Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, Ziti & Meat Sauce, 6.95-Ouce Bowls (Pack of 6)

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Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers provide a quick, fresh and Healthy meal solution. Each unit contains everything necessary to cook, strain, and mix a complete meal in 5 minutes or less.ивив Fresh Mixers can be conveniently stored in your pantry or desk as no ref

  • A complete meal solution
  • Cook the ziti pasta in the steamer/strainer provided, and heat the meat marinara sauce then mix for a fresh, easy and fast bowl of pasta!
  • Fresh Mixers Ziti and Meat Sauce will please those looking for a quick tasty pasta meal

Customer Reviews:

  • Tasty---Tasty---and---Yummy TOO :-p
    The HEALTHY CHOICE FRESH MIXERS: ZITI & MEAT SAUCE is delicious! It's easy to make and ready within 4-5 minutes. A slight issue is the water "fill line" on the container--for the noodles--it's a little hard to see.

    All you have to do is add water to the pasta, cook that first (3:30-minutes) and then drain with the included strainer as you warm up the sauce (:30-seconds). Add the sauce to the noodles and mix. That's it!

    The ziti & meat sauce has a very well seasoned flavor and small chunks of ground beef. There's no cheese added, which is good for those who are lactose intolerant, and the portion is just the right size. It filled me up, without making me feel too full, and it satisfied my hunger. Couple this with a side of salad or a vegetable and you've got a pretty good meal.

    There's 6g of fat (2g-sat fat) and 340 calories (50 calories from fat) making this a true "healthy choice," since I've read that you shouldn't eat anything that gets more than half of its calories from fat. Compared to Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli, 7.5-Ounce Microwavable Bowls (Pack of 12), the HEALTHY CHOICE ZITI is lower in fat by 2grams.

    It tastes good and you don't have to store it in the freezer or fridge, so it's good to take on the road as long as you have access to a microwave and some water when you plan on eating it. Yum! ...more info
  • Tastes good, but a bit messy and wasteful
    The pasta and sauce are separately packaged with the dry pasta in the bottom plastic container and the sauce in an inner container above the pasta. The top is perforated, with a plastic film covering the holes. You tear off the plastic film, remove the sauce, fill with water, and nuke. So far so good. Drain the pasta, heat the sauce for a very short time (30 sec.), mix and eat.

    The sauce is surprisingly good - like a jarred meat sauce, but with actual meat in it (or at least, something that resembles meat closely enough). It has a small amount of spice to it - this isn't something I would serve to small children, just larger kids and grown ups.

    The drawbacks to this dish are that the pasta is coated with a bit of oil that I was unable to avoid - once done, I felt like I needed to wash my hands - I think it was mostly from the draining step. Finally, there are two plastic containers included in this. One of them does have a reusable plastic top, but it has holes in it. I suppose you could tape up the holes, or use it store things you might want to air a bit (like cheese). Otherwise, you are tossing a good bit of plastic. Both containers are marked '5' recyclable, so perhaps you can recycle them where you live....more info
  • Convenient, nutritious, fun, and delicious!
    Honestly, I didn't have high expectations. However, this product proved to be fun and easy to cook. It's very innovative and creative. All you do is add water and microwave it (and then strain the noodles with the built-in lid, followed by mixing the sauce with the noodles, of course). What's more, the meat sauce is meaty and tasty. The extra convenient aspect of this product is that it requires no refrigeration, which means that you can store it with your cans of soup in the pantry until hunger emergency strikes! ...more info
  • Easy to make delicious pasta meal
    The Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, Ziti & Meat Sauce is a very respectable easy prep meal. Overall I liked it. It was tasty with a little bit of a kick in the seasoning. Not too kicked up though to dissuade or intimidate people from trying it. Personally I like adding a bit of parmesan cheese on top and a few shakes of crushed red pepper (pizza pepper). The meat sauce was thick and chunky. The pasta held up well to the microwave and had a nice al dente feel. They use a whole grain pasta which is nice and healthier than white pasta. Lots of fiber here, to be sure.
    The preparation was easy enough. My only two thoughts were the "fill line" could be a little easier to see and I'd like the underside of the top pull away cover to have another copy of the instructions so I can read them as it cooks if I need a follow-up. Over all an easy to make meal.
    The portion is a good size, it felt hearty. Accompanied by a nice salad this makes quite a pleasant meal.
    ...more info
  • An average microwave meal
    Overall, this is an average microwave meal. The instructions on preparation are very clear, but the water fill line is difficult to see. However, if you've prepared microwaved pasta previously, you would have an idea of how much water is needed. The taste is average with the pasta being better than average, but the meat sauce being a little salty. The serving size is sufficient for most, but the saltiness of the meat might lead to extra liquid consumption. This is a Healthy Choice meal and its low calorie and fat content are good for those who are dieting or trying to maintain their current weight. The convenient packaging make it easy to store due to its small size and stackability....more info
  • Ingenious packaging AND great taste--what a combo!
    The first pleasant surprise of this the new Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers is that the packaging is truly ingenious--it is a pasta cooker, pasta drainer, and serving dish all in one. With the Ziti and Meat Sauce, you simply remove the lid, add water to fill line, replace lid, pop in microwave for 3 1/2 minutes, drain the pasta right in the container (the lid is a pasta drainer), heat the sauce (which comes in a separate container within the same package) for 30 seconds, pour sauce over drained pasta and eat! I will admit that the packaging gave me a few moments of confusion at first--you have to remove a film from the top of the pasta drainer and remove a "security" ring of plastic around the package before you can remove the lid--but once I had done it one time, it was a piece of cake.

    The second pleasant surprise is how GREAT the product tastes! I was amazed that something that can be prepared in 4 minutes could be so good. I know some people think "Eh, it's called Healthy Choice; it must be diet food, so it probably tastes nasty." NOPE! I've dieted much of my life and I've eaten some NASTY diet products, but this ain't that! Just one note on taste though--the sauce is quite "zesty," which I loved because I cook with a lot of pepper and herbs because I'm hypertensive and can't use much salt, but if you don't like spicy food or spicy food bothers your tummy, you may want to just try one before you buy a whole bunch of them.

    And, on top of all that, the meal is filling, too! I have eaten many prepared meals in the "healthy" category where I felt like I needed to eat another meal after I finished the product--it just wasn't enough food to make me feel satisfied! But I haven't felt like that with this product. Granted, I do eat a piece of crusty bread with the product (because I love eating crusty bread with pasta) and that helps me feel fuller, but I was very pleasantly surprised that this meal is really a meal and not just an appetizer masquerading as a meal!

    As a person who brought her lunch to work every day, I can only wish that these Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers had been around before I retired earlier this year!...more info
  • Convenient and tasty
    I was not expecting much from this, a disposable package of self-boiling pasta with a bag of meat sauce. There should be no way it can work. But it does! You fill cover the slightly oily pasta with water, leave on the drainer top, microwave it for 3 minutes, drain it, heat the sauce, and mix it all up. And amazingly, it tasted good! Normally I can't stand this zero-effort lazy style of cooking microwaved meals, but this was actually really tasty. I would not make this a part of my regular routine because of the price, but I can imagine people who would.

    I have to take issue with the packaging, though. I am giving this four stars because each serving is individually packaged, and none of it is recycleable. The bulk of what you are buying is packaging, and it all gets thrown away....more info
  • Good with a Little Help from Our Emergency Kit
    We enjoyed Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, Zita & Meat Sauce. My friend and I are spicemouths, and we found the mixers decently flavored, perhaps better than some dishes we've tried in Italian restaurants that needed to fire their cooks. We eat in many different restaurants throughout the United States to evaluate the food. What we have discovered is that mediocre food can be made tasty if we apply our emergency taste-enhancer kit. Actually this dish was better than mediocre; in fact it was tasty, especially after we added some items from the kit. (We keep an array of items in our glove compartments of our vehicles and on our breakfast bar.) Realizing that we did not want to alter the calorie-count too much, we added a tiny shake of Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese - 4.5 lb. container, which was about 10 calories. When we eat pasta, we like a little cheese. Then, being the way we are -- Louisiana and Texas people -- we needed a little kick. We shook on a few flakes of crushed red. (Tone's Spices Red Pepper Crushed (13.5 oz) - Large Restaurant / Food Service Size Shaker Container - Best Value per Ounce-- we really do buy the large restaurant shaker, but we carry a smaller version around with us in the car.) That's all we added, although we do have other items in our emergency supplies. With those two little items, the ziti and meat sauce tasted good.

    Preparing it was fun. The cute little container with the strainer lid amused me. I thought I would wash it and reuse it, but I was amazed to discover it was engineered for single use.

    This meal of 340 calories was satisfying and handled our hunger efficiently. It contains 600 mg sodium, which is perhaps a little less than some prepared dishes. I was surprised to see that it contains 990 mg potassium. People with renal disease should probably avoid this product unless they have the approval of their physician or registered dietician. There are 6 grams of total fat and 56 carb grams. With 8 grams of dietary fiber, it should get an approving nod from Weight Watchers. It meets the criteria established by the American Heart Association.

    I would recommend this dish for anyone who needs to take lunch to work where there is no refrigerator but where there is a microwave oven. I thought we would eat it again soon, but weeks have passed and we are still thinking about it.

    Mostly recommended.

    Mary Lou Cheatham, co-author of THE COLLARD PATCH/
    ...more info
  • Pretty freakin good
    I tried this product out for the first time after seeing the commercials for it. I am the pickiest person on the planet when it comes to food. I was very surprised when I tasted the pasta and the sauce, it was a bit spicy and tangy, but very good. I'll definitely be eating this more often, a lot healthier than fast food. ...more info
  • Convenient, tangy and mildly spicy, but not too "green"
    Some engineer somewhere had fun with this one!

    Here's how you can be eating your meal inside 5 mins - at least how it worked for me:

    1) Pull the plastic film off of the top of the container
    2) Peel away the plastic wrapping that holds the strainer lid in place
    3) Remove the inner plastic bowl that contains the meat sauce, and set the meat sauce aside for the moment
    4) Add just enough water to the uncooked pasta so that the water level reaches the fill line (the fill line is a little tough to see at first)
    5) Shake the pasta so that it's all submerged in the water
    6) Replace the strainer top and then cook the pasta in a microwave on high for 3 mins 30 secs
    7) While the pasta is cooking, open a corner of the meat sauce
    8) When the pasta is done, remove it from the microwave and let it sit while you warm up the meat sauce for 30 secs on high.
    9) While the meat sauce is warming up, drain any remaining water from the pasta and remove the strainer lid.
    10) As soon as the sauce is done open the meat sauce covering the rest of the way, pour it over the pasta, stir, and eat!

    Wow! That was pretty convenient, and it actually worked as advertised! It wasn't even too hot to carry!

    OK, what about the food?

    To start with I'm just a regular guy who usually makes my lunches of the previous night's family dinner left-overs...i.e., not a gourmet, but not taste-dead either...

    I was pleased to find that the pasta cooked well, but be advised that if you don't shake the pasta down before you cook it you might find a piece here and there that still has hard spots in it. There was plenty of skimping on sauce volume, and the portion size was great for lunchtime. I wasn't stuffed when I was done, but I wasn't still hungry either.

    The meat sauce was tangy and mildly spicy. The meat sauce contained small chunks of beef (i.e., looked like hamburger), and you could tell what it was if you looked closely. The pasta and sauce consistency was good, and I enjoyed the entire meal. Be advised that the sauce contains onion and garlic. If you know you have an important meeting or date later on, you will probably want to pack some mints. Say, that would be a great after-meal mint included with each meal that you can use to fight post-meal garlic breath.

    If you like the combination of convenience and pasta, this may well an excellent choice for you.

    If you are also environmentally conscious, though, you should probably think twice about this unit. Once you are done with your meal there's really not much you can do with the packaging...just recycle it. If, however, the packaging included a solid lid rather than just the strainer lid, the main container could be washed and then reused as a food storage container...alas, that is not the case.

    Anyway, I thought the food was flavorful, the portion was adequate, and the convenience excellent. Environmental challenges drop the rating by a star though.

    Lastly, you'll have to determine whether the per unit cost makes this a good deal for you.

    4 stars...more info
  • Tasty and filling!
    Healthy Choice used to be a byword for mediocre diet food. During the last few years, however, they've gotten better and better, producing tasty grub at reasonable prices and with some real health advantages over things like, say, Banquet TV dinners.

    This latest product, a tasty Ziti with meat sauce, is a little different from some of their others. First, it doesn't need freezing. Second, you cook the pasta by dumping in water, nuking it and then straining it through the nifty little strainer lid! This makes it ideal for a compact lunch you can take to work. All you need is some water and a microwave and happiness will ensue!

    As far as the taste goes? I was surprised! The pasta came out nice and tender and there was a good mix of flavors in the meat suace as well as some chunks of what I really hope were actually meat. Even better, someone who likes to eat large, I'll tell you this actually left me nice and full and not feeling like I needed to eat anything else right away.

    Very good product. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Healthy Choice Ziti and Meat Sauce Mixer
    This small plastic bowl is a great slow acting purgative. Maybe it's the rubbery plastic tasting noodles that do the trick but there is plenty of slightly spicy sauce to mask that flavor. While I can't guarantee the same results for you, after about an hour the Ziti and Meat Sauce came back up for me. ...more info
  • Convenient and tasty
    I am a fan of Healthy Choice products and this one is good too. I've generally used their frozen food options but liked the idea of a shelf storable healthy option for lunch. This pack contains everything needed for a quick and healthy pasta lunch. The directions are clear and easy to follow. The straining device that drains excess water after microwaving the pasta works well and the pasta sauce packet contains a sufficient amount of sauce for the pasta.

    This mixer takes a little more time and effort that a frozen option due to having the microwave the pasta, drain it and add the sauce. However, the trade off of more time for preparation is outweighed by having an option that can be stored on a shelf or in a desk drawer. A nice option for work or on the go!...more info


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