The Complete Vegan Kitchen: An Introduction to Vegan Cooking with More than 300 Delicious Recipes-from Easy to Elegant
The Complete Vegan Kitchen: An Introduction to Vegan Cooking with More than 300 Delicious Recipes-from Easy to Elegant

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A vegan diet-one without any animal products-is unusually healthy because it is high in fiber, low in saturated fat, and very nutritious. Nine-time Olympic gold medal winner Carl Lewis says, "My best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet. . . . My weight is under control, I like the way I look, I enjoy eating more, and I feel great."

The Complete Vegan Kitchen is "one of the best vegan cookbooks I have read," said For the person just beginning to chose meatless meals, it provides information on choosing a vegan diet, nutritional information, and recipes with familiar foods and techniques. "The powerful nutrition information in the first forty pages is worth the price of the book!" says Dr. Neal D. Barnard. However, for the person more experienced with a plant-based, diet, it provides recipes that will broaden their culinary horizon.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great cook book
    This book has wonderful recipes. They are pretty basic in flavor. We like to liven them up with more spices, but great ideas!...more info
  • Buyer beware!
    One of the first vegan cookbooks I purchased several years ago, and have turned to frequently over the years, is Very Vegetarian (currently available new and used from Amazon), also by Jannequin Bennett - executive chef of TJ's restaurant in Richmond Virginia's 5-star Jefferson Motel. It is an attractive, well-written collection of over 300 plant-based recipes that I have enjoyed perusing as well as using. For those new to vegan cooking, Ms. Bennett's book contains helpful supplemental material introducing what may be unfamiliar ingredients, the recipes are extraordinarily well-written, and 16 color-plates throughout the book help one picture just how enticingly vegan food can be presented. Most importantly, recipes I have tried have been delicious and well received by my family! Naturally, I was excited to see that Ms. Bennett had a "new" collection out this year. What a disappointment to discover that THE COMPLETE VEGAN KITCHEN IS A RETITLED, PAPERBACK EDITION OF HER PREVIOUS BOOK. If I didn't already own the hardback edition, this would have been an exciting new addition to my now extensive collection of vegan cookbooks. It has the same interesting foreword by Olympic Athlete of the Century, Carl Lewis, all the same wonderful recipes, and is illustrated with the same beautiful photos - just presented in a colorful paperpack cover this time around. If you don't already own Very Vegetarian, I highly recommend The Complete Vegan Kitchen.Very Vegetarian...more info
  • Great recipes, but be careful of the fat content...
    These are vegan recipes for sure, but be careful of some of the fat content on some of the recipes. Some would not lend to weight loss for sure....more info
  • A great cookbook for lovers of tasty, healthy food.
    This is a great cookbook, and you don't have to be vegan to appreciate it. Who wouldn't want to eat food this good? Everything I've made from the book so far has been terrific. What I especially like is that it does not call for any "imitation" foods. For example, the quesadillas don't use vegan cheeze, but rather a tasty bean dip to replace cheese, along with yummy sauteed vegetables. The blueberry bran muffins are fantastic and addictive. The section on vegetables includes simple but delicious preparations of veggies you know and love, but with a new twist. The roasted broccoli is so delicious you could eat a whole head a day. The brown rice-edamame-seaweed salad was so good, and looks so pretty. The author is a chef, after all, and she really knows how to make things taste good and look nice. I also really enjoyed just reading the text, as there is a lot of great cooking knowledge imparted here. I learned to cook short grain brown rice using the "excess water" technique, and turned out lovely, al dente brown rice in only 20 minutes. This is a keeper, for sure....more info
  • Serious Vegan Cooking
    Good cookbook with a great introduction to the Vegan lifestyle. The recipes do not use any "fake" foods like cheese substitutes which I appreciate....more info
  • perfect for beginners
    Enough of the recipes can be made with supermarket ingredients so you won't get discouraged. The recipes we have tried are delicious so anyone (even firmly NOT vegans) can enjoy them. The food is filling so you don't feel deprived. The vegan pate was unbelieveable! Great texture, taste, and healthy too. We also loved the orange chipoltle sauce over tofu. Some of the recipes we found so elegant that we will be serving them for the holidays. There is basic nutritional information, so not only can you understand what is vegan and why, but also basic information that will help to build your pantry as well as kitchen tools. The baking recipes are a little more involving and some will need special ingredients, but Whole Foods, Health Stores, and even has most of these ingredients. Even if you are not commited to this philosophy or lifestyle this cookbook will help to eat healthier without making a ridiculous amount of work for the home cook....more info
  • good all round vegan cook book
    I have found this book to be very useful, many of the recipes are easy to make and very VERY yummy!!! Highly recommended!!...more info
  • Great recipes
    I first bought this book on Kindle and then realized I had to have a hard copy because of the pictures I was missing. The Kindle only shows black and white and too small for my liking. I love all of her recipes; easy to prepare, and totally vegan. This book is for someone just beginning a vegan journey as well as one who has eaten this way for a lifetime. I thoroughly enjoy this book and use it frequently. ...more info
  • Very helpful
    I am really glad I got this book. It has everything I need to cook vegan food. Plus it has a lot of general information about nutritions and specific product. I would recommend this book for everybody. ...more info
  • Easy and quick to holiday meals
    I am not the most talented cook, but the whole range of meals are possible. In the BEST range of flavor. Many vegan cookbooks tout that they are low in fats and low in proccessed grains. But what about taste, what about the fact that 20 to 30% of a persons diet is supposed to come from lipids, compounded by the fact that vegans tend to simply take in extensively less kcals than they should and did before. The food is amazing, the nutrition is lovely. Finally a cook book I can use daily, not just twice a year....more info
  • Excellent choice
    Fantastic for showing how easy it is to change your eating habits to be healthier! Should be in every library....more info


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