Canus Goat's Milk Bar Soap, 3-Count Boxes (Pack of 4)

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Product Description

Canus Goat's Milk Soaps are our original products. They are available in a fragranced as well as a fragrance-free version. A 5 ounce bar ( 3 X 5 Oz. ), it is triple-milled for hardness and is very long lasting. The fragrance that we use is very mild and i

  • Case of four boxes, each containing three 5-ounce bars of soap (12 total bars)
  • Made with naturally homogenized farm fresh goat milk (not powdered)
  • Triple-milled soap is created to be hard and long lasting
  • Light, clean, mild fragrance is gentle and pleasant
  • Manufactured in Canada from goats milk processed north of Montreal

Customer Reviews:

  • On My Short List of Must-Haves
    I originally received this product in a gift set about five years ago and immediately fell in love with the scent. It's a clean, fresh and a little bit powdery scent that stays with you all day long.

    It lathers nicely and unlike most bar soaps that make the claim but do not deliver, Canus actually does not dry out your skin. I live in New England and ran out of this soap a few weeks ago and had to make do with a glycerin soap that was supposed to moisturize. My skin is now the dryest it's been in a very long time.

    In these difficult economic times, many of us are doing without some of the little luxuries. I've decided this soap is one I cannot do without. ...more info
  • goat's milk soap
    We love this stuff! We were paying $3.25 a bar locally, and it is important to buy locally, but at the price we paid Amazon we can afford to continue using it. At around $20.00 including tax and shipping for 12 bars we are saving big bucks!...more info
  • The Best Soap you can buy
    My skin breaks out when I use any other soap. I recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin or roseacea....more info
  • Very nice and gentle
    When I am tired or too lazy to use facial cleanser on my delicate, easily irritated, possibly roseaceaous, skin I will actually wash my face with this bar and though it dries it a wee bit (if I don't moisturize) it doesn't irritate it in any way, and by morning I wake up with clean, fresh, soft skin. It's supposed to be triple-milled soap, but it seems softer. It has a kind of nice, old-time fragrance. I sent some to my mom, too (mostly because of the cute goat on the label) and she likes it a lot, especially the bottle of bath soap)...more info
  • Great Soap
    I have dry skin and this soap helps. I can find nothing about it that I don't like. I intend to buy more of their products....more info
  • WOW!
    A friend gave this to me at Christmastime. I used it and absolutely loved the way it has a rich luxurious lather, a deep invigorating smell, and a silky smooth feeling it leaves on my skin. But I guess I'm doing something wrong though because once I'm out of the shower, I don't smell it on me at all. The bar of soap lasts a long time so when I saw Amazon had 12 bars for $17.27, I decided I'm splurging and getting them (Merry Christmas to me!). My husband won't use it but it's his loss and my gain.

    You can't make a soap that will please everyone. Not everyone has the same type of skin. Some have overly sensitive skin while others, like me, are fortunate enough that we can use this kind soap and not get a reaction to it.

    I bought 2 of the travel sets but had to buy 2 more because I gave them away as gifts. I can't say enough about this soap but I guess I already did so I'll close for now. Thanks for listening. ...more info
  • Great Product

    Try it and you will come back for more if you suffer from dry skin. I've used more expensive,name brand, dry skin soaks with not near the satisfaction achieved with "Canus".

    Canus Goat's Milk Bar Soap, 3-Count Boxes (Pack of 4)...more info
  • Mointurizer
    This soap moisturizers my skin but is dries up the skin after I dry with a towel....more info
  • Great product - fast shipping!
    We order this product regularly from Amazon. For two people, 12 bars last over 3 months. My husband has really sensitive skin and it's great for him. Amazon always has the best price....more info
  • Not Baaaaaaaaaaad!
    Who figures this stuff out? Like, you can clean up with goat's milk? I can just see it now: 16th Century Edinburgh; Sir Rosis of Cleaves is about to take his semi-annual bath when his maid servant grimly announces the castle is out of soap. The good Sir Rosis has just finished his fourth pint of wee Scottish brandy, and tells his young maid: "Well, I gots to have sumpin' to wash me carcass with, Lassie; how's 'bout fetchin' that bucket of goat's milk in the barrn?"

    And the rest, as they say, is histoire.

    Enter CANUS GOAT'S MILK BAR SOAP (4 boxes each, mind you, containing 3 five-ounce bars of soap). This is the real deal: naturally homogenized farm fresh goat milk. Not powdered, by golly. This soap boasts a light, clean, mild fragrance (in other words, thank goodness it doesn't smell like actual goat milk). And because it's triple-milled these soap bars are hard and long lasting (be prepared to scrub that carcass for awhile).

    CANUS GOAT'S MILK BAR SOAP (4 boxes each, containing 3 five-ounce bars of soap) is one of the more innovative products manufactured by our Canadian neighbors. Coming soon. . .farm fresh moose mints.
    --D. Mikels, Esq....more info
  • Canus Goat's Milk Bar Soap
    I gave this to my husband after reading other reviews on a different site, and absolutely love this soap! It gives a real nice SOFT LATHER and doesn't leave this skin dry unlike other soaps we have tried.

    The scent is a pleasant one, can be a little heavy, but it's one you will enjoy. In case you're wondering... It doesn't smell like goats or goat milk! (:o) More on the scent...I love the way it makes the bath smell after a shower- good for men, as I believe it has more of a masculine scent to it, but not too overpowering, so I can use it too.

    Each bar lasts a real good amount of time, which makes our pocket books happy. Thank goodness for the free shipping! I have also given it as gifts in a beauty basket.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic
    This soap is fantastic. Leaves your skin soft and radiant. I recommend it to anybody looking for a good mosturizing soap....more info
  • Love this soap.
    I totally love this soap. Smells good and it does not dry my skin out. I ran out of it and was using dove and it just didnt cut it. Amazon is the cheapest place I have found it. You have to give it a try. ...more info


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