Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice Cereal, Gluten Free, Organic, 10-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

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  • Case of six 10-ounce boxes of cereal (total of 60 ounces)
  • Oven-toasted cereal made from organically grown brown rice
  • Contains no gluten or wheat; all natural and low in fat
  • Crisp and wholesome whole grain cereal
  • High-quality specialty health foods since 1966

Customer Reviews:

  • good mixed with granola
    I mix this cereal with gluten-free granola to cut the sweetness in the granola. By itself, this rice cereal is tasty but not very filling. Good with fruit....more info
  • Edible, but not great
    I tried my first bowl tonight after ordering the bulk order from Amazon due to the reviews. I thought they tasted a bit like a cardboard version of Rice Krispies - they were pretty tasteless. I ended up adding a bit of sugar to it to make it more palatable.

    The cereal tastes like it would be decent with fruit, but I would probably add a few extra marshmallows if I were to make rice krispie treats out of it.

    Overall, I would say that there are other, tastier GF cereals out there -- the Envirokids brand is a pretty good one for instance. However, if you're looking for something to replace Rice Krispies specifically, this is an okay substitute but by no means perfect....more info
  • Very Good
    This is a really good cereal, though admittedly if you're used to Rice Krispies, it will not be the same. My kids, all picky, like this cereal. The recipe for peanut butter crispy treats on the box is awesome! No one misses Rice Krispies in our house!...more info
  • Gluten Free Cereal that tastes good with fruit
    This cereal is like rice crispies and it taste good but better with fruit. There is also a Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice Ceral with mixed berries that is much better for me although I have not been able to get it lately. This is a great gluten free product for those who have to avoid gluten products. Celiac disease suffers are always looking for tasteful foods that are gluten free. I hope more products become available in bulk for us.

    ...more info
  • Great Price & Taste, especially for GF & Rotation diets
    This is a great gluten-free version of "Rice Krispies". It's very low in sugar, so it's also good for diabetics & hypoglycemics. Since the ingredient list is short, it's good for food rotation diets for those with severe food allergies. It also does the snap, crackle, pop just like the original. If it needs flavor but not added sugar/calories, then add flavored liquid Stevia (comes in chocolate, strawberry, orange creme, etc.) to some plain rice or soy milk before mixing the milk with the cereal. My kids love this cereal. Originally, they added all kinds of flavored Stevia to it, but now they just eat it plain. You CAN get your children to eat less sugar - just reduce it slowly. Resist the premade foods with lots of added sugar or artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Search for no sugar or sweetener-added products like plain yogurt & applesauce, and add sugar to your liking, then reduce over time (months). Make your own & reduce the sugar and add fruit or seasonings when you can; at least that will add nutrition. Over time, continue to reduce the amount of sugar you add and substitute with some Stevia. Voila! My kids eat much less sugar. In fact, my daughter once complained that my granola was TOO sweet!. (I had added more sugar than normal because it was for her scout troop. I was afraid no one would eat it since it wasn't very sweet to begin with.) Interestingly, the scouts & their adult leaders found it delicious & not overly sweet, which shows that probably everyone is overloaded with sugar. Ok, now back to our review...Amazon has the best price I've seen anywhere. My local stores are charging four dollars a box! If this GF version of rice 'krispies' isn't to your liking, try the Barbara's version. It is a little sweeter and still GF, but not so good for rotation diets because it uses 2-3 fruit juices for sweetening. If these cereals taste like cardboard, that's your sugar addiction/Standard American Diet stomach talking. Don't give in unless you want to die young. You can change your diet; it just takes some work & some time......more info
  • Yummy Gluten Free Cereal
    This is one of the only Gluten Free cereals that my children and I can eat and not feel like we are "missing out" on flavor. I love this cereal because it is not only Gluten Free, for my son, but it isn't sweetened with sugar (sugar beets or cane sugar, both of which cause my daughter and me to have headaches.) So for people with food allergies this is a great cereal! My only complaint is that this cereal doesn't last long at our house! :)...more info
  • My GFCF Kids Love This!
    This is my kids' (3 and 6 yrs old) favorite breakfast. We are doing the gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) and soy-free diet. They like it with Pacific Rice Milk [note: Rice Dream is NOT gluten-free!] or Living Harvest Hempmilk. You can also use the cereal to make bars or little balls of yumminess. I buy this in bulk here on Amazon...the kids love it!
    [...]...more info
  • A safe and tasty cereal for Celiacs
    This cereal is not for you if you're used to sugary junk cereal. If you have Celiac's disease and multiple allergies, however, like me, or if you just want a pure and wholesome cereal without a lot of unhealthy additives, this is definitely for you. It is light and crispy, but filling and satisfying. I gave a box to my girlfriend who just found out that she is Celiac, and she thought it was great too. I'm so glad that Erewhon decided to make this cereal. It gives me something to eat for breakfast besides eggs, eggs and more eggs. It make breakfast seem like breakfast again! Caution: the unsalted type is not very tasty at all. ...more info
  • Reasonable flavor, not much nutrition
    I have been purchasing these for my wife. She was recently diagnosed with Celiac and already had child onset diabetes. She was eating Kellogs cornflakes for about 20 years, once or twice a day, but quit because Kellogs could not confirm gluten free corn flakes (because they use the same equipment in processing whole grain products).
    After a few months of these her hair started falling out, probably because of a lack of folic acid and possibly some other essential vitamins or minerals. Upon further review, we realized that, for a cereal, this product is severely lacking in nutrition. It cannot compare to most main stream cereals out there, but probably does as well as other gluten free cereals. We chose to take our chances with Kelloggs Corn flakes, but she is still eating these occasionally.
    What else are we going to do with 16 boxes! ;-) Since switching back to Corn flakes , her hair has stopped falling out and some new hair growth is being observed....more info
  • Gluten-free rice cereal
    This is a great cereal. It tastes and looks like cornflakes, stays crisp when milk is poured on it and makes a great breakfast! After having to eat the tasteless dry straw that passed for gluten-free cereal just a few years ago, this is really a great step forward for all celiacs who love their cereal. ...more info
  • low sugar...
    my kids love this! The sugar is very low so good for a diabetic diet, too. we add dried fruit to it, too....more info
  • Love it!
    My 2-year old son takes VitaSpectrum per his pediatrician's advice. That thing has a very awful taste! I can't even hide it in his juice eventhough it's citrus-y. Well, I put the vitamin in this cereal (no liquid) and he ate it just fine. I was so shocked. He's so picky I didn't even think that he'd be distracted by the krispiness of this cereal.

    My daughter, however, does not like the taste and refuses to eat it. :-(...more info
  • Gluten-Free Rice Crispies
    Enjoy it as cereal, or make rice crispies treats out of it. Anyone who has to avoid glutens will enjoy this product.
    ...more info
  • great for kids with allergies.
    Unlike puffed rice which does not resemble rice krispys, this cereal tastes like the real deal without the extra stuff that my kid's allergic to. Received the product (case of 6) quickly. Will order again!...more info
  • Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice Cereal, Gluten Free
    FANTASTIC. Although I ordered the wrong product and was supposed to order the cereal with berries, my wife refused to send the product back. She loves the Crispy Brown Rice Cereal and just adds her own fruit. I've corrected my mistake, and was wonderful, understanding and very helpful about my error. These products listed with gluten free, wheat free are less expensive than in local stores and delivered right to our front door in just a few days. My wife is allergic to wheat and we've tried the Ener-G bread, Bob's GF flour, Pamela's mini choc chip cookies and the cereal and my wife LOVES them. I would recommend to anyone who needs gluten free, wheat free products to order thru The prices, the quality, the quantity and the free shipping option is great especially for seniors who have trouble getting to the grocery. Can't say enough about these products. saves you gas, time AND money and the quality of the food is TOP NOTCH! It tastes a little different than wheat products that we've all grown up with, but my wifes health is going to be better by using these products. Would recommend gluten free, wheat free products sold on to anyone. My wife says this product is a 9 1/2 (1/2 off because I didn't order it w/berries). Thanks to all those who help produce these products for so many who need them....more info
  • Taste like packing pellets
    Organic and gluten free shouldn't have to taste like wall insulation! I bought 12 boxes based on reviews HERE, and am regretting my purchase. If you don't mind tasteless crispies with a cardboard texture, fine. I prefer to rise above. Now I'm stuck with 11 1/2 boxes! ...more info
  • Great for breakfast and treats
    My kids love it as cereal in the morning and I like to use it in homemade Rice Crispy treats. Tastes not much different than rice crispies. I eat it with a little sweetener. ...more info
  • delicious
    great cereal for people on gluten free diet and not on the diet. Its a healthier alternative especially when baking with Rice Krispies....more info
  • Love the Crispy Brown Rice!
    We love this cereal - it crackles! My 2-year old adores the sound. We love the taste - a GIANT improvement over the Rice Krispies of our childhoods. We especially like the fact that it isn't too sweet, and is very low in sugar, but still has a cereal-y taste. For you sweet-tooths, don't panic - it tastes great with an extra sprinkle or drizzle of something sweet on it....more info
  • Good alternative
    I eat this cereal with unsweetened soy milk, strawberries, and bananas. In my opinion, it needs the fruit for sweetness. I also sprinkle flaxseed on it for a nutty flavor.

    You can also make a hot cereal version with it. With soy milk, apples, cinnamons in a saucepan... yum :)

    I have a digestive disease and this cereal does not bother me at all- it's a Godsend....more info
  • Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice Cereal
    This is a tasty cereal without the all-too-common additives and preservatives. It is very light and crunchy and even "talks" like a certain commercial white rice cereal! Although it is organic and made from brown rice, it sadly lacks fiber. If it had a reasonable amount of fiber, I would have rated it at five stars....more info
  • A great cereal
    I eat this almost every day or every other day along with the EnviroKids brand flakes. It's a great cereal a little dry unless you add some banana or a little sugar but otherwise great....more info
  • lifesaver
    This is a tasty cereal. It has a good crunchy texture. It is one of a few safe foods my daughter can eat. It has no extra preservatives, colors, gluten etc.. It has been a lifesaver for us to find a food that dose not have a lot of extra preservatives, dyes, etc that could make her ill. It has been a lifesaver as it is one of her main foods in food trialing. She can only eat rice at this point. We buy it by the case. Thank you Erewhon!! for making it and Amazon for supplying....more info
  • rice cereal
    This is a sweet cereal, almost too sweet. Could use some protein like almonds and flax seed. ...more info
  • Tasty with a crackle and a pop!
    Tasty, this Gluten-free product is appealing to the eye too. The cereal is puffy, testifying to the fact that this food has not been over-proccessed. Kids might like it's crackle and pop sound. My guess is they'll like it without sugar, too. I do, in spite of my sweet tooth. Don't be concerned about ordering this item in bulk. Go for it!
    ...more info
  • Gluten free breakfast
    Tastes fine, works well by keeping me free from the little additives such as malt syrup etc. Not salty as some products are. ...more info
  • Definitely a "health food" cereal
    This cereal has a healthy, nutty flavor very similar to that of puffed rice, but with more crisp. It is very low in calories, and it's true what the other reviewer mentioned about the low glycemic impact. It is not a sweet cereal by any means. I eat it with vanilla soymilk, and that makes it tasty enough for me. I personally I would not spring it on a child who is new to a gluten-free diet, because they'll likely turn their nose up at it if served as is. I agree with the other reviewer and would recommend the Envirokids line of cereals for GF kids (caution - a couple of them are *not* GF!)....more info
  • Healthy and Tasty Cereal!
    This product is a good buy on Amazon, especially when subscribing to receive a pack of 6 for one month. I figure I save about $6.00, plus gas to drive to the health store.

    This cereal is really good in plain rice milk. I have a bowl of it every morning!...more info
  • Low in sugar and tastes great too:)
    My kids love this cereal plain, with fruit and/or yogurt, or even when making rice crispy treats!!! I love that this cereal is very low in sugar and really tastes great! Who knew gluten free could be this tasty:)...more info
  • Great Cereal Choice
    We absolutely love this light and healthy cereal. My wife eats it more than once a day with various things added to add up to a total healthy and tasty meal. We continue to buy this product because the quality is consistent and impeccable....more info


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