Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Chocolate Nibs, King of Cacao 16 Ounce Pouch (Pack of 2)

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King of cacao. Raw chocolate - the new red wine. Cacao beans (theobroma cacao/raw chocolate) are the source for all chocolate and cocoa products. Our certified organic, raw cacao is the premium criollo variety. Theobroma literally means food of the goods

  • Case of two 16-ounce pouches of organic raw cacao nibs (total of 32 ounces)
  • Made from pure, 100% natural raw cacao nibs
  • Certified organic, vegan; a good source of minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper, and calcium
  • Mix into chocolate ice cream, smoothies, or yogurt; an antioxidant-rich supplement with antiseptic, diuretic and soothing properties
  • Navitas Naturals products come directly from the farmers who cultivate them and are free of heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides

Customer Reviews:

  • A lot of favor in one bite
    Not very good as a snack. Has a bitter taste. Not surprising though, chocolate has a bitter taste without sugar. Raw is definately what you are getting. Great in shakes and recepies. Flavor really comes out. ...more info
  • Cacaomunga
    Very pleasing addition to protien shakes and on fruit you're used to having chocolate covered without all the sugar....more info
  • Where has this been all my life!
    I have no negative comments about this product. It far exceeded my expectations and there is no better price either at any other site. I became interested in the Cacao nibs after reading the rave reviews and the health benefits( full of minerals and antioxidants) of the raw, organic bean at various raw food lifestyle sites. Although I am not 100% raw, I am trying to exchange as many foods as I can. These nibs are crunchy--but not rock hard crunchy. Do not look to compare this to processed, cooked chocolate that is full of sugar. These nibs are not "candy" but a healthy food. Dipped in a little agave syrup( a honeylike , low glycemic index, organic sweetener that is delicious) or honey, one would have a candy like snack. Since they are not a processed food full of sugar, they are more bitter than chocolate but they are not by any means too terribly bitter to enjoy. I thought they were wonderful with a small amount of agave syrup. I will use them in cereal and smoothies next. More people will for sure enjoy these than not....more info
  • How do you use these?
    I've been reading amazing things about Cacao, health benefits, etc., so I thought I would purchase these for my family and see if I couldn't "work" them into our routine. I have to be honest, it really hard as no one in my family (including me) really likes the flavor. Raw eating is new to me so maybe in a year or so this will be a real treat. I agree the price and the fact that they are organic is GREAT. I am still searching for a good idea on how to use them?...more info
  • My Favorite and Healthy Chocolate
    Eaten by the spoonful with raw California orange blossom honey this is a confection fit for the gods! The many health benefits aside, great taste and good feelings make raw cacao nibs my treat of choice. I have tried several brands and find Natitas to be among the best. Amazon's subscription program makes keeping up on my ordering easy and affordable--FREE SHIPPING AND DISCOUNT FOR SUBSCRIBING!
    Thank you, Amazon! --Jim, Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Chocolate Nibs, King of Cacao 16 Ounce Pouch (Pack of 2)...more info
  • YUM!!!
    These things are awesome!!! Now this is my kind of thing. I'm a bitter/dark chocolate person and this fits the craving....more info
  • Cocoa taste
    Can eat from bag it comes in but for more flavor it should be ground in a coffee grinder. Great for shakes....more info
  • A Well Kept Secret Snack!
    These organic Cacao Nibs are my secret weapon against night eating and stress nibbling. It turns out that Cacao (aka chocolate in its original organic form)is GOOD for you. It's one of the best antioxidants God made naturally for us to enjoy! I put these Nibs in a mini-bowl by the TV and when there is a desire to nibble or snack, I nibble on these. I am satisfied and its healthy at the same time. I believe that this little action step of nibbling on Nibs brought about the loss of the last few difficult pounds to lose. Nibs are also great to use in cooking as a substitute for chocolate morsels in just about any recipe. I am really hooked on these. I can't live well without them!...more info
  • Good but not great
    I had been snacking on unsweetened bakers chocolate for years - I melt the squares in an aluminum pan (the kind they call disposable but I reuse them many times) and then tip the pan so the melted chocolate spreads out, then I put it in the 'fridge to harden and because the pan is flexible I can pop it out, then break it up into bite sized shards. Anyway that story about how many roach parts are in cacao when it goes to be processed resurfaced so I thought I'd try these nibs for snacking instead. They're okay but nothing compared to the unsweetened bakers chocolate. Much more mild and they have a sort of rotted taste, not bad but probably from the fermenting process. They aren't hard like roasted coffee beans so if you're worried about breaking a tooth, don't. They have a kind of waxy texture. I like them best mixed with roasted salted peanuts and raisins. Eating them alone is okay too, but not as good as when they are combined with other things. For trail mix they would be excellent....more info
  • Big Mistake
    Sure wish I had researched cacao before purchasing $50 worth of nibs and powder. For some reason I expected the nibs to be like chocolate chips without the sweetness. It's like eating wood chips or something. The powder is delicious, but I am now reading article after article about the negative effects of raw cacao stemming from the theobromine, caffeine, etc. It's a powerful stimulant, not unlike a drug. After spending the last few months cleansing, losing 25 pounds and switching to a mostly raw food diet, I feel like I've backslid into my old addictions to chocolate and caffeine. Warning to others before you spend your hard-earned cash!...more info
  • Yuk
    I couldn't wait to get these to use as a snack and also to use in recipes. I hope I can find other uses for them rather than as a snack, because they are bitter and really doesn't even taste like chocolate. I am not a raw fooder, although I do have a couple of raw food cookbooks, so take that into consideration. I have no idea what I'm going to do with $25 worth of raw cacao nibs now. I even went to the web site to get recipes but there were none. Geez..........more info
  • Devine
    I love chocolate, but not the added fat and sugar, so I couldn't wait to try these. They lived up to my expectations. Delicious. When I get the urge to eat a candy bar - I roll a banana into these cacao nibs for a delicious and healthy treat. For a yummy cocoa substitute in cookies and cakes - I put them in the coffee grinder until powdered. Or just a split second in the coffee grinder makes tiny "chocolate" chips for our smoothies. This is the best chocolate product I've found so far....more info
  • WAHOOOO!!!!
    What a great deal. 2 pounds of raw cacao nibs for $25 including tax and shipping!! Wow. Awesome organic product and great taste from Amazon! Who would have thought? GREAT job, Amazon!...more info
  • Chocolate Review
    Unsweetened, dark chocolate is good for you. This product was recommended to me by my son. It goes very well with other items on my morning oatmeal....more info
  • Wonderful Cacao
    This is a very high quality product, which can be used in many things, from smoothies, to Raw desserts, or even as a very nutritious satisfying snack. I noticed that people had noted the horrible taste, etc... You have to be prepared for the fact that real Cacao is not sweetened, and can be rather bitter. However, if you want to get the full benefit from Cacao then this is the best form to get it in. As processed Cacao, loses much of its nutritional benefits. I would suggest mixing the Cacao nibs with a natural sweetener such as Raw Agave, to make more palatable, etc... Although, I think they are very good by themselves. To your health, and well being. Enjoy!...more info
  • Impressed
    We were really pleased with this product. Very little shell compared to other brands. Good tasting. Price is incredible! We we definitely be buying this again!...more info
  • What to do with two pounds of nibs...
    This is an awesome deal, but don't purchase these thinking you'll just snack on them because they're so healthy for should make sure you like cacao nibs first. The flavor is intense and something of an acquired taste.

    I purchased these to use with the cookbook "Bitter Sweet" by Alice Medrich, which contains a chapter of recipes for cacao nibs and the author talks about ways she tried to use nibs that were a big failure and they are good in cookies, but awful in cream caramel. It even includes some savory recipes, green beans, eggplant, mushroom ragout, pasta sauce. Definitely worth a look if you've got two pounds of these things and don't know what to do with them.

    I should note for raw foodies: all those recipes are for cooked foods except one for a salad that is just baby greens, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper and cacao nibs, with a suggestion to optionally add a few more items like dried currants, shaved fennel or nicoise olives and/or goat cheese....more info
  • Use this daily - love it-
    I read about the benefits of raw chocolate and tried a more expensive brand - I buy this mainly because I put it in my oatmeal every day and it is a very good value - the higher price brands seem a bit more refined. A few months ago there were occasionally a few shells - quality seems to be getting better - but chew carefully in case....more info
  • delicious and nutritious
    I have enjoyed the intense flavor, versatility, and healthful benefits of cocoa nibs for many years. These nibs from Navitas are of consistently high quality and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for nibs. Nibs may be used to make chocolate. I use them for a wide range of culinary purposes including: crunchy addition to yogurt, berries, desserts, ground with coffee beans for coffee. I sometimes incorporate them into sauces if I'm not feeling lazy. I like to cook but I tend to stick to simple things without sauces. Unless you grind these things, only eat them if you are certain of the strength of your teeth as they are hard. The flavor and aroma are mindful of chocolate, but unlike chocolate there is no sugar and they have a bitter finish. I like it but your experience may vary....more info
  • If I had known...
    Let me first say that this is the 1st time I have ordered raw cocoa in any form. However, had I known that I would not be able to make it into a very fine powder for smooth cramy recipes, I would have ordered the powder instead. The taste is really rich and great, but if you need to use it in recipes you want very silky and smooth...don't order this use this. Use the powder instead. I will say the bags are huge, the price is AWESOME you will not find it cheaper ANYWHERE. ...more info
  • Excellent chocolate
    This is excellent chocolate. I eat it as-is, with just a little raw honey mixed in. Good nutritional value....more info
  • Awesome quality cacao nibs - powerful and satisfying.
    I'm a certified chocoholic with a weight problem. I had heard that cacao nibs had all the health benefits of dark chocolate (way more, actually) without the sugar and junk food aspects. They are loaded with antioxidants and have those powerful endorphin releasing stimulants. They are also quite high in fiber (but also in saturated fats).

    I got my big pile of Navitas Naturals nibs and dug right in. Well - these are a bit of an acquired taste; but once acquired, they really satisfy. Cacao nibs are broken pieces of raw whole cacao beans that have been dried (and that's it). They are brown, with a dark cocoa smell, and a seductive texture that's partly like a coffee bean (crunchy and hard), and partly like a piece of chocolate (buttery with a crisp and then melting fat). The flavor initially gives you a cocoa hit and then a winey fermented flavor that is hard to describe. The aftertaste is bitter like baking chocolate. Like a coffee bean, there's some fibrous grit with the aftertaste after the creamy fats have dissolved on your tongue. My first impressions was "phew - that's disgusting". The winey flavor was off-putting and the bitterness in the aftertaste was hard to take. That didn't prevent me from immediately having more, however - as the crisp rich creamy quality made me want more. After a few pinches (maybe 3/4s of a tablespoon) I was flying! I mean, these things are POTENT. They really are loaded with all those endorphin releasing stimulants - and man they wake you up and then make you feel loved. Over the next few days I kept a big baggie of these in my pack and ate them whenever I wanted a cup of coffee. The stimulant effect is totally as strong as coffee - and more. To go with the speed, there's a feeling of well being and intellectual stimulation that's seductive in the extreme. I began to almost enjoy the odd powerful flavor. My only concerns at this point are whether these are addictive! About 1/2 way through my bag I have yet to hit a stem or a stone or an inedible piece (unlike what I've heard with some other brands). The flavor and texture is pretty consistent as I work my way through too - pretty good for a totally raw organic product.

    I found that I could grind them up into powder in the blender and use the powder to "cocoa" up various foods (especially ones bearing some sweetness). For example, after my workout I'd put a tablespoon of nibs and a tablespoon of chia seeds in the blender and grind nice and fine and then toss in a fist full of frozen blueberries, a glug of Walden Farms zero calorie chocolate sauce, 8 oz water and two scoops of whey protein powder (chocolate flavor, of course) and then blend. It all whips up into a rich chocolatey blueberry shake that packs the nutritional wallop of a steak dinner with omega 3 oils, TONS of antioxidants, and a wicked emotional and blood sugar pick-me-up. You can buy the powder pre-ground, but I imagine the goodies keep better in this coarsely cracked version.

    All in all - I think of cacao nibs as much as a drug like coffee as I do a food. People who eat ultra-dark chocolate for the health aspects should absolutely check nibs out because my body tells me they have WAY MORE of the chemical goodies of chocolate with far less sugar and fat. They also are brimming with a rich raw cocoa flavor that's weird and wonderful and hard to describe. If you are bent in this way - this stuff is wonderful....more info


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