Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Zero, 12-Ounce Bag (Pack of 2)

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  • The All-Purpose Organic Zero-Calorie Sweetener made just from sugar cane
  • Zero on the Glycemic Index
  • Zero Artificial Ingredients
  • The perfect highly digestible organic alternative to synthetic sweeteners on the market
  • USDA Organic and Kosher certified, suitable for vegetarian diets

Customer Reviews:

  • Depends what you use it for
    This stuff is a pretty good sugar substitute, but it really depends on what you use it for.

    If you are planning on using it in baked goods, I'd suggest that you not. The "sugar" has a slightly cooling effect when you taste it (it's hard to explain). I tried to make cookies with it just to see how they would turn out, and they had that weird sensationy taste to them.

    This "sensation" (taste isn't the right word) is not very noticeable if you use it in small amounts, such as on cereal, on fruit, in smoothies (AMAZING)...and I'd imagine in coffee (I don't drink it, so I don't know).

    Organic Zero is sweet, and for the most part, it tastes--and even looks--like sugar (it's basically a sugar alcohol). Again, I would recommend it in small quantities, but not for baking purposes.

    $20ish dollars is an EXTREMELY good price for two packages. I bought some at my local co-op and ended up paying about $15 for one bag.

    If you're into artificial sweetners, I'd say it's worth a try--it doesn't have scary things related to it like aspartame and nutrisweet do.
    ...more info
  • Definite Aftertaste
    I bought this product because my Splenda in 9.7 oz packages became unavailable. I was willing to give it a reasonable try but I just don't like the flavor. It's not exactly bitter, maybe chemical-like is a better description. It makes my tea taste off and leaves an unpleasant tingle on the tongue. So, it does look like sugar though it is less sweet, but I don't like the taste. And, I think, for the price, you aren't getting anywhere near enough product. A twelve oz. bag of this stuff is about the equivalent of a 2/3rds full sandwich bag. I was quite disappointed overall. ...more info
  • great! w/out health hazards
    as far as we know, no mice got cancer on this product - which cannot be said for the other sugar substitutes out there. scary. i used it in juice - tastes like sugar and no yucky after taste. i can't believe it myself.
    i paid $13 for each at the local health food store....more info
  • Sweet, Safe and Organic!
    If you've come across this product, it's probably because you're looking for a calorie-free sugar alternative.

    Organic Zero is a WONDERFUL safe alternative; unlike a certain chemical sweetener that claims it taste like sugar because it's made from sugar that has many harmful effects on your health.

    Unless you taste Organic Zero right out of the bag, you really can't tell that you're not using regular white sugar.

    Guilt-free sugary treats! YUM YUM!...more info
  • Wow
    This stuff is great. It works well in place of refined sugars. Not as sweet as sugar, but not always a bad thing....more info
  • organic zero is amazing!
    I am diabetic and have been waiting for a product like this. No nasty aftertaste at all! Try it on grapefruit, I even made some Koolade using half Splenda and half Zero. It was really refreshing. I am anxious to bake with it, though its a bit pricey to use in larger quantities as yet. I'm Hoping the price will go down some. Not as sweet as sugar, but it has all the same texture and crunch. Try it, I think you will be suprised....more info
  • If you can't tolerate no cal sweetener, you should try this one!
    This is the first no cal sweetener I can tolerate. I just wish it were more affordable and available in larger quanities....more info
  • Great alternative to Sugar.
    I bought this product as I was trying to find something to sweeten my tea with that was not sugar, and was not made with a bunch of chemicals.
    This was a nice surprise. It tastes like sugar and doesn't have a nasty after taste. I used it to bake a sugar free cheesecake, and it came out perfect with no bitter after taste. I like that you can measure it just like sugar and it seems to do the job just as well in baking....more info
  • I bake with it
    I'm going to ride on the previous reviewer's comments - with the exception that I use it for baking, but use 1/2 Zero and 1/2 original sugar requirements. I don't notice any cooling and it makes the baked items easier for me to handle (less insulin, I'm a diabetic).

    So far I've made pumpkin spice cookies, banana nut bread and gingerbread cookies this way and it tastes fine in all of them....more info
  • Bought mine for baking -- with TERRIFIC results
    I have been building up my gluten-free repertoire for some time now, but getting the sugar out of recipes has been a REAL HASSLE. Stevia and Xylitol are both MUCH too sweet-tasting for me, although the glycemic load is lower. I bought this product to try in my Easter Cake and it is DELICIOUS. It also hasn't affected my blood sugar at all. I will buy from Amazon using their subscription plan and lower my cost that way.

    THANK YOU, WHOLESOME for an excellent product. Peace....more info
  • Tastes like sugar.
    I have only used this in my coffee and tea. In those applications it works great. I can't tell that it is not sugar. I really do not like the flavor of the fake sugars, plus they are not good for our bodies. This will cut the calories and will still allow the sweet tooth to feel appreciated! I have had no side affects like they list as possible in other places. But I have not consumed more than 4 spoonfulls at a time. It does take more of it than real sugar but that it ok! Amazon has the best price ever! My local market sells this for over $13 per bag! I love the ease of ordering here....more info
  • sugar-like texture without the sugar blues
    This is the best natural sugar replacement I've found. It looks and feels just like sugar. The taste is sugar-like, but less intensely sweet, which means you can either use it to wean yourself or someone else into less of a sweet tooth or you can use more Organic Zero than you would sugar, to get equal sweetness.

    It's healthy and doesn't give you either the chemical aftertaste of Splenda or the buzz-and-crash of sugar. Love it!...more info


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