Kashi Organic Promise Cereal, Strawberry Fields (10.4-Ounces) (Pack of 4)

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Product Description

Mouth-watering organic strawberries and rasberries harvested at the peak of ripeness, nestled among light and crispy organic long grain rice and whole wheat flakes. USDA certified organic, minimally processed preservatives.

  • Case of four 10.4-ounce boxes of strawberry flavored rice and wheat cereal (41.6 total ounces)
  • Made with organic strawberries and raspberries, crispy rice, and wheat flakes
  • Kosher certified; certified organic by Quality Assurance International; low fat and sodium free
  • 23 grams of whole grains per serving; 25% RDA of fiber
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews:

  • This is my favorite cereal in the whole world!!!!
    The berries are perfect and not sweetened with anything except sunshine.
    The flakes are rice-and-wheat and perfectly crisp.
    The cereal stays crispy in the milk(or soy-milk)but not too crispy.

    This cereal makes me happy!...more info
  • great cereal!
    Another great Kashi cereal! I prefer blueberry over strawberry, but otherwise, this is great too! This is organic, has the right amount of flavor, sweetness, and crunch. This cereal is actually healthy for you. I like to mix Kashi's blueberry and strawberry cereal together. That makes a really good bowl of flavor in the morning or any time of day. ...more info
  • Great Cereal
    The cereal is a great product. It is everything you would expect from Kashi....more info
  • Very good
    We really liked this. It's not too sweet and has a good flavor. We love Kashi's products, and this is one of our favorites....more info
  • Tasty, crunchy cereal.
    This is really tasty delicious cereal. The flakes have a slightly sweet flavor that is off-set by the slight tartness of the natural huge slices of dehydrated berries. I would give a word of warning though, the flakes are VERY crunchy, which may be an issue if you have dental problems. I think they are great because they don't get soggy quick in the milk. My 6-year-old loves it too. For those of you who automatically think that the word "Kashi" means sawdust (like a few of my friends who I have had to retrain), you can get that notion out of your head because there is no gritty, grainy texture to this, just nice crunchy flakes....more info
  • Great cereal!
    This cereal is great! It's fully organic; every ingredient is something you'll immediately know. Nothing with a strange name or artificial.

    It doesn't contain anything extra, so the vitamin content isn't what you'll find in the non-organic cereals. The taste, though, is wonderful....more info
  • Great Cereal
    Since I have decided to eat healthy buy eating natural and organic foods I wanted to try this cereal. I have tried many kashi cereals in the past and they are good I have to say this is for the best cereal kashi has made. I bought some boxes to work with me to eat for breakfast I offered some to my coworkers they love it; They were so good that my coworkers had wiped me out and I had to order more for myself and the staff. I will continue to buy Kashi Organic Promise Cereal, Strawberry Fields. ...more info
  • Great Way to Start the Day
    We are both over 60, my husband and I. He loves a smart healthy breakfast before he hits the golf links four days a week. This fits the bill. I love munching a healthy breakfast before my day begins. We both love the taste. This cereal is sweet to the taste, because of the strawberries, that all we need to add is lowfat milk. Combined with a heart-healthy slice of toast, we are both good to go! But then Kashi anything is great, it is just a matter of choosing!...more info
  • too crunchy
    Bought for my husband who wanted a cereal not as crunchy as granola, but this food was not much less granola. It is a good tasting cereal....more info
  • Makes a GREAT Breakfast or lunch or dinner
    What can you really say about a cereal? This stuff is fantastic! It is on the pricey side but Amazon has some good deal from time to time if you can buy 12 boxes at a time. That might sound like a lot but these boxes are only about 10oz so one hungry person can easily go through a box in a day or a meal. A family could easily go through 2 boxes for breakfast....more info
  • This is my favorite
    This is so far my favorite.
    I usually eat heart to heart.I tried island vanilla and i loved it.
    I got this strawberry fields at local market for 2.99 and
    island vanilla for same price. It wasn't surprising sale or anything. They always have that price. I looked it up on amazon and i was so shoked.
    The price is too expensive here. i thought amazon provide lowest food prices.But i figured it is not even close to low....more info
  • Best cereal ever
    I've tried other cereals but always end up coming back to this one. Most of them have either too much sugar or too little flavor, but this one is just right....more info
  • Not as good as the old formula
    For whatever reason, Kashi discontinued this cereal couple of years ago and out of nowhere they remarket it again. it is nowhere close to the old formula - overly too dry n lack of taste...more info
  • organic cornflakes
    If only they put more in the box. They put plenty of dried berries in the box, it is just that I cannot get enough of this stuff. I really like it with organic chocolate soy milk. I did find that a local discount food store carries this product at roughly the same price but it is nice to have amazon deliver to your door. ...more info
  • Move over Red Berry Special K
    This is Kashi's answer to Kellogg's Special K...it's healthier, organic and higher in fiber, but I will point out that the berry content can vary greatly from box to box--some may need some external berry assistance. America needs to eat more fiber. Here's part of the solution!...more info


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