Petz Rescue Wildlife Vet

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Product Description

Petz Rescue Wildlife Vet --pet Simulation

Fulfilling every child’s dream of protecting the planet and preserving diverse animal life, Petz Rescue Wildlife Vet allows young players to save, nurture and heal endangered animals. In the process they will face real challenges on the journey to becoming a great veterinarian, and possibly join one of the world’s most prestigious NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

Story & Gameplay
The game begins with players in the role of a young vet, who has just opened their first animal clinic. Through a series of more than 30 missions you will provide a number of veterinary services including caring for neighbors’ domesticated pets, as well as the local exotic baby animals you come across. These animals cover more than 22 different species including: sea turtles, panthers, giraffes, panda bears, zebras, kangaroos, elephants and penguins. Using the Wii Remote to perform various functions related to diagnosis, curing, observation and healing of these animals, you will gain a greater understanding of their physical structure and what it takes to keep them healthy. Eventually, the respect and confidence this knowledge gains you with your clients and in the community will open up a new storyline within the game regarding a mysterious illness that is affecting all the animals in the area. Investigate this to find out if the local factory could be polluting the rivers and thus be causing the animals’ diseases in a quest to put your skills to the test to save the wild creatures that we share our planet with.

Petz Rescue Wildlife Vet contains a two-player competitive multiplayer. Here using the motion-sensitive capabilities players race through a series of mini-games to save save animals in danger.

'Petz Rescue Wildlife Vet' game logo Key Game Features:
  • More Than 30 Missions - travel around the world, heal endangered exotic animals, or directly treat the animals in the clinic.
  • Use the Wii Remote to Perform Realistic Actions - rescue, diagnose and treat more than 22 different species, including sea turtles, panthers, giraffes, panda bears, zebras, kangaroos, elephants and penguins.
  • Take Care of Your Own Baby Tiger - feed it with a baby bottle, clean it, play ball and other games with it, and pay special attention to it so that it doesn't get sick.
  • Two-Player Multiplayer mode - Rescue animals in competitive mini-games.
    • Saw a tree trunk in a limited amount of time to get to the injured animals inside.
    • Heal a turtle by replacing the turtle's shell as quickly as possible.
    • Balance on a wood log to get to the other side of a river

Diagnosing the problem with a puma in 'Petz Rescue Wildlife Vet'
Diagnose problems.
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Freeing a sea turtle from a fishing net in 'Petz Rescue Wildlife Vet'
Make emergency rescues.
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Multiple views of a crocodile in 'Petz Rescue Wildlife Vet'
Identify species.
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Examining a sick giraffe in 'Petz Rescue Wildlife Vet'
Help animals in need.
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  • More than 30 missions to travel around the world, healing endangered exotic animals, or to treat the animals in the clinic.
  • Use the Wii remote to perform realistic actions: rescue, diagnose and treat more than 22 different species.
  • Take care of your own baby tiger: feed it with a baby bottle, clean it, play with it, pay special attention to it so that it doesn't get sick.
  • Multi-player mode- up to 2 players. Rescue animals in competitive mini-games, among them: heal a turtle by replacing its shells as quick as possible, challenge your balance by helping your character cross the river on a log

Customer Reviews:

  • Great game for younger kids!
    I have a 5.5 yr old and we have tried almost EVERY game out there to find games that she can play and enjoy. This is one of them. The tasks are challenging enough to keep her attention but not frustrate her. Definitely worth the purchase if your child is under 7yrs old and cant fully read well enough to play most of the Wii games out there. ...more info
  • Petz Rescue Wildlife Vet
    Gift for my gandaughter & I'm sure she will love it after she opens it in August....more info
  • its OK, but dont waste your money
    this game was fun and exciting as you work your way to become a member of an animal rescue world. You do rescue animals, and you earn your marks, but I finished this game in 2days! I would have givin it 5 stars, but it was way too short! and too easy for me! Now its sitting in the very back of my shelves, all dusty because it is finished! so dont waste your money on this perticular game. buy one similar. :)...more info
  • a lesson in patience
    I bought this for my wife who just enrolled in veterinary school. She was amazed to find real information and actual situations in what we thought would be " just a kids game ". It is timed and might be a little tough for younger players. Overall a very entertaining game....more info
  • Perfect game for our animal loving 9YO daughter!
    My 9 year old daughter loves animals (wants to be a vet when she grows up) so ever since she saw this game in the store she has been begging for it. She saved her own money and we ordered it from Amazon and just got it last week. I can't pull her away from this game!! It is just challenging enough to keep her entertained but not to overly frustrate her. I have had to help her out with a few missions but told her I will only help the first time through the game! She has said this is a game she would love to play over and over again. Highly recommended for age group 6-12....more info
  • WARNING - this game is timed
    This game is not for autistic children or any other children who have problems with timed games. My seven year old is high functing autistic loves animals and wants to be a vet, but she gets very frustrated with this game. To make things worse, the character on there keeps saying hurry up and focus, which upsets my little girl even more. This game would have been fun except that all elements are timed. I would thinks kids with ADHD would have difficulties, also....more info
  • Darn parasites...
    Perhaps this game works better on other game systems, but it's awful on Wii. My 6 year old daughter has a terrible time holding the remote still enough to satisfy the game. We've played it only a few times, because we get stuck at the FIRST adventure... we remove 3 parasites from a lemur (or some small animal) with tweezers, and it tells us there are more, and to hurry, you're running out of time!!!, and we've searched every spot on this animal with no success. I think the programming is off in this game.[...]...more info
  • Petz meets Trauma center
    If you have played other Petz games on DS, this one is very similar. This is a hybrid child of Trauma center and Petz. As with other DS games, this is one is super short... 2hr or so. The game is very well executed, perfect for a 8+. Even adults can enjoy this game very much. All your missions have TR style clock; that keeps on you toes. Some missions will require you to try a couple of times; not very difficult though. You can replay the game and not get bored. You get a variety of missions from on the field rescue, to diagnosis and research. Research is very educational, you learn a lot of tit bits. In the field missions takes you to different places to locate and treat animals in their natural habitat. Panthers, kangaroos, baby elephants and variety of animals. You also get the Trauma center style operating room experiences. There is very good balance between indoor and out door activities. One surprising element is the visuals, it is not blocky polygons. They have taken some time to make the game look decent. There is no online play.

    There is also wii-mote specific mini-games, so it is not simple DS port up. Some mini-games require you do wii-music style sounds to bring the hidden animals from the bush or use as a blow gun and clearing shrubs and trees. As with any other Wii games, there is a also a mini-game arcade that you can play without the main story. They get unlocked as you progress and finish levels.. The min-games are quite fun too. I just wish the game is longer for the money. ...more info
  • Love this Game!
    My daughter loves this game! She will be five years old later this month and finds this game loads of fun! She tells everyone that she wants to travel and take care of hurt animals when she grows up! It really made her think about caring for something other than herself! ...more info
  • Petz Rescue Wii
    We purchased this game for our 8yr old son and he loves it! He had saw a commercial for it right before Christmas and immediately fell in love. The game is easy to learn and fun to play! ...more info


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