Kashi GOLEAN Crunch! Cereal, Honey Almond Flax, 15-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)

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  • Case of four 15-ounce boxes of seven-grain almond and flax cereal (60 total ounces)
  • Made with honey-sweetened seven-grain clusters, sliced almonds, and whole flax seeds
  • Naturally sweetened with honey and cinnamon
  • 15 grams of whole grains, eight grams fiber, nine grams of protein, and 500 mg Omega-3s per serving
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews:

  • My new favorite snack
    When I used to see the TV ad for Kashi Golean cereal,I thought the name was strange & that I would never eat it 'cause maybe it would be filled with twigs & other birdseed-like ingredients. Boy,was I ever wrong. I love it! It's crunchy & flavorful, but not too sweet. I also like the little almond slivers included. The taste & texture of this cereal reminds me a little of grapenuts. I eat it as a snack mostly without milk. I've even got my Mom turned on to it as she likes crunchy stuff too. I think what I will do next is soak it in a little soymilk just to soften it some & then top plain vanilla ice cream with it (without the soymilk). That's one way I use grapenuts too. Anyway, try Kashi GOLEAN Crunch! Cereal,Honey Almond Flax, you will enjoy it!...more info
  • Filling and decent, but not Kashi's best
    I am a huge fan of Kashi's other cereals and granola bars, but this cereal is just not up to par. It's just sweet enough, but is lacking that honey flavor. It's also dry and boring, compared to the original GoLean.
    Other than the plainness of this cereal, I can't complain. It's cheap at Target ($5 for two boxes.. I also got a coupon for free Silk soymilk!), and healthy, though I would buy something tastier next time....more info
    I like it ok but, if you eat it as cereal with just milk you'd have to hsve teeth like a squirrel!!! The best way I've found to eat it is put milk on it and cook it in the microwave for a minute or two. It's really good like that but as for eating it as cereal cold I say thumbs down!! ...more info
  • Yummy healthy crunchy goodness
    This is good cereal. It has crunchy texture and is just a little tiny bit sweet. This will not get soggy in milk! Not only does it taste good, it is quite good for you, with flaxseed, fiber and protein to start your day right. I also love to add it to yogurt and fruit, or just eat it plain. I'll make you a deal. If you try it and don't like it, just send it my way and I'll be glad to take it off your hands. ;)...more info
  • Okay But Sicky-Sweet
    I saw the price on this cereal and decided to give it a go. I rarely see it priced less than $4 where I shop. I love the regular Go Lean Crunch but was very disappointed with the Honey Almond Flax version. Even using unsweetened almond milk, I found that this cereal was just too sweet for my taste buds. I was also disappointed in the crunch or rather lack of crunch. I'll stick with the original, thank you very much....more info
  • GoLean Crunch Lover
    Truly a great choice for a nutritious and healthy cereal. With the high fiber and protein, without the added 'bad stuff', you can't go wrong. I was eating the original Crunch before they came out with this one. I would recommend the original as well. I just prefer the flavor of this one a little more. It is a part of my daily diet, along with some of the other Kashi brand cereals. They are also great mixed together. I do not think you can go wrong with Kashi, I have been eating it for years. It is nice to have a 'good for you' cereal that is also affordable. Let's just hope they do not read this and up their prices. Buy a box and try it. I do recommend breaking it up before you open the bag though, unless you like a lot of big chunks of cereal. ...more info
  • Tastes Better Than Original
    I was hesitant to try Kashi GOLEAN Crunch! Cereal, Honey Almond Flax, as the original Kashi GOLEAN Crunch wasn't that great. Luckily, I took a chance and discovered that this is a great cereal! As with all of the Kashi cereals, you are sure to have a high level of nutrition. This cereal is great as a snack and for breakfast....more info
  • Ingredients
    For those with food allergies, here is a list of ingredients:
    Whole hard red winter wheat, long grain brown rice, barley, triticale, oats, rye, buckwheat, sesame seeds, evaporated cane juice crystals, soy protein concentrate, brown rice syrup, chicory root fiber, almonds, whole oats, whole flaxseed, expeller pressed canola oil, honey, salt, natural flavor, mixed tocopherols (natural vitamin E) for freshness.

    Contains wheat, soy, and almond ingredients.

    I also find this cereal to be absolutely delicious!...more info
  • My Advice - Try One Box From Your Local Market First
    If you plan to purchase "Kashi Go Lean Crunch - Honey Almond Flax" from your supermarket, you can probably add a star to this rating. It will have a longer shelf life and probably be quite a bit cheaper. Also it does taste good and is pretty nutritious and healthier then many sweet cereals out there. It taste like a grown up version of Post Super Golden Crisp.

    I bought this 4 pack when it was on sale here in the Gold Box deals. It did come out to be a much better deal then the regular price here, which is far above my local grocery store. Also last time I was at the store I checked and the expiration date was a good way into 2009, this 4 pack(which should last a while) expires in just a few months.
    To me it went too far beyond crunchy. It was so hard, it reminded me of biting into corn nuts, and frankly was worried about my teeth. I'm not sure if what I received was stale or that is the normal texture. I am on my second box and it is the same as the first.

    On the plus side, besides that it tastes good(pretty sweet), it is low in fat, has no cholesterol, is high in Protein, and has a good allowance of iron(8%). For those watching their sodium intake this cereal has 140 mg per serving. The sugar count is 12 grams - but uses evaporated cane juice crystals - it's a good source of fiber(8 gms total) and Omega-3 and is a multigrain cereal. Normally I don't like Flax, but it is really good for you, and in this cereal I liked it.

    And for those those who like it very crunchy - I don't think you would ever have to worry about these becoming soggy in milk. But i would recommend to try just one box from your local market first.

    So I give it 2 stars for something nutritious that actually tastes good, but the price is too high here, and if I am going to buy something in multi-packs, I'd like the shelf life to be just a bit longer(and also something a little chewier).

    Remember to breathe - eat healthy - and enjoy!.....Laurie...more info
  • Warning - Anaphylactic Shock,
    Ah, just what I needed from a food product: to stop breathing, have every inch of my skin and mucous membrane (everywhere) itch beyond belief and a loss of consciousness.

    It's called anaphylactic shock and the ingredients in this product guarantee a trip to the edge of death following by a trip to the hospital for anyone who is the least bit allergic....more info
  • Great Price! Best Cereal! Fresh!
    My supply of regular GOLEAN ran out and there were no sales locally. Ordered 4 cases of this. Was concerned when other reviewer stated short expiration date. All boxes I received have expiration of Nov/Dec 2008. Found regular GOLEAN on sale locally after placing order. Going to mix 1c each. Great nutrition and under $2.50/box with the coupon....more info
  • Good taste, hearty cereal
    To me, the taste is similar to Sugar Smacks or Sugar Crisp, though not so overwhelmingly sweet and a LOT more crunchy. This is not a cereal to just pour and eat. I usually let it set a bit to soften in milk or soy milk. It helps the flavor a little, too. I like this one slightly more than the regular crunch. I am a fan of most of the Kashi products I have tried....more info
  • Yuck
    This cereal was horrible and felt like I was eating rocks, with no taste :(...more info
  • Go lean...
    This is the best thing that Go Lean makes. The cereal has a great taste and is filled with lots of nutrition! This is my favorite cereal....more info
  • DO NOT buy this from AMAZON!
    Good cereal - my favorite in fact, however the packages I got from Amazon are not crunchy and stale. I cannot even return or exchange any of them either. I am very VERY unhappy about ordering this item from Amazon....more info
  • I love this stuff!
    I eat it every day. I love it mixed with yogurt too. Yummy AND good for you. ...more info
  • why would anyone buy this here?
    My one star rating is for the price, not the product. This cereal is great, if a bit too crunchy-healthy for those not used to it. (the first time i ate it, I did not like it. But now I really like it). But the price here is absurd. Even at Whole Paycheck it's more than $1 less per box than it is here, and even less expensive at Target where you can get 2-packs for $5. ...more info


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