Extreme Health, Michele's Organic, Wild Tibetan Goji Berries, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)

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  • Case of two 16-ounce bags of wild goji berries (total of 32 ounces)
  • Verified by USDA registered Laboratory reports, Extreme Health's Tibetan Goji Berries are extremely high in antioxidants (ORAC units) the following examples are per 100 grams: Extreme's Goji Berries-25000, blueberries-6300, raisins-2900, oranges-750
  • High energy, curbs your appetite, boosts energy, helps lower body fat, memory tonic, look and feel younger, supports immune system, supports healthy mood (known for thousands of years as The Happy Berry)
  • Ask all other brands for a copy of their USDA registered Laboratory reports to verify their antioxidant levels, Extreme Health's quality may be the best on the market, there are 40 different varieties of this berry don't be fooled.
  • Wild-crafted is beyond organic, never been sprayed, Extreme Health's wild-crafted sun-dried Tibetan Goji Berries contain rich spectrum of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, 19 amino acids, 27 trace minerals

Customer Reviews:

  • Great treat
    I really enjoyed the berries. I thought they would be hard and dry when looking at them, but they were soft and tasty....more info
  • Yummy
    Leave it to Amazon to get a super bargain. I paid $25 each for this on a discount vitamin site.

    It is increasingly becoming obvious to me that I'd better check out everything on Amazon first, before I buy it.

    These berries taste yummy and apparently are being used to help against cancer. They are also used for longevity.
    ...more info
  • Goji medicine
    Okay as goji berries go. The usual dehydrated little berries. We eat them for health only. ...more info
  • Tastes like a raisin, but with a bit of an aftertaste
    Very impressed with company and am hoping to reap the benefits of these little berries. If you wonder what it tastes like, I would say that a raisin is the closest comparison, but gojis seem to leave an aftertaste that is a little gritty. If you can put up with it, it is a great way to curb cravings for something sweet and an awesome way to get antioxidents....more info
  • Great Product
    I've tried a few brands of Goji berries and these compare well to the more expensive ones. I put them in my morning smoothie/shake and they blend up nicely and add a nice texture and taste. Plus, they are not as hard and overdried as the first brand I tried. My husband puts them on his oatmeal. I will buy them again....more info
  • Chewy berries go great with many meals
    Not only was this brand of Goji berries the most economical I found on Amazon, but their taste meets or exceeds the other two brands I have tried.

    I throw a handful of these into my cereal, mix them in with salad, or eat them out of the bag. Also good cooked in with pasta or meat. They are not very sweet, but have a unique flavor and a consistency that makes you want to chew....more info
  • customer service is great!!! truely organic/tibetan
    These berries are great!! I ordered the berries and wasn't satisfied the first time (they were dry). When I called the customer service, and the owner they were great!!! They let me keep my old Goji Berries, sent me new FRESH ones because I was dissapointed. How can the customer service get any better than that? It must have been you, or how you reacted. I recommend these berries to anyone. They are great. They also have every batch of their berries tested for the ORAC value. These are extremely high in antioxidants, and do wonders for me sexually!!...more info
  • Great with Smoothies!
    After trying these berries in a smoothie the taste and texture was no longer a concern. They are best when mixed in with other foods or drinks....more info
  • Is there anything lower than 1 Star?
    The expiration date was only a month out. They where already stale and hard like pebbles. Called them up and their customer support was awful. Talked to the owner and she didn't have a clue about 1/2 her products. Never buying from them again!!...more info
  • If there is a better Goji Berry, I haven't tasted it yet!
    I've tried numerous brands of Goji Berries. These are outstanding. If its because they are wild-crafted-- then that really makes a difference. I eat them right out of the bag. They are sweet and just d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s, AND healthy too! They are also certified free of yeast/mold, pesticides, bacteria (important), and sulfites. The 2-pack 16 oz size is a bargain! ENJOY!!! ...more info
  • Excellent quality after 4 bags and counting
    I have had several bags of these and re-ordered them more than once. They are a good quality product. They have a wee bit more extra tid bits of leaves or the odd twig compared to the Navitas Naturals dried goji berries. The Navitas Naturals are slightly larger and more uniform and a bit paler (not much, but a little) in color and don't have any extra stuff in them. There isn't enough of anything to worry about in these, but if you compare them side by side, it is obviousl which is which. I am following the diabeticlifediet.com salad meal and always have a handful (maybe 20-30g) of these in every salad along with the Dragon Fruit (which I wish Amazon would carry). Their flavor is a little different from the Navitas Naturals, but it is apples an oranges and both are good. I alternate just for variety, but I give both 5 stars. The texture is good and I have never had any problem with quality. They are always separate (some people complain they are in lumps stuck together). I have had every bag in good condition and other than a few odd berries with some mold on them (again, a wee bit more often than than Navitas), I have never had a problem. I only hope these are farmed sustainably and harvested in a way that respects the plants....more info
  • I know nothing about these except that I like the taste.
    Before I opened the package, I started wondering if they had actually been cleaned before they were packaged. After opening them, I still wasn't sure, so I rinsed off a small amount and let them dry. They tasted pretty good but I don't know if they are the good ones or the not so good ones. I enjoy them and these seem satisfactory. I don't know if these are the super duper, high in anti-oxidants, or not. I don't really care but, I would expect for the price, they should be. Like I said, I know nothing about health or healthy food choices, I simply like the chewiness and the slight tart taste. I still wonder if they were cleaned before packaging. I sure wish I knew. ...more info
  • Pilot's Gogi Berry Review
    I was impressed with the freshness, tast and texture of these Gogo Berries. The taste and sweetness was exceptional....more info
  • Good value, a bit dry
    These berries are a bit drier and chewier (and less sweet) than I expected. However, I found that if I add a hand full of them to a bag of sweetened dried cranberries, it makes it much less noticeable....more info
  • Disappointed
    The most I can say about this product is that it has an interesting label. I had a palm full which left a terrible bitter taste in my mouth for six hours until dinner when it started to go away. I didn't feel so good either. The pieces were very stuck together and some appeared to have very tiny pieces of leaf attached to them. I have purchased several other brands from local natural food stores with no problem whatsoever, so I figured that all would be well to order something unknown online. I also didn't want to run out of goji berries and have to pay for shipping very soon, so I ordered to two sets which totals four bags. I finished my supply from the natural food store today, and I started on the Extreme Health which is one day beyond the Amazon.com return policy. Therefore I'll have to throw in the trash about $60. LESSON: Never order any food that you're not sure about even if it has a pretty label and/or try it out before one month or you can't return it to Amazon.com....more info
  • Really, really bad
    I was impressed by the price, so I ordered these. They are horrible...hard as rocks, stale-tasting, full of stems, and they leave a bad after taste in the mouth. I am a raw vegan and use lots of goji berries; I have never experienced any as awful as these.

    Perhaps this is only a bad batch, as others seem to have gotten good ones. If that's the case, then the company has terrible qualitycontrol, as well as terrible goji berries....more info
  • I've tried many bags of Goji Berries, these are the worst...
    I've tried many bags of Goji Berries from different companies. Some are good and some are not so good. I later found out that the Goji Berries from China are not the best quality. So, I found a brand that said that they are the "authentic Tibetan Goji Berries" at my local health food Co-Op. Although they were expensive, they were good. I later bought another brand at the 2007 Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, AZ. They were the best that I ever had, soft and delicious.

    When I saw that there were some inexpensive authentic organic Tibetan Goji Berries on Amazon, I became excited. I made the purchase and couldn't wait to get them. When I received them and tried them I was very disappointed. They are the hardest, driest, discolored, worst tasting Goji Berries that I ever had. I immediately felt that I was sold and inferior product in a nice bag. These Goji Berries have a bad taste and have sediment on them as if they were not clean. I called the company to inquire about the origin. Of course they did say that they are authentic Tibetan Goji Berries. I just don't believe them. There were two bags that came with my order. The second bag remains unopened and will probably eventually get tossed....more info


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