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  • Set Point
    This film was all atmosphere
    and style and brilliantly done.

    The sets and the lighting
    are dark, creepy and stressful
    from beginning to end.
    Set design is amazing
    with great use of color.

    There is not a dull moment
    in this film.
    I watch a lot of horror
    films and I am often disappointed,
    but not this time.

    The plot is quite good,
    although not well developed.
    A vengeful ghost inhabits
    a micro cyber-space created
    by the voyeurs who view
    torture and murder on-line.
    A police detective and
    public health scientist
    team up to solve the
    mystery of the victimizer
    and victims of the ghost.

    Gore and mayhem fans,
    ghost story fans
    and murder mystery fans
    will not be disappointed.

    For another excellent film
    by William Malone,
    check out "Fair-Haired Child"
    (a Masters Of Horror production)...more info
  • "Just promise me that, whatever happens, you won't go to that site."
    I really had high hopes for this movie when I first heard about it but those same hopes were shattered on the rocks of another tragic case of ALL STYLE and not enough Ooomph! in the plot.

    It all centers around a mysterious website that kills the viewer in 48 hours after watching . . .it . . .(wait, that sounds familiar, don't it?)After which, a detective, Stephen Dorff investiagates.

    Here's a cuople complaints I have about the film itself:

    The Villian has a wimpy voice and face and would have done much better if GEOFFERY RUSH was playing him instead. In fact, that's who I though was playing the villian at first.

    The plot-gimmick in this movie is very similiar to that of THE RING. Only, in this one, instead of a black-haired little girl, it's a white-haired little girl. (Big surprise. They were really trying to make it different, right? gimmie a break.) And, this time around instead of having only SEVEN days to live in order to solve the mystery of this deaths you have only 48 hours.

    Another dopey thing about this movie was how the death-look on each victim's face was similar to THE RING. The only difference was that blood poured out of the eyes.

    This movie would have doen really great had it not been for these similarities/lazy gimmicks. The dialogue was alright but the plot distracted you in a way where you really didn't care for the dialogue becuase it was so close to THE RING.

    Rent it, don't but it. Trust me, it's just that bad. The thing that I didn't like about this movie, besides my previous complaints, is that fact that I know it could have done better . . .but didn't. And that, folks, is the real tragedy here....more info
  • Get a load of the website....OMG
    Okay this movie should be call dumb dot com because that's how the characters are...especially those detectives. I think they were more fascinated about the idea of using a website to entice its victims more then anything else which is weird. Stephen Dorff who plays detective Mike Reilly is a very good actor IMHO (watch him in Blade....hot!). The others are not worth mentioning which includes Stephen Rea who plays Alistair Pratt, the perverse psycho maniac who abducts and tortures his victims who pays a visit to his looney tune website. And while we are on this subject, that has got to be the oddest looking website i have ever seen in my life because websites DO NOT look like that for pete sake!! Do you expect the viewers to have no clue what a true website looks like on the internet? Movie makers who patronize viewers intellect does not make for good entertainment. We just get annoyed ...remember that next time okay?

    This movie also seems to suffer from lighting problems because it is shown mostly in this dark haze throughout the whole movie ...maybe it was intentional to give that creepy affect but you can barely see some of the items due to this. I think they just turn the darn contrast down a notch or two to get that dark hue affect if you ask me. The story concept is interesting nevertheless but it is how they put it all together that is lacking....directions seems to be lost throughtout, poor acting overall and you can almost tell the lack of interest from the actors as well. Like they know this movie stinks and are only there to be paid.

    The only good thing about FearDotCom is that the DVD has loads of extras so you can feel like you got something for your money but after seeing the movie, would you even bother? It is only worth previewing if the movie is worth watching....like HELLO!!!...more info
  • Horrible.
    Absolutely horrible. Boring/confusing and could only watch about 30 minutes of it.. 30 minutes that were very forced. ...more info
  • words can't describe
    I turned it off about half way through, but still I wonder how I even got that far through it....more info
  • Brilliant Credit Sequencing
    Now, when writing this review, I thought "Why not write a fair and balanced review about Fear Dot Com's good points and bad points?". So, I sat in front of my computer (cross-eyed) for twenty minutes trying to think of some of the parts of this movie that I enjoyed. Then it hit me! It was the credits! Although many would accuse Fear Dot Com, of stealing the standard format from hollywood classics like "The Godfather" and James Cameron's epic "Titanic", Fear Dot Com presents it's end credits masterfully. The pacing is perfect, the names don't go by so fast that I can't read all the names, and it's not too slow so I don't bored once I've finished what's on the screen.

    So, if you don't mind sitting through this mind numbing knock-off of a movie, then you'll definitely see some brilliantly made credits. The kind of credits that seem to get lost in the blinding lights of hollywood commercialism. I applaud you Fear Dot Com, well done, well done indeed....more info
  • I wanted to do this
    Now I have done more than 60 reviews, I noticed I have never given a product only one star. This is the right time. I remembered I went to the cienma to see this and I think this is one of the biggest time losers.

    I didn't utter nor scream. I only remember boredom, incredulity and shame.

    If you don't know what a bad movie is, go for it. I don't know if you can resist watching it all along....more info
  • what's that I taste? FEAR!
    Brillaint plot
    sick doctor and a sick plot
    great acting
    brilliant ending
    sad at times
    powerful as horror movies can come
    this one makes you really wonder if there really are sites like that out there
    cuz if there are hopefully no one would get off to watching that kind of behavior. that's disgusting. I like the movie cuz it goes to show that evil does not get away empty handed. I have this on dvd. and love it. a powerful yet twisted horror classic....more info
  • online XXX rated material
    The triple X is a warning for material that can bore you to death. I watched the first 55 minutes of this movie, and then stoped watching it. It wasn't worth watching it to the end. That is how boreing it is....more info
  • Watch this film with the sound off. You will enjoy it more.
    The scene that crystallized "feardotcom" for me came when the two main characters were watching a video tape in which a kid was talking in German. At that point I realized that this 2002 horror film was a lot more interesting when you did not understand what was being said, because then instead of trying to understand what was going on you could look at the striking visual images that infest "feardotcom" and make up your own horror story. Chances are you could not do not much worse than this script, which is equal parts convoluted and confused.

    As the title sort of indicates, this film is about an evil web site: if you surf the net there you die 48 hours later from your deepest fear. This will involve being visited by a little girl in a white dress and a white ball, and when you die you will bleed from your eyes. The last point is important because it is really the only thing that allows Detective Mike Reilly (Stephen Dorff) and Department of Health inspector Terry Huston (Natascha McElhone) to start connecting the dots. Anyhow, I guess the Web site downloads bad karma into those who dare to visit the site, which sort of makes sense in terms of movie logic.

    The Web site fear.com has shock-wave images of bloody knives, screaming lips, and such, and then a cyber babe comes along and asks you a series of interactive questions, one of which is the standard "Do you like to watch?" However, instead of sex, voyeuristic subscribers get to watch a psycho (Stephen Rea) basically perform an autopsy on a living woman. What does this creep have to do with the little girl and the bouncing white balls that burst open to reveal bunches of not nice things? Well, unless you have never seen a horror film, you should have a clue on how to connect the dots here.

    Visually the film is disturbing. This is a dark and dingy world, where apparently it always rains, which establishes the pervading mood of gloom and doom. When the creepy Alistair is slicing and dicing people we get flashes of horrific images, although the attempt at grossing out the audience does take the Hitchcock approach in "Psycho," where we think we know what we just saw, but we did not really see it. You may well find the combination of real and implied violence to be a bit overwhelming at some point in the proceedings and I have to admit to being rather surprised this film was not rated NC-17.

    The rule here for enjoying this film is quite simple: look but don't think. That is because the more you think about it, the less "feardotcom" makes any sense. It looks like a classic horror film, thanks to director William Malone and cinematographer Christian Sebatl, but they are trying to build an expressionistic castle here on water with a bit of sand in it. I would be willing to bet that if you showed the entire film to one group of sophomore white rats (all college studies are done on sophomores or white rats, so for all intents and purposes there are no differences between the two) and just the last twenty minutes or so to another group, the latter would rate the film higher. There are some moments here, but overall this is just another disappointing 21st century horror film....more info

  • Doesn't live up to its potential, but has a few good parts
    A premise of a website that can absorb psychic energy and project it back out of your computer is ripe with potential but falls short in it's execution. Using a similar plotline to The Ring but using a website instead of a video tape, Fear-Dot-Com does not have the suspense or the mystery that The Ring had.

    The most notable fault is the editing, jerking from one scene to the next without proper flow, and the speed-shot flashes are too fast and too disjointed to have any impact on the viewer. There is too much repetition in initial visits to the website, doing nothing more than adding painful minutes to this movie as padding. The torturer-doctor is more cheesy than creepy, some of the acting is poor, and it definitely takes too long to get going.

    However, the ending has a surprise for you, and quite a lovely, brutal, karma-like "what goes around come around" visual that will make up for some of your lost time in the beginning. Enjoy!...more info

  • Hannibal Lecter versus Samara Morgan.
    Ok, it's a rehash. The script is just a bad version of "The Ring meets Silence of the Lambs", with some "Nightmare on Elm Street" sceneries. It's a mess and a shame. Only gave 2 stars cause the visuals are nice....more info
  • Not Very Scary
    I can remember hearing about this movie when it was released at the theater. I'm glad I didn't waste my money going to see it there. I can't remember seeing a "horror" movie that didn't at least scare me a little bit; this movie is the first to do that.

    A little info about the "plot" (term used lightly): Four bodies are found in New York City. All died 48 hours after logging onto a website called feardotcom.com. The ghost of a girl named Jeannine haunts the site and kills anyone who enters it. Jeannine died at the hands of ruthless doctor Alistair Pratt (Stephen Rea). He's a freak who abducts women, tortures them for fun, and televises everything on the web. He's now started his murderous rampage again, but he's unaware that someone from his past seeks revenge.

    Now, detective Mike Reilly (Stephen Dorff) and Department of Health inspector Terry Huston (Natascha McElhone) become involved in the search for Pratt. They became involved after a couple of German tourists filmed their dealings with fear.com. Reilly signs on to the site himself to see if he can crack the case. Now, he too only has 48 hours to solve the case.

    Reilly ends up in the hospital, but Terry manages to solve the riddle of Jeannine and eventually she finds where Alistair Pratt is hiding out. In the end, there's a big confrontation between Reilly, Terry, Alistair, and Jeannine's ghost. Mercifully, this is where the movie ends as well.

    I'm a big fan of horror movies and I enjoy suspense, but this movie is neither scary or suspenseful. The acting is average at best, and its really hard to "get into" the characters, because they are so poorly developed. I felt that Natascha McElhone gave a pretty good performance, but Stephen Dorff and Stephen Rea are somewhat poorer. I had difficulty following the storyline through most of the movie, and the poor acting did nothing to help. I don't like to have to "work" while watching a movie, but, unfortunately, this is one of those movies where the viewer must really pay close attention or they will get lost.

    Unfortunately, I can't recommend this movie too highly. The acting is average at best and the story is very complex at certain points. If you're looking for a good scare, look somewhere else than fear dot com, because you definitely won't be scared by this movie....more info
  • Definitely a renter
    I can't imagine the disappointment of those who saw this in the theaters. The movie leaves you with nothing but unanswered questions. How does this ghost person know your name when you log onto the site? Why do people who log onto the site die within 48 hours? Who started the site and how is it related to the mad doctor guy? The movie has a few chilling moments, but for the most part it's a mess....more info
  • Horrible Rip-off of "The Ring"
    This movie is very similar to "The Ring" except it's a website that kills you instead of a video. Ok, I'll admitt this has some creepy scenes, but yet it was very corny in parts. And who can forget the line "Come find me...you have 48 hours." Gimme a break. Get "The Ring" as oppsoed to this....more info
  • They couldn't afford lights?
    Short and sweet, this movie was no good. A "ring" wannabe. The acting was awful, the story was terrible, and you can't see any thing 90% of the time because it's always so dark. The scarriest part was the fact I wasted an hour and a half of my life on this stuff....more info
  • Medicore Horror Film
    FearDotCom is another medicore horror film that come out in 2002. The cinematography is okay but the film is confusing, full of plot holes and has no redeming values to it. William Malone who directed the vastly superior House On Haunted Hill should be ashamed of hisself and Stephen Dorff(good actor) whose last film Deuces Wild (good movie) bombed at the box office has another flop on his hands. Skip this one ...more info
  • Stinks Dot Com
    Congratulations, fear dot com! You are the first movie that I've ever given one star to! This movie is just plain bad. Director William Malone has no sense of horror at all, so he should just stop right now and try drama or comedy. What you think is going to be a scary movie turns out to be nothing more than the filmmaker attempting to invoke fear by using cheap tricks-- dark lighting (police stations aren't that dark, come on!), boobs, and a little girl that looks like she was abducted from the movie The Village of the Damned. Not even Stephen Dorff can redeem this movie. Turn away from this awful showing of horror! If you can even call it that!

    Dorff plays a detective who works in the darkest police station ever. It's always rainy and cloudy where he lives. And everyone walks around looking back and forth like a crazed hoot owl. He's trying to figure out why people keep dying of bloody eyes and noses. Is it a virus? No. As it turn out, it's a website. A website that will make any viewer die 48 hours after visiting it. Think of it as The Ring on a much smaller, crappier scale.

    Avoid this movie. It's not scary. It's stupid. And everything scares me. I recently saw The Astronaut's Wife for the first time and that freaked me out more (and it's not that great of a movie either). fear dot com is slow, it sputters along helplessly and not even Stephen Dorff can play the hero and rescue this movie from the sandtrap it's stuck in. Avoid at all costs. REPEAT. Avoid at all costs. Unless you want to be dazzled by bad lighting, bad acting, and a slow, bad, somewhat ripped off plot (it does kinda steal that whole idea from The Ring). ...more info
    I know, I know, Feardotcom did terrible and I'll probably be given s*** for this review by whoever finds it, but I really enjoyed this horror flick. I mean come on, everyone has their fair share of badly reviewed films that they like, this just so happens to be one of those films that did bad that I liked. Sure it's a ripoff of The Ring in some of its concepts, but it feels fairly original. I'm not going to guarantee anyone that they'll enjoy this film considering the negativity surrounding it, but it's worth a look.
    WHAT IT'S ABOUT: The story focuses on two different things; one part focusing on a web site made by a serial killer by the name of Allister who calls himself 'The Doctor' in which he records how he tortures and kills his female victims for the internet. The second part focuses on two people, a detective named Mike and a city health inspector named Terry who are trying to figure out why people are dying; they are found dead and bleeding from their eyes, but other than that they all only have one thing in common: they logged onto a site called feardotcom and died 48 hours after they logged on. The site is haunted by one of 'The Doctor's' murdered victims: Jeannie who tells the people who logged on to find her within 48 hours or they die. Now the detectives must find 'The Doctor' before he kills his next victim and find Jeannie before she kills them by haunting them and making them die of their worst fears.
    MUSIC: This film has a very good musical score, and I really enjoyed this part of the film.
    ACTION: This film has fantastic special effects are disturbing imagery which makes it rather compelling and creepy horror film (In fact I wish some of these effects were used in one of my favorite films of all time; Silent Hill). This film is pretty nasty when it comes to gore factor, and the torture scenes were actually a bit shocking. This is not for kids at all for the grisly torture scenes, disturbing imagery, and even nudity. This film is actually quite creepy thanks to the wonderful special effects and I loved how many of the set pieces were designed. This film is focused mostly on dialogue and creeping you out with it's ghostly images. I was kept interested through the entire film, sure the plot twists won't blow anyone away, but it was very interesting.
    ACTING: I didn't think the actors were bad, sure they had some of their awkward moments like questionable dialogue, but they managed to hold it together. Trust me, I've seen way worse acting. Overall, the acting was pretty good. If you want a horrible horror film try sitting through Alone in the Dark (Worst horror film ever!).
    OVERALL: I recommend it as a rental, or if you find it in the bargain bin it somewhere it won't ruin your day. I really enjoyed this film, but for everyone else, you should approach it with caution.
    THE GOOD: The fantastic special effects, the creepy and disturbing imagery, a unique storyline, wonderful music, and fairly good acting.
    THE BAD: Some moments of the film were boring and sometimes there was questionable acting and dialogue....more info
  • Another Great Scare Flick!
    I highly recommend this one also, I thought it was pretty scary and with the prices that this DVD is going for on amazon you can't go wrong - buy it and enjoy!...more info
  • Not bad; interesting concept
    I watched this movie late one night and was rather intrigued by the concept. It's not a great movie, but I don't think it's a bad movie either. It's certainly worth watching at least once. I thought the movie was well cast but the story/script was choppy. That was, perhaps, it's biggest problem. Yes, many things could have been better explained throughout the film. Some of the visualizations were overdone. I'm not generally a fan of horror movies, but I did find this one interesting, intriguing, and worth watching. Give it a try -- you might be surprised and like it....more info
  • Feardotwhat?
    The movie was a spin-off of or should I say, a "The Ring" competitor. Most of the movie was cast in pitch dark so mainly all you could see was light and a little movement. Acting was mediocre to sufficient. The plot went like this: (SPOILERS)

    A detective seeks to find the one case that was eluding him, he finds that murders are popping up about the place again. People die in weird ways and he meets up with this microbiologist chick who was called onto the scene of a death because they suspect a virus. Not so much so. Plot progresses and the movie goes on with showing how several people die. Big deal. Scare you a little by flashing sequences of the actual FearDotCom site and the innocent looking little girl with platinum hair. They give you a ball to play with in your mind and here we fast forward to the ending. Detective gets sick, both of them stupidly go to the site even though they know it is that which causes people to die morbid deaths. Oh and after accessing the site, you only get 48 hours to the second to live. Clues are given out by death victims one by one. Apparently they die of their own fears. Okay, detective guy gets sick, microbiologist female falls in love with guy, and tries to help him out. She finds the body of the girl in the website and story ends there. Not. Same cue as in The Ring. She has to scream "I found you! Now what the Hell do you want from me?" I had to laugh. Next. She finds lipstick case on body with paper and words with the location of murders on hot chicks taking place. Turns out this doctor guy is slicing up chicks for fun because he has no "feelings" Someone needs a Care Bear. They find doctor. Slice doctor to pieces by showing HIM the website. Detective guy gets shot by doctor before doctor gets obliterated, he dies. Microbiologist cries. Darkness again!

    95% darkness, 5% wondering "Wtf is going on?"...more info

  • Torturing the Audience

    Many of the modern day's horror movies suffers from a very serious problem ....Clishes which means taking some successful elemnts or themes which was implemented in previous successful movies in the past and applying them again , this results in the movie being a very pale copies of the past shiny one , and unfortunately (FearDotCom) is a very clear example on the above lines .

    The story focuses on a bizzare website filled with strange images of torture and death , any visitor for this site suffers a deadly bleeding to death within forty eight hours of entering the site , a local Detective (Mike played by Stephen Dorff) teams with one of the staff of Health Department (Terry played by Natascha McElmone) to solve the Mysterious deaths , the blood trail leads them to the Doctor , a strange character used to torture his victims and broadcast the whole process on the Web , and in order find the answer to their questions they have to visit the doomed site themselves , means they have only less than forty eight hours to solve the mystery and save themselves .

    the main problem of the movie aside of the Clishes is the almost unexisting plot , the plot is very tiny , with a very weak building up for events , Stereotype characters which is impossible to care for, dumb characters driving themselves foolishly in the wrong situations and all the other sort of the low qualities of the cheap horror flicks(which in my opinion includes an Unnecessary usage of nudity ).

    the casting was satisfying with typical performance from Dorff and McElmone , you really feel their effort to deliver a good performance but unfortunately the movie hasn't helped them , the photography needs to be mentioned here , it really was great and added some value for the movie , the director of the photography ( Christian Sebaldt ) have done a good job in capturing the haunting atmosphere required for this kind of movies , with a good use of colors and shadows and strong scenes of torture made with different techniques , the Director (William Malone who did a commentary for the DVD along with Christian Sebaldt ) tried and tried but with this kind of scripts you can't deliver anything whoever you are .

    FearDotCom wasn't really that bad as many reviewers said , it has some good moments with one or two jumping moments but all of that had fade to black like their black website ....more info

  • eh ripping off horror cult-ure can be fun!
    fear dot com in my eyes had alot of potential....if they hadnt ripped the ring soo much it coulda been much much better....also i noticed that it also reminded me alot of the Silent Hill series...people who have played the game would know what i mean...but overall it wasnt a horrible movie ... ripoffs aside its the type of movie u can watch with your friends with the lights off an u can make jokes about it an scare the girls (hehehe) i thought it was a fun horror film...more info
  • Works Well; Too Cerebral for some...DO YOU WANT TO PLAY
    This film reminded me of a few Clive Barker novels... Spooky if you made the effort. And probably that is the caveat; if you want the film to just GIVE you the experience, then forget this one, however, if you like a nice cerebral work, then this is a great film.
    The film develops slowly, especially up until the time that the Professor in the Coffee House covers the main story exposition about the nature of energy on the Internet. And however general this exposition is, the focus is on an innocent woman who is killed in a hideous fashion by a male who wants to "personalise" the experience of death on the Internet.
    The prime ghost evokes a solution by inviting those who discover the "good Doctors" website, and invites them to play. And the games stakes are life or Death. The winner gains their life, and the Ghost has their death uncovered, or conversely the loser loses their life, and ghost's secret remains hidden.
    The supporting cast is probably more powerful than the leads.
    And the role that FEAR plays, is that each person's "choice" fear, the fear that can literally scare them to death, is the one that manifests itself as the 48 hours ticks closer.
    Brilliantly done.

    ...more info
  • Rip off
    Fear.com is a rip off of The Ring, no more and no less. Doom comes by going to the Fear.com website instead of watching a video but the basic plot is the same. Instead of being a reporter the heroine works for the health department. Instead of a video technician her love interest is a cop. In this, a serial killer essentially creates snuff films while internet viewers watch. Now anyone who goes to the site is doomed to die in 48 hours. Why? For exactly the same reason that was given in The Ring. The heroine in Fear.com goes on a trip, visits the ghostly victim's home and finds the body in water, just like in The Ring. The heroine gets a nose bleed just like Rachel does in The Ring. The endings are also essentialy the same.

    The big difference is that Ring was scary and had atmosphere. Fear.com is just gross and sloppy. It's like comparing cheese flavored cracker spread to a hunk of Cheddar. Save your cash. This flick is just plain bad....more info

  • At least it had a good concept...
    Really the concept of this movie is pretty good. Unfortunatly the list of good things about this movie ends there. Most of the movie is extremely hard to see or comprehend. While there is a little bit of entertainment value (I did watch the whole thing because I wanted to see what happened at the end) this movie is not really worth paying for, I watched it on a movie channel. If you do see this movie it's one of those movies that you only want to see once and at the end it kind of leaves you saying "huh?"...more info
  • Creepy, creepy, freaky, freaky.
    Yeah. You'd have to say each of those words twice to describe this movie. It isn't so much about it that's scary; it's more about it being a film that plays with your mind. It develops very strongly at the beggining and continues into the movie, however it dies near the end which makes me wish they'd put more time into the ending. For my taste it's not a piece of art, but it's a very good movie if you're in for scary movies. I'd say it's more around a 3.75 in my rating because of the ending. Otherwise it'd easily be a 4. Good buy, specially at the low prices that I've seen it being sold for....more info
  • Good Idea, Boring Movie
    I was actually thinking of giving this movie one star, but the reason I gave it two stars is because I think the idea of the movie was okay. People dying of their greatest fear 48 hours after entering a web site. But that was the only good thing about this movie. Natascha McElhone's acting was "not good".

    Another reason why I gave this movie two stars instead of one is because there are only about two kind-of-scary scenes, but the majority of them are just too boring. I was about halfway done watching the movie when I thought, why am I still watching this? I continued watching it, thinking that the ending would be better, but everything kept on worsening. The ending was confusing, pointless, and not scary at all. When I finished watching this movie, I realized I had just thrown my money away. This is probably the most regretful, shameful, and worthless buy I'd made. So, if you don't want to waste your time watching a bad movie, do not watch this. I'm just warning you....more info

  • A mix between SAW and traditional ghost/monster horror
    Fear Dot Com is an interesting mix of the human monster horror (Saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and more `traditional' monster horror (Pulse, House on Haunted Hill). The plot is interesting, corpses appearing with red eyes that died of fear. A couple hard luck cops and a city health inspector start to investigate and find a grisley trail of torture and supernatural revenge.

    The acting is good, engaging without being over the top. Most of the supernatural horror happens toward the end of the movie, and before that it is mostly horrific torture. Sitting through this is worth it, just because of the end graphics, which are almost a perfect copy of the ghostly graphics of House on Haunted Hill, which was also directed by William Malone.

    Over all, the mystery unfolds at a good pace, enough to keep you engaged without being too fast and the story is both classic and just novel enough. Though some of the technology already seems dated, though it is just 4 years old, it isn't so bad you can't watch the movie. It is still a fun, scary movie with some great graphics and a twisted plot.

    Recommended, especially for fans of House on Haunted Hill or William Malone.
    ...more info
  • Terrible!
    This has to be one of the worst horror movies I've seen. The acting is bad, the script is bad, and it's not even scary! It's about this website you log onto and somehow it takes your greatest fear and 48 hours later you die from that very same fear. Not worth the time, not at all....more info
  • Could've easily been the next "SEVEN"...
    ...but the problem is that it tries way too hard to do exactly that. Stephen Dorff tries hard to be Brad Pitt throughout the entire film and Rea tries to be Kevin Spacey aka "John Doe" throughout. It just doesn't work. I do like the whole "if you visit this site, you die" concept, and the innitial premise sounded rather interesting, but in the end, it plops. If you still intend to see this movie, just don't expect that much from it....more info
  • This movie has an identity crisis.
    There are a couple of movies that this movie ripped off, or emulates or even just wishes it was. There is a child in it , who is an albino basically, so we can name The Bad Seed, Village of the Damned, and the Ring as its muse, There is a computer gone bad/ghost so we can name War Games, The Matrix and again the Ring( TV..computer..same thing), there is a mad doctor experimenting on women so we can name every cheesy horror movie in the 90s, IT wasnt scary, it wasnt even entertaining in that "its so horrible its good" genre. ...more info
  • Worse than 'Troll 2'.
    I didn't think that the movie could be as bad as the reviews made it out to be, so I rented it out... Wow. Wow wee. Worse than 'Troll 2', at least that made me laugh. I kept waiting for something to happen. The whole effect of the movie is like drinking chlorinated water when you have a migraine. It's simply that bad. I can't even call it a rip off or Ringu, because everything was screwed so badly that I found it hard to tell who the bad guys were.

    As far as I can tell, the plot (Hah!) centers around a detective and a health inspector (?) investigating the deaths of a few people who all died different ways but bled out their eyes. One of them happened to have died clutching a book about the 'secrets of the internet' which led them to check the computers of all of the dead, and which then revealed that they all visited a website called www.feardotcom.com. Shock, horror! The girl who made this discovery dies 48 hours later, after her worst fear of thousands of cochroachs was realised and she threw herself out a window. The detective, who must be the biggest moron on earth, also decides to take a peak... now the race for time is on. A whole other bunch of boring crap happens, and some weird ghost girl appears a lot with her ball (Why is she a little girl? Wasn't she an adult when she was killed?)just before they die. Oh, and a creepy torturing doctor who kills people over the internet is there too... Basically, this movie is a whole lot of half-baked ideas, added with a script that must have been written by a 1st form English class and served with some of the darkest, most depressing lighting ever (seriously, can these people not afford light bulbs).
    I have to recommend that you stay away from this, unless you're into cinematic vomit. It's just not good for the soul....more info
  • Horrible, but not horrible enough for MST3K
    I would give this movie a better rating as a comedy than a "horror" movie. A woman who let her young, albino, frail, hemophiliac daughter play at an abandoned steel mill? That is comedy gold. And sadly, that scene was the highlight of the movie, and it was intended to be serious dialog - not humor.

    If you want something with a similar plot that might actually be entertaining, get The Ring or even Ringu (Hiroshi Takahashi) if you want the source material. I wouldn't even say FearDotCom is worth a rental.

    The movie is almost bad enough to receive MST3K treatment.

    As for the DVD itself, it is a pretty bare bones DVD release. Get away while you still can.

    ...more info
  • Stephen Dorff's worst movie
    this movie im not explaining to you, you'll just have to watch the stinkhole. obviously Dorff's worst next to City Of Industry.. WHY DORFF!!!WHY!!!!! think man before you do a project. a heap of crap within a heap of crap...more info
  • Top 3 worst movies i've ever seen
    Please whatever you do, do not waste your time even considering watching this piece of sh@t excuse of a film. Oh its dreadful. I saw it in the theatres when it came out and couldn't believe how ridiculous it was. I can't even remember much of it by now (basically a rip off of the ring) but stupider. Don't waste your time or money look how cheap the used ones are, its for a reason the movie sucks. You were warned!...more info
  • Horrible
    One Word "Horrible". This is definitely without a doubt the worst movie I can remember EVER sitting through and I have seen a lot of bad ones. I felt I should warn anyone who has not seen it and is reading the reviews.... PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME NOR MONEY on this Movie! I give one star, but really does not even warrant that!...more info
  • Misleading......
    I bought what I thought looked like a great horror movie. Wrong! Fear Dot Com was a huge let down. The only thing good about this movie is Stephen Dorff and some bloody violence. Otherwise, this movie is no where as good as it leads you to believe. People visit a "killer" of a website and then don't live to talk about it. A mad man has created a live-cam website that determines a person's worst fear and brings that fear to life 48 hours later. A detective ( played by Dorff ) is determined to find the source of the website and shut it down before more people die. It seems this would be a good suspenseful horror film but it is not. It's rather boring and doesn't live up to it's expectations!!...more info
  • Cast and Production Values Deserve Better
    I liked this movie the first time I saw it...when it was called THE RING.
    (In fact, you'd have to see THE RING to understand what in the world's going on in this movie. The whole finding-the-body-will-lift-the-curse thing. It's too bad. The cast deserved better)....more info
  • Good movie!
    I liked the movie! Some people that have reviewed this movie think they're experts, and they have no imagination. I think the actors were good, the actors/director/writer makes you care about the characters, and it is suspenseful. ...more info
  • Feardotcom
    "Feardotcom" is why contemporary horror films have such a bad reputation. It's a by-the-numbers take on the ol' haunted Internet yarn, complete with a ludicrous misunderstanding of basic technology. The movie depends on its viewers to have no idea how the Internet works, and probably even what it is. I don't mind highly improbable story, but there is a limit. There's an acceptable ratio between stupidity and quality. A film with a moronic plot could be rescued by other features such as an effective, creepy atmosphere, or interesting characters with great acting. Unfortunately, "Feardotcom" is a thoroughly mediocre movie. Throw it all together and you've got a guaranteed loser.

    Granted, this film isn't as bad as some of the remakes of Japanese horror films that we're seeing every few months now. It's got a few effective scenes and Natascha McElhone always turns in a solid effort. I can't recommend this to anyone, but I suppose if you're in the mood for a very so-so movie that isn't completely awful with decent pacing, I suppose this would suffice....more info
  • An extremely disappointing trainwreck of a film
    It's hard to see how Fear Dot Com could be anything less than spectacular - until you actually watch it, that is. I love the idea of this film, and there are plenty of intriguing aspects to the storyline, but unfortunately none of these inspirations is ever truly explored, and the ending is a complete mess that only spreads the questions and confusion generated by the film in all manner of confused directions. It's akin to watching a criminal in the old days being drawn and quartered; your excitement at watching it turns to disgust and dismay once you see the mess left after the film is pulled in so many directions all at once.

    Even the opening death scene is problematic. You have this weird guy somehow standing in a subway station that is miraculously empty, only to get himself killed after seeing a creepy girl in white playing on the tracks; the guy seemed to have reached a safe spot only to jump back in front of the train for no apparent reason. Stephen Dorff plays Mike Reilly, the lead detective in the case, and he is joined by Terry Huston from the Department of Health (Natascha McElhone) because the victim apparently began bleeding from his eyes before he was killed. Huston's initial suspicions of an Ebola-type virus are soon disproved, yet she somehow manages to stay on the case and be treated like a bonafide detective by the whole department. Some other people die in a similar manner, including Terry's boss, and it turns out that the only thing the victims had in common was a recent visit (exactly two days before their time of death) to a certain web site. As all of this is going on, we see the handiwork of "the Doctor" and get to enjoy a few peeks at his web site; what this guy does is to torture victims online while other sickos watch, killing them only when they beg for death. It sounds pretty cool, but it isn't; it's especially hard to be frightened of a guy who talks like Liberace having a bad hair day. Terry begs Mike not to visit the website in question, but you can imagine how all of this plays out. Two-thirds of the way in, the movie really falls apart; all the promising plot lines are allowed to go their own separate directions, and the ultimate confrontation is really just silly. After all of this, we are treated to a final scene that means absolutely nothing as far as I can tell.

    What really frustrated me about this film, though, is not the inferior plot. It is the fact that the director seemingly refused to use any lighting whatsoever for any of the scenes. I can understand the desire to make a film dark and dreary, but what we get here is ridiculous. I was constantly peering into a dark screen simply trying to see what was happening. No one in this movie turns on a light, and the sight of a flashlight was a joyous occasion for me; these New Yorkers don't even turn on a light when they arrive home in the middle of the night. Autopsies are performed in the dark - it's ridiculous. Why go to the trouble of even constructing a set if you're not going to let your audience actually see any of it?

    I would be remiss if I did not mention the presence of horror icon Jeffrey Combs in this film, but I have to say his is basically a throwaway role that contributes almost nothing to the story. The DVD does feature a deleted scene that failed to impress me, and a short featurette on the making of the film. The featurette and the trailer can make the film sound pretty good, but it is really a major disappointment. I should probably listen to the commentary with director William Malone just to see how he explains himself, but given the fact that this would require me to watch this movie again, I think I will pass....more info

  • Better than i thought it would be
    This movie recieved some serious stick. So going into it, i had extremely low expectations. It may be these that lead me to my 3 star conclusion. Either way i thought to say i didn't like it was harsh and to say i loved it was flattery. Some good spooky imagery, unnerving sound effects and sinister doctors make for some good viewing, just don't expect too much....more info
  • No Fear, No Scares,No need to watch
    This movie sucks. There was nothing any good about it at all. I cant belive i even made it through the whole movie. Not any good for any collection....more info
  • where's the "no stars" rating?
    I love a good horror film. When I saw this one I knew a classic had been born. Not of horror, though. A classic in that for the first time ever assembled in one place are all the things a producer doesn't want to do with a film. The non-existent story develops into something so inane and not scary that I briefly contemplated suing them for the minutes of my life that were wasted. Why don't some of these vendors offer to pay us to take this movie! As I think of this movie saying that it sucks offers too high of a praise....more info
  • A beautifully crafted mess
    N.Y. Cop Dorff teams with Health Inspector McElhone to investigate a website that kills people with their greatest fear, forty-eight hours after they log on. This is losely related to a snuff cam villian (Rea) who tortures and kills young girls. Director Malone follows an exact pattern of Italian horror filmmaker Dario Argento; dark, well crafted, highly stylised and visually stunning but the story is completely incoherent and the voilence grotesque and unappealing. Extra points for Christian Sebalt's photography and Nicholas Pikes music score....more info
  • Worst Horror Movie Ever!!!!!
    This movie is terrible....there was no reason to make this movie at all!! It was just a rip-off of the Ring which was a lot better than this. This movie is about some dumb website that kills people..how dumb is that!The acting is also terrible.The plot is ridicoulous!! TERRIBLE MOVIE!!

    WORST HORROR MOVIE EVER!!!!!...more info
  • Fear that someone might actually like this movie.com
    Unfortunately there is no negative star rating on Amazon reviews... and if there were I doubt it would go as far into the negatives as I would care to rate it.

    This was by far the suckiest bunch of suck that ever sucked. I can usually find a redeeming quality in even the worst of movies, but this one had nothing. Why did I even watch it all the way through? I was just waiting for something to make sense and for some surprise ending... but the best part of this movie was that I didn't pay to see it so the idiot that made it got no money from me.

    There's really just no need to go into detail as to why this movie sucked... if you need to find one reason to watch this movie you've come to the wrong place, because this one isn't even worthy of spoofing on MST3K...

    AHHHHH!!! Suck isn't even a good enough word to describe how bad this movie was. Imagine a great movie where you get so consumed by it that when it ends you realize you are back in the real world and the adventure is over... now imagine the complete opposite of that... where right from the beginning you are trying to figure out why you are watching it, what better things you could be doing with the time you are wasting watching it, and how much longer will it be before it ends... counting every second hoping it's a short movie.

    Shame on you movie people for allowing such shlock to even be billed with real movies....more info

  • really cool and scary
    I found myself enjoying this little horror movie a whole lot, and it is actually pretty scary. some of the stuff was a bit gross- like the cover of the dvd, but overall a really cool movie. If you liked the new House on Haunted Hill -you will probably like this one.
    Anyway - there were a lot of negative reviews, which i think is not just. so go ahead and give this one a try....more info
    "Do you like to watch?" (Not this movie!)
    "Do you want to hurt me?" (I want to hurt whoever's responsible for green lighting this tripe).
    "You're lying" (Honest Injun. Don't spend your money on this).
    Written & Produced by Van Damme's frequent collaborator Moshe Diamant, & Directed by William Malone, the man responsble for the gory but pointless update of the William Castle classic HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, FEAR DOT COM revolves around a serial killer who is stalking his prey through a website named, you guessed it; FEAR DOT COM. A site which combines seduction with sadism.
    Early on the film provides some genuinely disturbing moments; but from there it becomes just plain boring with its flaky FX & dull, incoherant story. All FEAR DOT COM suceeds at is wasting a good cast which includes Stephen Dorff (BLADE), the attractive Natasha McElhone (RONIN) & Udo Kier (STORY OF O), Jeffery Coombs (RE-ANIMATOR) and inevitably the viewers time. Don't punish yourself like I did: this is coming from a guy who LOVES bad horror movies. FEAR DOT COM breaks the Vidiot's cardinal film viewing Commandment: "Thou shalt not bore"; and for that the movie's negative deserves to be cast into the fiery inferno along with the master tapes of Paul "Cheeky Darkie" Holmes's CD. Long may the "creative" team beind this abomination suffer from Holmesie's painful warblings of drivel like LINEMAN & CHUNDERING IN THE SAND & may Holmesie's nose wart be bestowed upon thee liketh the black plague; for yay liketh him you possess no talent but are full to the gills with your own bloated self-importance.
    In a nutshell, yes; the movie is THAT bad. Take it from Vidiot_y2k, the Cheeky Cracker. Put your money to better use and buy a Xmas pressie for dear old Mum instead....more info
  • Comparing this to The Ring is an insult to The Ring
    About the only thing this movie has going for it is the visuals. So if you're a fan of scary imagery, then this one's worth a look. But if you're expecting a plot, too, buy The Ring instead....more info
  • Awful.dot. Com
    Disturbing and distressing images on the screen that will kill anyone who logs on after 48 hours? Tortured spirits bent on revenge? A dead little girl who seems so sweet yet is so evil? Does these plot lines have a familiar 'ring' to them? Of course they do, because they are straight out of The Ring/Ringu.
    Yet copying, or 'adaptation' in itself is not a bad thing if the direction,script and acting are competent enough to pull it off,but I am afraid not only Fear dot com is a bad copy of the highly superior Ring, which in itself is adapted from the Japanese Ringu, but it is a really bad movie on all levels.
    The problem with it is an overbearing direction and script that are truly confused and can't seem to find a coherent or plausible structure.William Malone who has the awful House On Hunted Hill to his name among other average B horror films, manages to annoy instead of scare me with his fast camera shots,digital images, and grating soundtrack.And he also manages something very few directors are able to do, casting excellent actors,(Stephen Dorff, Natascha Mc Elhon and Stephen Rea) and bringing out their worst performances ever! Unexplicably they all deliver their lines in a very slow and slurry manner, and have a 'what on earth am I doing here' look throughout the film.
    Well, to be fair, the film could have been far better, dealing with the 'evil'and 'soul' of the net(a subject that is interesting and can have a social,philosophical and psychological dimensions), but alas all is lost because of the mediocre direction and script.
    If the minimum requirement you seek in a horror movie is to be scared or at least feel some kind of tension or shock then Fear dot com will only deliver that kind of tension and anxiety that comes from the feeling that you have just wasted a good hour and half of your life! Avoid!!...more info


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