McCANN'S Quick Cooking Irish Oatmeal, 16 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

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McCANN'S Quick Cooking Irish Oatmeal, 16 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

  • Case of six 16-ounce boxes of quick-cook Irish oatmeal (96 total ounces)
  • Contains only 100% natural, wholegrain, non-GMO oats specially grown by local Irish farmers
  • Excellent source of eight vitamins and minerals; makes a quick and healthy breakfast
  • For extra speedy breakfast, cook in the microwave; use in baking or cooking
  • All McCann's oats are grown in the counties of Kildare and Meath in Ireland

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good product
    I love eating this oats. You must mix with hot water and then microwave for 2 mins to enjoy food. I didn't have good experience mixing the oats with cold water and then microwave....more info
  • Best Quick Cooking Oatmeal out there
    This oatmeal has fed my 3 kids and myself every morning for the past 2-3 weeks. It is GREAT stuff. We like ours cooked with milk rather than water and with a little brown sugar added after taking it out of the microwave.

    Can't beat a nutritious meal that's ready in only 3 minutes......more info
  • Mushy
    I use this to "stretch" flavored oatmeals; I found it mushy cooked in the microwave....more info
  • Excellent weekday b'fast!
    This stuff is great, half a cup, a few dried blueberries, and some water, 80 seconds in the microwave, and it's done. I eat this every morning (I eat the long cooking version on the weekends)....more info
  • Product great - packing for shipping???
    The McCann Irish quick-cooking oatmeal itself is a good product, which I can highly recommend. The shipment, however, arrived in a large box with no packing material, nothing to prevent the boxes from being crushed in transit, inner packages of oatmeal floating around outside their protective boxes. Whoever packed this did so with no concern as to how the customer would store the product in pantry - in fact, it appeared they had no concern for their company's reputation. McCann's would be horrified! I'm disappointed and disgruntled. Suppose I had wanted to put one of these in a gift basket?...more info
  • Love, love, love it!
    Taste great. I bought it twice, and plan on buying more....more info
  • Gluten Free Oats
    This is the only oat meal which I believe is certified to be Gluten Free. I have been using it for last 3 years, and have been very happy with it....more info
  • Outstanding product
    An outstanding product of uncompromising quality. A very important part of my daily diet and heart health regimem.
    ...more info
  • Oats? Wow!
    These are Grrrreat rolled oats. They have a surprising amount of flavor, and the texture is the best. Warning, do NOT overcook them. In a 1000 watt microwave, about 90 seconds is plenty for a single serving, unless you just really like mushy gruel. ...more info
  • The best Oatmeal!
    Sure, there are tons of oatmeal options out there and I've tried quite a few. McCanns is the best. For starters I don't like mystery ingredients. McCanns has only one ingredient-- oats, and they only use the highest quality. Because of the way the oats are cut they cook very quick. I micro mine with soy milk in 2:20. After cooking I add cinnamon, ground flax seeds, and some frozen blueberries for a breakfast of champions. After switching to this from eating cereal I've become very lean. I've recommended this combination to many others who have experienced similar results....more info
  • I bought the quick cooking
    for my mother. I use the regular steel cut oats, but mom just didn't like the idea of a cereal that would take about 30 minutes to cook. In my opinion the quick cooking is not as good as the regular oats. Not quite as nutty, a little blander. But the difference was not really as marked as say, the difference between good old 3 minute oats and instant (ickey)oatmeal. Mom loved it, the flavour and the convenience.

    The price is really good. While we have been unable to find the regular steel cut oats locally we did find McCanns quick cooking at a local market, for double Amazon's price. And as always shipping was fast.

    I made a mistake on this review, I thought I was reviewing the other quick cooking variety of McCann's, the variety that looks like the long cooking kind and tastes like it. This variety is just as awful as american instant oatmeal, mushy texture and taste, the kids and I hated it. I wish I could change the rating of my review to a 1, but I cannot. ...more info
  • Ordering The Product
    McCann's Irish Oatmeal, the QUICK COOKING choice, is excellent and very well priced.
    However, there is a HUGE frustration!!
    Frequently, the product is withdrawn from the line-up of several McCann's Irish Oatmeal choices.
    It disappears and reappears without explanation.
    A notice should be offered regarding availability.
    I would order MORE if I knew it might be withdrawn over certain periods!!!!...more info
  • Leaving My Long and Beautiful Relationship With The Quaker Guy For McCann's
    I just finished off my first box of "McCann's Imported Quick Cooking Irish Oatmeal". And boy did it go fast! Not because I didn't get my money's worth, but because it was so good. I usually have Oatmeal about 3 times a week, and have always been real loyal to Quaker Oats(not the instant), but I gave these a try and it is now my new favorite, and I have them almost every day now..

    Following the cooking directions(this was my first time with a quick cook oatmeal),and cooking just a few minutes(add the oats and cold water together, boil and stir for 3-5 minutes), the oatmeal came out perfect for me the first time, and does every time. With the suggested 1/2 cup Irish Oatmeal to 1 Cup Water, the consistency, for me was perfect. Just a little creamy, and not too soggy. The taste was the big test though, and I loved it. I am cutting out sugar whenever I can, but my Quaker was still one place I used just a little, so I just tried a little non-fat soy milk on the McCann's, and occasionally a spritz of a butter flavored cooking spray(just to have a little variety everyday), and I didn't even miss the sugar at all. Of course, you can experiment by adding a little more oats if you like it a little thicker, or more water for a thinner consistency. Honey, raisins or other fruit go great with it too.There are also instructions for micro-wave use.

    If you are a die-hard Quaker fan, and don't want to just dive right in and buy a 6 pack, you can find this brand at the Trader Joe's stores. I also saw the "McCann's Steel Cut Oats" there as well, which I haven't tried yet.

    There is no sodium, sugars, or cholesterol. It's low fat and calorie(2gm/150 per 1/2 cup dry serving). A good source of fiber and is pure and natural. Ingredients..100% Irish wholegrain oats. There are several different kinds of these oats available. Click on "McCann's" at top to see the other selections.This one is the "quick cook"(not instant), has a gold trimmed box, with a creamy colored background and "Irish Oatmeal" on a green banner.

    A satisfying meal that will keep you going until lunch.

    Okay, so, remember to breathe, eat healthy and enjoy!.....Laurie

    ...more info
  • The Best Oatmeal on this Planet
    McCann's is the best oatmeal on this planet! Amazon makes it easy to purchase at the best price because retail food stores normally charge $[...] a box. If you want to know the difference between the old standby "rolled oats" and McCann's Steel Cut oats go here [...]...more info
  • Excellent flavor
    My wife is a great cook with discerning taste buds, and this is the oatmeal that she likes the best. It only takes 2 or 3 minutes in the microwave to make a bowl for breakfast. ...more info
  • McCanns Irish Oats
    I started eating McCanns Instant Irish Oats four years ago because it helps lower my colestrol. It is quick to prepare and very tasty. I think it is much better than Quaker Oatmeal....more info
  • Great quick, natural oatmeal at an amazing price!
    Since I try to avoid sugar and eat healthily, I had been looking for a "quick" oatmeal that wasn't laden with sugar or artifical sweeteners or flavorings. This oatmeal has been fantastic - you can make it in the microwave in under three minutes and it tastes as good as slow-cooked oatmeal. I add blueberries and nuts to it. Amazon's price can't be beat anywhere!...more info


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