SweetLeaf All Natural Zero Calories SteviaPlus, 100 Packets, 3.5 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 2)

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All natural. Zero calories. SweetLeaf SteviaPlus is made from the highest quality of stevia. Stevia is an all natural herbal product that grows as a small green shrub in its native environment of Paraguay. Stevia has zero calories and great taste which is why it's popular with health conscious people around the globe. A smart addition to a healthy lifestyle, Sweet Leaf SteviaPlus is the highest-quality, best-selling stevia product of North America. The Plus is the addition of inulin fiber (FOS) - a premium-grade, naturally-occurring soluble fiber that is found in chicory, fruits and vegetables. Inulin fiber helps nourish the friendly bacteria (lactobacillus and bifidobacteria) in the intestines and may provide many health benefits including: Improved gastrointestinal function, Support for healthy liver function, Support for healthy immune function (This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease). Four pkts equal the fiber of 1 bowl of cereal.

  • Pack of two boxes, each box containing 100 packets of naturally sweet fiber supplement powder (200 total packets)
  • Contains 100% natural inulin fiber (FOS) and stevia (leaf) extract, and a minimum of 90% steviosides, including 40% rebaudioside A; certified Kosher
  • 100% fat, calorie, and carbohydrate free; contains no artificial sweeteners; 2 teaspoons equals the fiber of 1 bowl of cereal
  • Helps nourish friendly inteststinal bacteria and may improve gastrointestinal function and support for healthy liver function
  • Made from stevia leaves grown in Paraguay

Customer Reviews:

  • Not as Good as Splenda
    I was encouraged when I saw Stevia in commercial production because it is a very natural alternative to the man-made sweeteners; but, it does not quite do the trick. It takes more to get something sweet and there is a taste to it that is not as good as Splenda....more info
  • Love the Taste
    A lovely sweetener with no after taste and fiber. Love the convenience of the Amazon automatic subscription....more info
  • Very good product
    I used a whole box of this stuff, while it takes about 2 packs for a very large cup of coffee, it is well worth it to get a break for a while from eating sugar.

    Sometimes, in the boiling hot coffee, this sugar would clump a little. So I recommend this for traveling, or at work. For normal everyday use I recommend the droppers they sell. About 2 half droppers will make a large coffee VERY sweet. I think the droppers are more expensive, but they do last a very long time and are proably more pure.

    This is the only painless way I know to get away from sugar. Other sweeteners contain chemicals, and desipite what the marking people say, sweeteners like splenda are not natural. ...more info
  • Not so sweet
    Disappointed best describes how I feel about the stevia I recently purchased. I had used stevia several times in restaurants and it seemed fine but after I ordered two boxes I soon found it was not so sweet after all....more info
  • Still caking problem
    I purchased two of these packages in mid Jan 2007. I have only finished one box (of four) and am finding about 1 out of 4 packets have caked. Due apparently to a small air leak in the packet so moisture can get in (only my personal theory). I just pound on the packet with a knife handle to break it up and use it anyway but it is a problem. And they have known about it now for a long time, seems like they would have solved the problem........more info
  • Well worth it!!
    I am a loyal customer of the Stevia product for over eight years now. In the beginning, the sweetner was just a bit bitter, but that passes quickly. I now use a Stevia packet along with a Splenda packet and it blends perfectly. The health benefits to both are unbeatable!
    TRY IT, you will not be disappointed - with 0 calories - and it being a natural sweetner...how can you go wrong!?!?!...more info
  • SweetLeaf Stevia Plus, packets
    Once you get used to the taste of stevia than I think it would be hard to go back to any other natural sweetener. I keep the packets in my purse all the time so when we go to a resteraunt I don't have to use any other sweetener....more info
  • Buy at Trader Joe's! Amazon doesn't store this product correctly. :(
    5 Stars for the Stevia product...natural, delicious! 0 Stars for Amazon's inability to correctly store this item in their warehouses. I experienced the same trouble as other reviewers, packets showing up hard and useless. When purchased in the store, I have never had one hard or brittle packet. Don't bother purchasing from Amazon, instead head to your local Trader Joe's where you can purchase 100 packets for $5.99. Not the fiber supplement type, but doesn't clump and more per packet. Amazon really shouldn't even bother selling this product if the Stevia shows up ruined....more info
  • Sugar Free 2
    I use this when I'm on the go. I always carry a few packets with me to ensure that I won't be stuck using those inexpensive imitation sweeteners. Don't forget to stir while you pour, that's it....more info
  • Extremely Bitter
    I've been trying to get out of the habit of using Splenda in my coffee but really desire a sweetner. I tried SweetLeaf Stevia thinking it would be the perfect solution. Both my husband and I found it to be very bitter. We're surprised we don't see more of this compliant although I have seen it here and there. Some people say you have to try stevia that is Paraguayan however Sweetleaf says it's from Paraguay. Also some brands have added alcohol to their Stevia but this one does not appear to. So I'm stumped as to why others rave about it but we find it so bitter. Also it created alot of extra intestinal issues, perhaps from the fiber? I'm really bummed as I was hoping to move away from unnatural sweetners. ...more info
  • Natural sweetener
    Excellent natural product. Very expensive, so Amazon is a good place to purchase it. It tastes just like sugar, but requires a little less to sweeten than splenda. Doesn't cause headache, stomach ache, bloating, etc. I think you'll like this....more info
  • I Love Sweetleaf Stevia!!
    My local Wally World sells the 50 packet box for for more than eight bucks. Yippeee, I'm glad Amazon's got it. Sweetleaf is one of the only brands that doesn't taste bitter to me. They also don't adulterate it with Maltodextrin and other gunk.

    I love the fiber part too. I mostly use it in coffee, so I don't have any problems with it dissolving. I also use it in baking. I also picked up a couple of the Steviaclear Liquid in the 8 0z size. If you're going to use the liquid make sure it's the Steviaclear or the flavored kind. The Stevia Concentrate Dark Liquid is a 'whole leaf' concentrate that's really meant for topical use and other health issues, LOL. It's still sweet, just not as sweet, and probably has a more bitter taste.

    Oh boy have I saved a bundle. The cheapest I've been able to find the liquid Sweetleaf Stevia is around ten bucks for the small two ounce size. So I'm set for a few months, More like half a year or more, depending on how much I use it in cooking an coffee/tea.

    I've tried several other brands and even ordered a liter size from a well know auction site, but none have tasted as good to me as the Sweetleaf brand. The Liter I had shipped from Canada tasted slightly mediciny, and not as sweet.

    Believe it or not I can tell a difference in the way I feel when I'm using Stevia and when I'm using other sweeteners, and there's a difference between brands too. I've found I feel much better when I use the Sweetleaf brand. My ankles tend to swell, and most stevia brands help with that, but when I use the Sweetleaf brand it's a rarity for them to swell at all. I don't know whether it's their processing method or whatever. I just know there's a noticeable difference.

    And no, I don't know anyone in the company, and I haven't been compensated for my review. I just love this stuff that much! It's so great to find something good, that's actually good for me, and it doesn't tear up my immune and nervous system....more info
  • Great natural product!
    First tried this product in July 2007. Could not find it locally. Was excited to find it on Amazon. Price per box VERY reasonable!
    Like sweet taste of this product, and it is not a chemical sweetener....more info
  • nice tasting sugar alternative
    I use this mostly in my coffee and tea and find that it adds a kind of sweetness that I enjoy. I've had others try it and some have liked it as much as I do, and others said it wasn't for them. I remember reading years ago that Stevia has a slight licorice taste to it, but I don't detect any of that sort of taste at all. My online research leads me to believe that that might have something to do with inulin fiber (FOS) thats also a part of this sweetener.
    I tried Splenda and didn't like it.
    Everyone's tastes and body chemistry are different, but if you're looking to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet without feeling like you are suffering for it, then give this a try....more info
  • Sweetleaf Stevia Plus Fiber Packets
    A great way to get your sugar fix without the calories and get your fiber too! I use it in my iced tea, hot cereal and basically whatever I need to sweeten up....more info
  • Southern Girl's Addiction To Sweet Ice Tea
    Being a southern girl I place a high value on quality sweet ice tea. I just received my 2 boxes of sweetleaf stevia plus fiber today. I had made some ice tea earlier. I put one in. Not very sweet. I had to put 4 in to get close to what I wanted. Pretty much like splenda it takes 3 to 4 for my liking. The stevia was really too sweet when I got to the bottom of the glass. I had no problem with the fiber content as it stirred easily into the tea. Its just a different taste. I don't know if it tastes like licorice like some of the posts I have read. It has a light taste with no after taste like some of the stevia drops. I'm trying to break away from splenda and other apartame flavored drinks as they wreck havoc with our bodies. Its the making a deal with the subsitutes instead of the real thing that's so hard. I just need to make some changes so I will try this till it runs out and make a decision on whether I will continue. I would be only using it it in sweet tea. I m on the low carb diet for my diabetes to lose some weight and get off my meds which would probably kill me before apartame does, ha! I've done this before and lost 50 pds in 3 months. Amazing, huh! I had so much energy. ...more info
  • Great Stuff
    I think this is an excellent product. Something is seriously wrong when the FDA blocks widespread information about this product considering the increasing American "girth" factor (me included). Can we say Sugar Industry and Pharmaceutical political influence peddling???

    I couldn't use the standard products available for some reason. Nutrasweet would make all my joints hurt and if I ate more than two servings of it I literally could not move it hurt so bad.

    I thought Splenda would be a good alternate and was thankful that more products started using it. As I ate more of it though I started getting rashes that cleared up when I stopped eating Splenda. So I guess I am sensitive to these products. Don't know why but there it is.

    I've been using this product in all my food where its 'nutritional supplement' (wink wink) properties are really appreciated. Yes it will taste a little different at first. So did Saccharin, Nutrasweet, and Splenda. What I did was start using half of whatever you are using now and half of the Stevia for two weeks. Then switch over entirely. There is a very faint licorice after taste but I only notice it if I think about it, if at all. I myself use two packets of the Stevia in my coffee and it tastes very sweet. For a comparison I'd use 5 Splenda packets for about the same taste. The Stevia adds a little bit of "body" as well, I suppose from the high fiber content, something the artificial sweeteners were always missing.

    And yes it takes a little bit more effort to get it dissolved. I found the best results are obtained when you put the Stevia in the cup first and pour whatever liquid on top of it. If you put the Stevia on top of the liquid it will float and you'll have to stomp it with a spoon on the sides of the cup to get it to dissolve quickly. Haven't tried it for baking yet and will be interested to see how that turns out.

    I saw the other comments about the packaging and how the Stevia clumped up in the packet. The stuff I got was sealed in foil packets and I had no issues. Perhaps if they were using paper packets originally I can imagine that happening. Whatever the problem might have been they seem to have solved it.

    Natural product, high fiber, no allergies, zero calories, and very sweet -- I can deal with the truly insignificant problems and still be exceedingly pleased with the product....more info
  • Greatest Product
    This is the best, and seemingly healthiest, sweetener on the market. Minimal aftertaste, very sweet and the added bonus of fiber. It is really good and I have recommended it to all my sweetener user friends....more info
  • Sweet and convenient, but very different than artificial sweeteners
    I bought these as a supplement for the larger containers of plain Stevia, which I use most of the time, and is much more concentrated than these packets. Despite the difficulty dissolving the powder, I am satisfied, because this stuff tastes better than the pink or blue packets of sweetener. (and gives me no weird side effects) In fact, it beats them by miles, adding a light, sweet taste which enhances and doesn't mask the taste of my tea.

    It is different than most other sweeteners, if if you don't know the following, you will probably hate this stuff:

    1. The fiber seems to be more of a pain than a benefit. As my bulk Stevia has no problem dissolving (at all), I presume that the fiber is the culprit which makes this product a little difficult to use. There are different methods of dissolving this, but it will take a LOT more stirring than "Sweet and Splendid" or whatever you have used before.

    2. These packets have the sweetening power of a sugar packet, more or less. If you are used to some other no-calorie sweetener, you will need to use a couple of packets to get the level of sweetening you are used to. However, because the Stevia doesn't mask the taste of your beverage, you might find that using a smaller amount is more than satisfactory. (I don't know if the person tasting licorice got a bad batch, because I've been using this for a long time and never tasted anything but sweetness)

    As people all over the world use this dietary supplement without problems, I feel comfortable using it in my beverages. If I were pregnant, I would not use this or any other sweetener except sugar. That's a moot point anyway, because when I was pregnant, my docs forbade the use of tea or coffee, which would be the reason for using these packets in the first place. I defnitely would not give this to children because it is not totally recognized as safe. Besides, children generally have no need to use artificial sweeteners of any kind. (If my child was diabetic, that would be another story. I would consult with the child's doctor, who would hopefully "bless" this stuff, which seems to have far fewer problems than the sweeteners in the other packets.

    The upshot is -- these are convenient for travel, and the foil packets seem to have solved the "hard as a rock" problem. Stevia is slightly different than other sweeteners, and needs more stirring to dissolve. Give plain bulk Stevia a try for home use. It is much more concentrated, and because it doesn't have fiber, it dissolves instantly.

    Sorry for all the "I" and "me" statements in this review. Normally, there is other information one can refer to, even when writing an opinion. However, there doesn't seem to be much information out there, except for that published by people selling Stevia, who aren't the most objective people. The rest of the info I have found is anecdotal, like my review, and cannot substitute for good, double-blind studies. I believe that Stevia is safe, especially in reasonable quantities (a teaspoon or two a day). Until some definitive studies prove the safety of Stevia, I wouldn't use it in the huge quantities of sweeteners that Americans use each day....more info
  • what a blessing!
    I can't quite remember when I became such a stevia addict, but suffice it to say, I go through box after box of this stuff! The main thing I do with it is add it to tea. Three packets to a bottle of iced tea, or a little sprinkle into my glass. It tastes wonderful. I agree with other commenters that it doesn't dissolve as easily as I might like (of course, try dissolving sugar into a gallon of ice cold water, it puts things in perspective!)... However, I have noticed that, even when there are undissolved portions in the bottom of my bottle of iced tea, they do go away on their own in a minute or so. So its dissolving properties don't seem to be a problem for me at all.

    One thing to keep in mind is that sweet leaf does not taste good on its own! It isn't sugar, so you will have to adjust to compensate for the lack of bulk when baking with it, and you want to start with a tiny amount in beverages, or you will get a bitter taste. A sprinkle, not a spoonful! My brother tried it straight and hated it.... but of course straight cocoa beans wouldn't taste too great either, and I inhale chocolate all the same!

    Anyway, the real issue I want to bring up is Sweetleaf's recent approval from the FDA as having GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status for the use as a food additive. Previously, (and probably due to lobbying from an unnamed sugar manufacturer) we could only buy sweetleaf as a supplement, despite the stevia manufacturers offering hundreds of studies that proved its safety in the eighties... In the next couple months, we will finally see it in the sugar aisle! Not that sweet leaf will be keeping good company there, next to aspartamene and its cohorts, but it does make me really proud of Sweetleaf for taking on the sugar and artifical sweetener giants and fighting for the legal status that is rightfully theirs... as a perfectly safe, a wonderfully tasty way to sweeten food. It's truly criminal that artificial sweeteners are given the go ahead or that sugar is consumed at such unhealthy proportions in this country, with diabetes, tooth decay, obesity, and all the other problems that sugar causes... when Stevia doesn't have any of the bad effects that are associated with these other sweeteners!

    Now that stevia has new status from the FDA, expect a stevia-derived sweetener from Pepsi in the next couple months. I have no doubt, when stevia hits the market full swing, all the giants in the beverage industry will start telling us how dangerous artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup are... but sweetleaf has maintained from the start that stevia was a much better alternative, and they stood up to the giants and won! So my loyalties are to sweetleaf, no matter what Pepsi and Cargill have cooked up (seriously, google it!). Your health is worth giving up high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners for, so why not try this little guy out!...more info
  • Sweet Alternative
    this product is much safer for you then the other alternatives that are on the market--do the research,stevia is much more a healthy choice---...more info
  • Best thing next to sugar
    I've been using SweetLeaf SteviaPlus for about 3 weeks now, and I'm so glad I decided to try it. I was worried about the research coming out about aspartame; and Splenda... well, it just does terrible things to my stomach. I simply can't use it. So I started doing some web-searching and learned about stevia. I liked the fact that it was natural and used extensively in other countries, such as Japan. But I still kept my expectations low... it sounded too good to be true and I figured it would taste awful. I ordered SweetLeaf SteviaPlus and to my surprise and delight, I love the taste. It's sweet, and no bitterness. Now I'm a person who is used to using artificial sweeteners, so someone who uses only sugar might have a different opinion, but I did share it with a coworker to use in his tea, and he really liked it as well. So, don't be afraid to try it if you haven't already. I notice that I'm feeling a lot better lately. Maybe it's the switch from artificial sweeteners to stevia. At any rate, I'm happy with it, and I recently placed another order for both packets and tablets....more info
  • Sweet as can be
    I really like this product and it doesn't leave a funny taste in your mouth. 1 package is sweet enough for a cup of coffee/tea....more info
  • veghead421
    i use sweetleaf in tea, coffee, cereal, cold+hot it makes no difference.

    I have used many artificial sweetner products. With stevia i like the taste. it has no metallic under-tones. In addition i am not worried by the chemical long term health effects as with other artificial sweetners.

    I use the SteviaPlus Fiber so i can boost my fiber intake a little. The health reports indicate people dont get enough fiber in their daily diet. this is one of the ways i can easily add fiber to my daily diet. it so simple....more info
  • Great alternative to Sugar
    Stevia works great, especially dissolves quickly in hot beverages, but do not use too much or it will come out bitter... I like it as much as Splenda....more info
  • Review of Sweet Leaf SteviaPlus
    I am thrilled with this product...the taste is great & the price was excellent! Being a diabetic for 44 years & having used many artificial sweetner products during this time, I am so excited there is now an easily accessible product, which is natural & not filled with chemicals! I'm hoping that the word will get out to diabetics everywhere, just how great SweetLeaf's SteviaPlus actually is. Thanks so much!!...more info
    We like stevia because it is a natural sweetener without artificial ingredients. It comes from the leaves of the stevia plant.

    It is a different taste than refined sugar and it doesn't take as much to get the same level of sweetness. That said it does seem to take some adjusting if all you've ever had was sugar for your whole life.

    I have no problem giving it to my children. They love it. I haven't seen any adverse side effects unlike I see with refined sugar. We especially like it in tea, cold or hot.

    We haven't had any problems with caking or clumping. We follow the instructions and "stir, pour, stir". Any cakes dissolve immediately. I would think one of the reasons that the packets would cake would be because they have no artificial preservatives to prevent it. To us, that's a good thing.

    I would recommend stevia to anyone on a sugar restricted diet. Or to anyone who just wants to reduce their sugar intake but still enjoy sweets. ...more info
  • Some questions
    The three stars is because I'm up in the air about this product until a couple questions are resolved. I started using SweetLeaf a week or so ago and while it does not seem as "sweet as two teaspoons of sugar" in my coffee, it also has no bitterness or aftertaste and I am perfectly happy with its "sweetness."

    However, and I am not discounting that this may be strictly coincidental, I seem to have developed a constant slight headache and my lower back and kidneys are achy and painful. The sweetener really is the only change to my lifestyle and not really a big one as I only use it in coffee two, three, or four times a day, one packet at a time.

    I am very curious to know if anyone else has noticed symptoms like this since using this product?...more info
  • Completely Natural
    I've been using the Stevia packets for over a year now and recommend it to everyone I know. Some of the packets do contain hardened powder, but this has no effect on the sweetness. As mentioned before, just put the Stevia in first, then add hot beverage. There is no need for the powder to dissolve, the sweetness is dispersed in the beverage and the remains (I suppose) are the inulin dietary fiber. They have been using it in Japan for 30 years with no apparent ill effects. From what I've read, the artifical sweetener industry put pressure on the FDA to have it banned in the 90's and that is why it has to be marketed in the USA as a dietary fiber and not a sweetener....more info
  • Taste great!!
    I recommend this to anyone looking to sweeten up teas, coffees, in a healthy way!! You will love it....more info
  • excellent Product
    This is an excellent Product. A great alternative to artificial sweeteners. I came across this product after I discovered I was allergic to artificial sweeteners. I have been using it ever since. The only down side is that when using ice cold drinks it's hard to dissolve. They make a liquid alternative....more info
  • its ok
    ive tried other brands and this one is a little bitter. trader joe's brand is better. just my opinion though. but it is tolerable. i just don't care for it in coffee, the mix of strong coffee and slightly bitter sweetener doesn't go too well....more info
  • No stars
    I ordered enough Stevia packets to last me for 1 year. Most of the packets have the sugar hardened. Every so often I am finding one that is powder as it should be. The others must have gotten some kind of moisture to them because they are hard. I will never buy Stevia from the company I purchased from again. I don't have the receipt or I would have returned them asking for a refund. I have been upset about the way they came. ...more info
  • Stevia
    I am so happpy to be able to buy this on the internet. Not many stores carry this product and when I do find it, it costs alot more than this price.
    Thank you....more info
  • All natural and so sweet!
    This is a very healthy product to have on hand. I use it for tea, coffee, deserts. I try to avoid sugar so this is great. I also bought the actual stevia plant to see it for myself. It is really a herb. Amazing how sweet the leaf is. ...more info
  • SweetLeaf SteviaPlus
    My husband loves this sweetener. It is all natural and has fiber in it to boot. ...more info
  • More bitter than sweet
    In my search for a natural sugar substitute, I really wanted to like this, but I do not find it's "sweetness" very pleasant. In fact, it tastes quite bitter to me. There are bitter foods that I like, but this is certainly not a characteristic I want in a sweetener. That pretty much defeats the purpose. I may not give up on Stevia altogether, but this particular product is is off my list. For those on the same quest, I suggest you look into xylitol as an alternative. I recently tried a brand called XyloSweet, and it tastes much more like sugar. It's my favorite so far, but I'm always interested in learning about more alternatives....more info
  • Not the best Stevia
    I've tried several brands of Stevia, and this is my least favorite. The flavor tends to overwhelm the underlying beverage, and is much more intrusive than other packet sweeteners. I tend to find that 1/4 of a packet is enough to make a cup of coffee undrinkable. I've had much better luck with Stevia (from other brands) distributed in a liquid form....more info
  • Sweet Leaf Stevia is good
    I like Sweet Leaf Stevia. The taste is not as sweet as sugar but it is a sweet refreshing taste. I use it in kool aid, tea and any other thing that I want sweetened. It does not raise my blood sugar...more info
  • Very convenient
    Love the packages. Sometimes too much powder would come out of the jar and make my tea too sweet. Like the portioned version better. Stirs easily and offers just the right amount of sweetness. Fiber is a bonus....more info
  • Safe sweetener
    I have used Stevia for years. I really believe it is the only safe sweetener out there. It is made from an herb. Fiber is added.

    I have found that the Stevia clumps into hard chips if the humidity is constant and too high (i. e. Florida!!). In that case, I go with either the powder in a jar with no fiber or the liquid.

    Don't use too much. It is extremely sweet and can go into bitter if you overdo. Stevia is the smart, natural way to sweeten....more info


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