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Asa Andrew says there is only one step necessary to revitalize your life and regain your personal health: Change your health by changing your choices.

Andrew has learned that most people "lifestyle themselves into sickness" and can, with determination, "lifestyle themselves back to health." Once readers make that choice-to be well-Andrew provides all the guidance they will need to completely change their lives for the better.

Challenging, engaging, encouraging, and informative, Asa Andrew answers the hard questions and provides real solutions; addressing a wide variety of topics: digestion and proper food choices, how to avoid and rid the body of toxins, the dually important roles of rest and exercise, and the delicate balance of the endocrine system and how to improve and maintain it. Like Dave Ramsey's approach to getting out of debt, Asa Andrew is challenging people to take responsibility for their own health and giving them the tools to do just that.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Only Diet Book You Will Ever Need!
    This is without a doubt the best book on health and nutrition I have ever read. It should be the Holy Grail for those that are trying to get their health life back on track. Dr. Asa Andrew is not only a MD but is a health nut that can get you on the track of healing without all the medication. Please tune in to his week night radio show at 1510 WLAC in Nashville, TENN. It is on til 11 PM central time and you will get to hear his zezt for helping people heal themselves.

    Harry Byrd...more info
  • The best
    I have suffered from hot flashes for years. The many doctors that I have seen have had me on everything from Xanax to seizure medicine at 3200mg a day. I personally asked for bio identical hormones and they did not do for me what the doctors said. Between the advice in Dr. Andrew's book and a few lifestyle changes. I suffer only a few minor flashes a day and none at night. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to take control of their own health and quit relying on doctors who tell you it's just your age..,.best money I ever spent. Will be getting them for all my friends for gifts......more info
  • Excellent Purchase
    The book came earlier than expected without expedited shipping and came in excellent condition. Thanks....more info
  • quack, quack, waddle, waddle
    NO, I have not read the book. I have, unfortunately, heard his radio broadcast & seen his website. I do not trust anyone who sells his own vitamins & supplements. And, unfortunately, I have an aunt & a cousin (not mother/daughter) who see him as their "doctor."

    Yes, the chiropractor sees patients & gives them medical advice. He tells them what to eat & what supplements to take, how much to exercise, etc. "He's a genius! and so cute! tee hee." "I'm dying for a baked potato, but Dr. Andrew said I can't have one yet, maybe in a few weeks." Apparently he's also extremely expensive, but if you ever stop seeing him he'll never take you back as a patient. Once you're on the hook he has you. Everything about him screams "Quack" to me....more info
  • Ahead of his time...
    I live in Nashville, TN where I have been listening to Dr. Asa for quite some time on the radio. He is on the leading edge of dietary knowledge and improvement while presenting the information in an easy-to-understand format both in his book and on the radio. I give a copy to everyone I know who has weight and health challeges....more info
  • Get Dr. Andrew Weil's book instead
    Disclaimer: I have NOT read this book.
    Why? Because I felt misled with his usage of his "Doctor" title. It took not a small amount of sleuthing to uncover the fact that this man is a chiropractor. (And yes, you too can be one with a three year course of study.)
    I was captivated by Andrew's energy and knowledge on his local radio program, "Empowering Your Health" until he suggested a women drink goat's milk for her tumor. DISCONNECT!
    As a matter of fact, many of the maladies that are discussed on his program are "treated" with castor oil or goat's milk.
    He was cheer leading one gentleman about the body's ability to heal itself when he asked, as an afterthought, the man's age. He was pushing 90. Andrew didn't skip a beat though the egg was clearly all over his face. And his credibility with me slipped another notch. I've tried to picture the doc I worked for years ago (when I was a nurse) dispensing some of Andrews advice and, for as colorful of an imagination I have, I just can't picture it. (Even though that particular doctor practiced some alternative medicine.) It's no wonder that a friend of mine, who IS an honest-to-goodness doctor,and I regularly chortle over the weekly advice.
    I think Andrew is a brilliant marketer though- he's a Dave Ramsey clone turned ersatz medical practitioner. (His show format follows Rasmey's tried and true format religiously.)
    My entertainment will come to and end though. I don't think I can bear to hear him use the noun "life style" as a verb one more time. ("I'm going to help you life style your way to better health.")
    Andrew dispenses some common sense with a liberal dose of some nonsense.
    If his enthusiastic style inspires folks to change their less-than-healthy habits, all the more power to them. But I think I'll stick with Dr. Andrew Weil's books.
    ...more info
  • Give Credit Where Credit is Due
    "Empowering Your Health" by Asa Andrew is a motivating book that is easy to read and understand. If reading it will get you on the path to better health, I would recommend this book. However, before you purchase it, realize that it is not all it is raved about.
    I have issue with Dr. Andrew's claims that, "through years of research, Dr. Asa Andrew has developed Natural Medicine, a new approach to transforming your health that is on the cutting edge of health care". I believe Natural Medicine has been around for a long time and practiced by many long before Dr. Andrew came on the scene. Dr. Andrew claims his system involves the health triangle: mental, chemical and structural sides of optimal health. How interesting that I have a brochure dated 1993, and copyrighted by Systems DC that is almost verbatim to what Dr. Andrew states he created. Furthermore, I read sections in his book "Empowering Your Health" that was identical to text I read authored by Jordan S. Rubin: "The Maker's Diet" and "The Great Physican's Rx". (Plagiarism?) Yet, there were no acknowledgements by Andrew for using Rubin's material. I also think you will find that Dr. Andrew's Appendix A Top 40 Countdown is ironically similar to Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures"...more info
  • Great book for teaching how to live a healthier lifestyle
    Dr. Andrew is a local Chiropractor who meshes holistic healing with chiropractic adjustments and psychological cheerleading. He also has a call-in radio show which offers help and inspiration.

    This book is an excellent guide to moving forward to a better lifestyle for a longer, healthier, more active, life. It is all about nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and balance. No short cuts here, but then, there never really are when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle.

    A good read with some sound advice presented in a way which makes you feel there is hope for improving your future health....more info
  • Not written by a Medical Doctor
    This book has alot of good information but be aware that Dr. Andrew is NOT a medical doctor but a chiropractor. This is misleading in that there are references to his training included in the book, but never mentions that he is a chiropractor. He does mention that people should check with their medical doctors before making some of the changes recommeded in the book and I am glad that he does. There are references to much of the information contained in the book and the overall message is clear, just check with your medical doctor. ...more info
  • Good book, but some soggy science in places
    My wife and I are fifty-somethings in need of more HDL and less of everything else. We get regular check-ups, eat reasonably well, don't smoke, don't drink, etc. However, we find that our relationship with the doctor is usually symptom-fixing, not prevention. So we bought this book. It's a good book, full of good information on nutrition and health, based in the idea that the body is constantly replacing itself so you want to provide the best materials with which to do it. It collects many of the more recent studies and research findings. Dr. Andrew also pays attention to the important but oft overlooked effects of mind health on bodily health.

    BUT, then I find a tip about wearing a magnet to ward off the effects of electromagnetic radiation from your microwave and to increase your energy by "50%". I'm no doctor but I am an electrical engineer with more than a passing knowledge of E-M fields. I read this tip and my heart sank. "Oh great,another New Age quack." (Hint: blood is not magnetic, and even if your microwave was leaking, a magnet wouldn't stop it from shining radio waves on you any more than it would stop a lamp's light.) There are other conclusions, such as the alleged production of trans-fats during cooking with olive oil, that are vigorously disputed by other authorities. In short, Dr. Andrew seems to have assembled a rather mixed bag of the good with the strange, good science with bad science. Would I recommend the book? Yes, because it will lead you to study many things you might have otherwise overlooked and I believe that your health would be much better off by following the advice inside. But do your homework before applying some of it....more info