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As John Baxter makes plans to marry Elaine, one of the Baxters enters into the most trying season of all. During a time of renewed love and hope for the future, the Baxters try to come together to establish the sacred ground of marriage and to chart a course for the future. Memories of times gone by meet with the changes of today in a story that proves only the support of faith and family can take a person into the sunset years of life.

Customer Reviews:

  • Sunset...wonderful end of the journey
    This final book, Sunset, in the series by Karen Kingsbury brought the family issues to resolution and satisfied the "what's coming next?" questions the author so skillfully builds into her work. I enjoyed all three series dealing with the Baxter family, and I am already looking forward to reading more of Kingsbury's work!...more info
  • --
    "The power of a family's love and the healing miracle of redemption." This quote, found on the cover of the book, perfectly describes the wonderful series about the Baxter family. Sunset, is the last book in this Karen Kingsbury's must read series. She has written this book in such a way that you think the Baxter's are a real family and she has written their stories just for you.

    A couple tore apart by betrayal. A family dealing with health issues. A widower getting married and dealing with the merging of families. This fictional Baxter family could be anyone's family. The author describes each issue in a way that helps you understand that the Lord is your answer in all your difficulties. You will also see how a family should help instead of hinder each other in their spiritual growth.

    If you have read the other books in the series you will love how Sunset brings all the stories to a close. You are left knowing that each member is moving on with their lives and happy.

    If you have not read any of the other books you can still enjoy the stories. Just don't be surprised when you put this book down and rush off to find the first book in the series that started it all, Redemption.

    ...more info
  • Karen Kingsbury
    This was the last book in the Sunrise Series and the final book for this family - There have been several different series involving this family and I've read every book in each of the different series leading up to this one. As always, Karen Kingsbury leaves you wanting the next book. Unfortunately this is the last one for this family.

    All of her books grab your attention from the first page and if you've never read any of her books, this is a must read author....more info
  • Karen Kingsbury - Beautiful Ending To A Wonderful Journey Of Faith & Family
    Karen Kingsbury has delivered once again. It is going to be so sad to say goodbye to the wonderful Baxter Family!!! I feel as if they are "MY FAMILY". Karen truly has a GOD GIVEN GIFT of bringing God's word to her readers and applying it to her character's lives in a way that everyone, both old and young can relate and grow from spiritually.

    I would encourage you to read her books!!! Your life will truly be changed!!...more info
  • Sunset
    This was another great book by Karen Kingsbury. The Baxter clan comes through many difficult situations with the grace that only comes from God....more info
  • Sunset is beautiful!
    With the support of their faith and family, Sunset details the trails and tribulations of a family who has lost their mother/wife. With a heavy heart John Baxter realizes that he must sell the family home. The home where with his wife they raised their children and had many happy memories. John asks each of his children if they would like to buy the house but they all decline the offer for various reasons. I don't want to say too much and give away any parts of the story. But I will say that there are a lot of twists and turns in the story to keep it interesting.
    My regret is that this is the first book of the Baxter family series that I have read. Now I need to go back to the very first story. I look forward to it.

    ...more info
  • Awesome Booj
    I absolutely love this series. It is just a compelling storyline about a family who has all kinds of things happen to it and the only way they all get through it is with God's help. I cried while reading everyone of the books in this series. I recommend though that you start at the beginning of the series. This is actually the third series about this family....more info
  • How does she do it?
    Cracking the Parenting Code: 6 Clues to Solving the Mystery of Meeting Your Child's Needs

    As an avid reader and author, I don't know how Karen does it...but she does it again. I love this story and am so sad that this series is ending. Good for Karen flowing in her gift of writing. Isn't God good?...more info
  • Sunset - Baxter Series 3, Book 4
    My wife dug into this book this week and loves it. She finished book 3 and pleaded with me to get her the next book (which I had bought her for Christmas). Oh well, there is always Book 5!
    This is really a great series that my wife is wholy into lock, stock and barrel. Karen, you have another fan! ...more info
  • Baxter Family Finale
    Wow! That is the first word that comes to mind after reading this fourth and final book in the Sunrise Series by Karen Kingsbury. Karen Kingsbury writes so that you feel like you are a part of each and every book! I felt like I was a Baxter or a very close friend of the family anyway. This series, as well as every book that Karen Kingsbury has written, is a must read! I have yet to read just an "okay" book written by this author. I highly recommended this author and this book....more info


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