Kashi Organic Promise Cereal, Autumn Wheat, 17.5-Ounce Box (Pack of 4)

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Product Description

Made from wholesome wheat interlaced with just the right amount of organic sweetener, our bite size biscuits will satisfy your desire for a tasty, all natural, filling breakfast. We start with whole organic wheat berries then steam, shred and weave them. When baked, the sweetener in the center makes the biscuits rise, creating a light, puffy texture and enhancing the toasty, whole grain taste.

  • Case of four 17.5-ounce boxes of whole wheat berry cereal (70 total ounces)
  • Made with organic whole wheat berries that have been naturally sweetened
  • Kosher certified; certified organic by Quality Assurance International; low fat and sodium free
  • 50 grams of whole grains per serving; 25% RDA of fiber
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Kashi Organic autumn wheat
    Great cereal. I mix into it some soy milk powder, Cinnamon, and a mixture of cocoa powder and water....more info
  • Healthy breakfast option
    I love Kashi products and this is one of my favorites of their cereals.
    I like to mix a couple of their brands for a high-fiber, low fat breakfast. I can eat at 7 a.m. and be fine untill 1 p.m. I have it almost everyday. Especially good with sliced, fresh strawberries....more info
  • replacement for junkie snacks

    This Autumn Wheat variant of Kashi cereal is as addictive as Kashi Golean Crunch.

    Ideally, you would have a cup of this with organic milk for breakfast. But when I get the munchies any time of the day, instead of reaching for nachos or candy, I grab this and just consume it dry -- one wheat square at a time.

    Since it's ORGANIC and WHOLE GRAIN and NATURALLY SWEETENED with cane juice, I feel so guiltless that it's not uncommon for me to go through half the bag before I admit to being a bad, bad girl. But really, it's that good.

    The reason for four instead of five stars is that deep down I know that plain old oatmeal without addictive properties is still more healthful....more info
  • Best organic shredded wheat squares with touch of cinnamon.
    Best organic shredded wheat squares. Love the little tough of cinnamon. So good no need to add sweetner. Just add a little organic milk or soy or rice milk. Our family loves these, this is out new staple ceral....more info
  • A little sweet...
    Great taste and crunch, but I feel these have too much sugar (even if Kashi calls it dehydrated cane juice...that is sugar). I guess I am just used to eating less sweat cereal, but my first bite of the cereal made me pick up the box again and see what was in it. Organic and all that too, for what it is worth. Kellogg's Unfrosted Mini Wheats have no added sugar (1g of sugar in a 59g serving) whereas the Kashi has 7g of sugar in a 54g serving....more info
  • Great food, lousy price
    I have always been a big fan of MiniWheats, but one of my medical providers pointed out that foods that contain tyramine often trigger migraines. They suggested switching to an organic diet, and Autumn Wheat was the cereal I chose. It was so much better than MiniWheats that I have never even missed my old stand-by. I am not sure it has helped reduce the migraines at all, but it has certainly left me with a happy palate.
    That said, the Amazon price for the product is, like most of their other grocery prices, grossly exorbitant. You can find it at nearly any grocery store for much less....more info
  • Kashi cereal
    Product is delicious and delivery was quick. The only issue I have is that the cereal gets crushed sometimes in transit, but not enough to hurt anything....more info
  • One of my favorite cereals!
    This is one of my favorite cereals that I always try to have on hand. It is very lightly sweetened throughout (not frosted), has a great taste and good fiber content of 6g per serving. I tend to avoid any sweetened cereals but I like the light amount of sweetness in this cereal. I prefer this version over the Kashi Cinnamon Harvest, which was still excellent but a little too "cinnamony" for me.

    This Kashi cereal is organic and is a great option compared to the standard brands for shredded wheat and frosted mini wheat cereals. It tastes better than plain shredded wheat. It is a healthier option with 7 g sugars compared to 12 g sugars in frosted mini wheats and those contain ingredients I am trying to avoid like high fructose corn syrup and gelatin....more info
  • The Best!....if you're a cold cereal person.
    My family is very fond of the Autumn Wheat cereal and I think it truly is a great tasting one.
    I gave this product four stars instead of five because, as a Clinical Herbalism student with a focus on diet & nutrition, I don't recommend boxed cereals at all.
    So the bottom line is: If you must eat boxed cereals, this is an excellent choice!...more info
  • Breakfast & Lunch
    I am trying to diet with Special K and having a sweetened Wheat adds to my journey...more info
  • Great Cereal, Great Price!
    I LOVE this cereal ~ it is healthy and tastes great which is a combination I find hard to find. With the subscribe and save price, it is definitely cheaper than the grocery store. Well worth it!!...more info
  • Organic Goodness
    Kashi cereals have become a pantry staple in the past couple of years, and Autumn Wheat is one of my newest additions. It tastes great, and has a good texture - not so dense that it won't soften in milk, but not so fluffy that it dissolves. The pieces are bite-sized, so they'd make a good crunchy, dry snack too.

    The fact that it's all organic and sweetened with natural cane sugar is a great bonus. It provides 6 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein - all with only 7 grams of sugar - a little less than 2 teaspoons. That's about as sweet as I like my cereal, so I think it's perfect. (I prefer my cereals plain and not very sugary.) If you like more sweetness, I'd recommend the Cinnamon Harvest flavor of this cereal....more info
  • Pricey w/o a special, but very tasty.
    Tastes like "light" Frosted Mini-Wheats, but has a lower sugar content. We usually just eat plain shredded wheat, so my children thought this was dessert.

    ...more info
    This creal is sooo good. Sweet but not too sweet and still very healthy for you. ...more info
  • good for a change
    This product is nutritional & tasty. Simialar to Life but not as sweet. ...more info
  • Good Tasting and Organic
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2UU5H80VJP7XB Finding healthy foods that actually taste good is a quest of mine.

    I love the taste of Kashi's Autumn Wheat cereal.

    Knowing that it is a natural product and is healthy is fine but he added benefit of tasting good is even better.

    I highly recommend this for anyone, especially those who are health conscious !...more info


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