Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds, 11oz Canister (Pack of 4)

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Product Description

- Lightly sweet with a hint of dark chocolate flavored cocoa powder - A light chocolate flavor and big crunch – without the calories and fat of chocolate-dipped nuts - Baked-in flavor = no mess! - Only 150 calories per serving: the same number of calories as a handful of regular almonds! - Excellent source of Vitamin E - No trans fat - Low sodium - On-the-go canister fits in car cup holder - Twist-on lid locks in freshness - Lid measures 1.5 oz serving of nuts* * FDA daily recommendation for heart health - Patent pending process

Customer Reviews:

  • Cocoa and almonds, a winning combination
    I was surprised at how tasty these are. The almonds are dusted with cocoa powder which provides more chocolate flavor than you would think. Since almonds and cocoa have been proven to be beneficial foods, this makes this snack a treat that you shouldn't be guilty about. ...more info
  • Nutty and delicious!
    I really liked this product! The almonds had just the right amount of chocolate "dust" on them to add flavor and sweeten up the experience. No need to worry about melting in your hands, etc... I kept this in my car and ate a couple each day on the way home from work... you know, to stave off starvation until dinner time.

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • Super great, healthy and tasty A+++
    Great almond and chocolate taste without the salt and added fat from the usual chocolate coating that you find. These are both gourmet and healthy e.g., 25 mg sodium is 9 times less than the 230 mg sodium in Emerald Nuts Dry Roasted Almonds, 11-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 4). I prefer these to the Dry Roasted flavor. If you are a true dilettante they make a perfect desert together with a couple of squares of the delicious Sorbee Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars, 2.8-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12). I have it almost every day as the dark chocolate has health benefits in modest amounts. ...more info
  • Great snack--toasty and crunchy with just a hint of chocolate
    If you expect these to taste like chocolate covered almonds, you will be disappointed. However, if you want a tasty snack with a subtle chocolate flavor, Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds might be just right.

    Nuts are one of my favorite snacks, although I usually eat raw almonds or pecans rather than roasted nuts. The dry roasting gives these almonds a nice toasty flavor and extra crunch, and the cocoa powder adds just a hint of chocolate. A small handful of almonds make a nice between-meals snack to take the edge off any hunger pangs.

    Do have a glass of water handy while eating these. The dry roasting and dusting of cocoa powder make them especially dry, and you will want something to drink with them.

    I liked these so much I have already bought more. I plan to keep a supply on hand for those mid-afternoon munchies. A handful of cocoa roast almonds make a more healthful snack than a candy bar or chips.
    ...more info
  • Imagine snacking on almond-flavored Cocoa Puffs and you're just about there
    I had such a curiosity about these Cocoa Roast Almonds that when they showed up, I took them into the office and asked coworkers to sample them and tell me what their impressions were. One coworker -- I'm call her H -- described the snack as tasting like "almond-flavored Cocoa Puffs." Another coworker -- let's call him J -- said they took him back to his childhood by reminding him of Ovaltine without the milk. Most of my taste-testers concurred with H's description when they heard it.

    I have been finding these nuts to be a good afternoon snack. They're vaguely chocolately, but not in an overly rich way and not so much so as to make me feel like I'm indulging.

    If you avoid artificial sweeteners, take note: Sucralose is an ingredient. Otherwise the ingredients are pretty natural: Dutch-processed cocoa, almonds, salt.

    So in short: if you like the flavor of Cocoa Puffs, and you think almond flavoring would improve them, and you like quasi-healthy snacking, and you don't mind artificial sweetener, these will probably be a favorite for you. Otherwise, plain roasted almonds may be a better alternative. ...more info
  • Interesting "infusion" of cocoa flavor
    This is an interesting flavor. It's not a candy, like chocolate covered almonds, but has a slightly similar taste because of the cocoa. This would be good in a low-carb diet where one wants the flavor of chocolate but does not want the sugar. It does trick my palate into thinking it has eaten something with significantly more chocolate, and its a healthier alternative....more info
  • Good Almond Taste!!!
    Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds are quite tasty, but be advised that the description is accurate: They carry no more than a hint of cocoa flavor. If you're looking for rich chocolate flavor, you may need to go to a candy store. However, they make a nice, light, and somewhat addictive snack, particularly if you're watching your calories, as there's only 150 per serving....more info
  • Perfection
    People seem to be nitpicking about these nuts. They're terrific! They don't have an overwhelming chocolate flavor because they're just lightly dusted with cocoa powder (which isn't messy at all in my experience). The nuts have a good, roasted almond taste. The container is easy to handle.

    For those who like to snack healthy, these are perfect. A small handful gives me a nice decadent feeling, and satisfies the urge to munch.

    What more can you ask for?
    ...more info
  • Bittersweet chocolate snack...
    This was a tasty product, if you like the bittersweet taste of dark chocolate. I liked that it was "healthy" with the almonds. The chocolate coating was like a dusting of that you might use for cocoa, rather than the creamy chocolate of a candy bar. It would be good for a light snack that also has some health benefits in case you're looking for that in a snack....more info
  • Delightful burst of chocolate flavor!
    It's hard to believe that Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds have the identical calorie count per serving as plain roast almonds, because the flavor of this product is so much more intense.

    The texture is light and crunchy, and the sweet nutty flavor is accented by the cocoa. This is an awesome little snack with a cup of coffee, and it is also quite filling.

    The word seems to be out on these fabulous little nuts, because every time I search for them in the supermarket, the Cocoa Roast Almonds are totally sold out! Buy them on Amazon and stock up. Once you try them, you won't want to be without them....more info
  • excellent taste without a whole lot of extra calories
    I really believe this product lives up to its manufacturer's claims: tasty, sweet, chocolaty, but sans all the extra fat and calories. The nuts were roasted with cocoa powder, which is indeed an excellent idea! In fact, I like the idea so much I'm planning to experiment with this method in my own cooking. The almonds are quite high-quality too, they are fresh and with no irregularities. I would heartily recommend these almonds to any almond-lovers. ...more info
  • Great Tasting and Healthy.....
    These cocoa covered almonds are great tasting and make for a healthy snack choice. They have a great chocolate flavor to help with those chocolate cravings we all seem to have. My 12 year old daughter also thinks that they taste great.

    In a time when it seems that almost most everyone is trying to eat healthier these almonds are a great choice without losing any flavor or adding any additional calories. ...more info
  • Chocolate flavor & antioxidants: A winning combination
    The almonds are really fresh and crunchy, coated with a dark chocolate and slow roasted.
    They are beautifully packaged and make for a healthy and tasty snack.
    With this great product, I can snack healthy and satisfy my chocolate craving!
    I got this product 2 months ago and they taste like I just opened the box.
    Great buy!! Will definitely buy these again....more info
  • yummy
    yummy almonds! chocolate taste from the cocoa dust and roasted almonds without added fat or sugar! highly recommend!...more info
  • I like my nuts I can not lie
    I have always liked chocolate covered almonds. It's just something aout the combination that is really enjoyable. So, when I got a chance to try these I jumped all over it right away.

    First off, the container is much bigger than I thought. There are a lot of nuts in one package. Secondly, unlike most chocolate covered nuts, these nuts are baked with the chocolate (not dipped). This dramatically cuts down on the mess.

    Flavor is very good. Normally I am not a very big fan of dark chocolate it always leaves an odd aftertaste in my mouth. Here, that wasn't the case. It was a perfect mix between tastingt he chocolate and tasting the nut and didn't leave much (if any) of an after taste.

    Emerald nuts has always had high quality standards and this product is not any different. I enjoyed my can and will certainly be buying more in the future....more info
  • Subtle Flavor without a Huge Sugar Hit
    I love these almonds! Apparently some reviewers thought these were and should be almond M&M's. Thankfully, Emerald made these for adult palates, but kids seem to like them too. The subtle chocolate flavor is wonderful. The chocolate is roasted onto the almonds and is dry to the touch. Can't melt and create a mess as milk chocolate does. A box of 4 canisters didn't last as long as I thought they would. Amazon has apparently has sold out! Arghhh! Do me a favor and buy 300 calorie chocolate bars and leave more of these for me!...more info
  • Dry, Crunchy, Not Sweet, Not Bad
    If you get this expecting dry roasted almonds--emphasis on dry, crunchy--rather than regular almonds, it is a fine snack in a casual group. A pleasant surprise was that although it is dusted with cocoa powder, they are really not sweet.. Although I personally found the after-taste not very appealing,, I served them to ten other people. One didn't like them at all, but the others gave them either 4 or 5 stars--particularly enjoying the smallness, crispness and lack of sweetness. I probably wouldn't get them again for myself, but defnitely could put a bowl out for guests, as a casual alternative to greasier and sweeter snack foods. ...more info
    Upon opening this can of almonds we first noticed the fresh aroma - a very good sign. They tasted as if they'd been packed yesterday.

    We love chocolate covered nuts, but these are the first nuts we have tried that were covered with a chocolate powder rather than the usual chocolate glaze, and we liked the change very much. The powder coating seemed to enrich the taste of the nuts rather than covering it.

    We have found them to be appreciated when served with pre-dinner cocktails or as an after supper treat. They're a welcome addition to our pantry shelf!...more info
  • Nice Taste - lightly covered cocoa
    I like the Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds. They are still crunchy and have the light dusting of Cocoa so it is not too rich nor too light. You still have the taste of the almonds as well.

    Nice snack if you just want a quick bite and on the run. Get Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds....more info
  • Delicious
    I liked how the almonds were dusted with chocolate and didn't have that plastic-like sheen of cheap chocolate that so many chocolate almonds have. These were true to their description with the cocoa roast. I loved them and based on how quickly they disappeared, so did everyone else. ...more info
  • Wonderful - and chocolaty if you eat them right!
    I love these because they're not coated with sugar and dairy - just plain old dark cocoa powder. They will taste a lot like chocolate if you eat them right - put them in your mouth, let the chocolate mix with your mouth juices, then start eating the almond. Crunch crunch yum yum. If you're used to a sugar-and-dairy loaded almond, you probably eat too fast anyway - no wonder we're all so fat! Slow down and enjoy it, they really are great!

    Ben...more info
  • Love chocolate
    The cocoa covers almonds are just the ticket to stave off the afternoon hungries. Balance of protein and a jolt of chocolate is just right....more info
  • Amazing!
    These little things are amazing. I love almonds, I love chocolate... They're lightly sweet, but not too much. I also feel satisfied eating just a small handful-other snacks make me want to eat 10x more than I should. They're hard to find in my grocery stores (they sell out fast!)...more info
  • Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds disappear from kitchen !!
    I'm not a person who eats nuts by the handful, but these were good for a quick snack. Nuts are a good source of protein and Vitamin E, but these were a little too calorie laden for me to eat a lot of. They tasted good and the cocoa made a nice addition to the taste of the almonds. I felt they would have been good crushed on top of ice cream or into a brownie mix. Unfortunately, they are ALL GONE. My husband and son are extremely busy and need energy on the run; good snack items are eaten up very quickly. We received our Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds on Thursday and the container was empty last night. Sigh. ...more info
  • Great cocoa flavor!
    Emerald nuts always set the standard for nuts. These are great!!

    They have great Cocoa flavor that doesn't cover up the wonderful flavor of the nuts themselves. The combination of dark chocolate and expertly roasted nuts makes for a great satisfying snack that isn't too sweet and just right.

    These are not chocolate coated, but have a fine dusting of cocoa powder/cocoa flavoring that makes them satisfying and delicious!...more info
  • Crisp, cocoa flavored is a winner any day
    I got this product from Amazon just a few days after placing an order. I was pleasantly surprised by its contents. Crisp roasted almonds with cocoa flavor sounds almost irresistible any day. I almost finished the carton that day, as I kept going back to it as I studied.
    This is a healthful and tasty treat for anyone who wants to eat right....more info
  • Good Treat For A Party, But Pricey for Everyday Munching
    The Emerald Cocoa dusted almonds were tasty. The cocoa did not overwhelm the nuts and make them sweet, but rather added just a bit of background interest and flavor. The almond taste still came through and continued to have the appropriate amount of saltiness.

    Although the taste was wonderful, you did have to get by the fact that they looked liked "dirty nuts". Knowing what they were before you ate them helped. I would not buy these on a day to day basis as they are fairly pricey. I do, however think they would be a hit if placed out on a party tray. They were excellent with the red wine that we tried them with!
    ...more info
  • Perfect for a Low-carb Diet
    When I got this, I was impressed with the sturdy, ergonomically-designed canister that fit easily in my handbag. On quick glance when ordering, I thought I ordered chocolate-covered almonds. So on first bite, they disappointed just a little. But once I realized they what they were, I thought they were quite good for a healthy snack.

    Then I was impressed with how fresh tasting these almonds were. Snacking on them, I didn't get any sugar high and didn't feel guilty about some overly sweet chocolate indulgence. My children and husband ate them happily as snacks, seeing the word 'chocolate' and just being happen to munch on them.

    If you're looking for a slightly sweet, nutritious, low-carb or low-sugar treat, then these should fit the bill perfectly. Good for on-the-go or at home....more info
  • Too Dry and Powdery
    These nuts while supposedly delectably chocolate came across too dry and powdery for me to appreciate the dark rich smell and taste of the chocolate. A big fan of almonds, pralines, and almost anything nutty mixed with chocolate flavors, the powdery after taste kept me from wanting to eat more.

    Not really interested in the health benefits of the product. So that may have askewed my opinion since all appeal for them was lost when I didn't enjoy the taste or texture....more info
  • Pure cocoa taste with crunchy almonds inside
    It was almost a 'love at first bite' - the perfectly roasted almond with a nice thin layer of pure flavorful cocoa on the top.

    You can smell the cocoa as soon as you open the canister - making you want to take a bite.

    You may or may not like the taste of this cocoa roasted almonds depending on your likingness for cocoa. We are so much used to the taste of chocolate (which is actually cocoa + many other ingredients like milk ...) - that you might have never really tasted really cocoa.

    Tasting this item it like tasting and enjoying flavorful pure raw cocoa with crunchy almonds in the center. Get yourself a box and see for yourself what real cocoa + almonds is !

    Where this product loses a star is in its packaging - the external sleeve is kind of comes in one piece, so if you try to remove the lid, the external sleeve kind of tends to come off fully - so careful when you are removing the external sleeve for the canister....more info
  • Cocoa powder coated almonds. Subtle, crunchy, delicious.
    I think what I had in mind when we opened the canister was either the soft chocolate layer you might find in Raisinets, or the layer covered by a shell in M&Ms. Instead, we found almonds that had just been powder coated in a fine layer of cocoa. We found this a positive, in the sense that we could see the size and quality of the nuts, and that they took the center stage, with the cocoa as a subtle backdrop.

    I am not a chocolate fan, but loved these. The cocoa is a secondary taste layer that doesn't build cumulatively the more of these you eat. The end result is a terrific almond snacking option, with enough variation from other approaches to keep your taste buds thinking. The almonds are crisp and of high quality. Emerald has done a fantastic job of selecting premium quality, enough so that even Alton Brown might consider going back on his rule of only buying nuts in clear containers that you can see.

    With reasonable evidence to suggest that almonds represent some measure of improvement to cholesterol health, we can even toss a few of these back relatively guilt-free. Will be buying again....more info
  • Delicious snack.
    This snack is a good alternative to overly-sweet desserts. The cocoa adds sweetness to and enhances the natural flavor of the almonds. I will certainly buy them again. ...more info
  • Just right: a bit of flavor over and above!
    Perfect sized container is now a staple of my home bar!
    A hint of cocoa on roasted almonds? Delicious! Nothing overpowering, just... enough. cocoa has a kind of dry, powdery taste which isn't bad, just different and not bad for you, either.

    Still buying them!...more info
  • Nothing Noteworthy
    I found these nuts to be a tad bland. The chocolate was not very flavorful and did nothing to enhance the experience. It seemed like two flavors that did not blend. These seemed a halfway measure of dipping in chocolate and eating the almonds straight. I would prefer either of those ways to these. I was left with the impression of diet food - not quite what you really want, but a poor substitution. ...more info
  • Yum Yum Yum
    I love Hershey's Almond bars, but mostly just the bites with actual almonds. These taste like that, but with only good fat and way less sugar. My coworkers steal them from me....more info
  • Sooooo Yummy but plan on going to the gym afterwards!
    These arrived in the mail and although I am usually the one to open all packages my husband got to these first. How did I know that? Well, half the container was mysteriously empty and the UPS guy JUST delivered them. After one bite of these delicious nuts, I solved the mystery. My husband was in his office just finishing off his last handful when I walked in and he yells "THESE ARE ADDICTIVE, THEY ARE INCREDIBLE". Right then and there I knew, I could only eat a few more or someone would have to call the show Intervention on me. I like almonds but these are exceptional with their slight, not overwhelming cocoa/chocolately taste. They taste so good I just can't bring myself to buy anymore because one is just not enough. I HIGHLY recommend these in moderation otherwise, eat a whole container but then spend at least an entire week at the gym burning them off. Enjoy!!...more info
  • Really not what I expected
    These are chocolate dusted, not 'coated', hence they are a bit drier than I would have liked. I have noticed that other people like these, most particularly my Filipino relatives. The taste is good - it's the consistency of the almond that didn't appeal to me. They are a bit tougher than what I am used to, therefore they are a bit hard to snack on. However, if you are intent on loosing weight this would appear to be the combination for you. They are not extremely salty, which makes for nice, trim ankles, and the chocolate is of the kind that does not contribute to FAT (which I have too much of thank you very much). So they are worth a try :)...more info
  • Healthiest, best tasting, diet friendly snack!!!
    These Cocoa Roast almonds combine both the great taste of chocolate and the high protein fat burning elements found in almonds. Remember, these almonds are flavored with natural dark chocolate which is an anti-oxidant. All in all, I don't think you can find a healthier snack. They're great! I will say that a four pack is not nearly enough if you have a family. The kids love them as well and tend to eat them like popcorn. One word - "YUM!"...more info
  • Taste good, pretty healthy, but something is off
    I think Emerald is a better brand than Planter and Diamond. They keep the nuts very fresh and have many different flavors. I buy Emrald's dry roasted almonds regularly. And no one seems to tire of it. I also buy the flavored ones when we have guests and always receive accolades.

    But the cocoa roast almonds are still left in the jar after 3 weeks. Initially everyone said it tasted good and it is very healthy with almost no sugar. But then no one wants to eat much of it afterwards. They went for the dry roast or the barbecue ones.
    ...more info
  • An almond, ruined.
    This product points to the trouble with modern food-processing: overkill. Do we need fake sugar? Or do we just need to consume (a lot) less of the real thing? I won't wax poetic on that point, except to say that these almonds are gross. They are artificially sweetened, the "cocoa" (it's hard to believe, after tasting these, that it's real) is repulsive and they have an aftertaste---like death. Really, hyperbole aside, these are disgusting....more info
  • Delicious!
    Deliciously sweet and chocolate-y, while having essentially the same nutritional bang for your caloric buck as plain almonds. A great product....more info
  • Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.-M.Twain
    I don't usually like plain almonds; when I eat almonds they are usually highly sugared, covered in cinnamon or gooey'd up in honey like the ones you can get warm at the mall. When I saw this product, I thought it sounded yummy, so I thought I'd give them a try, turns out I was right. They have just enough cocoa to satisfy my sweet tooth, but not too much that it covers up the flavor of the nut. It's not as sweet or as sugared as those mall almonds, these have a more subtle taste.

    I have been trying to snack in between meals and found grabbing a small handful of these was both delicious and satisfying. Even my husband and son enjoyed them. I was pleasantly surprised with this product and can see me keeping these in my pantry for my little midnight snack attacks.

    Cherise Everhard, June 2008
    ...more info
  • Heaven in a Jar
    As someone who must seriously limit the amount of carbs in my daily diet, these nuts are the perfect snack. They are perfect for that "chocolate attack" that comes on, and satisfy my hunger at the same time!...more info
  • Unique and tasty but not quite sure about ingredients
    These chocolate-flavored almonds were suprisingly delicious. They are not chocolate-covered but have a chocolate flavoring. This brings me to my only negative comment...the ingredients are only listed as natural and artificial flavors without specifying what they are which would be nice to know....more info
  • Subtle satisfying taste
    These nuts have a subtle cocoa taste, nothing too overdone. They are very enjoyable and the flavor is quite unique. They are lightly salted....more info
  • tasty and something different
    Emerald Almonds with a chocolate-powder coating are an interesting concept. It offers the opportunity to enjoy both healthy almonds as well as the flavour of dark chocolate at the same time. The problem is that the flavour is so strong that you cannot eat very many at a time. Good, but not great....more info
  • Just a touch of cocoa
    They taste good and grow on you. The cocoa is not overpowering nor will it come off on your fingers. Sweetness best described as mildly or minimally sweet. Not much saltiness, which is fine. The almonds are very good. Great snack food in moderation....more info
  • Love the hint of chocolate, and without the carbs
    If you are looking for normal chocolate-covered nuts, this is not the snack to choose. However, if you love almonds and the health benefits they have, but are on a low-carb diet, you might want to give these a try. I love chocolate, but try to stick with high-protein, low-carb snacks and I really enjoyed these cocoa roast almonds. They have just a hint of chocolate, so it's not going to satisfy a serious chocolate craving, but I really enjoyed it over typical roasted almonds, and was happy to have some chocolate flavor without having to feel guilty about the carbs that usually come with it. The powdery covering does not come off much on your fingers and while it does use Splenda, I could not detect it at all while eating them. I don't eat a lot at one sitting, so a single container lasts me a couple weeks. I definitely will be purchasing these again! ...more info
  • Thes things grow on you...
    When I bit into my first chocolate covered almond I was a bit surprised. The baked in chocolate reminds me as if the nuts were dipped in Nestles chocolate powder. I wasn't' ready for that. I actually didn't really like the texture, and the taste wasn't that great... but I kept reaching back into the can for more. Now I really like them. The almonds are nice and fresh and the subtle chocolate taste just adds to the enjoyment. They are NOT chocolate covered in the traditional sense - if you want candy, these won't do. But for an interesting snack, these will satisfy your chocolate cravings,as well as let you have a great snack without a lot of calories, get some cocoa roast almonds today!...more info
  • Nut Lover Who Loves Them!
    I like a wide variety of nuts and find myself choosing to snack on nuts (if not fruit) when I get the urge to munch. So as not to get too monotonous, I do like to switch things up among some of the more high protein nuts. Consequently, upon seeing these cocoa roasted almonds, I was thrilled to try them.

    I actually love the taste of these nuts. My comments:

    (1) They have just enough cocoa to give them a nice sweetness without being overwhelming (and making you feel like you just consumed a week's worth of calories in a single snack). I am not a big sweet lover which makes this characteristic appealing; To one with a big sweet-tooth or looking for an after-dinner dessert, you might find yourself disappointed with these.

    (2) For the people that tested these in my household, the appeal was widespread. My husband and two children (ages 2 and 5) loved them, probably even more than I. They came to the consensus that the cocoa coating tasted a bit like an Oreo cookie. With the lower calories and healthy protein, I am happy to have my children snack on these versus some of the other cookie/cracker options out there.

    (3) The container is nice -- a good size and shape for holding. It was easily managed by myself as well as my 2-year old. The top is a screw-top which, in my opinion, is much nicer than the common flip tops. I am uncertain as to whether the snacks stay fresher this way (the nuts did not last long enough to test it) but the top minimizes spills that can be frustrating with the flip tops.

    All in all, I would buy these again. Further, I would recommend them to someone who likes almonds and can appreciate the mild sweetness of the cocoa coating. If you are looking for a sweet, chocolate covered nut (like a mini milk-chocolate snickers), you will be disappointed. This is not a candy bar but it is a great alternative snack....more info
  • Not My Favorite Snack, To Be Sure
    I love almonds and eat many different varieties for snacks. These Cocoa Roast Almonds from Emerald *sounded* terrific, so I ordered them right away. The first two or three tasted pretty good, though not as good as I had expected, but soon after, the cocoa left a really unpleasant, bitter aftertaste that I could've gone all day without experiencing. I'm not sure what it is because, on paper, these should be great, but in execution ... they're just not....more info
  • Cocoa dust delight
    These cocoa dusted almonds are really nice; since they are not covered in melted chocolate they are drier and nuttier with that dark cocoa topping, overall way better than candy. I find myself reaching for them a few times a day, after a while I really develop a taste for them.

    I like that these are slightly drier, it makes for a crispy snack versus the Marcona almonds which are chewier. I liked both though.
    ...more info
  • A good idea, but too bitter for my taste
    The nuts come in a handy package, and they smell very good. However, the taste is dry and bitter, not the kind of "cocoa" flavor you might expect if you're a fan of most dark chocolate products. Because I didn't enjoy the taste, I couldn't fill up on this snack, so I invariably munched on something else afterwards ... defeating the purpose of this snack....more info
  • A Decent Almond Snack, but It Pales to Marconas
    These are good nuts, my whole family was impressed with them. That is, until we picked up Emerald Marcona Almonds, 11.5oz Canister (Pack of 4). It was amazing, we would give these to guests and everyone said these were pretty good. Then we'd give them some Marconas and their faces would light up and say, "The Cocoa almonds were good, but these are very good."

    The Cocoa nuts have a nice rich chocolate flavor and crisp nuttiness. All in all they were good, but they didn't hold a light to the Marcona nuts. Maybe Emerald should make cocoa marconas.

    Once the Marconas were gone, our six year old made fairly regular covert trips to the kitchen to grab one of these. So they were hit with him, although since his mom horded the Marconas to herself, he didn't know what he was missing.

    Definitely was a five star product before Marconas.
    ...more info
  • A Great Snack Option
    At first, I wasn't terribly enthused with the idea of cocoa and almonds, but was pleasantly surprised when I tried out Emerald's Cocoa Roast Almonds. First of all, I was delighted by the sense of freshness when I opened the can. Then the taste overwhelmed me. I found myself reaching for these quite often as a healthy snack. ...more info