Neutrogena Clean Replenishing Shampoo, Moisturizing, 10.1-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 4)

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Product Description

Replenishes moisture to improve hair and add shine. Rinses clean without build-up. Neutrogena Clean Replenishing Shampoo gently cleanses and provides added moisture to improve dry, damaged hair. This moisture-enriched formula penetrates dry, damaged strands to make hair more resilient. Gentle enough to use everyday, its thick, rich lather removes daily build-up and rinses clean. This non-drying shampoo, with its fresh, clean scent, leaves hair shiny, manageable and healthy-looking. Made in USA.

  • Replenishes moisture to improve hair and add shine
  • rinses clean without build-up
  • Leaves hair shiny & manageable

Customer Reviews:

  • Works so well :-)
    I really love this shampoo. It does such a great job and really lives up to it's name, Clean. I sometimes use a particular mousse that really leaves a lot of build up in my hair, and with ONE rinse of this, it's out and you don't have to use a second rinse (although you might want to, but certainly not necessary). It has the most gentle of fragrance to it (almost nothing, but a tiny hint of a soft perfume to it so as not to smell of nothing).
    I find this really makes my hair clean and shiny, and when I use it with the matching conditioner, it's much easier to straighten because it leaves your hair fresh and well moisturised. Neutrogena make fantastic products and I buy heaps of this when I'm in the States. I wish I could buy it here, because it's almost all I'd use. I really love it and can't recommend it highly enough....more info
  • Neutrogena Clean Replinishing Shampoo
    I became addicted to this shampoo as a frequent visitor to Homewood Suites Hotels. It is the complimentary shampoo they supply. It's a little difficult to find in local stores, so I was pleased to find it on Amazon. I order enough to get the free shipping and there doesn't appear to be any shelf life issues.

    Of all shampoos I've tried, I feel the Neutrogena does the best job, leaving my hair smooth and shiny and it washes away with no residue. It seems to have a touch of conditioner in it; leaves me hair soft and easy to manage....more info
  • Great!
    I've found this to be a great shampoo. I decided to try it after my previous shampoo/conditioner dried out my scalp very badly. This shampoo cleaned my hair without drying it out.

    This is a great shampoo for anyone who is tired of hair products that weight-down your hair or leave it dry....more info
  • I love my Neutrogena
    I love this shampoo and its companion conditioner. There is nothing glamorous or expensive about it, but it works so great on my curly hair! I have used it for a decade (don't laugh) and I have no idea why it has vanished from every local shelf around here. Its AMAZON to the rescue, again, and I take advantage by stocking up with large quantities. THANKS!!!...more info
  • The Best Shampoo
    I absolutely love this shampoo! It's great for everyday use. My hair never feels 'weighted down' with this shampoo....more info
  • Great Hypoallergenic alternative
    Several years ago, I discovered this product as I was having major problems with skin irritation both on my scalp as well as my face. After using this product, all of my rashes disappeared and I have not had an issue since. I highly recommend this to anyone with sensitive or rash prone skin....more info
  • Wonderful shampoo!
    I've used this shampoo for years and love the way it leaves my hair - deeply cleaned without heavy conditioning additives. For whatever reason I've not been able to find it locally and was thrilled to see that Amazon has it available. Great product!...more info


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