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Features & SpecificationsAutomatic Sprouter - Tribest Fresh Life (FreshLife) Wheatgrass Growing System LIMITED TIME ONLY: Recieve a FREE Sproutman Sprout Chart! Everything you need to know about sprouts! Complete sprouting instructions, growing methods, usage, seed amounts, light and skill level. Recipes included such as sprout bread too!The FreshLife is easy to use, easy to clean and only costs pennies a day to run! Using organic seeds ensures that you are growing fresh batches of chemical and pesticide free harvests each and everytime. It is not JUST a wheatgrass growing machine! Grow all types of sprouts and enjoy them without having to hassle with the growing process. This unit gives a constant supply of fresh oxygen and water to your sprouts making it painless to grow those nutrient enriched sprouts everyone so desperately needs but doesn't want to grow!Approximate Growing Times:Alfalfa 5-6 days Broccoli 5-6 days Corn 5-6 days Mungbeans 4-5 days Radish Seeds 5-6 days Sesame 5-6 days Soybeans 4-5 days Sunflower 5-6 days Wheat 4-5 days Other Seeds 4-7 daysFeatures: Easy to use, clean and sproutQuietSafe and sanitaryCosts next to nothing to growAutomatic sprinkling system that sprays water ad supplies air onto the seeds - no need to water your sprouts 2-3 times a day. Producing fresh, nutritious and tender sprouts.Additional barrels available so you can grow additional sprouts all the time (The expansion kit includes an extra barrel, top and bottom seed trays, the water tube assembly, and three stainless steel clips for support)Just add water and seeds!No soil required!Specifications: ModelTribest Fresh Life - Model 2000Weight8 lbs.DimensionsDiameter:11.2"Width:11.2"Height:13.6"Voltage120 V / AC / 60Hz / 55 AMPWarranty

  • For indoor use only in room temperatures of 65F to 85F (18.3C to 29.4C) for the sole purpose of gro
  • Features an automatic sprinkling system to produce fresh, nutritious and tender sprouts.
  • Inexpensive to operate and easy to clean
  • Enables you to enjoy nutritional natural food all year round.
  • Can grow your own nutritional sprouts and wheatgrass! Wheatgrass has been proven to be one of the m

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Way To Sprout!
    I've tried on and off for years to grow my own sprouts and have always given up. Using jars, bags, plastic trays, etc has always required too much work and too much mess. This machine is awesome! It's so easy and takes so little effort and the sprouts that come out of it are fresh, crisp and incredibly tasty. The only downside is that it does take a little bit of effort to clean the trays between growing sessions. But the dishwasher works great and I use Hydrogen Peroxide to sterilize the barrel. Highly recommend if you want to eat a lot of health-giving sprouts!...more info
  • Simply Amazing
    If you've read any books on sprouting than you know that even newer traditional methods like bamboo baskets and mini-green houses that, while worth it, can be a little involved and requiring various little items to get you going. Spout bags are nice but only good for certain sprouts. This sprounter cuts out a ton of work and detail and allows you to sprout any sprout with one method. With this sprouter, adding some Grapefruit Seed Extract (Anti-Mold) and Liquid Kelp (Nutrition) to the water each day grows some of the most organic, fresh, and nutrition rich foods on planet for pennies in a few days, anywhere! Truly something that can change ones life for the better. I also recommend the Vita-Lite grow lights if you live in a dark area and all the Books by Sproutman. Happy Sprouting!...more info
  • Tub of life
    I have been sprouting various kinds of beans quite successfully using this unit. It is a well designed, low tech contraption that does it's job very well. The unit is actually quite large - the diameter of the tub is about 15 inches and without the extension the unit is about 24 inches high. You can spread out two cups of dry garbanzo beans on the tray in a single layer....more info
  • not cost effective
    This product could run you a high electric bills. it runs for about 3 minites every 1/2 hr or so. When you grow the sprouts manually, it only needs watering about 5 times a day. I don't know why this one constantly runs. I asked the vendor Gardening Bulbs about this and they have not responded yet (over a week). The first one shipped was defective and the manufacturer sent a replacement shipment. I am a bit disappointed with the product because of the high electric cost of running it. also, the container can get slimy from all the water...I put a charcol in it to mitigate the problem....more info
  • Miraclous sprouter !
    I find it a miracle. It grows sprouts so fast with absolutely no mess.
    It feels so wonderful to see a sprout start germinating overnight !!!. And the best part is that you dont have to presoak the seeds.
    Easy to clean. I was having trouble with traditional sprouting in my garden in winter. Hence I bought this. I am a raw foodist. So I wish I could add one more barrel. I already have two in total. But the customer support said they discourage a 3rd barrel, as the sprinkling system is not powerful enought to reach 3 stories. I needed the 3rd barrel to sprout grains to make bread.
    I think I will buy another new set. Its worth it !!!...more info
  • Very expensive and unreliable
    This is a very expensive item for what it is - a pump and a bucket! It also has a few serious disadvantages:
    1) It circulates dirty water over the sprouts - not a good idea.
    2) It is flimsy and unreliable. The pump on my unit gave out.
    3) The spray spins around very unreliably - it's virtually impossible to adjust so that it spins consistently. Either it doesn't spin at all or it almost blows the spray attachment off the top.
    4) The pump gets clogged up with gunge. And yes - I followed all instructions very carefully, changed the water frequently and washed out the device.
    5) The sprouts are hard to harvest as their leaves and roots get stuck in the trays.
    Definitely get into sprouting - it's great! But this is not the device to do it with!...more info
  • Tribest 2000 Automatic Sprouter
    I have owned a Tribest 2000 Automatic Sprouter for three years now, and it still looks and works like new. I have sprouted several different types of seeds over the years but now I grow wheatgrass exclusively. Wheatgrass takes about six days for the crop to reach maximum height and it is perfect. I use only organic seeds and I plan to order them from Amazon in the future because of a big price break from my local health food store. Everything is automatic with this machine. The water pressure is adjusted with a turn of the bottom valve and it never needs to be re-adjusted. The spray head rotates and waters the seeds perfectly just like a real farm. I use RO Water with a tablespoon of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide so that bacteria and fungus never become a problem. Sometimes I add an ounce of colloidal silver that seems to do the same job. I have used sprouting trays from other manufacturers but sometimes mold would ruin my sprouts and the seeds never germinated as well as with the Tribest Sprouter. The trays and parts clean very easily and quickly. With this sprouter, the seeds do not need to be presoaked for 12 to 24 hours as with other sprouters. Just use clean water and change the water every 24 to 48 hours during each growing cycle. I juice the wheatgrass with organic celery and apples and the juice is delicious. Sprouts are one of God's little miracles with concentrated nutrients to fight disease and keep the body healthy. I strongly recommend the Tribest 2000 automatic sprouter....more info
  • Easier than easy!
    Wow, I definitely recommend the Freshlife sprouter to anyone who wants to be able to grow and eat their own organic sprouts. This machine was easy to set up, and even easier to operate. Once the sprouter's assembled, all you really need to do to get started is add water, add seeds, and plug it in. After that, all you need to do is change the water once a day, and the sprouter does the rest for you!

    And the sprouts that come out of the Freshlife are amazing. I think a big part comes from the peace of mind that I feel, knowing that what I'm eating hasn't come into contact with any pesticides or other chemicals that covers store-bought produce....more info


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