Guinness World Records: The Videogame

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Be the ultimate world record holder. Compete in 40 different challenges based on real life world records in your quest to become a record breaker. Then post your scores online and see how you rate against other competitors around the world. The game's quick-fire action challenges can be played solo, in teams, or in competitive multi-player groups. Compete for the ultimate prize -- the chance to be listed in the official Guinness World Records book.

  • With more than 35 different stunts based on real Guinness World Records, the whole family or a group of friends have a shot at becoming a record breaker
  • Compete online with other challengers from around the world to be the Virtual Guinness World Record Holder
  • Get listed in the actual Guinness World Records archives by earning the highest worldwide score on any stunt
  • Travel the world to compete in crazy record-breaking stunts such as - Fastest Time to Crush Watermelons With Your Head, Fastest Time to Eat a Plane, Fastest Time to Shear a Sheep, and many more
  • As you explore the globe, stand on specific hot-spots to reveal interesting facts about records that have been broken in that location

Customer Reviews:

  • Waste of time and money
    IMHO this game is not good at all.Gameplay and graphic is bad.Returned it back ....more info
  • An underappreciated gem of a family game!
    This game is a riot! What simple, fun, and hilarious variety of challenges. Most are quick and relatively simple to learn and thus very addictive to try to keep bettering your score. The games are comical and silly and don't take much higher thinking at all. I'm not sure why there are so few reviews on it. I got it based purely on the comercial trailer and am not dissappointed in the least. We've been playing it on and off all day long. The other winner today has been Outdoor Active Life!...more info
  • Fun, but Addictive
    My girlfriend and I got this game because we wanted to get some fun mini-games. We are in our mid-twenties and we found ourselves playing this game for hours. We finally beat 100 percent of the game after almost two weeks. The games are very addictive because the more you play it the more confident you feel that if you play one of the mini games just one more time you will surely break a new console, regional, national, or world record.

    This videogame has pretty good variety. The key for some of the games is to shake the Wii remotes as fast as possible, while others look for how fast your reaction time is and how well you are able to time and control your moves. We found some of the games where you had to shake the remote as fast as possible physically demanding. We preferred the games that required good timing and control, like the longest burp, most dominoes toppled, the longest fingernails, land speed record, and longest bicycle jump.

    1. The game guide doesn't provide a good explanation of how the game works. It is a good idea to go to the official website for the game to see game hints and world standings.
    2. Some of the games work well to have one person control the remote and the other control the nunchuck. We were able to get a world record of 115 (the maximum) for the arrow catching by having two people play.
    3. When we first started playing the game we played against the pre-set records in the game before we connected the game to Wi-fi to get the REAL regional, national, and world records. This allowed us to collect more money to purchase the additional items that are needed to beat the game.
    4. Most of the games follow the same pattern every time so the more you play it the more you are able to play it from memory. However, the land speed game is different every time.

    Cons of the game:
    1. One of the disappointing aspects is that there are some games that have a definite maximum score you can get and it is not impossible to obtain. We tied the world record on the arrow catching game along with four other people at this point in time.
    2. One of the most annoying aspects of the game is the fact that you need a cord to connect the remote to the nunchuck. Some of the games require fast pedaling and the cord becomes tangled.
    3. It would be beneficial if the game had a main screen where you could see a list of all of the tasks to complete to beat the game along with instructions on how to unlock the secret items. We still do not know any of the cheat codes to this game, but think that they are just to buy additional clothing items.

    Overall, we are very satisfied with the decision to get this game. We have had many fun hours trying to set new records and we enjoyed seeing how we compared to other people throughout the world. Although there are some games we will never play again, there are a few that we will keep trying to master.
    ...more info
  • FUN BUT NOT $34
    fun to play but not worth $34. a couple games silly like shaving the lamb.

    Deptford, NJ...more info
  • Guinness World Records
    My 8 year old son got this for Christmas and he loves it. He likes all the gross records that he gets to try to the longest fingernails...If you are a fan of GWR then you will like it. It's definitely for the younger audience, but I got a kick out of it too. (his Mom)...more info
  • Did not enjoy this game.
    I purchased this game based on the reviews and the videos. It appeared to be fun. I found this game to be very boring and difficult to use, especially with a child that has Cerebral Palsy and limited movement in one arm and hand. Most of the games allow for use of only the Wii remote, this game requires use of both the Wii remote and the nunchuck. This type of movement is hard enough for healthy individuals, but it is darn near impossible for people with physical limitations. I found the game instructions unclear and confusing and the challenges were not fun. Overall, I found this game a waste of money....more info
  • Fun Fun Wii game
    We love this game. My kids (age 6 and 10) are very competitive and this is a fun way for them to explore their competitiveness. They also love the "incredibleness" of the whole Guiness records culture, so it's perfect for them...and Mom and Dad like to get in on the fun from time to time....more info
  • loads of fun
    This game makes sport of doing some tricky maneuvers with the wii controllers and seeing if you can break the record. Some games are suitable for young children's skill level and others require more dexterity. Lots of fun and involves different motions than other wii games - definitely do recommend. Some games also appeal to boys who appreciate being grossed out....more info
  • Tennis Elbow
    I liked this game so much I gave myself tennis elbow. Beware of quick sudden repetitive hand and arm movements or you will end up like me. If you are over 40, take it easy. Have fun and ice after playing....more info
  • 3 1/2 stars: only lacks more witty humor not just goofy humor
    Customization - limited, but not bad, you have to get high scores to unlock more clothing which have nice textures or silly costumes. You give your country & region/state so if you get a high enough score, it goes on their site & shows world's, national & regional. Make sure you connect to update or you'll make the world's record easily.
    Gameplay - Graphics are as simplistic as possible, but there's a lot of details & great sounds effects. Menu system is a huge globe & running around it to find the 3D pop-up connected to that area. Each pop-up area has a set of 3 mini games, each of which 2 are locked, the 2nd costs 1,000 & the 3rd costs 5,000 points. The points awarded are stingy, even with high scores, you'll have to do some games several times to get enough to unlock the 2nd tier games & then run around again & play several times your favs to unlock the 3rd games.
    Scoring - since everything is time based more/less, you can only get higher score going faster then your last time. There is a qualifying record & secret record to beat. I'm not sure what they do other then getting certificates in the same area as your customization area.
    Mt. Fiji (Japan) - furthest washing machine thrown (run, throw), fastest time to eat a plane (throw, point), longest wing walk (balance)
    Great Wall (China) - most plungers thrown in a min (timing throws), longest bmx bike jump (pedal, jump/balance), fastest time to roll 5 cars (timing/motion)
    Building (India) - most melons crushed in 1 minute (timing throws), highest jump pogostick (timing jumps), most arrows cost 1 min (motion timing)
    Pyramid (Egypt) - Most tattooed person (easy paint), fastest hurdles unicycle (pedal/jump), Longest Burp (steady pointing)
    Big Ben (England) - tear 5 phone books (motion), Egg & spoon (balance), furthest human cannonball (motion, button/aim & jump)
    Rocket (Florida) - highest asteroids game score (guess), fastest space hopper (timed jumps), fastest rocket (motion, pointer)
    Poncho (NE South America) - fastest eat 10 cockroaches (crawl also on face funny point/motion), fastest pop 100 balloons (motion), smelliest mammal (motion/timing)
    Looks like AZ (Southern tip of Africa) - balance of car on head (balance), furthest toss of cow patty (spin/aim), most dominoes toppled (sensitive balance, timing button)
    Mountain (Australia) - fastest sheep shearing (IR point/A), land speed (tilt steering), push a lorry (timing/motion)
    Mountain (NV? AZ? In USA) - highest BMX jump (pedal/jump), longest motorcycle jump (same), fastest 50m tightrope (balance, buttons/walk)
    Statue Liberty (NY/NJ) - fastest pull plane (point/motion), tallest building (Tetris-like), pluck turkeys (motion)
    Statue - Easter Island - longest fingernails (pointer), paper airplane (balance steering), catch tonne fish

    Since everything is time based, most games are VERY fast even if do well, though some are longer if do well & all are about timing, hand/eye coordination like the old school arcade games. The difficulty for hand/eye is enough even for adults. The only thinking involved is trying to figure out a better way to win.
    This is NOT shovelware, there is a lot of attention to detail to backgrounds, sound effects, different uses of the wii & use of rumble feature. Some games had such great ideas, you wish there were more levels such as:
    Little thinking: Tetris building, tattoo person, fastest rocket, cockroaches,
    Almost or is 1st person feel: land racing, arrow catching, paper airplane
    Steady hands: fingernails, longest burp, balance car, dominoes toppled, tightrope
    Simple timing fun: melons crushed
    Though considering the limitations, teenagers/adults will get bored quick once everything is unlocked, but until then it's great fun & not easy to win. Though they did a good job of making you play for a long time to unlock everything. I returned this rental before I learned what the secret score attainment does though I did attain them. If anyone knows tell us.
    The trailers are a bit lame, I'm tired of wii mini game ads that must involved being moronic, you can show fun w/o being so goofy/over the top that people will roll their eyes.

    Official site to hear the only music played in game & play one of the simpliest games: guinnessworldrecordsgame com
    Other review sites w/info: IGN, gaming.hexus net, gamestop, metacritic...more info


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