PG Tips Black Tea, Pyramid Tea Bags, 240-Count Boxes (Pack of 2)
PG Tips Black Tea, Pyramid Tea Bags, 240-Count Boxes (Pack of 2)

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UK's no. 1 tea. Better taste, free flow bag. With PG, you've not only got a tasty cuppa, but a healthier diet brewing! Caffeine in tea is relatively low, almost half as much caffeine as coffee, and moderate amounts of tea (6 cups/day) do not show adverse effects on the body. What's more, PG contains antioxidants (called flavonoids). You get them in fruit and vegetables and they're really good for you. So sit back and enjoy your PG moment! PG Tips, made with plantation fresh tips, is 100% natural. We only use the top two leaves and a bud, known as the tips, for a great tasting cuppa! Made in England.

  • Case of two boxes, each containing 240 bags of black tea (total of 480 tea bags)
  • Made from a blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan black teas
  • Pyramid-shaped tea bags allow more room for tea leaves to soak into water
  • Brews a refreshing, robust cup with little caffeine and plenty of antioxidants
  • Contains about half the caffeine of a similar amount of coffee

Customer Reviews:

  • Delicious
    I bought this tea for a friend- he loves it and claims it is the best black tea. I have to admit it is pretty tasty....more info
  • the best...
    Can't imagine a better tea...must be English in my bones. P&G Tips is TOPS!! Perfectly packaged. A dab of sweetener and a dollop of fat free half & half and the economy fades away with the rising steam......more info
  • Great everyday tea
    This is a great everyday tea. It produces a very consistent cup that is rich and flavorful without getting harsh. I drink quite a bit of very high quality loose-leaf tea also, but for quality and convenience PG Tips can't be beat....more info
  • Really smooth full favor tea
    This tea is really very smooth and the favor is like no tea you will buy in the states. A real Engish Tea and once you try will never drink anything but P&G Tips. Well worth the money....more info
  • Excellent Cup Of Tea
    One of life's important luxuries is a good cup of tea , PG Tips gives this everytime and buying via Amazon when you are out of the UK is the best way to get a reasonable price for the product....more info
  • A fine and sturdy everyday tea
    This is a very drinkable blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan black teas from PG Tips, one of the UK's most popular brands. Although some California grocery stores stock this tea, I had not tried it until reading helpful reviews on Amazon.

    Each PG Tips bag weighs 38 percent than the Lipton bag (that is available in the USA). As expected, PG Tips makes a stronger brew. Each PG Tips bag has so much tea that I can easily make a 12 ounce mug with a single bag.

    PG Tips is a sturdy, straight-ahead blend with more strength than Lipton's. It is a caffeine-rich tea - in part because each bag has more tea than other brands.

    PG Tips uses a pyramid shaped bag that allows more room for tea leaves to expand while steeping. Does it make better tea? I don't know, but it is a point of differentiation.

    HINT: PG Tips also makes a Special Blend black tea that is only slightly more expensive in stores. I much prefer the Special Blend to their regular black tea. The PG Tips Special Blend is a very hardy and rich breakfast tea. The Special Blend is more sensitive to longer steeping times (I usually steep mine less than 3 minutes), but I find the taste more complex and satisfying.

    Cognoscenti prefer loose tea. Tea bags contain the less expensive "fannings" or "dust," remains from processing loose leaf tea. And with some others brands of tea (not PG Tips), many people can taste the paper used in the bag.

    If you sometimes appreciate the convenience of bags, I recommend trying PG Tips as a sturdy everyday tea. And, I more strongly recommend their Special Blend as a hardy and rich breakfast tea....more info
  • Excellent!
    The tea arrived promptly and is an excellent value. I was paying the same price for one box at my local British store - and this is a two package offer.
    I'm very pleased....more info
  • Best Tea ever
    PG Tips Black Tea, is some of the best tea I've had. The taste clean and refreshing, not bitter at all....more info
  • Excellent value product
    I was a bit suspect at buying this tea due to the very low price. But, the truth is that it's high quality tea at a bargain generic price. We have spent 3 or 4 times as much for bags of less quality. One big bonus is that not only are bags free flowing but the the tea also brews much quicker than other brands. A highly recommended product....more info
  • I love tea and this is some GOOOOD tea!
    I have loved tea since I was quite young and enjoyed drinking it out of my Grandmother's fine porcelain cups. It started a lifelong quest to find unique and delicious teas!

    I had absolutely NO need to buy this particular tea because my cupboards are bulging with various flavors and brands - but I HAD to! Of all places - this was served to me at my favorite Mexican restaurant!

    Hubby and I eat there weekly and usually the owners like to treat us to an after-meal cappuccino - but the brother who makes them wasn't there one night, so another of the family offered to make us some "special" tea - and indeed special it IS, as he had brought a personal stash of it back from Spain. He served it to us with half & half - what a lovely, robust drink!

    I immediately got on my favorite on-line merchant's site and found that indeed, PG Tips could be had through Amazon - so wasted no time in ordered.

    I drink this almost to the exlusion of all my others now and will most definitely reorder when I run low....more info
  • Some of the BEST tea I've tasted
    I talked with an English person about tea, and she told me "You can't go wrong with PG Tips!" The reason she said that is because you cannot go wrong with this stuff. Overall, this is some of the best tea I've tasted and has real flavor. I almost forgot to mention that this stuff is actually from England and has less caffeine than other teas....more info
  • Briton's #1 Tea - PG Tips
    The folks in the United Kingdom drink more PG Tips tea than any other brand, and perhaps after you try it; it will be your #1 choice, too! (By the way, the folks in Ireland drink more tea per person than in any other country.)

    PG Tips Tea and PG Tips Special Blend Tea is our home's standard tea. There are a few specialty retailers in the USA that now offer the PG Tips Special Blend Tea and hopefully Amazon will do so soon.

    In the 1930s (the pre-digestive era in history) this tea was introduced by the name "Pre-Gest-Tee" suggesting the tea could be consumed before food was eaten, but it was the grocers who gave it the abbreviation of "PG" - and the company added "tips" (since the company uses only the best part of the tea plant, the two top leaves and bud of the tea plant to make the tea).

    Many black teas sold in the USA are graded the basic medium grade Orange Pekoe (generally the tea leaves below the top two and bud), which is one of the reasons PG Tips gets higher reviews than most other teas. PG Tips also uses their pyramid tea bag that allows ample room for the tea to expand as it is infused. Additionally, in my opinion, PG Tips blends only two blends, rather than blending a wide assortment, thus becoming really good at what they do.

    Here at Amazon PG Tips is priced at just over a nickel a tea bag (a good value for an imported product) when you order the 240 count boxes in a set of two, and even less expensive in the higher volumes. PG Tips makes wonderful ice tea too, and that's good news since Americans drink about 80% of their tea as iced tea and only 20% as hot tea. Worldwide more hot tea is consumed than iced tea, and worldwide tea is the most consumed beverage (next to water), while in the USA it is the sixth most consumed beverage (next to water).

    A very good question to ponder is "Why this is?"

    Drinking an adequate amount of tea daily is now being considered to be very good for one's health, and it is much more enjoyable to drink a really good cuppa (cup of tea), especially at the nominal cost of about a nickel a cup when compared to one of those gourmet coffee places who charge upwards of four to five dollars for a large cup of coffee.

    When we have a guest in our home we always offer them a PG Tips cuppa, and they always say they have never tasted a tea this good - thus, I rate it 5 stars for its quality and very nominal price!
    ...more info
  • Fine tea
    Excellent British breakfast tea, reasonably priced. Large string free bags, I like to steep them for 5 minutes, just the right amount of tannins to make a brisk flavorful mug, with whole milk and honey. Recommended....more info
  • PG Tips
    PG Tips is an excellent tea. Probably one of the very best for everyday drinking....more info
  • Quality tea - Great price!
    My partner has enjoyed P.J. Tips for many years. He was introduced to it when he lived in England for several years. Now we can get it delivered to our door at a great price and on a schedule we set....more info
  • No comparison
    My daughter introduced me to PJTips in June. I had difficulty finding in the stores so decided to use my favorite Amazon to locate it. Got a great price and I can tell you, there is no comparison to any other tea. This is full bodied and delicious! I'd highly recommend it to any tea drinker....more info
  • The best for a reason
    PG tips is #1 for a reason. Always consistent, superior water flow through bags, and great black or with milk and sugar. Also makes a fantastic iced tea on hot summer days.
    ...more info
  • thrilled to find this on
    WOW! you made me so happy today. I love this tea and am thrilled to find it at such a good price. You even have the milk!

    Thanks so much!...more info
  • Great cuppa
    I have been drinking PG Tips for over thirty years and was delighted when Amazon started carrying it. Both the price point and quantity are much better than the other alternatives of acquiring this brand either locally or online....more info
  • Love PG Tips
    This is among the best everyday teas anywhere. I just have to have a cup every day....more info
  • No wonder it's #1 in the UK!
    I've seen and purchased this tea in my local supermarket and was thrilled to see this fabulous deal on Amazon! I really love this tea - I steep my teabags forever (i.e., leave them in the teapot) and this tea never gets bitter - I can understand why PG Tips is the best-selling tea in the UK! ...more info
  • best tea
    Amazing blend tea. Powerfully flavorful, for those looking for a 'pick-me-up.' Not tart, but rather smooth and rich....more info
  • Even thereminists love PG Tips!
    I'm a professional musician, and when I'm waiting for my theremin to warm up, I warm up to a lovely cup of PG Tips Tea. It's great stuff! By the way, check me out at Thank you, and have a good day! ;)...more info
  • Love this tea
    This is my favorite tea. My local Wegmans doesn't appear to be carrying this anymore so I had to find another place to get it. I need my "PG tea fix" after dinner! I signed up for auto delivery which saves me money on shipping and I don't have to worry about having to re-order. Thanks Amazon for carrying items like PG....more info
  • Excellent black tea at a great price
    I recently started drinking PG Tips when I found it in the tea/coffee cabinet at the home of the family that I work for. They know I make tea for myself nearly everyday, so they are kind enough to keep tea in stock for me. Being a young American, I had never heard of PG Tips until now, so I am sad that I have been in the dark for so long. The taste and "texture" of this tea is absolutely fabulous. I brew it for 2 minutes and it makes a perfect cup without any bitterness, but with a bold smooth flavor. I also add a splash of milk and a bit of sugar or honey... whatever is on hand. I am glad this is becoming widely available in the States and I can see this replacing my regular morning cup of Twinings. I can see why this is the "#1 tea in the UK."...more info
  • A very good Cuppa!!!!!
    PG Tips makes a wonderful refreshing cup of tea. What more can I say I buy 240 teabags at a time, lovely. Susan....more info
  • Perfect!
    PG Tips is a perfect black tea in great filtration cases for just the right amount of brewing intensity. I love it! And we drink so much, the large size is a great value!...more info
  • Best Taste Ever!
    I love the strength and taste of PG Tips. I grew up in England drinking this tea - and when I came to America in 2001 I just could not drink the weak tasteless tea that was being sold on the supermarket shelves - I have introduced my wife and friends to this tea - they now can't drink anything else!...more info
  • Heavenly
    Addicted to tea and this is the perfect solution. PG Tips is wonderful. I know it isn't the classiest tea available, but for the price it is a treasure. A good strong tea....more info
  • Very good tea.
    My uncle brought this back from England years ago and I've been hooked ever since. It's got a great flavor to it. It's not too strong, but not too light either. ...more info
  • Great product; everything I asked for
    I've had this tea before and enjoy it. It arrived very fresh, in a timely manner. Exactly what I ordered....more info
  • Terrific product, terrific price
    Best English Breakfast tea for a lover of this variety and I've tried so many including importing it from England. After s 20 year search I've found a very reasonable price for a most falvorful tea....more info
  • Ideal Tea for Tealovers.
    PG Tips is the one of the best quality tea, available in the U.S, although expensive. It does need to be brewed properly in a tea pot, to get the best flavor, aroma and real taste of tea.
    Kirmani (Lexington, MA)
    ...more info
  • The best true British tea!
    PG Tips Tea
    This is by far the best tea I have ever had, and I drink gallons of tea! I was introduced to it by my sister-in-law, who hails from Great Britain. She said it was all she ever drank there, but could not find it here. We are both so very pleased to be able to purchase it quickly and easily on for a very reasonable price....more info
  • England's Favorite Is Mine Too
    I have been drinking PG Tips tea for almost 20 years and have found it to be consistently a more pleasurable tea than any of the others I have tried. While there are many teas to chose from in grocery stores, PG Tips is the only one I find worth going the extra effort to obtain elsewhere.
    I recommend that anyone try it, you'll see....more info
  • A good strong cup of tea, just the tea I want to drink
    This tea has excellent flavor and aroma, perfect for a good, strong cup of tea. PG Tips puts a third more tea in their tea bags than any other tea bags I have found sold in the U. S. The shape of the bag enables the leaves to move more freely in the bag and facilitates the brewing process. ...more info
  • Thrilled to bits
    Thank you Amazon for stocking this one and for putting this on the subscription account to give me both savings and convenience. Being a Brit in the states it is tough locating stores that stock some of home's conforts.

    For those who have never tried this brand of tea - you will love it for the rich blend of tea; somewhat richer and deeper than some of the American versions; but smooth with a dash of milk.

    I still need my cuppa in the morning and so pleeeeased it is avaiable. Try it as a great alternative to coffee ;-)...more info
  • PG Tips
    Excellent product that any one who drinks tea can get hooked on.I have had PG Tips for several years now and, coming from India as I do, out taste buds for tea are rather discerning. The truth is that nothing measures up to it as PG tips does....more info
  • Just Right
    This tea is exactly what I was hoping for after reading the reviews here. Using loose tea in my office is more time consuming and creates more of a mess in my very rudimentary office kitchen than I want to deal with. These tea bags are flavorfull, not bitter and I really appreciate that they have more cafeine than the basic domestic mass market tea bags. They give me the small afternoon boost that I need. You can easily find higher quality varietal or blended tea and I have those in my cupboard at home and do use them when I have time for the fuss and want to savor something special, but I am really happy with these easy to use, inexpensive tea bags that make a quick just right cup of tea - either at the office or at home....more info
  • English tea at its best
    Pg Tips is one of the most popular teas in England, and if you want a really good cup of tea, this is the one for you. I have been drinking it for 60 years,both in England and in the U.S....more info


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