer of the talents of Paul Rodgers in whatever form, I was so anxious to hear this album that I bought it as an import. After a couple of listens I wrote up my impression of the individual songs, of the album as a whole, and of the band as they release their first studio collaboration. Here are my thoughts -

    Cosmos Rockin' - a great rockin' opener, very classic stuff, great hand-clappin', head-bobbin' ,foot-tappin', singin' along fun. I really enjoyed this one. Paul sounds great, the guitar really rips, Roger is really delivering. The call-and-return chorus is fun. Fun lyrics, obviously meant to be fun and with tongue firmly in cheek. I had a big smile on my face the whole track.

    Time to Shine - a great opening vocal from Paul, very nice hearing real piano on a Queen-ish track again, as it kind of disappeared in the '80s, usually replaced by synths. I like the urgency and the driving quality of this song, Roger is really great here. Lyrically, I like the spin of optimistic challenge they put on the phrase "its time to shine". I like the karma of the entire record actually. I admire them for putting something positive like this out into the ether. With a few lyrical changes this could almost be a hymn. Quite spiritual, or as much as one could expect from a rock song and without straying into U2 territory.

    Still Burnin' - there's a nice groove on this track, some tasty bits of classic May guitar. I love how unpretentious the album is - "rock 'n' roll never dies" is so down-to-brass-tacks. Has a nice solo. These guys clearly have had it in their bellies to make an unapologetic back-to-basics rock record and I like that they didn't try to dress it up too much. There's a rawness to it. The "We Will Rock You" sample is kind of fun. I wasn't expecting that. It works.

    Small - I was really taken with how this affected me. I love simple songs that express a simple feeling. The chorus is nice, very direct, communicating something very universal. Rodgers is such an unpretentious vocalist. I really like the solo, lots of emotion in there. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album. Very nice toward the end when the chorus gets big. That was a "Queen moment".

    Warboys - I think this is magnificent. I'd heard Rodgers' live solo version of this, and this version just takes it to a whole other level. The acoustic guitar, the drumming and the vocals are so crisp. This was this first "I got chills" moment on the record. That "warboys" chorus with the Queen-esque vocals stacks really lays it out. And Roger is killing it with that percussion. The drums and guitar are so tight. Excellent.

    We Believe - I'm really of two minds on this one. It is very Pollyanna-ish but its also very sincere, which I appreciate. And its pretty. There are some nice moments. I like how it builds, and I like the "I believe", "you believe" back and forth in the verses. But lyrically its trying to say too much and with too many words. I think talking about leaders and so forth probably makes it a little too on-the-nose to really resonate enough. It was better when it was about "me" and "you". And no song should ever include a phrase as clumsy as "deed of obligation". But I really can't take much issue with the "peace, reconciliation and forgiveness" spirit behind it. There's probably a better song in there somewhere but it needed a rewrite to tighten it up. Paul's vocal *almost* saves it. He's really gives it his best but if there's a track I'm tempted to skip on the album, this is the one.

    Call Me - I was into this. Its kind of a refreshing change after some of the musically heavy and lyrically heavy stuff that it follows. Its simple, fun, easy to sing along to. Reminds me of "Let Your Heart Rule Your Head" from Brian's solo album and a bit of "Who Needs You" from "News of the World". The buzzy guitar is fun and I love the solo. I really think this could have been a track on "A Day at the Races". One of the reasons I have loved Queen for almost 20 years now is the variety, and this is a nice left curve track.

    Voodoo - This track has a very Santana-ish quality, which must have been fun for them to work on since I don't think Queen-proper ever did a track like this, this well. This is obviously what something like "My Baby Does Me" from "The Miracle" was aiming for and didn't come close to. Totally Paul's territory and he just glides effortlessly through this. Brian's guitar is nicely understated and plays well against the vocal. The whole track is smooth as silk and is just about perfect for what it is. I don't think they could improve a note on this one.

    Some Things That Glitter - Lovely opening with the piano, guitar, and cymbals. I love the symbolism of the butterfly. Very groovy in a laid back, '70s kind of way. Paul's vocal, again, is effortless and lovely. Nice to hear Brian doing those very Queen-esque backing vocals. "My butterfly grew golden wings" and then that lovely bit of trademark May guitar is a great little moment. A nice restrained solo. I could hear Freddie singing this, circa 1976. Probably my favorite track on the album.

    C-lebrity - being the single, I have heard this a lot by now and its grown on me quite a bit. I love the lyrics, all trademark Roger Taylor stuff - the humor and the sarcasm. Again, a recurring vibe of this whole record for me is "fun" and this to my ears is a fun track. I like that it's a bit rockier and poppier than some of the other stuff, and thus taking Rodgers out of his comfort zone a bit. A nice to-the-point guitar solo. "I want to be a star in a Broadway musical - they're gonna love me - I can't sing or dance at all", I love that bit. Roger is, again, really killing it on the percussion. And it gets fun and a little sing-songy at the end with that weedly-weedly guitar. Another song I could hear Freddie doing well, say, around 1984 or thereabouts. And I imagine the video would have been hilarious.

    Through the Night - Again, the guitar/drums/piano mix here is something I really missed about post-70s Queen. I like the melody here, Paul's very emotive vocal really sells it. I love the little change between the verse and chorus. Very raw emotive solo from Mr. May. "Without your love there's nowhere I can hide", that's a great line. Lovely guitar at the end, another overt "Queen moment".

    Say Its Not True - As this song was released as a free download on New Year's Eve, this is the one I've obviously lived with the longest and I really fell in love with this version. Great hearing some lead vocals from Roger and then Brian, then some beautiful harmonising between the two of them before Paul sweeps in toward the middle and just takes it into the stratosphere. His voice really soars and he gives it all the power and emotion its due. I have always had a very emotional reaction to the song and specifically to this version. Its just big and sincere and in your face, and they go way over the top at the end with that huge sweeping guitar, and its really satisfying. Amazing that they were able to take the simple little acoustic song that this track started its life as and turn it into this epic.

    Surf's Up ... School's Out! - I loved this one and specifically because its so different from anything else on the record and anything I've ever heard Paul sing. Again, taking Paul out of his comfort zone worked very well for me. Great hearing Roger's vocals. This sounds completely like his track to me. I like the way the verses and the chorus contrast so much and that there's some different dynamics in the song. I love tempo changes in songs and songs that kind of go off in two or three different directions. I like the bridge with the twinkling synths in the middle, and then its some crunchy guitar and driving drums to take it home. It's a bit of a curveball and it just works for me. If anything I wish they had mixed it up just a tad more on the whole album.

    Small reprise - a pretty way to end the record. I find it perfectly hummable.

    So I liked it quite a bit. It's a 4 of 5 or 8 of 10 record for me. I wasn't blown away but, in fairness, I also wasn't blown away by "Jazz", "The Game", "Hot Space", "The Works", "A Kind of Magic" or "The Miracle" - all good albums to varying degrees, but none were mindblowing. This album is three flavors I like mixing it up very well and doing what they do. A nice variety of songs, and if anything, I wish there had been even more. I like that it was a pretty raw, straight forward record without a lot of gloss on it. Its very genuine in that way and I respond to that. And, in the Queen tradition, I like that its not taking itself *too* seriously, that they gave themselves the freedom to just have fun, make fun music, and just sort of be lads playing music together. On the flip side, I like that there's a lot of genuine, unadorned emotion - some hope, some sadness, some loss, some ambition. It's a rounded record, if you know what I mean. And it has a very organic, "all came out of the same pot" kind of feeling to it, which contrasts rather sharply, to my ears at least, with most of the Queen-proper studio albums starting with "The Game", all of which sound to me like 3 or 4 great singles surrounded by some very pleasant but mostly inconsequential filler, written by 4 seperate songwriters working more or less alone. Conversely, I do wish this album had had a couple of poppier tracks. Queen became as much a pop band as a rock band in the '80s and '90s, and my ears have become somewhat attuned to that.

    I absolutely think that this trio is, in every way, a new band. Being the vocalist, Paul's influence is very strong, but having heard a lot of Paul's solo work from the last 15 years, Brian and Roger's influence on Paul is crystal clear. It's a much more defined and shaped album than Paul's solo stuff, a much broader variety of sounds, and of course the elements of the classic Queen sound are easily and frequently identifiable. And I think Paul allowed Brian and Roger to be unburdened from the shackle of having to have a specific "Queen sound" that refers to something that stopped developing organically 17 years ago. I imagine that "sound" is simultaneously something they want to perpetuate since they helped create it and also something that has to feel limiting and confining at times too. "Can we do this? Does this sound 'Queen' enough?" I don't really feel that tension in this record. I'm not sitting here saying to myself "ok, this reminded me of Queen album _______ " because this just feels like a very different animal. Too many things have changed and too much time has passed to make that kind of comparison. Not a new chapter in a book so much as a new book. It just feels like a new creative entity, and rather like a second marriage. Both people bring their baggage, good and bad, from their prior marriages, and those elements blend into something that's new and old at the same time.

    After listening to "The Cosmos Rocks", I hope they make another album together as Queen + Paul Rodgers. They've made themselves a very interesting beginning, and I would really like to hear how they develop as a writing unit and as a band.

    The Queen is dead; long live the Queen....more info
  • Great solo effort(s)
    Nothing against John Deacon and his enormous influence on the Queen sound but let's take him out of this equation for now and bring back Freddie Mercury. With these three members (May, Mercury and Taylor), instead of making a Queen album, they decide to all record some solo material but play on each others tracks. You've got 1/3 Freddie, 1/3 Brian and 1/3 Roger. If this really happened, I think most people would love it. After all, a lot of Queen music was like this anyway. Now, take out Freddie and put in Paul Rodgers. This is the album you have. Since Paul is a legend in his own right, the album is just as good.
    Personally, I prefer Roger Taylor solo albums to a lot of other music anyway, so I knew I would like this. Why not 5 stars? Probably for the same reason I would not give 5 stars to most Queen releases....this is not a perfect album. Only 2-3 Queen releases warrant a 5 star release and I think most people can agree as to what those may be.
    The big problem with this release is the name. Are Brian and Roger Queen? Well, I think in a manner of speaking, they are. Noone questioned Queen when they performed songs on their formal releases that were the work of 1 or 2 members (Roger Taylor being most known for this; I'm in love with my car, etc).
    Important lead singers leave groups for various reasons and the group continues on with success. Why can't this one?...more info
  • Paul Rodgers + Queen
    I think as an album it's a 4, but as a Queen album it's a 3. Good for Paul Rodgers, but he's no Freddie Mercury....more info
  • This is really good.
    Just listened to the whole thing after much waiting and anticipation.

    I can tell I'm gonna be playing this thing A LOT in the coming weeks....more info
  • classic rock
    i dont want to write about something thats allready been said about this cd.I was shock when i heard it paul roders and brian may just having fun and i enyoyed it vert much thanks for the great cd paul and brian...more info
  • These guys are hitting a new stride!
    As a long time Queen fan, I resisted the new line up for a long time. Then I got the Queen plus Paul Rodgers live cd as a gift and was so pleasantly surprised that when this new one came out, I had to have it. I was not disappointed! This is NOT Queen with a Freddie replacement. This is a new, different path for these musicians to tread. They do the old stuff with respect and feeling, but this new stuff, I am just so blown away with it, I cannot wait to see what the future brings! In my opinion, the best two songs on this cd are "Small" and "Time to Shine". They are beautiful, soulful ballads with heart and spirit. I just love Paul's voice, I have heard it many times in the past, he has been around a very long time, but his voice just fits these songs so perfectly. I get chills from it! Whether you are are a serious Queen fan or just a fan of really great music, this cd is not to be missed! My hats off to the guys, can't wait to see what they do next!...more info
  • Just dont call it Queen
    Call me a purist but I love things the way they are. Queen died when Freddy did ( God rest his soul). I think the stuff Queen did in their hey dey, is classic and is what rock bands today should look up to. However to call the band Queen is a crime. Nothing against Paul Rodgers, hes amazing. Hes one of the best vocalists out there. Ive admired him with Free, Bad Company, The Firm, and even The Law. Hes top notch and he has my repect.Roger Taylor has always been one of my favorite drummers and hes as good as ever on here. He also co-writes all of the songs. I just have a problem with Brian calling this outfit Queen. I wish he wouldnt do it.
    On the flip side . This album is great. Its what classic rock n roll purists crave for. Brian is at his best, the backing vocals are amazing and of course Pauls vocals are as good as ever. Getting the band in the studio was a brilliant idea. I hope this isnt a one shot album and i hope the boys plan on making more. The songs to down load are .... C- lebrity.Say its not true. Warboys. Surfs up... and Voodoo. If your a Classic rock fan. Buy this album . Its a great one. I cant wait to hear them live.If you spend the dollar more theres also a deluxe version which features the boys from their last concert....more info
  • Not much of a Queen album
    This really sounds like a bran new Bad Company album. And I hate Bad Company! This paring was a real bad idea in my opinion. paul Rodgers just doesen't have what it takes to be with Queen. The music and the lyrics are very cheesy. Definetly bar band sounding like Bad Company. And the guitar! You will not hear the signature Brian May guitar sound that you have heard in all those other Queen albums. This doesen't sound like Brian's style at all. It really sounds like he was trying real hard to play like Bad Company and not himself. None of the songs are good in fact the album is so ulistnable I couldn't even hear the whole thing. C-Lebrity is one of if not the worst songs on the album. The lyrics are extreemly awful and self indulgent. Paul is a horrible songwriter as well as Brian and Roger on this album. I think what The Cosmos Rock proves is that Queen really died when Freddy died. This is NOT a Queen album. What it is though is pure trash. Stick to the 70s albums. Do not buy this unless you happen to really like Bad Company but even that isn't saying anything because nowhere on here will you find a Queen sound. This album sounds absolutley nothing like Queen....more info
  • Fab
    Paul Rodgers is not trying to replace Freddie Mercury. He, Brian May and Roger Taylor are simply carrying on Freddie's edict "The Show Must go on". And it sure does. This album has a more guitar-oriented and rock and roll feel than any of Queen's other albums. What's important though is that there's still ballads, emotion and beauty to be found in this album's music. You'll be finding yourself humming and singing the lyrics long after you have turned off the cd or mp3 player, and that's what really matters. This is a great album....more info
  • Queen + Paul Rodgers Deliver the Goods
    I've been listening to and enjoying this album all week. The more I listen, the more I like it. Some great, truly classic rock to be had here, with a lot of variety and something to please everyone - or at least everyone with an open mind. May and Taylor bring their considerable musical prowess and elements of the classic Queen sound to the table, and Rodgers adds his amazing voice to create something that sounds both familiar and new. It must have taken a lot of guts to put this project together, and these guys pull it off very well. Can't wait to see them on tour next year. They've still got it - and then some!...more info
  • Brian May Saves This QUEEN CD
    After one listen many people may conclude that Paul Rodgers and Bad Company dominate this CD. A few more plays will reveal that this is indeed a Brian May and Queen CD. May's exquisite and majestic guitar tones and riffs gloriously resonate throughout this album. He's integral to excellent songs including "Small", "Still Burning", "Voodooh", "C-Lebrity", "Call Me" and "Cosmos Rockin". Paul Rodgers vocals are proficient and commendable but guitar virtuoso and writer Brian May is bona fide Queen Royalty....more info
  • Dazed and Wondering
    I'm baffled on how to write this review since it's either a Paul Rodgers solo outing, a Queen outing, or a Queen + Paul Rodgers outing. I almost wished they hadn't of thrown in the "+" and just stuck to Queen. IMO I can't give this 5 stars. It's a middle of the road project. And there will be tons of comparisons to every other Queen album out there with Freddie singing lead. For me, this is a very dominated Paul Rodgers album since, of course, he sings lead and has a very recognizable voice. If Queen wasn't listed on this you would have thought that this was his new solo cd. Best track for me on this entire cd is 'Time to Shine'. Other than that, nothing that grabs me. It's fine to continue without Freddie, but I just can't see the Queen influence on this album which proves who the driving force was in Queen. It is sorely missed on this album. "Call Me" gives a nod to "Crazy Little Thing", but, for me, I just don't hear the guitar of Brian May that is so prevalent in all their albums (that Queen sound) on any of these songs. Maybe, I'm missing it, but that's my opinion. So, it's a good rock album, but I don't think great here and not worth a 5 star rating other than the fact that Queen + Paul Rodgers came out with a new cd. If you love the voice of Paul Rodgers and haven't heard anything new from him, then pick it up even if you're not a big fan of Queen because it does lean towards the way that he has done music, both with Bad Company and by himself. ...more info
  • A Truly Great New Album
    I must admit I had reservations about this
    release being a long time Freddie and Queen fan.
    I ordered it to see, and was not disappointed.
    This is a fantastic album start to finish that
    Freddie would have liked. It is tinged with the
    old Queen sound here and there, but with a new
    twist. There is much variety as on all Queen
    releases. All I can say is if you have had the
    need for some new music to love, this is it!
    How can you go wrong with Rodgers,May, and Taylor?
    It is difficult to say what are the best songs
    because they are all great in their own right.
    Just buy this cd and you will have them all.

    Edit on 12-26-2008
    I felt compelled to add that after several months
    I still can't stop listening to this outstanding
    album. It is the best I have heard in many years....more info
  • My Cosmos Has Been Rocked!
    Wow what a fun and satisfying debut album by these two great acts! This is real genuine classic rock music with a great selection of song styles - rock, blues, ballads, pop, new wave, even some that's a little country-tinged. Brian May and Roger Taylor bring their trademark Queen sound to the proceedings with distinctive guitar work and percussion, and Paul Rodgers has one of the greatest voices ever. They haven't lost their touch! This album beats anything in the Bad Company catalogue and is as good or better than any album Queen released in the 1980s. A true meeting of equals, the band's histories blend together to make anew and very distinctive sound of its own. Open your ears, clear out your preconceptions, and get ready to enjoy some *real* music by *real* musicians! ...more info
  • Free + Brian May and Roger Taylor
    (Before you read this, just remember this is NOT a negative review)

    I believe my title of the review says it all... Paul Rodgers influence on this disc is very prominent both lyrically AND musically. So much so, in fact, that the general 'queen sound' is only apparent in the style of how Roger plays his drums and Brian plays his guitar.. otherwise, there honestly isn't much queen influence in the album (apart from some harmonies) both in song writing or in the general feel of the disc.

    Now before the die-hards start getting their blood boiling, I'm not saying this is a bad thing OR that the CD isn't good.. I'm simply stating that the sound of this much more geared to Mr. Rodgers bluesy, dramatic delivery then the campy, poppy, over-the-top feel of Queen's work.

    The production itself, in my opinion as a pro engineer, is quite well done... packed with energetic performances from the musicians and excellent mixing and mastering. Personally, Mr. Taylor's drums have not sounded THIS good on record in quite a long time.. The production values alone on this cd merit a listen for the casual fan. ;o)

    Musically, this album is very much geared towards a more bluesier and dramatic stance that you don't normally see in Queen's work, but is a mainstay for all of Mr. Rodgers work.. It's very much a 'classic rock' album with no if-ands-or buts about it.. and the three don't pretend that it's anything but..

    This project is very much it's own band, separate from Queen completely.. It's a very good pairing, don't get me wrong.. the songs are great, great production, vocal and instrumental performances are excellent.. but if you are a person looking for the next 'Queen' incarnation, this is not it.. this is 3 like-minded musicians that have a sound all their own.

    Enjoy you die hard fans! I have! ;o)
    All The Best,
    The AndyMan!...more info
  • Brian May by any other name...
    This is a solid album which I think would be worthwhile to most queen fans. Imagine taking the Brian May penned queen tracks and getting Paul Rogers to sing them rather than Freddie and Brian. This is mixed with the more bluesy rock of Paul Rogers. Brian or Roger mainly do backing vocals making it sound like queen of old, and at times Paul Rogers sounds strangely like Brian.

    The album concentrates on the rock side with some folksy stuff, and a few nice ballads. The album seems more cohesive than Brian's solo albums but I would say lacks a strong single or two - which his ones did have. The guitaring is gorgeous as always.

    If you liked Brian's solo albums, or Paul Roger's you'll like this guarunteed. It sounds more like queen than any other band, but if you're a die hard freddie fan it may not be for you. It isn't camp and over the top, the songs are less complex and dynamic, and the vocals lack the force freddie had - not to say that they are bad. Also the lyrics can be pretty cringe worthy at times. It is not an album that will top the charts nor will it find many new fans, but it is definately worthwhile having if you like queen, classic rock and beautiful leads....more info
  • Very good album..deserves more postive attitude from Queen fans
    I find it sad that because of Freddie's death too many people think that he was all there was about Queen..I've been a fan for decades and have enjoyed soo much of their music and not all of it was Frieddie's songs. Brian May is a huge contributor to Queen's history of music and he and Roger should not have to change the name of the group because Freddie died. I find all the negativity sad as I really enjoy Cosmos Rocks it had what was still alive of Queen and Paul Rogers mixed in for a truly enjoyable album there were evena couple songs I could really imagine Freddie singing.

    I was a sceptic too a few years back but then I saw them live in 2006 and there was soo much respect for Freddie and no one tried to imitate or copy him. I think some of you out there are not looking at the big picture..Queen still lives!
    How sad that many of you seem to think it is all for the money but you are wrong, neither Brian May not Roger Taylor are hurting for money they do it because they love to make music and Freddie's death ripped a sizable whole in their lives but they can't just stop nor do I think they should have to lose the name Queen...there were there from the begining too and have right to continue to call themselves Queen.

    I miss Freddie's voice soo much but I do not think that the rest of the band has to change their name just because of that loss. The album gets a solid 4 stars from me I'm pleased they made it and I enjoy it. Without Freddie it is hard to give 5 stars but I can at least appreciate the quality and strength of the surviving members work as well as Paul's great vocals and talent as well....more info
  • Give it a chance, people!
    After being a fan up in Canada for 33 years (since Sheer Heart Attack's cover was closely examined in the vein of "who are these strange guys" while Killer Queen played loud in the background) - and never seeing them live (missed them, with Freddie, in Edmonton in 1980, I think - because you always think you can "catch them" on their next tour), I flew over to Holland to see their concert in Rotterdam on October 7. And it's a kind of magic - seeing these guys. Even without Freddie (who, of course, is irreplaceable), the trio and their back-up guys were absolutely amazing. Best concert I have ever seen.

    And I bought the UK CD (already released there for a month) at Heathrow... Finally had a long drive today to listen to it - and the verdict is "great". With every new original Queen album after Night at the Opera, I would put the needle down on vinyl and wonder what I was going to hear. Sometimes it took a couple of listens to hear the genius... And I am happy to report that after a few more listens, this one meets the test too. I somehow doubt that fairweather American fans will drive this CD up the charts - with musical taste fading into the likes of 50 Cent and Britney Spears - but I hope that there are enough of us out there to send the message to these amazing musicians that a tour of North America (Brian says, at 61, probably the last big one) is worthwhile.

    Enjoy it for what it is - NEW classic rock - done by some of the best that have ever lived. No one plays like Brian or Roger, and Paul's voice is spot on. In the liner notes, some of the lyrics read as a bit trite, but (as George Michael implored) 'listen without prejudice' and you will be rewarded.

    Finally, a tour is supposed to happen in early 2009. If you ever liked (not to mention, loved) Queen, you better catch them. It is something you will not regret. I'm going to fly whereever they go in the U.S. and then catch them again anywhere they set down in Canuckville. The magic is in the concert, but the CD is worth the $$$....more info
  • It's not Freddie
    And yes, I know it was never intended to be Queen as they were. Overall I think it's a solid classic rock album by a talented group of journeymen rockers. I just miss the soaring heights of fancy and passion that Queen rose to with Freddie at the helm. Paul is an awesome singer and writer, but, it's just not the same kind of magic. I hope with the next release they stretch a bit more and push to capture some of that magic again. Bring in more sidemen if necessary to make it happen. Gotta remember not only Freddie is missing from the recipe, but John D. as well. As a fellow bass player I miss him maybe most of all....more info
  • Queen - John Deacon - Freddie Mercury + Paul Rodgers
    What a waste of money. What a waste of talent. Please Brian May, please Roger Taylor, drop the Queen name off of your future projects with Paul Rodgers. This doesn't look, sound, or act like Queen music. If you are a Paul Rodgers fan, then this album is for you. It's retro throwback sound to MOR 70s hard rock, macho, sluggish, predictable, uncreative. You keep making PR statements to the effect that this is not an attempt to replace Freddie's vocals, yet you try to fool the public into buying this slop by using the Queen name. You want to play bland middle of the road rock, fine...but your fans deserve a little more thought and creativity than this embarrasing collection of garbage. ...more info
  • Cosmos Rocks - yup it does
    Well, I finally got a copy of the album. Bought the itunes version first cause it contains a couple of bonus tracks (including Runaway). Then I burnt a CD for my car and was really disappointed with the the loss of sound from mp4 compression.

    Bought a CD from the store. Much better, though the sound is still a little flat for my taste, particularly the bass.

    I listened a few times over the past few days. It is a brilliant album, but it takes a few listens to hear some of the nuances. I have read comments that this is more a Paul Rodgers (PR) album than a Queen album. I suppose you hear what you want to hear. I hear lots of Queen influences. For instance, I could easily imagine Freddie M singing "Time To Shine" among others.

    However, Tracks like Still Burnin' (clever reference to "We Will Rock you" notwithstanding) are PR gems with pure PR genius. He makes it sound just effortless.

    I don't like the Warboys version here, much prefer the live version on PR's DVD/CD's.

    "Small" had a Beatle-esque feel to it. Fabulous lyric! And what a chorus!

    "We Believe" is another track that I can easily "hear" Freddie M singing. Same with the campy "Call Me".

    "Voodoo" is jut pure PR magic and my favorite track on the album (well so far anyway). Very tasteful guitar from Brian May, different from his usual power sound.

    "Some Things That Glitter" and "C-lebrity" are great tracks and sound like real collaborations.

    "Through The Night" evokes memories of Bad Co in it's structure. The chorus sounds a little weak IMHO, but great song anyway.

    "Say It's Not True" released many months ago. Wish PR had sung the whole song or at least more of it.

    "Surf's Up" - this is my least favorite track. Overproduced and noisy. Interesting (and good) piano work here. Disonance is not something I normally hear from PR recordings.

    "Small - Reprise" - lovely - should have been longer!

    "Runaway" - bonus track (Itunes) - Fabulous version, simple but great vocal. Too bad about the m4p compression. Q+PR - put in on the CD. CD buyers should get all the songs.

    "The Show Must Go On - live" - bonus track (Itunes). When PR sings this, it just gives me chills. Same comment about compression and PUT IT ON THE CD!

    ...more info
  • Bad Company feat. Brian May and Roger Taylor
    Before everyone freaks out, let me just say for the record I am a hardcore Queen fan , and a hardcore Paul Rodgers fan (more of Free than Bad Co.)When "Return of the Champions" was released , I was very impressed with the combo of these legends coming together and I was looking forward to this new release , so why the three star review?
    Actually 3.5, because I was hoping for it to sound more like a Queen album (I know you can't bring or replace Freddie back), but for those who collected Queen albums , you know that each album would have one or two songs each sung by Brian or Roger. And with the exception of say it's not True, this is not the case. This sounds more like a bad co. album with all songs sung by Paul, I just hope that the next release they do will have just that....more info
  • Good but not Queen
    This is a good rock album, but not a Queen album. If you want to hear some classic Brian May guitar, some ascendant ballads, and LOTS of blues rock and roll, you'll love it. If you want to hear Queen, buy something from the back catalog.

    This album makes something about the original Queen lineup very clear: the whole was greater than the sum of its parts. John Deacon brought the pop sensibility. Freddie brought the pomposity and grandeur, along with his song writing skills and, of course, his voice. Those elements are missing. Except for Brian's distinctive guitar and a some nice harmonies here and there, this doesn't sound like Queen.

    But that's not all bad. Paul Rodgers isn't just a stand in. He brings his own song craft and voice, making this album more than just a Roger and Brian album with a substitute vocalist. In that sense, this is a great classic rock album, combing the sounds of Free, Bad Company, and Queen to make something new. If you enjoy ambitious guitar and classic rock, this is for you. If you're looking for a Queen album, you'll be disappointed. ...more info


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