Rishi Tea Organic Jasmine Pearl Loose Tea, 3-Ounce Tin (Pack of 2)

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Garden direct teas and artisan blends. The most sought-after grade of jasmine green tea. USDA organic. Certified kosher. Certified Organic by QAI. Who is Rishi? Our mission is to import artisan teas direct from the garden to you. Rishi committed to preserving artisan teas through long term relationships with organic tea producers. Rishi experts frequent the tea regions each season to ensure the sustainability and superb quality of our teas through direct trade. Origin: The pairing of jasmine blossoms and tea originated in the Min River region of China. Jasmine Pearls are the most sought-after grade if jasmine green tea, hand crafted according to artisan tradition. Our Organic Jasmine Pearl green tea is produced for Rishi Tea by the only certified organic grower of Jasmine Pearl in the world. Profile: Rishi's Organic Jasmine Pearl is produced according to a nearly 900 year old natural tea scenting technique developed in China. Traditional jasmine tea is made without perfumes or added flavors. Only reserve quality green tea picked during the early spring and fresh jasmine blossoms are used to make Jasmine Pearl green tea. Green teas contain more health promoting anti-oxidants than wine, vegetables and 21 common fruits and fruit juices. Premium tea is healthy, tasty and calorie-free. Palate: Jasmine Pearl has a gentle body and distinctly sweet jasmine aroma. In Asia, jasmine tea is paired with spicy or oily foods and freshen breath. Jasmine is prized for its slimming and cholesterol reducing properties. (These statement have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

  • Case of two three-ounce tins (total of 6 ounces)
  • Most sought-after grade of jasmine green tea; gentle body and distinctly sweet jasmine aroma
  • Leaves/buds hand rolled into small pearls and scented with jasmine using 900-year-old technique
  • Harvested in China's Fujian province in early spring; USDA-certified organic; kosher-certified
  • Selected by Rishi buyers (no middlemen); packaged in Milwaukee, WI

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful tea
    Great product, fresh, quick shipping. I will buy again. But it will be a while before I run out. ...more info
  • Amazing Jasmine!
    This stuff is incredible! I've had many different kinds of Jasmine tea, and this tops them all hands down. No bitterness. Tastes great unsweetened, and blissfully delicious with agave or stevia! I love it....more info
  • Simply the best
    This tea is simply the best. It is not that expensive considering it is so much better than typical teas in grocery stores. I think it has cleansing abilities because I do feel it after drinking the tea. It is extremely refreshing, and it smells so good. ...more info
  • Best Jasmine I have found!
    I have tried probably half a dozen different Jasmine Teas and have found my favorite with this one. It really does last for at least three steepings, which makes this cost per use go way down for a great tasting tea....more info
  • Absolutely the BEST tea!
    I love this tea! My mother has been drinking it for years and recently bought four tins and gave me two of them. What a treat it has been to wake up each morning and drink a couple cups of this wonderful "Gem", I really do look forward to it. I use one full teaspoon in my glass tea pot with infuser and am able to enjoy two large mugs from that. I add a little liguid lemon stevia and a touch of cream and voila...it is like having dessert in the morning! You will not be disappointed with this tea...ENJOY! ...more info
  • Bliss in a cup
    This little can of Jasimine pearls are a little secret of bliss in a cup of tea. You bring into your life a fragrance of spring and goodness. The scent is captavating and makes you feel you are in a personal shangri la of your very own. The taste is overwhelming to your tastebuds with it's sweet refreshing sips. Many of your senses enjoy this tea at once. To taste it and smell it, is to experience a joy many do not know. Pass the secret along to your friends and loved ones. I have. Enjoy and share....more info
    They're 'WAY off--use one TEASPOON/8 oz. of water at 190o. I start with a total brewing time of three minutes (including the time needed to decant), adding 30 seconds to the subsequent two infusions (forget about a fourth--three is about as good as it gets).
    Now, as to the tea itself. This is EXTREMELY fine jasmine tea. Rishi's offering uses "dragon pearls" of excellent quality--Chinese green tea leaves that are hand-rolled into little...well, pearls. The pearls are then scented, over the course of several days, with fresh jasmine blossoms--20 lbs. of fresh jasmine blossoms are used to scent each pound of tea. This is excellent, absolutely delicious tea that, excepting the word "jasmine," has virtually nothing to do with cheaper grades of tea that are scented chemically with perfumes. It scents the whole room as it brews. :)
    Bearing in mind that there are no bargains to be found for top-grade tea--it's never cheap--Amazon has the best price I've yet found for Rishi Jasmine Pearls, especially if one can qualify for free shipping. It can and should be infused three times, which might take some of the sting out of purchasing, the health benefits of green tea providing the final push.
    Rishi Dragon Pearls are now a part of my parents' daily routine. In addition, I made a gift of a can to a friend's mom--that can went all the way to Russia and was, predictably, received with delight and appreciation. A cousin in California, on my recommendation, went a bit hog-wild and bought four cans from Amazon--she's now a fan, too. I doubt there are any better green jasmine pearls to be found. (Seven Cups, an online purveyor of top-grade Chinese tea, has white jasmine pearls that are equally fine but very different--I like both).
    Incidentally, try to brew this tea in glass as the unfurling of the pearls is extremely beautiful to watch. I also don't recommend serving it iced--I tried it and it just isn't appropriate.

    Update: I just bought a new can and noticed that the brewing instructions are radically different. The suggested brewing times remain the same (3 - 4 minutes), but the amount of leaf has TRIPLED to one tablespoon and the suggested brewing temperature has decreased by 10o to 180o. Frankly, given that I get excellent results with the suggestions that are still posted on the Rishi Web site, I decided that the only concession I'll make is to drop the temperature to 185o, leaving everything else the same. A higher concentration of scented leaf would likely gag me (as in the case of the brewing instructions for Rishi's Osthmanthus Silver Needle), plus the original instructions are MUCH more cost-effective. Tea preferences, however, are very much a matter of taste, so play with the suggested parameters, if you're so inclined, to determine yours. Keep in mind, though, that jasmine tea can become bitter if mishandled (this just passed on to me by Austin at Seven Cups), so play safe!...more info
  • MMM
    Love Jasmine/Green Tea. Comes in a nicely sealed container. Not to much Jasmine or Green tea, just the correct amount!...more info
  • Lovely tea.
    I drink this tea often and I'll buy it again -- I would gladly give it as a gift as well. The flavor is mild and sweet and the scent is more than pleasant... a nice, relaxing evening tea. I brew it with or without a tea ball as I am not a gourmet or a traditionalist by any stretch and don't mind having leaves in the bottom of my cup. ...more info
  • Worth The Price
    I had some of this tea a couple of years ago. I started to try different types of green tea from a local health food store with a large selection of green teas. After trying several I finally decided to go online to find the tea that I liked in the past. I found the Rishi Tea and bought a 2-Pack of the jasmine Pearl. I love the smooth taste and the wonderful blend of tea and jasmine flower. All flavors in this tea are equally balanced and provide a very flavorful experience. I also like this tea because I can brew it two to three times and still obtain a nice flavor. I Highly recommend this tea....more info
  • Excellent tea
    My wife loves this stuff. It's expensive but one container lasts for a month or two. She normally puts in 6 - 8 of the little balls per cup. I like it too, but she's fanatical about it....more info
  • Wonderful tea!
    This is the best tea I've ever had. It is mild with no bitter after taste. Easy to brew and each "helping" of tea pearls can be used at least three times (four makes it a little weak for my taste). Even my husband had started drinking Jasmine Pearl tea, in the morning. Stir in a teaspoon of honey and you have absolute heaven!...more info


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