The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles

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The Biology of Belief is a groundbreaking work in the field of New Biology. Author Dr. Bruce Lipton is a former medical school professor and research scientist. His experiments, and those of other leading-edge scientists, have examined in great detail the processes by which cells receive information. The implications of this research radically change our understanding of life. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. Dr. Lipton's profoundly hopeful synthesis of the latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics is being hailed as a major breakthrough showing that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking.

Customer Reviews:

  • Laborsome to Read
    This book does not tell us how to harness the Power of Belief. It is full of technical, boring and laborsome reading. Poor choice....more info
  • Our Potential Unleashed
    Finally, science to back what many healers and Buddhists have been saying for decades. Perhaps spirituality will soon not be seen as strange and foreign, but a normal course of life....more info
  • Superior writing
    The BIOLOGY OF BELIEF is well written in simple language that I could easily understand. It kept my interest, and I am pleased that I purchased the book. I have bought one for my physician as well as members of my family. His explanation of how our subconscious perceptions, changed, can alter our DNA and our futures is dynamic....more info
  • Very interesting and easy to read for non-scientific people
    It has been a very interesting experience to read this book. It is very easy to understand for non-scientific people.

    I recomend this book to whoever wants to understand how our thoughts affect our body (cells)....more info
  • Excellent, just missing 'how'....
    This is an excellent book - very enlightening as to the science behind why beliefs affect our life. I have great respect for Bruce Lipton and his work. He is an important pioneer for our future. I would have given this book 5 stars, but was disappointed at the lack of 'how' for changing our limiting beliefs. Apparently one must spend more money to attend PSYCH-K seminars. Otherwise, the book is extraordinary. ...more info
  • Where spirituality explains science.
    Lipton's book turns our understanding of the world inside out: it is not the DNA inside the cells that controls them, but the interaction of the outer cell membrane receptors with their environment. Starting from what is known and accepted, the author extrapolates to what transcends accepted science. Along the way he presents to the reader a thorough description of cell biology. It is all quite remarkable, but will you dare follow where he leads? How the mind affects the body's health? The effect that mother's emotions have over the development of the fetus? How some hydrocephalic children have high IQs although they lack most of their physical brain?

    And then there is the matter of matter. The author points out that everything in the universe consists of atoms, and atoms are made out of [electrons and quarks] invisible energy not tangible matter. And since all energy in the universe should be describable by one mathematical expression, everything is inter-related, everything communicates with everything else. One could follow many paths from here, but Lipton concentrates on how our personal beliefs affect our physical cells: how many of these beliefs, formed from as early as our fetus days, lie hidden in our unconscious only to surface unexpectedly and affect our cells in completely mysterious ways.

    The author saves most of his personal conclusions for the epilogue: a discussion of our conscious selves, our personal relationship with everything else in our environment (which he calls the Divine), and mankind's next step up the evolution ladder. He concludes that "The survival of the Most Loving is the only ethic that will ensure not only a healthy personal life but also a healthy planet." He thus joins the considerable number of scientists who have discovered that the effect of love exceeds the boundaries of religion and should be treated as a real and potent power in the universe.

    (The writer is the author of The Way of the Butterfly: A Scientific Speculation on God and the Hereafterand of "Christianity Without Fairy Tales: When Science And Religion Merge.")
    ...more info
  • The connection between mind and body
    If you want to understand the connection between mind and body; how a thought can influence the cells, then this book has the answer. Dr. Lipton's work explains the missing link in the mind.body paradigm.

    You Don't have To Die When Your Doctor Says: A practical guide to living with grace and joy in the face of a terminal prognosis....more info
  • Inspirational clarity
    It happens on occasion that I cannot put a book down. It was thus with Bruce Lipton's gem. As a non-scientist I found the 'mystery' of cellular biology so accessible and so easy to understand. [No wonder his Carribean students excelled!!] His clarity of mind and expression are a delight, and the manner in which the book unfolded was a joy for me. To have the connection to the Universe/God/ All-That-Is illustrated so clearly is truly inspirational and in the end - so simple. Wonderful stuff. Thank you so much Bruce Lipton...more info
  • The Biology of Belief
    This book suggests a great thing telling details about the cells' behaviour and their membrane having the role of the brain for the cells.
    It's a revolutionary thing to learn, especially because the new observations lead to the idea about us having a chance to shape our own fate if we learn about how the cells work...
    There are many very valuable ideas in the book and the freshness and joy of the discoveries are shared with the reader with great sincerity and human warmth. I was so happy to choose this book. It's like a gateway to a new world, but first of all a hope for a better future!...more info
  • Hopefully our 'reality' changes in a quantum way
    This is a book that needs to be read over and over. A lay person can read it and understand nearly everything written. The message can be life changing - if you are looking - because it gives very concrete reasons for the 'new' paradigm. It raises your awareness to the most unseen, and thereby gives a solid reason to be positive. ...more info
  • AWESOME!!!!!
    I am not all the way through this book yet, but it is absolutely eye opening. It appears to go well with Gregg Braden " The Spontaneous Healing of Belief", as I have read!! Both are fascinating and very helpful in understanding and enlightening us to be able to change the way we look at things in order to better our mind, body, spirit experience fort he better. LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!...more info
  • Refer it to friends and skeptics!
    I have referenced this book to so many people I cannot count. When I encounter people who do not understand the actual biology and physics of the "attraction principles", I send them to Lipton who does a superb job. He is able to clearly describe what a non-scientist can understand, while using scientific backbone to support his views. I am glad this one is on my shelf....more info
  • Great insight and ideas, lacks a close
    Very compelling ideas and some really thought provoking science.

    No methods at the end and a little too sure of the meaning for me. But, I will take much from this book.

    I am left wanting something more in identifying underlying beliefs (follow your feelings at times is the best advice I have gotten for that) and how to construct better ones. BeliefWorks by Ray Dodd helped a bit with that. ...more info
  • One of the Best
    This book is one of my most precious and cherished books. I believe that this wonderful man has written the clearest and most inspiring book explaining what creative genious' we all are. I loved his research, his ability to inspire, his remarkable ability to communicate and his enthusiasm which leapt off each page. We are far more powerful than we ever realized and we have the absolute ability to change our lives by merely changing our thoughts and emotions. Of course once you've read the book you are left with the do I change my subconscious beliefs? He likes the method of PsyK - there are numerous methods, but no magic bullet or technique. In my opinion no one method fits all. I think that once you realize that you can change your beliefs you will discover the best technique for you. But first you have to open your eyes to the power within. This book will clearly and absolutely open your eyes and inspire you. This is a book too good to miss. ...more info
  • The Biology of Belief
    While well intended, this book was recommended to me by my alternative medicine Doctor. He overestimated my intelectual capacity! It is much too deep for my though processes. I can, however, see how some very deep thinkers could find this book deeply stimulating and challenging to the status quo thinking of the medical world was well as other sciences.

    My warning, don't buy unless you are a deep thinker who enjoys esoteric writings....more info
  • Just what I expected from B. Lipton
    Simple writing, clear ideas, clear language. I was looking forward to read it since I knew it was published and finally I got it. I honestly think that this book should be read by everybody given the variety of religions that live together in every contry around the world. And, given the research advances we got every single day in genetics science, it is absolutely needed to keep clear our horizon. Lipton view about development is fresh and keeps your mind actively thinking all throught the book....more info
  • Awesome
    If you really want to understand what is going on inside out of you, please read this book. Excellent reading....more info
  • So bad it inspired me to write my first review
    A bad self help book, not a science book. did the author an injustice by not categorizing this book correctly....more info
  • The Biology of Belief
    Exploring the workings of the cells gives insight to understanding our thought processes while opening up to more questions about who we are and what is our essence. If the reader is not familiar with the terminology it can slow them down a little, otherwise the book flows well through the subject. It makes the point that what we think is reflected in our bodies, and if we pay attention to our what our bodies are telling us, we can rethink our thoughts. Retrain our cells by rethinking our beliefs and our physical and mental health will improve and so our perspective on our experiences. Encouraging and enlightening....more info
  • The Magic of Believing!
    Bruce H. Lipton's book The Biology of Belief was written for the lay person. He took a complicated subject matter, added wit and a unique writing style to make this book an easy read.

    A cellular biologist, the author had an epiphany. He changed his belief in genetic predisposition to an understanding that it is our beliefs that control our bodies, minds and life. The books answers some intriguing questions like: Why is it that placebo's have the same effect as medicines? In another book a doctor who worked in African villages stated that his own epiphany was that the main difference between a Western trained medical doctor and the local witch doctor is a medical degree and the way they dress. Like that book, Lipton's explanation is that belief sets the bodies healing process in motion.

    The author explains New Biology, Smart Cells, Cellular "Mem-Brains," quantum physic discoveries, subconscious programming, growth versus fear, how parent's beliefs preprogram their children and much more.

    I recommend this book people who want to discover the magic of believing and the new developments in cellular biology that dispel previous scientific notions widely believed to be well-founded facts.
    ...more info
  • The solution to the healthcare "problem"
    I could make this complicated or lengthy, I choose to make it simple. You want a solution to your day to day symptoms? Read this book. You want a solution to the national healthcare spending nightmare? Read this book. More importantly, LIVE this book....more info
  • Two Chapters Too Short
    If you are looking for answers on how to improve your life, don't waste your money. The author starts off by telling you how he turned his life around by changing his beliefs. The chapters explain the science very cleary and in layman's terms - it is all very interesting. Just when you are ready to turn the page to find out the author's secrets, the book is ending !!! The author doesn't explain what he did to resolve issues in his own life and does not explain how you can do it in yours. He only refers you to his friend's book which, if you read the reviews on that one, is just an infomercial for an expensive seminar they both teach !!!! Unless you are a scientist, you will not find this book helpful.

    ...more info
  • A molecular biologist with a sense of humor=amazing!!
    Even if you have no background in the sciences this book is easy to read and even a pleasure.
    Understanding that we are not pre-destined by our genetic inheritance is liberating, especially if like me your genepool is a cesspool of less than perfect genetic potential!...more info
  • Didn't Work For Me
    Recently heard Bruce Lipton on the Coast to Coast Show and was intrigued by his presentation of Biology of Belief. I downloaded the three plus hours of CD's with the expectation of learning of his material and how he and others benefited from it.

    Overall very intersting, but I found it to be more of an academic discussion with little practical application. In the last 18 minutes he mentions you can change your subconscious programing and mentions he has a 10 minute technique for doing so but makes no mention of any specifics.

    For entertainment would give him 3-4 stars, for 'news I can use' 1/2 - 1 star. To recommend to a friend - 0 stars. ...more info
  • At last we have the science!
    Often, personal stories of discovery in books on physics/healing/cosmology, etc, tend to be tedious and self-indulgent. Not so with Bruce Lipton's work, "The Biology of Belief". Not only are his descriptions and analogies for his discoveries and insights into cell biology and consciusness clear and concise, but one finds oneself swept along through the book by Lipton's own great enthusiasm for his subject.

    This is a ground-breaking book based on ground-breaking, risk-taking science. I congratulate Lipton on a wonderful work that is intellectually stimulating, enjoyable, and thought-provoking. Lipton is bringing biology into the new spiritual era of quantum theory, and placing the power for our own healing of life and body squarely onto ourselves. A must-read!...more info
  • Great Enlightenment!
    This book really made me see the inside of who I am.. The reality of me..
    I love that I can change my thoughts and help to create the best right down to my cells.
    Great book!...more info
  • Changing old beliefs
    The Biology of Belief reinforced my belief that drugs do nothing but cause problems for the body. Bruce Lipton shows exactly what drugs do to the body which for myself was a vindication of what I believed for the last 20 years. It also gives great hope for the power of belief in providing a means to listen to the body and act on what you feel when the body speaks. It was very eye opening to find that beliefs are formed in new life before it comes into the world by the environment which it is exposed to. The Biology of Belief shows a new direction that the medical profession can at last provide guidance to their patients instead of the old paradigm of surgery and drugs. Thank you Bruce Lipton....more info
  • Biology of Belief
    This book came promptly, I have heard much of it and can't wait to read it....more info
  • Genetics and Intention - A Perfect Understanding
    The Biology of Belief, is one of the best books I have had the pleasure of reading. Dr. Bruce Lipton addresses the ideas of genetic control and epigenetics, and how our perceptions and beliefs can affect our genetic health. Dr. Lipton explains in detail the differences and the importance of the understanding of the placebo effect versus the 'nocebo' effect. As he puts it, our negative and positive beliefs are a result of our programming from even before birth, as well as after. These beliefs, particularly if they are negative can hurt you in an equally and powerful way as positive beliefs can heal you. This should be no surprise, yet many are shocked to hear this information. We have all heard stories of 'miraculous' recoveries from terminal illness through the power of positive thought and the the ability of focusing the mind on healing the body. Dr. Lipton reminds us that negative thoughts cause the 'dis-ease' to begin with. Through cellular biology studies, he proves the effects of negative stimuli on the cells, their 'parts' and the cell structure. For those of us who are not scientists and cell biologists - this is a simplified discussion that provides a deeper understanding. Further, he shows that we all have the ability to not only stop degeneration in our bodies, but we can actually cause the regeneration of damaged cells, organs, and tissues.
    The power of intention to heal is required for healing. Dr. Lipton explains the questions for anyone interested in health and healing through this one book alone.
    As a parent, I cannot stress enough the importance to read this book. In fact, Dr. Lipton addresses parents directly in one section of the book. He realizes, and sends the important message that every second since our children were conceived - they have been receiving negative and positive stimuli. As parents, it is up to us to learn how to remove our own negative programming so that we can pass those same techniques and skills, as well as the benefits from removing them - on to our children. Take heart though, this is not a criticism. Dr. Lipton reminds us that we are a result of our own programming and have not done anything wrong. We are only 'wrong' when we are now aware of this information and we do not take the action to use it appropiately.
    For those who would like to explore this in more detail, I would also recommend to visit and sign up for his newsletter. Upon doing so, you will be taken to a page with a recorded video interview with both Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Bruce Lipton discussing the importance of the messages in this book combined with intention. It is a compelling interview not to be missed and goes into depth about the book and its message.

    Leigh Le Creux
    Author, The Secret Unraveled: Opening the Secret Once and for All!,Astro Socks ...more info
  • The Biology of Belief
    This is a very quick read and easy to understand. Bruce Lipton not only unlocks the door to a new consciousness, but opens the door and turns on the lights. ...more info
  • From a scientist
    I don't think this book is worthwhile to the public. The author borders on the edge of intelligent design and creates unbased analogies in his book about how things just work out.

    I can't think of examples because I honeslty tossed this book in the trash and am just writing a review because for some reason Amazon has this book as one its recommendations for me....more info
  • Don't believe the subtitle!
    This book does not attempt to unleash the power of anything.

    To save you some time & money - the author believe cells are like computer chips, which can be programmed. End of story.

    In 10 years maybe the author will write a book about how we can systematically use this property of cells to improve our lives - but this is NOT that book.

    Eric Winter...more info
  • review of "The Biology of Belief"
    This book rocks! I greatly enjoyed it and the information was wonderful! Thanks again!...more info
  • Using science as a springboard for a leap of faith
    I casually bought this book assuming it was based on science...what a mistake!!! The author uses terms such as "energy" in the loosest and most irresponsible way...He draws lines where in reality there are none, in order to equate "wave" and "quantum" energy to mean the "healing energy" in some alternative medicine therapies. He further equates quantum physics to "mysterious" and "unexplained" paranormal phenomena...not to mention debunked and unverified phenomena! But the efficacy of alternative healing is not even questioned in this book-it is presented as effective and unresearched. The author expects the reader to make a leap of faith-if you accept quantum physics, then you must also accept alternative healing- based soley on the misuse of terms. What a joke!...more info
  • The Biology of Belief
    The author brings the cutting edge science of epi-genetics to the average person in a language anyone can understand. Anyone interested in how their health is impacted from the environmental level to the cellular level and beyond will be intrigued by this information. This quantum physics based science gave me a greater understanding of how deeply stress affects my life beyond the natural ups and downs of daily living from the time of conception and what I do and don't have control over. This is not a text book. The author shares his story in a conversational, almost novel-like manner. One chapter leads to the next, then builds on the next, whereupon the ending is a surprise bonus... an easy scientific explanation of how man is made in the image of a higher consciousness (God?). A must-read for anyone searching for higher knowledge!...more info
  • Life Changing
    This book sent me on a journey that I had no intention of taking. From the first page it gripped me and helped me understand factually how a cornerstone of my belief system --- that we are victims of our genetics -- is wrong. Once freed from that belief my life simply began to change. ...more info
  • Positive, factual, inspiring and fun to read - science and the spirit are not opposites after all
    This is a must-read book for people like me, non-scientists who might hope there is something more to life than the material world but are baffled (if not downright disheartened) by the atheistic assertions espoused by people like Richard Dawkins. The problem with issues like the existence of the soul beyond the chemical functions of the brain, or of mankind having a purpose on earth, is that while these are fascinating topics to discuss, you can never really get anywhere as they inevitably end up being purely philosophical. No matter how eloquently one might speak on man's higher consciousness, the proofs of Aquinas blah blah blah, there will always be a Richard Dawkins in the room sniggering at you and saying "Prove it". This book really does change that. In easy, clear, but evidential science, Bruce Lipton takes you with contagious enthusiasm through his own discoveries as a PhD researching in cell biology -- which unexpectedly for him, resulted in his discovery of the energy field holding us all in being. We don't exist; we are 'existed'. Furthermore, Lipton proposes that the survival-of-the-fittest model of evolution is, on evidence, flawed; that life evolved because of cooperation between cells, not as a battle for dominance, and that these same principles of cooperation between cells and communities of cells are vital for the health of each individual body.

    This is a book I plan to read again, because it has given me enormous confidence to know that there is more and more evidence in science that reveals what I always hoped was not just a silly emotional instinct - that there is a God, even if we don't quite know what that means, and that we are all part of a universal spirit. In fact, after reading this book, the rantings of the scientific materialists seem silly and old-fashioned. They won't be able to dishearten me any more....more info


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