The Tudors - The Complete Second Season

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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 01/06/2009 Run time: 542 minutes Rating: Nr

Power, sex, delusion and tragedy were hallmarks of The Tudors: The Complete First Season, and they are all the more so in The Complete Second Season. The story of Britain's King Henry VIII (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), The Tudors is a dynamic history of a kingdom whose role on the 16th century world stage seems largely defined by Henry's narcissistic whims. Season two is very much taken up with Henry's determination to break free of papal authority in Rome and establish himself as head of England's church--all because he seeks to divorce Queen Catherine (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and marry Anne Boleyn (Natalie Dormer). Meanwhile, poor Catherine is kept locked away from court, unable to see her daughter Mary (Sarah Bolger) but refusing to relinquish her throne despite such punishment. As for Anne, she enjoys Henry's passion and commitment, but only to a point. When Henry marries her (in a union not recognized by Rome nor many British subjects) and she does not produce a male heir, his fickle attentions begin to wander, and a grand power play by Anne's father, Thomas Boleyn (Nick Dunning) begins to unravel. In time, Henry's focus shifts to soon-to-be third wife Jane Seymour (Anita Briem), whom the king sees as a symbol of his own redemption after the complications of his love life to date. Toward the end of The Complete Second Season, all the hints that Henry's lack of scruples is leading to a full-scale psychological breakdown begin to show, manifest in his many cruelties and--at the last minute--a clear sign of his notorious gluttony to come. Other stories woven into the colorful, lustful, intrigue-driven season two concern the fate of Henry's one-time mentor Sir Thomas More (Jeremy Northam), who refuses to cooperate with Henry's attempted separation from the Catholic faith and pays dearly for it. The pope himself (Peter O'Toole) turns up in sometimes near-comical responses to the king's intransigence, and the untimely fate of many interesting characters during Henry's wrathful sweep of his court proves a shocking development mid-season. All the actors are first-rate, even down to the smallest roles, and the show's spare but compelling use of nudity and sex scenes makes The Tudors powerful adult entertainment. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Tudors Review
    The Discs came just as they were promised. In perfecct condition! I was completely satisfied....more info
  • The Tudors Season 2
    Just as fabulous as the first season. Hope they do all the way through to end of Elizabeth II....more info
  • good but season 1 was better
    if you liked season 1 of the tudors chances are you will like season two. the history is still crap, the costuming is still ridiculous (pretty to look at...but ridiculous) and the pacing is far too fast. the departure of sam neil in season 1 left a void. james frain does a decent job trying to fill his shoes but it's just not the same. i'm worried about season 3 because jane seymour is a bore :P...more info
  • wow
    an amazing story, an absolutely trying time in history, marvelously filmed, acted, and a sensual experience...more info
  • Hot!
    My friend and I love watching this! We don't really like the actress who plays Anne Boelyn, but the King Henry actor is really good!
    ...more info
    I enjoyed the second season even more than the first! It focuses more on the historical aspects and despite the fact that I clearly knew Anne Boleyn's fate, I couldn't stop watching to see how everything unfolded. I really like the constant change that happens with this show- the characters continually evolve and since Henry VIII keeps killing people...well, the cast is ever changing....more info
  • So much better than season one! Dormer as Anne Boleyn is brilliant!
    It seems to me that the Tudors are very popular these days. Everyone and his/her grandmother have written a novel based on one of the characters (Anne Boleyn and Queen Elizabeth I are the most popular) and it appears that Hollywood is fast on its heels. I enjoyed the first season of Showtime's The Tudors despite the fact that it focused more on Henry VIII's womanizing and debauchery than on the political aspects of the time. In fact, season one was full of inaccuracies, some of them glaring, and I asked myself if the producers had bothered to hire a consultant or if they'd simply decided to create a fictional version of the era. I thought it was sad, especially with such an incredible cast (Jeremy Northam, James Frain, Sam Neill, Nick Dunning). So, I was reluctant to watch the second season. You can imagine my surprise that season two is more closely focused on real-life historical events and less enthusiastic about young Henry's exploits.

    The political stuff that took place during Anne Boleyn's reign, mainly Henry's decision to destroy the church, fascinated me, but what floored me the most was Natalie Dormer as Queen Anne. She brought this character to life, making her as complex and as human as possible. She isn't depicted as an evil vixen here, rather an ambitious and passionate woman who fought for what she wanted. Yes, it is more than implied that her father had forced her to do many of the things she did, but she did them with her eyes wide open. She was no doormat! The season finale belonged to Dormer as she delivered one of the most emotive performances I've seen on television. I was practically in tears. That episode was all about Anne Boleyn and her execution, and she will be missed next season. Jonathan Rhys Meyers does a wonderful job playing the young and charming Henry VIII. The character is despicable, though he is sometimes also depicted as somehow na?ve about the people around him. Meyers humanizes the character. Henry shows a flicker of discomfort every now and then when it comes to ruining Catherine of Aragon and genuine pain for ordering to behead More. The episode closes with Henry eating from a very creepy platter with a dead swan, which I think foreshadows his decline, looks-wise. He gains weight around the time he's married to Jane Seymour. Many great actors leave the series in this season (Northam, Dunning, and others), but new ones are introduced. I look forward to watching season three. One thing is certain though: Dormer will be missed....more info
  • stay away from this seller
    The product was suppose to be delivered betewwn January 22 and Feb 6 2009. I emailed the seller three times asking for status and never received an anser. I order via the internet all the time and seldom have I come across this type of seller. Buyers should avoid this seller....more info
  • The Best Historical Ever!

    So-o-o good! There's so much written here I'll simply say this series is riveting, and if you get it on DVD you have the bonus of watching one episode flow into the other. Natalie Dormer has perfect chemistry with the ruthless King Henry. Too bad they can't receive Oscars, it's some of the best acting in years and Natalie Dormer challenges even the great Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett. If you like historicals and aren't persnickety about details, this will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more! ...more info
  • Warning for the Hard of Hearing: NO SUBTITLES
    Be aware that while this product is advertised as having closed-captions for the hearing impaired, it fails to include subtitles.

    High-definition inputs do not carry the closed-caption channel. Without subtitles, the hard of hearing will either need to view this product over lower-quality analog inputs, or muddle through sans captions.

    As for me, my copy is going back. ...more info
  • A continuing masterpeice
    Just as good as the first season we couldn't stop watching episode after episode. We're so eager for Season 3 to arrive on shelves! ...more info
  • Excellent, kept me on the edge of my seat
    I could not stop watching this season of episodes. I never knew what was going to happen. Watch the full season 3 times. Would strongly reccommend. I purchased 3 additional sets for other people....more info
  • Marry Olde England---Anyone For A "Sic" Back There?
    Was there ever in all of European a royal House half so bloodstained, globally significant, or interesting as that ethnically Welsh clan known as the Tudors? Were the Bourbons? The Romanovs? Scoff. Amateurs. People have been talking, writing and reading about this bunch for half a millennium and the fascination doesn't seem endangered. I'll say it again, what this series sacrifices in historical accuracy and authentic-to-life casting, it more than makes up for in sheer watchability thanks to our "Buff" (as opposed to Bluff) King Hal and his band of oft-ill-fated extras.

    The Tudors---The Complete Second Season was darker, less fun, more dramatic and edge of your seat than season one ever was. Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Henry VIII was meaner and more hypertensed than when last we saw him, with youthful handsomeness traded for ruddy-faced unhealthiness and growing megalomania. The production values here in these ten episodes may even have surpassed those of the first season, and Thomas More's quiet and protracted path to the executioner's block simply stole the series and overshadowed the heartrending final days of the much-betrayed Anne Bolelyn.

    The DVD extras for this second season were excellent, with the best of all being Natalie Dormer's visit to the real life sites of the imprisonment, execution, and entombment of the queen she portrayed. As she put it, "I'm having a moment here..." I think we all did.

    Season three, I can't wait to meet you!
    ...more info
  • Great series!
    If you like period/historical pieces, you will love "The Tudors". Season Two was not quite as good as season One, but I am looking forward to season Three....more info
  • Tudors Second Season
    Never received the second season. Received the first season in error. Have repeatedly contacted the company to no avail. Now I'm stuck with two copies of the first season. Will never order from Brent's Cards again....more info
  • Stunning
    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Stunningly well written, stunningly well acted, stunningly well directed and stunning that Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Natalie Dormer have not walked away easily crowned as the king and queen of Hollywood after their performances in Season 2.

    This series is the gold standard for Henry VIII genre period movies. Subsequent to seeing The Tudors on Showtime we watched "The Other Bolyn Girl" -- my husband had the quote of the night when he said, "Amazing that a television show (the Tudors) could so completely outclass a full feature-length movie production."

    The key to success in this genre is selecting a Henry the VIII that captures the passion, youth, indulgence, willful disregard and madness of King Ocho. If you think Rhys Meyers is too youthful for the part, just take a look at the show's introductory trailor. You see a world behind those eyes and you see the knowledge of a king that was actually closer to JRM's real age during these events. In Season II, you believe he is the beloved prince-king, you buy his disgust and loyalty to Katherine (his much older queen) and you buy his infatuation with Ann Boleyn. Unlike "The Other Boleyn Girl," Rhys Meyers does not play the king as a gullable hard-on, but a thoughtful and emotional leader navigating demands of his cabinet, the church, France, Spain, Rome and the myriad of other characters playing chess around the crown. You see his conquest of AB as not just sexual, but also a statement to the Catholic Church and an assertion of his power. Rhys Meyers not only carries this performance, he carries the kingom. Only a truly gifted and multi-faceted actor could pull off this huge role as JRM has done without breaking a sweat.

    Behind every good man... is not applicable here, because Natalie Dormer puts Ann Boleyn very much in the forefront of this series. Again, I have no idea how she is not on TMZ every evening (perhaps she does not want to be?) as an extraordinarily talented and beautiful young actress. In this role she is neither bimbo nor bitch--but an extremely complicated woman in an unimaginable circumstance. Natalie does not overdo AB--she sells her character as tragic, attractive, manipulative and victimized. The chemistry between JRM and ND ensures the second season sizzles and explodes. The writing for the series is rich, and the delivery is flawless.

    In addition to two very strong leads, this second installment in the series is flanked with textured and rich performances from all of the cast. Down to the ladies in waiting and messengers the detail in this show rivals the great big-screen classics as Godfather and Forrest Gump.

    Bravo, Showtime.

    ...more info
  • I absolutely adore the England history
    No problems or difficulties with my shipment. I am absolutely happy with my product. It arrived earlier than the original arrival date. Brand new product. No damages. I like my product so much thank you....more info
  • Eudors Season 2
    Excellent series...faithful to the historical information. Actors in the series are excellent in portraying the multiple characters...a series to be enjoyed....more info
  • The Tudors Season 2
    This was another excellent season of the Tudors. The emotions were high as Anne awaited her death and Henry's guilt ate at him for Thomas, Catherine, Anne,and so many poor decision he made. Long live the King and the next season I am sure will be just as hot. ...more info
    For history lovers and aficionados of film The Tudors is a must-see. The Tudor era is brought to life with passion and poignancy. The acting is uniformly of high calibre. Do yourself a favour and purchase this DVD. ...more info
  • Tudors 2
    Hot Series - Tudors season 2 (like season 1) is loaded with good sets, greats costumes and superb acting by the players. A little less hot/steamy than season 1, but non the less a good ride and story follow through. The Tudors 1 and 2 are a must see!...more info
  • Natalie Dormer is amazing as Anne Boleyn!
    This is such an entertaining show! I know that it's not 100% historically accurate, but I still love it!

    The highlight of season was the death of Anne Boleyn. In the first season, I really didn't like her. She was the other woman and she was determined to usurp Katherine. After watching the second season I fell in love with her. Despite her shortcomings and personal ambitions, I think that Anne was a very passionate woman who found herself the victim of political manipulations, especially those of her father.

    Natalie Dormer was absolutely wonderful in this role! She really brought Anne Boleyn to life and I will miss her in the coming seasons....more info
  • great
    What a fantastic series, i could not stop watching it even though i knew what would happen in the end....more info
  • Why doesn't the subtitle appear?
    I couldn't wait to watch season 2 of the Tudors, but to my dismay, the subtitles won't appear on the screen. Of course my player supports subtitles for the hearing impaired, and i have been using it for almost 2 years. But this DVD, seemed to have missed to include the subtitles. Is there any other reason why i can't see the subtitles?? Would appreciate assistance.The Tudors - The Complete Second Season...more info
  • You must be kidding
    You must be kidding. This is the most inaccurate and ridiculous portrayal of these people. King Henry never gets fat, and his health issues--both of which drove him mercilessly after Anne Boleyn--are never addressed. Jonathan Rhys Meyers remains handsome and gorgeous throughout this idiotic jumble. An absolute falsehood. The best portrayal, however, has to be in the inestimable Sam Neill has Cardinal Wolsey. Season One is worth it just for this characterization. The rest of it is simply laughable....more info
    I watched the whole second season in one weekend, I just couldnt stop watching it!! The sex, the intrigue, the power!!! I have season one and now two in my collection. I must have season three!! THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!...more info
  • Excellent Delivery
    Received in good time and is an excellent product. If you have any interest at all in Elizabethian history what a wonderful way to start learning! ...more info
  • One of the best shows on television!
    This series is so good that I almost increased my premium channel package on DirecTV to include Showtime! However, buying the full season on DVD means that I don't have to wait for a new episode every week - I can view the entire season in a marathon session or two and really transport myself back to Elizabethan times! Enjoy!...more info
  • Great!
    I really loved this TV series. It really got me hooked. Not only did I enjoy the great acting, beautiful costumes and a fascinating story, but I also learned a lot of history in the process.
    I highly recommend it....more info
  • Continues the excellent production seen in season one
    "The Tudors" charges through season two with more of the backstabbing politics, greedy hangers-on, steamy bedroom scenes and pious prayers that made season one compelling from beginning to end.

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers returns as Henry VIII, who is now married to Anne Boleyn, played brilliantly by Natalie Dormer. Dormer conveys as much with her facial expressions as many actors can accomplish with their full performance. Katherine of Aragon is in isolation, cut off not only from her husband of many years and her place on the throne, but also, cruelly, from their daughter, Princess Mary. Maria Doyle Kennedy is one of the strongest assets of the series.

    Jeremy Northam is superb as the Man for all Seasons, Thomas More, Henry's friend and wise, trusted, spiritual advisor, who can't bring himself to say that in religious matters the King's word is superior to the Pope.

    This season is more historically accurate than season one, which writer Michael Hirst said was "85% accurate". But this season also shares the consummate production values of the previous work. The sets, costumes, music, editing, cinematography and acting are all first rate. If you liked season one, I daresay you'll like season two as well. If you're interested in historical dramas with a tad of artistic license - I recommend you start back at season one.

    The Mrs. says this is one of those shows you KNOW is good, because as soon as one episode ends you can't WAIT for the next episode. The Mrs. is wise.
    ...more info
  • The Tudors
    The order was ship fast, in perfect conditions (it was new) secured package, the price was great. Overall I was very satisfied and I will purchase again. ...more info
  • History with a flair
    Loved the Tudors season 1 and 2. The actors and actresses are very convincing and it also gives a different view of the young Henry and I feel it is probably more accurate than The Other Boleyn Girl which I hated. It was not accurate and just told the story as outlined in the book.

    ...more info
  • The Tudors
    I enjoyed the 1st & 2nd Season and await when the 3rd season is available on DVD. The costumes, sites where filmed,and story line were done very well....more info
  • Great Ending
    Yes, we are all aware that Anne (of a 1000 days) ends up beheaded.

    We sit and watch the axe fall on three people before her, and although it is gruesome, it is not emotionally involving.

    Now it is Anne's turn. Waiting for the executioner's sword, she has flashbacks to when she was six or seven years old. Flashbacks of a happy little girl and a wonderful family that loved her. There was laughter and joy in her world. People who embraced her, kissed her, and protected her. This three minute scene will tear your heart out. This scene alone is worth every penny you spent on this DVD. Bravo to the Director, Writer, and Cinemaphotographer.

    And there is one other scene before this one, that is exceptional. Five year old future queen Elizabeth is told by her governess that if she doesn't behave, she is going to hit her. The look on that child's face is priceless. Elizabeth's later rein is clearly expressed in that child's eyes. Wow!

    ...more info
  • Dissapointed
    I love reading/ studying the Tudor history. Elizabeth was a beautiful, albeit often inaccurate, representation of this era - which made it quite enjoyable. The Tudors was not only inaccurate, but a tasteless representation of the story. To be fair, I could not watch to the conclusion. Maybe it got better?...more info
    The Tudors - The Complete First Season

    My neighbor said this was a MUST see and lent us her copy -- once we watched it...we were hooked. BEST and most informative portrayal of not just the TUDOR period, but the real life characters who literally CHANGED the world -- not just political but the very foundation of Christianity and the Catholic church. Mesmerizing from the first scene... If you are a real history buff, both of politics and people, I highly recommend checking TAG suggestions below...they in themselves I found a valueable history lesson and resource. ...more info
  • Great show, but the DVDs are faulty
    Even though you may choose "play all" , 2 of the 4 DVDs will only play the first of the 3 segments it contains - then it just stops as though it were finished. When you try to play the 2nd and 3rd show on the DVD, it won't allow you to start there. You have to start at the beginning and skip forward and then - maybe - you can get to the other shows. Very annoying. ...more info
  • Historically correct I found T
    I found "Tudors' to be true to be historically correct,although "embellished',probably for selling purpose. looking forward to Series 3...more info
  • Tudors 2nd Season
    The 2nd season is every bit as good as the first and in some ways better. Much more drama! Very very well done. I have enjoyed watching it thoroughly and look forward to season three.

    Kathy...more info
  • Period without the cheese!
    Exceptional period series, but with out the 'cheese factor'. Well actored, well written, awesome suspense, with a modern twist... Can't wait for series 3! Highly recommened (even for thoes who are not history fanatics!)...more info
  • TLC
    Great price and arrived much quicker than I expected. Gave The Tudors as a gift and it was well received. Thank you! ...more info
  • Natalie Dormer reigned in season 2
    Season 2 was superb. The casting was just magnificent Henry and Anne were brilliantly cast the chemistry between them was unbelievable.

    Natalie Dormer was the winner in season 2 she simply was Anne. At the end of season 1 I was so happy that I knew she was going to lose her head soon. In season 2 I was unable to watch the final episode where she was beheaded. I had to watch at a month or so later I was so emotionally caught up in the series. She truly deserves an Oscar( if only the gave on for cable productions) for her performance in this series.

    I can't wait for season 3 but I will really miss Natalie Dormer...more info


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