Neutrogena Body Oil, Light Sesame Formula, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)

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Product Description

Light sesame formula. A sheer moisturizing experience. The Sensual Moisturizer: Experience Neutrogena Body Oil. Its light sesame formula glides in easily to moisturize dry skin. It's so sheer it vanishes into shower-damp skin leaving it soft and silky, with a radiant, healthy glow. No moisturizer can touch this experience.

  • Pack of two 16-ounce bottles of lightly scented, moisturizing body oil (32 total ounces)
  • Delicately light sesame formula instantly vanishes into the skin, sealing in moisture
  • Made with moisturizing sesame oil; leaves shower-damp skin soft and silky, with a radiant, healthy glow
  • Add a few drops to water to soften your skin while you bathe; light, fresh fragrance
  • Neutrogena manufactures a line of dermatologist recommended skin and hair care products distributed in more than 70 countries

Customer Reviews:

  • Love this product
    The reason I bought this product the first time is because it had a small tag line under the brand name of being a sensual moisturizer that intrigued me. After trying it one time, I have been a complete fan of this moisturizer. It soaks right in and never leaves my legs feeling greasy or dry. Use it after bathing and you will see a total difference in the way your skin feels. The scent is light (I really don't notice it at all)but if you prefer unscented-Neutrogena does sell an unscented version. And it's also great to use on your partner because the scent that is there is neither feminine or masculine and it helps your hands glide...I have had no complaints. ;-)...more info
  • Neutrogena body oil
    Neutrogena body oil is great for lubricating your skin after the shower. It's a quick way to keep your skin moist....more info
  • Skin Essential
    Neutrogena Body Oil has become as essential as soap in keeping my skin healthy and supple, especially during the winter months. I put it on immediately after I step out of the shower, rub it in, and then lightly pat my skin with a towel. ...more info
  • Huge Savings on Quality Body Oil
    Neutrogena is a renowned name in the beauty industry and so when I viewed this body oil two pack, I realized that this was a fantastic savings. I have used this product for over tw0 decades and at age 54, I find that my skin is silky soft. The best way to apply the body old is when you step out of the shower. Place some oil in your hand, and then rub the oil onto your body. It absorbs quickly and has a fresh sesame scent. ...more info
  • great for moisterising dry skin
    I apply this product while still in the shower after turning the water off. It soaks right into the skin and doesn't leave any kind of oily residue.

    Smells okay, a little too good for a guy, but the light scent doesn't hang around for too long at all.

    It does a great job of preventing dry skin for overall body use. Use in combination with a strong hand cream for total protection....more info
  • Divine
    I'm a moisturizing freak who's been using Neutrogena's sesame Body Oil for years -- and I'm yet to find a reason to switch. The light, airy scent is delicious but not overpowering (and won't compete with your perfumes) and your skin will feel like silk after every use. Pair it with Neutrogena's Rainbath shower gel every time you shower, and you'll notice a big difference in your skin....more info
  • Body Oil
    This is the best massage oil my husband and I have come across and as you know there are a million of them....more info
  • Happy Skin
    Apply after showering while still wet. Pat yourself dry, do not rub. Works wonders!...more info
  • Neutrogena body oil vs Baby Johnsons's
    The luxurious feel and the wonderful smell of this oil is worth the extra expense. However, I find that J&J baby oil does the job just as well and for less $$.
    Would I splurge on this again? Yes!...more info
  • Back to basics
    I've been using Neutrogena Body Oil for 30 years and it has proven to be the most effective moisturizer albeit all the fancy schmancy products filling today's shelves. After a shower or bath, hand swipe the excess water off your body and apply Neutrogena Body Oil. The effect is like no other! I've tried other body oil products and there is no comparison! Proof of my baby soft skin? The men in my life! 8?)...more info
  • Incredible body oil
    I buy this product for my wife, she uses it after every shower and her skin is extremely soft and beatiful....more info
  • Effective
    I have used this product for twenty years. Useful for moisturizing wet skin after a shower. It is very economical to get this quantity at Amazon's price....more info
  • The best body oil
    This body oil is so much better than traditional baby oil. It is lighter in consistency and has a great fresh scent. ...more info
  • Sesame Oil
    I love this oil. It's light, does not make you feel oily and is especially nice to use after a bath or shower. I've used it for years. I also like the larger size bottles and the automatic shipping....more info
  • Neutrogena Body Oil, Original, 16oz (Pack of 2)
    I loooooove this stuff! I have used it for more than 15 years now and can't see using any other body lotions/moisturizers. My skin never gets dry or flaky, even in the coldest winter. Instead, it leaves a nice healthy glow without leaving oil stains on your clothing. It also does not have a strong scent which is good for me because I'm not a big fan of perfume....more info