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EasyBloom Plant Sensor helps you enjoy beautiful, flourishing plants--easily and without guesswork! It will recommend plants for specific locations, tell you why a plant is doing poorly and more. The EasyBloom Plant Sensor has environmental sensors to detect sunlight, shade and soil moisture levels, plus a USB plug to connect to your computer. EasyBloom can tell you what plants will thrive in a specific spot in your home or yard, what is wrong with an ailing plant and how to help it, and even whether a plant needs more water or not. It gives you access to a database with information on more than 5,000 plants--you can even create a personal plant database online, to help you monitor and care for all your plants, houseplants and outdoor plants alike. Best of all, EasyBloom is very easy to use. First, plug EasyBloom into a USB port on your computer and select Recommend' (to get plant recommendations for specific locations) or Monitor' (to help evaluate a weak plant). Second, place EasyBloom in the spot where you would like to grow a plant, or next to the plant that needs monitoring and leave it for 24 hours. Finally, plug EasyBloom back into a USB port--sensor data will upload to the EasyBloom website, which will use that data to either recommend plants or diagnose a plant's problem. Compatible with Windows Vista/XP and Mac OS 10.5+. Uses 1 AAA battery (included). 11 1/2" tall, 1 1/2" wideWhat EasyBloom can do for you Recommend plants for specific locations in your home or garden, based on sunlight, shade and soil conditions. Diagnose an ailing plant and suggest how to help it thrive. Tell you whether a plant needs to be watered. Help you create a personal plant database online with care, maintenance and planting info.

  • Access the EasyBloom database of 5,000+ plants (U.S. only)
  • Find plants to thrive in every area of your home and garden, based on algorithms developed by leading plant horticulturalists and botanists
  • Diagnose ailing plants and bring them back to health
  • Keep inventory of your own plants for one-click plant care
  • End the discouraging cycle of trial-and-error planting. Saves you money and time!

Customer Reviews:

  • EasyBloom Plant Sensor
    So far, very pleased. Working my way around the yard. Plant recommendations are right on. Easy to use, just have to wait 24 hours to get results. Especially liked the reports on status of current plants. Now know why they are not doing well.
    Marvin...more info
  • Great Gift!
    Bought this as a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law. She loved it! Great gift....more info
  • Handy little item for the garden
    I read the other reviews and discovered that, despite what the newspaper article about it said, it does not analyze the soil. Disappointing, but I think the other data is very useful, especially the charts that it creates about the moisture and sun of the area. I think it's very efficient and easy to use, both sticking it into the ground and then connecting it to your computer. Clearly, the database of plants is not yet mature (they're still in the beginning stages), but I did get some good ideas and actually planted one of them and it's doing well. However, although I selected plants for outdoors, I got a lot of indoors plants in the suggestion list. So their search mechanism needs a bit of work. I put it in another place in the garden and got significantly different results, so it is certainly sensitive to what it's supposed to be reading. I'd recommend it as a good starting place to find the right plants for your garden or house....more info
  • Easy to use
    I just got mine, plugged it in and downloaded the software. It was super easy to use. I stuck it into different plants and it immediately told me if I needed to water. I just set into recommendation mode. I'll write more about it later. ...more info
  • It's not really Mac compatible
    Despite the "Mac compatible" description here on Amazon, and on their press release, and on their website, the easyBloom is not yet Mac compatible. In fact, they do not expect to have Mac software until January of 2009 at the earliest. An attempt to get this information direct from the manufacturer resulted in the most incoherent, stupid responses from the worst customer service agents I've ever encountered. One told me to "Contact Mac for software" and then disconnected me. The other told me that it was available for download on their site, then changed his mind and told me there was no known schedule for Mac support.

    Bad service from a company claiming great things for a new product. I ordered based on Amazon's "Mac compatible" listing, and now I'll have to return the product when it arrives....more info
  • Finally...
    I was eager to see this product when I came across related news about a month ago, and I must say, I have not been disappointed. What an easy to use, intuitive gift this product is -- finally, I'm not playing hit or miss with my backyard and garden. Works great, and gives cogent advice for those of us who weren't born with what seems like the mystical ability to make plants grow. Thanks. Rest assured, several of my extended family will be receiving this for a (much welcome) holiday gift....more info
  • Easybloom works (in house) only at places with sunlight!
    I got this product with excitement & placed it at the corner right near the window in our living room for 24 hours. No data from the sensor appeared. I reinstalled the software & placed the product at the same place for another 24 hours. No data was seen when the sensor was plugged to my laptop! I checked the battery & light signal, tried it another 24 hours. It still didn't work! My husband helped me by reinstalling the software & placed the sensor at another corner of our living room for another 24 hours. Nothing changed! I called the company & was said that the sensor works only at the window where the sunlight can shine on the sensor! I don't intend to plant flowers on the windows! I planned to plant flowers or plants in my office, in the living room & some in the rest-room. So I bought this product. I read carefully their the words on their product that I can "put the sensor in the stand & place it where you want to plant."! I asked the representative on phone to explain. She said I should only plant flowers/plants at the windows! How frustrating! Luckily, Amazon allowed me to return this product & refunded me! What a good service- Amazon.com! After I returned the product to Amazon, Easybloom company emailed me: "the EasyBloom sensor requires some degree of natural light in order to recommend plants that are sure to thrive. That said, we do *NOT* require the sensor to be on a windowsill or directly next to a window. I apologize if this was unclear.". But it's too late! Besides, I already placed it right under the window but it didn't work. I'm tired to give it another try!...more info
  • EasyBloom Launches Gardening into the 21st Century!
    I love my EasyBloom Plant sensor! This product is a dream come true for all the wanna-be gardeners. I can now finally say good-bye to killing almost all of my plants including several cacti. The sensor was easily activated by visiting [...]. I went straight to putting my EasyBloom on recommendation mode and then right into the soil in a small corner in my backyard. So many plants have not survived in this part of my garden. After 24 hours, I now have a clear plan on what to plant come this spring.

    The EasyBloom Plant sensor works great with my Windows Vista. The Plantsense customer service representative I spoke with was very clear and informative when explaining the three different modes. BUY this product you will not be disappointed.
    ...more info
  • good but not great
    I had difficulty setting this up, initially, but customer service was excellent, responsive and helpful. I did use the product successfully although the information was not as useful as I would have hoped. In recommend mode, a plant not usually found in my area was recommended while more common and more available plants were not mentioned. The sensor does do a good job of monitoring conditions of an already-situated plant; temperature, moisture and growing conditions were correct and helpful. I will be using this product from time to time and, in conjunction with other sources for recommendations, I expect to be able to make improvements in my planting choices....more info
    Pretty simple and straight forward. You hook it up to get the program set, then take it outside, stick it into the ground, reconnect to the computer, and it tells you about the light, soil and water conditions. It even makes recommendations as to what to plant in a given spot. Really cool gizmo. I like it....more info
  • Finally!
    Finally someone invented this product! I cannot tell you how many plants I have killed in my lifetime. I never know if they die because I watered them too much, too little, or if it wasn't getting enough light, etc. Now there is actually a device that can tell me the answer! Thank you thank you. No more throwing dead plants and $$ down the drain. Love it!...more info
  • EasyBloom Plant Sensor
    Using the EasyBloom Plant Sensor is easy and interesting. To date I am impressed with the vast amounts of information contained in their database. I have also been surprised with the results learned about my plants. I have been treating my plants exactly the opposite of what is required. The plants are improving....more info
  • Very useful product
    I have found this product very easy to get started with and get useful data about my yard. I've got a lot of shade in the front and too much sun in the back all on top of California clay. Life has been a "hit or miss" set of plant experiments.

    This product is now shedding some light on what works where and why. This is very useful and I will be shifting my strategy going into the spring for sure.

    Very cool stuff.

    ...more info
  • Mac-ward incompatible. Overall inconvenient
    I have this peony plant that I love, but it just doesn't seem to want to stay alive. It hasn't died yet, but it isn't exactly flourishing either. I was really looking forward to the EasyBloom Plant Sensor to help me with my woes.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use it. This is not a product that is useable right out of the box. It works in tandem with downloaded software from the maker's website, which is currently only available for PCs. Mac users get a nice little message saying that Mac support should be coming soon, and they will e-mail you when it is available.

    I'm not a big fan of products that require you to register at and use their website in order for the product to work. There are too many "required fields" in the registration process, and it seems like they are gathering more information than necessary just to get the sensor to work. I feel I should be able to buy the hardware, pop in a CD if necessary, and then get to work.

    Even if/when the Mac support becomes available, this device requires a permanent relationship with the website. If the company goes under and the website comes down, then the EasyBloom Plant Sensor becomes just so much colorful garbage. ...more info
  • Great geek gadget for the would-be green thumb
    Easy to use and provides useful information on which plants to look to put in thoes hard to grow ANYTHING spots....more info
  • A greenthumb for all of us!
    I can't tell you how embarrassing it is to be given a houseplant as a gift and watch it die right when your friend makes his way back for a visit. Not fun. The easybloom plant sensor is really easy to use right out of the box (just plug it into your usb port on you pc, install the software, and create an easybloom user account - all within 5 minutes). I used it in water mode first to check my potted plants, and it promptly beeped at me telling me I needed to water some plants. Now I'm using it in monitor mode which should give me feedback on my poor freesia to figure out what's wrong with it. I think the sensor works well with the easybloom.com website and I'm excited to get this sensor to work in my garden!...more info
  • Mostly for beginning gardeners (Improvements are edging it toward a 4 star product)
    When I received the EasyBloom Plant Sensor, I was excited because I had been struggling to grow plants on my new property despite years of gardening experience. This product promised to recommend and monitor my plants to determine what was going wrong. Unfortunately, it measures nothing more than I could tell by sticking my own finger in the soil and watching the shadows for a day: moisture and light. Yes, it measures temperature and relative humidity, but those vary both daily and seasonally and can be figured out by walking out the door. It does not analyze the soil -- probably the most crucial information that cannot be intuitively known -- for type, fertility, toxicity, and acidity. You must discover and enter this yourself on the web site.

    The monitor setting does basically the same thing, only over a longer time so you can see the moisture and light fluctuations over a longer period of time; again, it cannot diagnose over- or under-fertilization, incorrect acidity, compacted or too sandy soil, diseases, or pests, the most common reasons a plant dies. The EasyBloom can take a snapshot of the location for future reference.

    Probably the best part of the device is the web interface that provides detailed information on recommended plants. Yes, this information can be found online or in a good plant book, but the site shows thumbnail photos of the plants that can then lead the user to a more detailed description, including care, known pests, height, growing zones, attractiveness to birds, shape, etc. I really would have liked a "deer resistant" option; maybe they will add that in the future. Strangely enough, the site does not recommend the plants that *are* thriving in my landscape.

    Beginning gardeners will find this device much more useful than experienced ones since they may not yet know how to use light conditions (shade, partial shade, afternoon sun, etc.) and soil moisture content to select the proper plants for an area. Unfortunately, they are also the ones who might over-fertilize or select the wrong plant for the soil type.

    Although the EasyBloom is not comprehensive enough for advanced help, it would make a good housewarming gift for someone's first home. I'll be the first in line when they upgrade the device to include soil testing and fertility.

    UPDATE: I purposefully mistreated a houseplant to see what the EasyBloom device would say -- and it was spot on. It identified low light and improper watering, making a suggestion to repot it (to get a more absorbent soil) and place it in a better lit location.

    Also, as of December 15, 2008, Easy Bloom supports Macs with its online software. I've used it -- and it works well. Please read the comments attached to this review to see the response of an EasyBloom rep who lists some changes since I wrote the above.

    -- Debbie Lee Wesselmann...more info
  • Just as described
    I bought this as a gift for my boyfriends mother who loves her flower gardens. I thought it might be a useful tool in helping her decide what flowers to plant in each of her locations. She loved the product but hasn't had the chance to use it since it was a Christmas gift and she received it in the middle of winter. I'm sure she will put it into use when its time to plant!...more info
  • Easy Bloom Review
    This is a terrific product. I needed a water meter, but this is so much more. It is great to have reference material available for more plants than I can imagine, and it will be great to be able to get data from the yard of our new home.

    Thanks so much for this neat and useful product!

    ...more info
    This product offers very little as far as what plants need. No nutritional analysis (NPK), PH of soil, only light and moisture. Using your better judgement would be more effective and allow you to learn as a gardener. In order to access the plant database the company offers, you have to agree to allow the company to view your viewing history (last viewed website). Also the company allows itself to sell your info to companies it deems appropriate (see agreement). Why this is neccessary to find a good spot for a plant, I am at a loss. This is the cutest package of spyware ever. Unfortunate that a good idea fell extremely short of potentials. What else should I expecting in our times :(...more info
  • I Really Wanted This To Work
    I have a side yard that kills any plant unfortunate enough to be planted there. Heavy, dense clay soil with early morning sun and then deep shade. I was hoping to use the Easybloom to find something (anything) that could live in those conditions. Five times, despite following the instructions step by step, the Easybloom recommended a list of plants that all shared the same traits: the need for full sun and "loamy, well drained soil".

    Now if the Easybloom Dashboard had simply told me not to bother planting until I improved the soil and the sun exposure, I could live with that, then I would know that Easybloom was actually analyzing SOMETHING. But to recommend plants that are totally unsuited for the soil and sun conditions is useless. I guess it's back to the county ag extension office to bother the Master Gardeners that congregate there....more info


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