Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars, Peanut Butter, 12-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars, Peanut Butter, 12-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

Nature Valley Peanut Butter Crunchy Granola Bars combine whole grain rolled oats, crisp rice, and peanut butter to produce an all-natural, sweet, and nutritious snack. The bars are full of classic crunch and whole grain goodness, making them a completely natural energy boost that contains no cholesterol or trans fat.

Peanut Butter Crunchy Granola Bars

Fresh air. Big sky. Open spaces. Whether you're on the slopes or on the links, the classic crunch of Nature Valley Crunch Granola Bars is a perfect way to fuel up naturally. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars are 100% natural and an excellent source of whole grain. Delicious, wholesome and easy to bring along, they're the Energy Bar Nature Intended. ?

Nature Valley's Commitment to the Great Outdoors

Nature Valley has a commitment to helping make nature enjoyable and accessible while protecting and preserving nature in places like our national parks. Nature Valley sponsors a wide range of groups, all of whom have one thing in common: they all serve as guides and catalysts for people who want to enjoy a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle.

About Nature Valley

When you need energy for your active lifestyle, turn to the original granola bar - Nature Valley. Since 1975, Nature Valley has used wholesome ingredients to make the best-tasting granola bars around, with new flavors and types for every taste. Check out all our products available at and enjoy the Taste Nature Intended?.

Nature Valley Granola Bars give you the energy to get to and enjoy your favorite place in nature, your own personal Nature Valley.

  • Case of six 12-count packages of granola bars (total of 72 bars)
  • Made with whole grain rolled oats, crisp rice, and peanut butter
  • 100% natural; excellent source of whole grain
  • Packed in pouches, two bars per pouch
  • Crunchy, satisfying taste you can take anywhere; made in the United States

Customer Reviews:

  • Great snacks
    to get you through to your next meal. My children and I love this flavor and it really tastes like peanut butter!...more info
  • Tastes great...
    But with 170 calories, and not particularly nutritious, I would say keep this as a snack as opposed to even unhealthier cookies and candy.

    Fills you up moderately too, so sometimes I eat these on the go rather than breakfast (not recommended, though!)....more info
  • Quick breakfast or healthier snack on the go
    I eat these for breakfast a lot with my morning coffee. The peanut butter is by far my favorite flavor. My cat waits for me to finish so she can lick the inside of the wrapper (not kidding!) for any peanut butter. I read labels and this contains no hydrogenated oil. I keep one in my purse and in my desk, and our kids backpack for a reasonably healthy snack. Excellent choice for hiking too....more info
  • A Staple at Our House
    This is one of our favorite snacks. We put it on the Amazon automatic reorder plan, because it's more economical than the grocery store!...more info
  • Yummy and 'healthy'
    I love peanut butter was natural to like these. My favorite NV Granola bars are actually the 'plain' ones but these are a close 2nd. The almond and the maple aren't as good....more info
  • great for peanut butter lovers
    This is my favorite type of granola bar from Nature Valley. I find them both light and filling, so they're a great pre-workout snack. As somebody else mentioned, these are not as healthy as some people think, but they're certainly better for you than most similar snacks, such as candy bars....more info
  • A healthier alternative to the candy bar!
    Instead of eating a candy bar,give a Peanut Butter Nature Valley Granola Bar a try,they taste pretty darn good and there better for ya' too!!!...more info
  • Not as heathful of a snack as you might think
    The good news is that the peanut butter flavor of these granola bars is really good. When I first bit into one, I immediately thought I was eating a peanut butter cookie. They're very reminiscent of a Girl Scout peanut butter cookie, minus the cream filling of course.

    That brings me to the bad news. While a serving of these granola bars has a tad less fat and sugar than a cookie, the difference isn't great. If you don't believe me, just look at the nutritional information for a Nutter Butter cookie here. That doesn't mean that this isn't a good snack to have on occasion. These are a healthier alternative than a candy bar, for example, but they're really not much different than a cookie. In other words, even though most people would equate granola bars with health food, one must be careful not to overindulge in these....more info
  • Excellent Granola Bar
    These granola bars are twin-wrapped and contain 90 calories per bar. They're very crunchy, but the peanut butter flavor is intense and fresh, not overly sweet like a cookie tends to be...perfect for curbing a craving for real peanut butter. These are so good that you'll likely to be disappointed at not eating the crumbs from each bite....more info
  • Nature Valley Lover
    The Peanut Butter bars are definately at the top of my list of favorite Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars. A definite must buy!...more info
  • Great
    Pretty good. Solid peanut butter taste and no digestive problem. I enjoyed them for hiking and biking. I don't recommend them near water, because when wet they taste not so good.

    Good snack for kids when hungry and its better for them then sugarly things. ...more info
  • Peanut Butter Granola Bars
    I love the flavor of these peanut butter granola bars! They are a quick pick me up and enough carbs to make you feel full. Plus when Amazon has their grocery sales it make stocking up and grocery shopping so easy! I like that they are individually wrapped so I can take them with me in the car and eat them while driving between jobs without getting messy....more info
  • These are really tasty
    These do taste like peanut butter bars just a little dry. Do these bars in it shares to take away that hunger feeling. It supposed to be hell food too that's great....more info
  • Good and crunchy!
    I like the flavor and texture of these granola bars. They are pretty crumbly, so don't eat them in the car of you'll get crumbs all over yourself! I also like these crushed in yogurt. ...more info


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