Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF-30, UVA/UVB Sunscreen, 2.5-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)

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Product Description

Evens out skin tone & texture. With clinically proven total soy complex and natural light diffusers. Oil-free; Hypoallergic; Noncomedogenic. This unique facial moisturizer with an exclusive Total Soy Complex and Natural Light Diffusers works to naturally even out skin tone and immediately reflect light to visibly smooth imperfections and bring out skin's natural radiance while providing advanced sun protection to prevent further damage. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer effectively: Makes skin soft and smooth; Evens out skin tone and texture; Immediately brings out skin's natural radiance. Discover Aveeno Active Naturals. Simply put, Active Naturals are ingredients derived from nature and uniquely formulated to reveal skin's natural health and beauty. Essential Active Naturals: Skin-evening Total Soy Complex. Dermatologist recommended for over 60 years. Discover nature's secrets for naturally radiant skin. A pioneer in the study of natural ingredients for efficacious skin care, Aveeno has captures the naturally active benefits of soy. Long known for its health benefits, soy also delivers multiple skin benefits including moisturization, smoothing texture and evening out skin tone. Aveeno offers facial care products that are noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic, and gentle enough for everyday use. The use of an SPF sunscreen every day is recommended by dermatologists as essential to a healthy skin care regimen. Made in Canada.

  • Patented photostable Parsol 1789 provides more complete sun protection vs. other leading SPF 30 moisturizers
  • ?Natural light diffusers bring out skin's natural radiance
  • Clinicly proven Soy Complex
  • Clinicly proven to brighten & even skin tone with Advanced SPF 30

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent and affordable
    This is a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer that also gives sun protection. My sensitive skin hasn't broken out or reacted to it at all, and I find it also helps keep my oily skin in check - I'm not shiny all day when I use this. So far, the best affordable moisturizer I've found....more info
  • Positively the BEST Moisturizer I Have Ever Used!
    I have been using the Aveeno line of skin care products for about 3 months now, switching from another, more expensive, line of skin care products and my skin has never looked better. This moisturizer, I find, is perfect. It is not heavy, yet I feel the SPF works really well. And the moisturizing is amazing. My skin feels so soft and has a glow about it. I can tell that the products are having a positive effect, even reducing the appearance of my pores, which is something I have never been able to find in another skin care line, even if it was promised. I will NEVER use any other brand, Aveeno has struck perfection with their skin care line - I would like to thank them and highly recommend to others!...more info
  • Good product, great price
    Don't waste your money on high priced stuff from the cosmetic counter. This moisturizer is great for sensitive skin and has the best sunblock around. Slather it on for the best protection, under make-up or solo....more info
  • great product
    I used to use Clinique 25spf at about $40. When I was getting a facial at a spa the technicion suggested that I try Aveeno. I did and was very happy with the results and the price. The only negative is that a lot of the product gets left at the bottom of the bottle. I just turn it over and dump it into the new bottle....more info
  • awesome product!!!!!!!!
    this product gave me a very healthly glow and has greatly improved my complexion. in just one week of use,my skin is much smoother , even toned , ,and also so much more protected with the advanced spf 30 .it also left my skin with no more discolorations.

    this is the best moistuizer I've ever used in my entire life. you should definetly try this product and others by Aveeno too....more info
  • Excellent mosturizer and sunscreen
    My dermatologist gave me samples of this product. I loved it. It has a pleasant odor in spite of the high SPF rating. It's creamy but does not clog pores. Lasts all day. ...more info
  • Given to me by my dermatologist
    I was given this from my dermatologist. Since I have Rosecea I needed a higher SPF, not be too greasy, and be mild on my skin. So far, this works pretty well. Also, the Soy compounds that are in the lotion are supposed to work to even out skin tone as well. ...more info
  • Value for money!
    This is definitely one of my best cosmetic buys! I used to use brand-name moisturisers and still suffered from the occasional breakouts etc. But I have had no problems after switching over to this daily moisturiser from Aveeno. I use it twice daily, in the morning before heading out, and in the evening after removing my make-up and cleansing. The moisturiser is very easy on the skin, and leaves no greasy residue. It also almost instantly brightens my skin tone, and the SPF 30 is an added bonus, as I do not have to apply sunblock on my face. This is just great value for money and its performance is excellent!...more info
  • Wonderful & affordable!
    I have switched over to this from another expensive line of products. My skin is very sensitive & oily. This works great! I have tried many brands that do not work nearly as well as this. It is absorbed into my skin & it feels very smooth. I love the spf 30 as an added benefit! I have found a great line of products & will continue to repurchase......more info


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