Miller's Honey, Wild, 3-Pound Jar (Pack of 2)

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Product Description

100% Pure and natural. Grade A unfiltered. Product of U.S.A.

Customer Reviews:

  • Love it!
    This is a product I highly recommend. It is dark, organic, economical,
    and healthy. What more can one ask for? I have ordered for my grand
    children and sisters....more info
  • The Best!
    We love this honey! The first few orders arrived with broken or leaking seals through the packages...big mess...but we have a great UPS driver who always returned them unopened for us...made a mess on his truck too! Great news though...the last order came through wrapped correctly...Finally, we can enjoy this great honey...we changed brands for awhile because of the packaging and it just wasn't the same!...more info
  • They really should tighten the lids before shipping
    Very good honey at a reasonable price but as another reviewer observed the lids aren't on tight. Nothing spilled but then again it could have....more info
  • Thick honey
    This Honey is very good. The taste is mild and not very strong. Has a nice aftertaste if you eat it with yougurt or just plain. Better than most other Honeys and good for the price of around 3 per pound...more info
  • Great product
    I like this honey because its in pure and unfiltered form ,very benefical for the body and the is great tasting as well....more info
  • Not as good as I'd hoped
    I'm a fan of raw honey but this product didn't measure up. There's an strong, almost medicinal tang to it that competes with what I try to use it with. It is absolutely horrible sweetening plain yogurt. You can't entirely control what the bees collect with wild honey, but perhaps that's a good reason to avoid this in the future. It just isn't consistent. If you're looking for a really rich and smooth flavor I suggest raw buckwheat honey, and it is what I will be buying again when I finish this up.

    For those that reported leaking, mine arrived fine, but I agree that the lids are way too loose (and with nothing to secure them) so it's not hard to imagine that leakage has happened a few times. It'd help even if the amazon shippers just did a hand tighten before boxing them up. The lids are that loose....more info
  • Delicious!
    I'll agree that this honey is absolutely divine. Taste is rich and not like store honey. Bought it for tea and it is a treat. Shipped to me in good shape....more info
  • Huge Messy Glob delivered to door - Twice!
    I've ordered honey from Amazon previously and thought I'd try this even though it is slightly more expensive. As a person who enjoys tasting different varieties of honey but primarily likes a little in my tea, I was looking forward to testing it.

    Instead, the first order was returned back to Amazon due to damages. I had to call Amazon since there wasn't a replacement or refund. A second order was sent via overnight delivery only to have a box seeping with honey set in front of my door by the delivery man. When I refused to sign for it in that condition you can imagine how unhappy they were...he said it had already seeped all over the conveyor belt, his truck, other packages etc...

    Big ughly mess. I've gone back to ordering the other brand of honey. It's less expensive, tasty and arrives in good order....more info
  • Good Honey, Perfect 3 pound size
    Nice dark honey and tastes great. I like the 3-pound Jar because it is perfect for home brewing a 1 gallon batch of Mead Honey Wine. I didn't have any problems with shipping. Went off without a hitch. Will be making it into mead soon and will post back as to how it tastes in about six months.

    Very difficult to get honey in 3-pound size. Glad to find this....more info
  • 100% pure; certified organic & kosher; & Made in the USA
    Once you taste quality honey like Miller's you'll search other recipes and uses because something this delicious shouldn't be left to only sore throats and cups of tea.

    However, it was my wife's nightly cup of tea that drove our purchase. She grew tired of store-brand honey that is sugary and watery with none of the richness natural, raw honey provides. Wildflower honey (flavor, color and smell) varies depending on the wildflowers from which the bees harvested the nectar.

    Taste -- The honey is dark amber in color with a rich, syrupy finish; excellent with black tea and McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal.

    Quality -- According to, Miller's Honey is Certified Kosher by Kosher Overseers of America and Certified Organic by QAI - Quality Assurance Intl. The honey is produced in the United States.

    Value -- Two 3-pound jars are listed on Amazon for $20.35 and eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime. I checked on the Miller's Honey and the same order costs $17.18 but with ground shipping (the least expensive shipping option) is $27.86.

    Shipping -- The jars arrived in terrific shape, no drips, no leaks, no spills.

    Other -- My wife likes the jar's wide-mouth opening, which makes it easy to dip larger spoons. Store your honey at room temperature in a kitchen cabinet or pantry shelf.

    Rating -- Five stars....more info


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