Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials, Strawberry, 10 Count Box, 1.26-Ounce Packages (Pack of 3)

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  • Case of three boxes of 1.26-ounce envelopes of strawberry flavored instant breakfast mix (30 total envelopes)
  • Strawberry sensation flavor, made with powdered nonfat milk
  • Delivers twice the protein of an egg and twice the calcium of yogurt -- plus 21 vitamins and minerals
  • Quick, easy, and ready to kick your morning off to a great start when mixed with a glass of milk
  • Complete nutritional drink mix in convenient single-serving packets

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for milk shakes or "smoothies"
    These are great to use. Mix a packet in a blender with milk, ice cream and it makes a great and healthy milk shake. You can add malt powder and a banana or strawberries for even more nutrient value.

    We use these to help build up the body after chemo treatments for my wife. Other flavors in the Carnation line work equally as well. Taste great...recommend them....more info
  • my husband lives on this product
    Excellent flavor -my husband had mouth cancer with radiation .He has lived on mainly this product for three years....more info
  • Delicious, hard-to-find product
    I'm glad to see these on Amazon. I scour the grocery stores for the strawberry flavor, but it's hard to find. Most times, if they have it at all, it's part of a variety pack. I just want the strawberry. I've gone so far as to order them directly from the manufacturer.

    The flavor of these is great. I'm not a big breakfast person, and most breakfast foods are heavy and greasy. Eggs get boring after a while, but strawberry instant breakfast is always a treat. It's quick to make and easy to take along if you want - just put it in a travel mug. It has vitamins and minerals and great taste. I mix it with organic whole milk and I'm set until lunch time. I've used it for years when I'm on a diet - the taste is something to look forward to, it gives me a little boost, and it's so quick that it keeps me out of the kitchen. ...more info
  • My View
    I love strawberry flavor instant breakfast and cant find it in any local grocery store. Glad to find it online....more info
  • Hard to find items have a home on Amazon
    Not much to review except it's the usual Carnation in the delicious strawberry flavor that I drank as a kid. It seems all the strawberry available in the stores these days is in a mixed/variety package and only 2-3 packets of this flavor are put in the usual 10-packet variety box along with 4-5 packets of 2 different chocolate flavors. After searching a half dozen grocery stores for the strawberry only box, I gave up and turned to Amazon, which thankfully stocked it. I'll be ordering more soon. Cheers to Amazon. (note: this item requires 3 boxes--so minimum order appears to be 30 strawberry packets for the $12-13 price.)...more info
  • Good for losing and gaining weight
    These are great as a substitute for a meal for an adult who is watching his/her weight and as a supplement to a meal for kids who are picky eaters and need to gain weight. At 42 cents per package the price is right too....more info
  • Strawberry instant breakfast
    I love this product. Strawberry is one of my favorite flavors. This product sort of reminds me of nestle quick in strawberry but its for grown ups. For some reason I could not find this flavor at any of the local stores in town so thank you Amazon. I am using it to help me get something quick, nutritious, and tasty. It has a nice smooth strawberry flavor and I know its good for me. Hopefully it will help me loose weight. ...more info
  • Fast, easy and conveient
    We use Carnation instant breakfast to supplement our weight training and workouts. It is cost effective, convenient and quite tasty!...more info
  • My Son Loves This!!
    My son is autistic and has a very limited diet, BUT he loves strawberry flavored milk. So I tried to find this in my local grocery stores but they never had strawberry! So I found this and he just loves it and I love it because I know he's getting more of the nutrition he needs!...more info
  • Yummy!!!
    My 3 year old son lives for this stuff. He would drink it all day long if I let him. It is really yummy and hard to find in the grocery stores. The price on Amazon is great too!...more info
  • Tastes Great!
    I bought these for my special needs son so that he could have a variety of flavors. We can only buy the vanilla and chocolate in stores, but no one carries the strawberry. Unfortunately, he is not crazy about this flavor, but I have no problem drinking it myself. I really like the taste and since I do not usually eat well as I should, this is a great idea to get in much needed vitamins and minerals once a day! Highly recommended! ...more info


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