Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix, Diet with Calcium, 8-Pack Boxes (Pack of 6)

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Created with a blend of rich, dark European cocoas for real chocolate taste and flavor, Swiss Miss is America's preferred brand of hot chocolate.

Customer Reviews:

  • A 25 calorie treat
    Swiss Miss Diet is a terrific little 25 calorie treat (or in my case, 50 calories since I use a 16 oz mug) when you just need to have something chocolatey but don't want to spend the calories on some actual chocolate. For those who complained about the way it dissolves, after adding the powder to your cup, pour in about one quarter cup of boiling water and stir briskly until all the clumps are dissolved. Then pour in the rest of the water. I also like to add some of the mix to my coffee for a nice change of pace. All in all, a very tasty drink....more info
  • Delicious for low-carb diets
    Great for diabetic food plans. This "diet" version has fewer carbs than the "low-carb" version. While you can use the microwave, I heat the water in an electric kettle. ...more info
  • Hot Cocoa for a long time
    Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa (diet) is a staple in our house and now we have plenty of it with our every month plan. We love it, Can invite the whole neighborhood in for a cup of cocoa....more info
  • the best 25 calorie dessert!
    The Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Diet mix is the best low calorie dessert I've found! It's better than a chocolate bar, as it tastes as good and has only 25 calories, and cascium and Vitamin D. What a great way to end a meal! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Warning: Completely Addictive! :)
    I have a problem with the diet swiss miss hot chocolate. I eat a box or 2 of them daily-- I seriously need to cut back. However, they are only 25 calories each packet, good calcium and even some fiber and protein.
    And, of course, chocolate!
    They go well in recipes and just as a drink. I HIGHLY recommend these-- they are very, very delicious.
    Nestle's similar product, their fat free hot chocolate, is NOT as good.
    This may be a bit more "clumpy", but they taste SO much richer and more satisfying....more info
  • Great price!
    I started using Swiss Miss Diet a few months ago and love it for on;y 25 calories. The price on Amazon far exceeds any grocery store in my area....more info
  • Not worth it...
    I purchased this product to make a Hungry Girl recipe for hot chocolate. The recipe called for 2 packets of Diet Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate packets. I couldn't find them in the store, so I bought them on Amazon. All I could find in the store was Swiss Miss Sensible Sweets No Sugar Added. So I had purchased a box of that in the store.

    When I received my "Diet" Hot Chocolate in the mail, I looked at the nutritional facts AND the size of the packets inside and compared them to the "no sugar added" ones I purchased in the store. It turns out that using 2 packets of the "Diet" hot chocolate was not much different than using the 1 packet of the "No Sugar Added" hot chocolate.

    The "Diet" hot chocolate packets have about 1/2 the amount of hot chocolate in them! That is how they are only 25 calories and the "no sugar added" is 60 calories. It actually is cheaper for me to make my recipe by using the "no sugar added" that I can buy in the store.

    I am following Weight Watchers, so my main concern is that my special hot chocolate drink is low in points...and using 1 packet of "no sugar added" hot chocolate instead of 2 packets of "diet" hot chocolate didn't change the points value for me AND it will go twice as far because I only have to use one packet!

    I'll have to say...that if I was just making a glass of hot chocolate, that the convenience of the smaller "Diet" packet is nice (you don't have to use half a packet and save it for later, like you would with the "no sugar added")

    The taste is great and it only has 25 calories. I gave it a 3 star because I was disappointed that I was spending twice as much to make my recipe than I had to...because of my discovery that the packets of chocolate are 1/2 the size than the one I bought in the store :-)

    ...more info
  • NOT worth the cost for the mess I received....

    I ordered this item in order to get the supposed substantial savings as this item was a special offer.
    The box arrived and after opening....
    it was as though there had been a powdered chocolate EXPLOSION inside the shipping box.
    It was ALL over the place!
    None of the actual drink mix boxes were opened NOR did they appear to be damaged upon first inspection
    Upon further inspection, I found that in several of the 6 boxes included in the shipment that the individual packages of beverage mix had NON sealed sides on the product envelopes inside the sealed boxes. Apparently during shipping these envelopes leaked out most of the chocolate drink powder which then leaked out of the boxes...
    Perhaps this is WHY they were on sale as a special?

    Had to throw 3 of the boxes away...
    NO savings on this order!!
    and, apparently no compensation for that either...per Amazon rules.

    Very disappointed & am contacting the Swiss Miss people accordingly.

    ...more info
  • Hard to find in the local store
    This cocoa is so good! It is also the one that has none of the ingredients that are on our list of "no nos" (due to a restrictive diet). But we had trouble finding it in our local store. We found it here and for a great price. Thank you Amazon!...more info
  • World Class Hot Cocoa...Not Exactly
    Let's get real. This is not equal to a world class hot chocolate made with Valrhona or Scharffen Berger chocolate in whole milk with a little cream added and real sugar. But then when did 25 calories ever taste as good as lets say 300 or more calories. For only 25 calories it is excellent. You will have to search for a long time for a better low calorie snack that also helps with your chocolate cravings. If you find that other snack, please let me know. Some have commented on it being to sweet. I have found if you let it cool to very warm, but not hot, the artificial sweetener taste is not as strong and it taste more like chocolate (just my opinion). Remember, it is what it is, but I think for what it is, it is worth 5 stars....more info
  • Great Product
    I add a teaspoon to a cup of coffee and do not have to add milk. I just add some more 0 calorie sweetener for a delicious low calorie drink. For an even better (and extra healthy) treat add a little (1/3 teaspoon) high quality, unsweetened cocoa powder (processed without alkali--that is not dutched) and cinnamon (these add very few calories).

    Just wish this came in a 13.8 ounce size....more info
  • Great product
    I use this product along with Hills Bros sugar free cappuccino mix, International Coffee sugar free Swiss Mocha coffee, and sugar free hazelnut Coffee Mate to make a great cappuccino in the evenings. I love it!...more info
  • Yummy for a diet product
    For 25 calories, this isn't a bad treat. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the flavor was. The major drawback with this is that it is difficult to get it to dissolve into hot water...takes some work mushing the lumps on the side of the cup, but it's worth it. This is really good with some nice cinnamon added....more info
  • Decadence Light!
    When I'm in the mood for something a little special and desert is totally out of the question, Swiss Miss Diet Hot Cocoa Mix is just what I need to fill me up, satisfy my sweet tooth and make me feel that I've indulged myself somewhat.

    When I add the hot water into my cup, the Swiss Miss is already in it, along with a teaspoon of instant coffee. As I add the water, I stir it up and it blends well enough to convince me I'm having one of those overpriced coffee bar drinks.

    Swiss Miss is good stuff, and it also gives you a little boost of calcium. ...more info
  • How much better does it have to be?
    This is one of my new best friends. On Weight Watchers, it is 0, as in zero, points. It is 20 calories. It has a satisfying chocolate flavor. It does clump a bit and takes an extra stir or two, but I think this is an amazing way to have a hot drink and a little chocolate fix.
    With also perhaps a dollop of fat-free whipped cream,or a tbsp of skim milk added, you will feel you had a sweet treat. Note that this variety is called "Diet"--it is not the same product as merely low-fat or sugar-free....more info
  • Very Good
    I have been receiving this product on a subscription basis for sometime now and it is a really good deal. 6 boxes of hot chococate mix for around $15 (which includes shipping) which is so much cheaper than the store (plus I don't have to go to the store to get it). This last time there was a screw-up with sending 2 shipments but they credited me for one and let me keep it anyway because it was food. So all in all I have had a good experience with Amazon concerning getting this product....more info
  • Really Very Good Diet Hot Cocoa! Recommended!
    "Swiss Miss Diet Hot Cocoa" is a very good Hot Chocolate drink mix! Being a Type 2 Diabetic, I am always looking for sweet tasting snacks and drinks that will not effect my blood sugar levels.

    Like most diet products, this does not taste quite as good as the regular version, but it is as close as we have found. It is really very satisfying and low in calories as well.

    Highly recommended!...more info


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