Cuisinart GreenGourmet Eco-Friendly Nonstick Hard Anodized 12-Piece Cookware Set

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Product Description

Cuisinart?? is leading the way in eco-friendly branded cookware with our new GreenGourmet??? line. Exclusive Cuisinart Ceramica??? nonstick technology is ceramic based instead of petroleum based, helping to conserve existing oil supplies and the coating is applied at a temperature one half that of conventional nonsticks. And it???s completely free of PTFE and PFOA. The cookware???s hard anodized construction provides high heat conductivity, which requires less energy to reach desired cooking temperatures. Riveted stainless handles stay cool on the stovetop and are made from 70% recycled stainless steel. Today, more and more home cooks are going green... and so is Cuisinart?? cookware!Set includes:8-in. Open Skillet10-in. Deep Fry with Cover1.5-qt. Saucepan with Cover2.5-qt. Saucepan with Cover3-qt. Everyday Pan with Cover6-qt. Dutch Oven with CoverSteamer Insert (fits 2.5-qt. Saucepan)

  • 12-piece hard-anodized aluminum cookware set featuring scratch-resistant nonstick ceramic-based surface
  • Water-based Ceramica nonstick surface won't peel off, free of PTFE and PFOA
  • Superior heat conductivity resulting in less energy use; oven- and broiler-safe
  • Includes 8-inch skillet, 10-inch deep fry with cover, 1.5-quart saucepan with cover, 2.5-quart saucepan with cover, 3-quart everyday pan with cover, 6-quart Dutch Oven with cover, and a steamer insert
  • Limited lifetime warranty; hand wash only; oven safe up to 500 degrees F

Customer Reviews:

  • Cooks well and easy to clean
    We have now had this set going on 3 months. The pans heat quickly and clean amazingly quickly. We are following previous advice (and cookware instructions) to hand wash only. I love my dishwasher, but I will say these are so easy to clean that I don't mind washing them by hand.

    We are interested in additional pieces to the set and will be keeping a watch out for those....more info
  • Best I ever owned.
    Wonderful non-stick surfaces. No Teflon plastics or chemicals leaching into foods. Great price for great stuff. Been using it for a month now with no complaints. Glass lids might have been nice to see the foods cooking, but only a minor inconvenience. Shopped around quite a bit and this was hands down the best deal I found....more info
  • Fantastic Cookware!!
    My wife recently began researching possible harmful items in our home, and asked me to get cookware without Teflon. Having grown up with non-stick pans, and having had a bad encounter with stainless steel, I was expecting this change to be a nightmare. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised.

    I researched healthy alternatives to non-stick and came up with ionized aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron and ceramic coated cast iron. None of these seemed like a great choice. I then went to Bed Bath and Beyond to look at pans and discovered the Cuisinart Green line. After seeing the cast iron, I realized we probably would somehow damage our new glasstop stove as it was so heavy, so ceramic coated aluminum sounded great.

    I settled on either Calphalon One infused ionized aluminum or the Cuisinart line. However, Bed Bath and Beyond is a bit confusing with the Cuisinart line. They sell Cuisinart "Greenware" as a set and Green "Gourmet" as individual pieces. The Green Gourmet set is a bit more expensive, and I was advised by the salesperson not to buy GreenWare as it has a rough bottom that may scratch a glass top stove. He offerred to order a Green Gourmet set, but I decided to buy one Caphalon and one GreenGourmet frying pan and test them before investing in a set. I honestly didn't expect either to work as well as my non-stick pans.

    I generally only cook breakfast on the weekends, so I cooked what I know how to cook. I took both pans and set the burner at the same setting (6 on my stove which is the setting I used for the non-stick pans). I made pancake batter and used an organic olive oil cooking spray. Interestingly, the Cuisinart pan was too hot at 6 so the pancakes burned and I had to set the stove at 4 to get the same results as the 6 on the Calphalon pan. Both pans were great with the pancakes--better than my non-stick pan and probably the prettiest looking pancakes I have ever made. The Cuisinart pan was very easy to clean, but the Calphalon took a bit more effort. On another day, I cooked eggs. Again using the same Olive Oil spray. The eggs immediately stuck to the Calphalon pan. Having read instructions on using cast iron and waiting for the eggs to "release", I waited, and waited and waited. What a mess! I couln't get the burnt eggs off the pan. Of course as soon as I put the pan in the sink with water, they popped right off so clean up was easy. I'm sure there is a correct way to cook eggs on this pan, but I couldn't do it after 4 tries. On the Cuisinart Pan, I had no problem, and surprisingly, the eggs seemed to be easier to turn over than on our old Farberware non-stick.

    So after this, I decided to get the Cuisinart and ordered from Amazon which was $50 cheaper than the price quoted by the Bed Bath and Beyond salesperson who offerred to order it for me. ...more info
  • Love it :)
    Can't find anything I don't like about it. It has been everything I had wanted and I feel good every time I use it. A little help for the enviroment and my health as well.The price and free shipping was a huge plus as well. ...more info
  • Green Gourmet
    The cookware works as advertised, the ceramic non-stick worked like it should. The only draw back is the lid handles get to hot when on the pans for a while, you need a pot holder or dish towel to raise the lids. ...more info
  • Excellent cookware
    I started out with the Green Gourmet 10" griddle which I have used every day for six months. The non-stick coating on all cookwear I had prior had begun to show signs of beginning to disintegrate at that age. The Cuisinart still looked brand new! So I decided to add to my collection by buying a 12-piece set as well as 10" and 12" skillets.

    This stuff is not quite as non-stick as brand new non-stick cookwear so you must use a bit of oil when frying, but it lasts like crazy! The handles remain cool to the touch, unlike the cookwear I have owned from most other manufacturer.

    I only wish that Cuisinart would make the entire line available in open stock. I really like this stuff!...more info
  • Great Cookware!
    The Cuisinart Green Gourmet Eco-Friendly cookware is great! Heats evenly, does not need heavy oils, butter, or sprays to cook in (once seasoned). Cleans very easily also with little effort. I would have given these products a 5 star rating, but 2 of the pans I bought from Bed, Bath and Beyond had to be return/replaced because they had some strange shading in the coating. I was unsure if that would affect the life or use of the product and returned for replacement. I have had no problems with any other of these pans that I have bought elsewhere, it may have just been the batch sent to that store, so I can definitely say I recommend this cookware. One note, if you are a "put everything in your dishwasher" kind of person, you will not like how these look or wear if you do that. I use to be that way and have now gotten use to hand washing these wonderful pans and my new set of knives to extend their life and use. Go green!...more info
  • Excellent at first, then performance drops off
    We have now been using this set for 6 months. When we first received and began using them, the pans were perfectly nonstick so that food including eggs could be cooked without any oil, and cleaning was fast and easy. Unfortunately this is no longer true -- the pan we've used most often now requires oil in order than food doesn't stick, despite hand-washing and following the manufacturer's other directions. If no oil is used, the pan is like a traditional pan and not only does food stick, but the pan requires prolonged soaking and scrubbing to get it clean. You must also be careful not to stack the pans (chipping and scratching).

    The pan handles do not get hot, but the lid handles do, so be prepared to use a potholder to move the lids.

    The set must be hand-washed and handled carefully to avoid chipping, but this is not a problem for us.

    I would have rated the set 5 stars had it retained its nonstick performance. The loss of the nonstick capacity and the subsequent difficulty with cleaning the pans drops my rating to two stars.

    ...more info
  • Great Cookware
    I have an Amazon Parrot and cooking with non-stick cookware can kill the bird so I had to remove the Teflon coated cookware from my home. I first purchased one of the frying pans and BB&B (expensive, but necessary). I really liked the way these pans cooked and made cleaning easier and nothing sticks. The best part is I found the entire cookware set through Amazon and saved over $300. The order arrived in just 4 days. Now I always check Amazon for anything I purchase first....more info
  • The best pots and pans
    We are extremely pleased with our Green Gourmet cookware. They cook nicely, are very non-stick, and are quite easy to clean. I would absolutely buy them again....more info
  • Definitely better quality than Bed, Bath Beyond
    I took a chance buying this set only after reading reviews. I had two frying pans already...same Cuisinart Green Gourmet from Bed Bath Beyond that I was not happy with (did not stay non-stick after a week and there were odd stains). This set from Amazon is a far better quality. I'm not sure how it works..maybe Bed, Bath & Beyond got prototypes or something. They are sturdy, non-stick, and easy to clean. I would buy this set again and/or recommend it to friends!...more info
  • Okay, but had some problems.
    I got this cookware set and was initially really pleased, especially with the price. After about two months of using the cookware there were a few things I didn't like. Number one, the large pot would not sit flat on my glass cooktop. Maybe it was just a faulty piece. The large pot also had a very small chip in the nonstick coating. I don't know whether the chip was there from the start or not, but I was careful not to stack the pans, didn't use metal in them and hand washed them. The other thing I did not like about this set is that it left aluminum marks all over my glass cooktop. I ended up returning the set and getting the Chantal Copper Fusion 9 piece set. It's more pricey, but I think it will last much much longer and is definitely safe as far as having no teflon chemicals....more info


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