World Kitchens Hot and Spicy Beef Jerky, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)

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  • Pack of two 16-ounce bags of beef jerky (total of 32 ounces)
  • Made from solid strips of lean beef under USDA inspection
  • Soft, chewy texture; flavored with brown sugar and red and black peppers
  • Packaged in high-quality resealable bags to help preserve quality and freshness
  • Product of Brazil

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Good
    Most Jerky's are tough and flavorless and sometimes real fatty but you won't find that here. The meat is tender, hot, and spicy but not too hot & spicy. I also detect some sweetness which for me takes away from the spiciness but it still would not keep me from buying more. I have eaten bagged and fresh made jerky's and this one is near the top of the list. ...more info
    Yes, I read some others reviews about how spicy this jerky is, but even though I love hot foods, this just proved to be too much, especially for jerky. It is tender and very tasty, just error on the side of caution if you're not sure if you would like beef jerky that is super spicy....more info
  • Delicious yet horribly addictive!
    So, I'm a beef jerky fan. My whole family is, even some of my friends. World Kitchens Hot and Spicy is the yummiest beef jerkey ever! You cannot stop eating it! No matter how full or how thristy.. lol.. =P But the only reason it has four stars is the msg. ...more info
  • Very Tasty Jerky
    Both bags that I received were quite tender and had great flavor. Not too sweet and not too spicy. I will definately be ordering some more. My dog "Mr Doodles" also loves it....more info
  • Some are Hot & Spicy
    I like this flavor, it's just right in the spiciness department. It is not too mild so that you don't notice it, and it is not so hot that you feel it later.
    The problem comes with the inconsistent hotness (or flavoring) from one piece to another, let alone one bag to another. For example, you can have one piece that has you sweating, while the piece before it tasted like classic flavored jerky (not hot at all). This difference in the amount of flavoring between pieces seems to be common for all of World Kitchens jerky, but it still tastes great....more info
  • Great beef jerky, Great price
    I have tried most brands of jerky and this is my favorite. Per ounce this is a lot cheaper than the stuff in the stores....more info
  • Not for the timid
    I love beef jerky but have a hard time finding one that has enough flavor and is not too salty. World Kitchens Hot and Spicy really fits the bill. It packs a lot of heat from the red pepper flakes which dot the product yet is tempered by a brown sugary-sweet flavor in each bite. I was practically weaned on hot sauce so nothing is too hot for me but I found my taste buds pleasantly scorched by this jerky. If you are a person who prefers mild salsa and finds that a drop or two of tabasco is enough, you will likely consider this product too hot.
    One thing I don't understand is why all the little bits of product in the bag? I found very few large pieces which is fine since it saves me tearing time but since the bag touts "made from solid strips of beef" one wonders. ...more info
  • Brazillian Beef
    Inconsistent at times but a great value for the money, Mostly tender and the right amount of spice. I have been a repeat buyer and will again...more info
  • Awesome Jerky for the Price
    This stuff is awesome great favor, very very moist, it is not super hot I would grade it mild to below mild and I am a person who is not a fan of the nuclear hot stuff. It is not leather hard jerky is breaks apart very easily so if you have teeth issues this is the brand for you. Like I said I LOVE THE FAVOR. Fast shipping too. I have tried all favors. Note all favors have a basic under lying favor but are just jazzed up with sugar, black pepper, and or mildly hot peppers.
    ...more info
  • best beef jerky
    This jerky is NOT too spicy. its perfect! It has just the right amount of spice to leave your mouth tingling as you eat more and more. I'm definitely going to buy more when i'm done with it. As far as a comparison goes, It's about as spicy as your generic "hot" salsa that you would buy in the grocery store...more info
  • Excellent!
    This beef jerky is hot, but not too hot. Easy to chew, not leather-like as some beef jerky tends to be. I ordered this a few weeks ago and am now placing my second order. I love it....more info
  • The best of the spicy peppered jerjy!
    I have ordered this two-pound jerky deal more than once. I have tried other brands, but his one never disappoints. Flavorful and a great snack any time. I have a few pieces on the way to work in the morning. I just love it....more info
  • Lot-a-Hot
    I live on this stuff...The hotter the better. I get the Hot & Spicy so I get the whole bag to myself (to hot for the rest of the family) HA!

    I get at least 4 bags at a time. Love it!!!...more info
  • Good quality, good taste, great value
    Yes, this beef jerky is hot. That's why it's "hot & spicy." If you always order your Mexican or Chinese food mild, I'd say to get a different flavor. The spice blend (which is mostly hot pepper) is pretty good. The quality of the beef is as good or better than any of the mass-market beef jerky you can pick up at your local store. The big difference? This stuff is about 1/4 the price. If you like beef jerky, buy this brand. There is no better value out there unless you're making it yourself. I'll probably order some every time I order books....more info
  • Incredible stuff.
    Very high quality meat and just enough spice, processed just enough to make it slightly soft. If it wasn't so addictively good, I'd order another bag right now!

    ...more info
  • Much better than average

    I wouldn't consider myself a jerky expert. But I do like jerky, and I have tried more than a handful of brands.

    This is definitely better than most. You can taste the brown sugar, and the spicy. Actually you can see the spicy all over the insides of the bag. Don't rub your eye after eating this stuff.

    Most of the strips were soft and chewy. And not overly salty like others I've tasted. And I feel the spicy on my tongue as well as the back of my throat, which is always a good sign.

    I will be putting in another order in a few weeks, so I can have some at a camping trip.

    ...more info
  • Love it!
    I've bought six bags 8 bags already. Not much else to say, just kick'n jerky!...more info
  • Spicylicous !
    I was looking through amazon for the perfect jerky.. and I guess I found it... am a SPICY food fan and I bought this product based on the reviews.. I tastes really nice and has a sharp spicy/sweaty kick in it.. Point of advice, if ur relationship with spicy food aint that good, STAY AWAY!

    One thing I hated about it.. the pack is soo BIG (16 ounce),, I wished they come in smaller bags.
    caution: HIGH salt content, NOT a healthy snack!...more info
  • Excellent!!! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Fast and smooth transaction, speedy delivery - satisfaction guaranteed - will do busines with again - thank you!!!...more info
  • World Kitchens on the Beach?
    I also purchased four bags, and found each to have a nasty sand-like grit. The flavor wasn't bad, especially for the price - but grit has to go before I buy any more of these....more info
  • Great Product
    Great taste. Great price. Imported beef. I will order it again. Not too spicy. Very nice....more info
  • Very good jerky
    I have tried all of the World Kitchens beef jerky flavors, and to me this is the best one. It's spicy and flavorful and tender. I have bought many different brands of beef jerky and been disappointed, but this one is actually good enough to get my repeat business....more info
  • My favorite jerky on Amazon
    I'll preface this by stating that I love hot foods and I am not affected by them, so I can understand other reviews saying that the World Kitches Hot and Spicy was too spicy. This was not the case for me though. I found it to be a perfect blend of spicy and sweet. I really enjoyed it and ordered more. I got on a kick where I thought I would try all of the spicy jerkys on Amazon. I found this to be the one I liked the most, because of bothe the flavor and the fact that there were a lot of thin cuts of meat, which made it easier to eat. This does have a kick, so if that is a potential problem you may want to go with something milder. I will say I have had even hotter, but if you enjoy some flavor with your spice, you may want to give this a try....more info
  • Great beef jerky, Great price
    I have tried most brands of jerky and this is my favorite. Per ounce this is a lot cheaper than the stuff in the stores....more info
  • too spicy
    There isn't much of a blend, its just I think plain too spicy for a normal taste bud..extremely hot for those of you who like it! I like hot stuff, but this is just info


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