Nature babycare Eco-Friendly Diapers, Size 4, 120-Count Package

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Product Description

Nature Babycare Diapers are 100-percent chlorine-free and keep oil-based plastics away from babies delicate skin. Our absorbent pulp is from sustainably harvested Scandinavian forests and the patented center-channel means a less bulky fit while enhancing leak protection. Since we use 60-percent natural materials instead of plastic, our diapers are super soft and cloth-like providing comfort without sacrificing protection.

Leading the Way in Europe
Nature Babycare is a Swedish-based company founded by a pioneering mum 14 years ago who thought the world deserved a better diaper! Marlene Sandberg was appalled to learn that babies will produce half a ton of diapers every year. Half a ton! So she sought to create a range of award-winning diapers and baby products which are effective, price competitive, and environmentally friendly--making Nature Babycare products good for both babies and the environment. We are the trusted source for eco-friendly baby products among consumers and the green community. Nature Babycare is leading the industry in Europe by providing mum's with a high-performance diaper that is better for their babies and the environment.

Why We're Award-Winning
Our diapers and pull-on pants are over 60-percent biodegradable in contrast to major brands which are often composed of up to 80-percent oil-based products which do not decompose easily. Conventional diapers can take hundreds of years to decompose, but because of the high content of bio-degradable material, ours break down in a fraction of that time, meaning there's less need for landfill or polluting incineration. We keep oil-based plastics away from babies delicate skin and use natural, breathable corn-based materials instead. Our patented center-channel reduces the need for bulky absorbent material while enhancing leak protection. Nature Babycare Diapers are 100-percent chlorine-free, protecting the environment by not producing harmful dioxin pollution.

All of this combined minimizes diaper rash and other irritations so that your baby is healthy and happy! With features such as stretchy tabs and leg gatherings, a soft cloth-like feel, and non-bulky absorbent pulp, we've created an award-winning diaper that performs ahead of the rest. Our founding principle was to give mum's a high performance diaper that is better for their baby and better for the environment. We strive to use renewable materials whenever possible in all of our product lines. Nature Babycare Diapers offer the convenience of disposables with the most environmentally friendly attributes.

What Makes Us Unique
Other diapers can claim to be green but still use massive amounts of oil-based plastics. As a mum, our founder knew there had to be a better way to make diapers. That's why we've spent many years perfecting our diapers by eliminating as much non-biodegradable materials as possible while maintaining performance and comfort. We also use an absorbent pulp that is sustainably harvested out of Scandinavian forests. Our diapers are completely unbleached, contain no latex, fragrance, or TBT (tributyltin), and are hypo-allergenic.

As with any diaper, for maximum performance, when your baby reaches the upper limits of the weight class, we recommend that you switch to the next larger size.
Diaper Brand Comparison
No oil-based plastic against the baby's skin
Made from 60-percent+ natural biodegradable material
Patented Center-Channel that reduces the amount of absorbent polymers
Certified by the world renowned Swedish Society for Nature Conservancy
Soy-Based ink on diapers and packaging claim
Sustainably Harvested Absorbent Pulp
100-percent Totally Chlorine-Free
Elastic Tabs and Gatherings

Nature babycare Eco-Friendly Chlorine-Free Diapers, Size 4 (22-37Ibs), 120 count

  • The first award winning ECO-friendly high-performance diaper, based on new green technology, protected by a Swedish patent
  • No oil-based plastics against your baby's delicate skin
  • Patented Center-Channel reduces the need for bulky absorbent material while enhancing leak protection
  • 100% Chlorine-Free, Latex-Free, TBT-Free
  • The convenience of high-performance disposable diapers with the most environmentally friendly attributes

Customer Reviews:

  • Nature babycare
    Trying to become more eco conscious; so I wanted to try a more eco friendly diaper. Considered G diapers, but the cost outweighed the eco friendliness. Then tried Seventh Generation diapers. Now, I like Seventh Generations other products but much to be desired in the diaper arena. No shape, flexibility; rough, unattractive. So, then I tried Nature babycare; which I used up until a week ago when I read a recent review about Natural Choice. But anyway, I was pleased with Nature babycare for the most part; the tabs closure,cost factor, and small sizing are issues I had with this diaper.
    I'm currently using Natural Choice; which have better fit, tab closure, and cost per diaper is less.
    ...more info
  • Great diapers
    Firstly I want to say that these are expensive. I cannot explain that point away.

    I can however tell you why I think they are worth it. First they seem to be big for their 'size'. This is possibly because the stuff they are made from is less absorbent than traditional diapers. With that in mind we have never had a leak in these diapers and we have had some really really full diapers.

    Secondly I feel better about knowing that they are Eco-Friendly, in any way possible. Even if just a little. I always felt bad about disposable diapers and the impact leave behind, but not bad enough to go through the painful process of cloth diapers or pay for a service. This option feels like a happy medium.

    Finally I like that they are more 'natural' against her skin. Now I know all to well that natural does NOT mean better, especially when it comes to baby skin. Poison Ivy is natural, as is grass, thistles, burs, etc. None of which seem like good baby products. Even paper or cotton done wrong could be a problem. I am happy to say though that these diapers are quite soft and comfortable on my daughter. She does not mind them at all. In fact she seems to like them more than other diapers, though that may or may be true, it is hard to tell.

    I am willing to pay more under the premise that these some how are less impactful on the environment and at the same time better for my daughter.

    You can also buy these at target, at least in my area. But it is a better deal on Amazon, about 25% less, give or take. ...more info
  • Needs work!
    These disposables may be the greenest out there, but they're definitely not the most comfortable for babies! I've used disposables and cloth, so I know what I'm talking about. These feel so rough... It's not as bad as sandpaper next to baby's delicate skin, but close. We also had problems with the tabs coming off. I tried to contact the company, but got no response. What a shame....more info
  • Not as good as the 7th generation
    I prefer the 7th generation brand because of the leg gathers and closure tabs: they are not stretchy on this brand and my daughter gets some marks on her skin because of these closure tabs. In the contrary, the 7th generation brand does not do that....more info
  • Enviro diaper
    These are great diapers. They work well (no leaks), they are a good environmentally friendly alternative to cloth diapers. The package is biodegradable/compostable (a big plus) as are parts of the diaper. The diaper is also chlorine free. With all of the pollution created by disposable diapers, I feel better about using these when I am not cloth diapering....more info
  • great diapers
    I was using Seventh Generation diapers for my baby previous to finding these. I really like these diapers because they are more eco friendly than the seventh generation diapers. They are also cuter. I find that they are true to size for my son, who is long and skinny. I actually prefer these diapers because they seem to be a little longer than most, which is great because he's a boy-extra coverage in in front where he needs it! The only thing I would like more is if the stretch tabs were stretchier. Most other diapers have really stretchy tabs (seventh generation included) but the stretchy tabs on these are not all that stretchy. Other than that they are great. We use them all the time and have no leaks!...more info
  • Excellent
    I have been using these diapers for a long time and highly recommend them. No problems with leaks, but you must fasten them well- low on the pelvis. I am happy to use these in the hopes that I don't bring my child up in a garbage infested world. ...more info
  • I've been converted!
    These diapers are awesome: just as reliable as brands names like Pampers, Huggies, etc, but without the guilt! I have been happily cloth-diapering for 4 years and origionally just bought these for nighttime diapering my youngest. Well, I love them so much that I ended up selling off my entire cloth-diapering stash to exclusively use Nature Babycare!

    The only issue I have is the sizing; my average sized 19 pounder just barely fits the size 3 (supposed to fit 16-28lbs). So unless your baby is really long and skinny, you'll almost definitely need to size up. ...more info
  • the ONLY Eco-Friendly diaper out there!
    I have tried all of the "eco-friendly" diaper brands out there including Cloth diapers which I do most of the time. I started researching all the eco friendly disposable brands and found that seventh generation and the others were not actually eco friendly at all! They are made with petroleum based products and have some gel in them which isn't good for baby or you. The only diaper that is compostable, biodegradable, chemical and man-made ingredient free is NATURE BABYCARE. I know it feels kinda papery but that is the trade off. Isn't this about our children and our world, not how nice it feels? Its a diaper and its gonna get pooped and peed on. haha I have never once had a leak with this diaper either. I am actually going to give up cloth diapers and switch to Nature babycare full time because has an awesome deal on them with the subscribe and save program. $37.39 for a 4 pack (size 4 diapers)! Its about the same cost as what I spend every month on washing my cloth diapers and its more convenient! I am so thankful for this company who created an actual safe diaper for my son! God bless....more info
  • Diapers not a good fit for all
    I ordered Nature Babycare after reading positive reviews. These diapers are not cut for kids with chunky legs! My daughter is not fat, but she is sturdy (37", 35 pounds)and these diapers hurt her even though she is in a size that should cover her (size 5). Also, whenever we open up a new diaper, a little piece of plastic covering breaks off (not sure where this is coming from), so I am picking these up so they don't end up in someone's mouth. What a pain! We are going back to Seventh Generation, which worked just fine. ...more info
  • These diapers are great and I recommend them
    I love that these diapers are bio-degradeable in 140 days and regular diapers take 500 years. My baby has never broken out with a rash with these diapers....more info
  • Thoroughly impressed!
    I am so pleased with these diapers! We haven't had a single leak since we started using them. They outperform all standard disposables, without the questionable ingredients. Buy with confidence and tell your friends. As for me, I'm off to order a new case right now!...more info
  • Great "green" diaper option
    When my son was born a year ago we tried dozens of diaper brands and options, including cloth and cloth wrappers with the disposable liners. These diapers were the winner! They have the convenience of disposables but they won't stay in a landfill for thousands of years (just make sure you throw them out into bio-degradable bags - also available on Amazon).

    The diapers have never irritated my son's skin and the insides are surprisingly soft. The only time we ever had leaks were when he was outgrowing his current size and those stopped as soon as I bumped him up to the next size. When we tried 7th Generation diapers we got tons of leaks. Maybe they are just not cut right for my kid.

    The price for Nature Babycare is pretty good too if you use 'Subscribe and Save'. I recommend these to all of my friends with babies....more info
  • Needs a lot of improvement
    The only positive thing about this diapers, is that they are natural, which is great. But they are so uncomfortable! They are stiff and bulky. I think that most of the 5star reviews may be fake, because I can't imagine someone comparing these to 7th generation for real, when it comes to fit and absorption. ...more info
  • nature babycare diapers
    overall ok diapers. the only issue they dont fold tightly after using them to discard it, compared to 7th generation. they look nicer because they are white, although they say they dont use bleach to get the color. very occasionally i see that they leak the absorbent material, and i find the little granules on his skin. i personally use both the 7th gen and these ones and i switch them. ...more info
  • fantastic diaper!
    I am so happy my husband and I found this diaper. I feel great knowing it's a safer, better choice for my baby and the environment. I agree they tend to run a bit small...the tabs dont stretch far enough so I have had my very petite daughter in a size 3 long before she was the designated weight. Other than that I cannot find one thing to complain about. We will continue to buy these diapers for our next child and I give them as gifts to get my mommy friends on the bandwagon. Occasionally we run out of these diapers (they are difficult to find sometimes at Target stores) and we have to buy Pampers.
    We always notice that the traditional diapers are filled with synthetic fragrance, among other things. The smell is almost too much for me to handle now that I'm not used to it.
    These diapers are a fantastic choice for the price, the performance and the environment/health of your child! ...more info
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE these diapers!
    These are so great! I don't have time for cloth diapers, so to me these are the next best thing if you're looking to be eco-friendly. I have used Pampers and Huggies and Seventh Generation. These are by far the best! They don't leak. They aren't bulky. They don't smell like pee if the diaper is full like after a night's sleep. They are sturdy enough to stand up in a diaper bag without getting crumpled. My only complaint is that the tabs don't stick anywhere but the waist band, so when you ball the diaper up to throw it away, you can't fasten it closed as you can with other diapers. But, that's a small price to pay for an eco-friendly, no-leaks diaper!!...more info
  • great alternative!!!
    We were planning on using a one size cloth system but when our baby was born early, she was too small. We started with seventh generation only to have numerous leaks! We switched to pampers until the baby would be big enough for the cloth system. Through much frustration of the cloth still being too big and therefore leaking, I called the company only to be told she has a petite bone structure and we would probably need a different system. Determined not to contribute to the landfills we were going to try seventh generation again. When I got to Babies r Us I found that they weren't carrying seventh gen. any more but were just putting these (nature babycare) on display. I figured it was worth a try and we are very happy so far. I will admit two things: they do run small - my "petite" baby just went into pampers 2's at 13.5 lbs. The nature babycare 2's fit her but more like the pampers 1/2's fit. I can use them but I will buy 3's next. Also, I am nervous to try them at night (especially since she is sleeping through). I am still using the pampers for bed until they are gone but I think the nature babycare will be okay. We had a mess of a sweet potato diaper and there were no leaks at all. For approx 3 cents more a diaper, we feel her future is worth it. I am so happy I found these!!...more info
  • Love these diapers
    I have a 6month old who is tiny for 16 pounds so Ive had trouble finding diapers to fit correctly. 7th generation work well and are high cut for good fit, run small and had a leak or two of both kinds I think the fit just wasn't fit. They not break down. Earths best work well on urine but run big. The dry weave sticks to wet skin and don't break down either. Had a few leaks using them overnight and one maybe two poop over loads. The gel sometimes gets left on her skin(not harmful) but irritating to clean off.

    Ive been using Nature babycare and they hold up just fine. When you look at them you don't think much of them and to feel them they seem cheap. Much to my surprise are the opposite. They run alittle small so I moved to stage 3. They are alittle big length wise but that works out just fine since my daughter likes to sleep on her tummy.. I have NEVER had a leak of ANY kind and her daddy has put them to the test. They feel like a soft paper, fit very well cut alittle high (good for chubby legs)are very absorbant, and are comforable.(if it was not comfortable my daughter would tug at them like she has with others). I have done some searching and besides cloth diapers these are the most eco friendly diapers on the market. Others claim to be eco fiendly but still use oil based materials or others use brown dye to make them stand out. These have no chemicals no smell, use eco fiendly dye in the deco leaves on the diaper and do break down. I have and will recomend these to any one. I give them a 9 out of 10.(They run tad on the small size)....more info
  • perfect solution for overnite
    We use cloth mostly, and we use these for overnite and travel and I love them. Good for the babe, good for the earth. No leaks for overnite, but I have had blowouts with bf poo, which is true for all disposables....more info
  • Surprisingly good value
    Well, we are new parents- so our experience with diapers of all sorts is limited. But, I can say that these diapers hold up! No blow-outs so far..
    We wanted to do gDiapers, but considering how often we were changing diapers, and with what little sleep we had, we were looking for convenience- with a conscience. These seem to be the most "green" disposable diaper available... better than nothing!

    We are happy enough with Nature Babycare that we are ordering the next size up. ...more info
  • Good diaper but doesn't make up for terrible quality control and Customer Service
    I've purchased 3 large batches of diapers from this manufacturer. The first batch was actually size 3 and had some tabs fall off which caused leaks, but for the most part I liked the diapers.

    When I bought my batch of size 4's the real trouble began. Of the 120 diapers I bought, about 60 of them had defective tabs, which meant the diapers would often burst open causing leaks. The bad tabs are attached at a 45 degree angle, instead of 90 degrees and so its easy to tell when you have a defective one. Keep in mind this is throughout the 4 packages (of 30) in my batch so it didn't seem terribly isolated.

    Amazon handled my problem with ease and refunded me for them. I waited a few weeks and decided to try another batch. I shouldn't have bothered. This batch, which had a different batch number and a manufacting date weeks later, had some bad tabs too. But about a 1/3rd of them had what can only be described as black ink or fungus on the inside diaper. There is no way my boy was going to wear these.

    Instead of contacting amazon about these I contacted the manufacturer. They were terribly slow to get back to me but finally offered to replace them. After another 6 emails over 1 1/2 months they never replaced them and ignored every one of my future emails. They have no phone number anywhere and only 1 single email for the entire world.

    The only reason this gets 2 stars is because if the Quality control were good and they had decent customer service, this would be a good diaper. But as it stands, I wasted a lot of money, effort and frustration to no avail. Stay away from these! I suggest 7th generation instead....more info
  • I love these biodegradabe diapers!
    These are great! We've been using them on our 7 month old for several months now. We don't have problems with leaks, but they run on the smaller side. So if your child is on the higher end of the recommended weight chart, I suggest going up a size. I love the fact that these are biodegradable. Most of the "green" diapers in the US are made from recyclable materials that do not decompose. I wish a US company would hurry up and make these! Having them shipped all the way from Sweden cuts out some of the green benefits....more info
  • awesome diapers!
    have had no problems with them leaking. don't feel/see much difference than regular diapers, except i *know* i'm doing better by the environment. we would probably even avoid disposable altogether and do a diaper service, but then one runs into water issues/use of bleaches and chemicals. i still lament that i'm throwing so much waste away, but it could be much worse....more info
  • Better than 7th gen
    Really good product for the eco conscious. I have used 7th generation since my 15 mo. old was born, but over the last 6 months became really frustrated that they could no longer keep up with her urine output. I came across these at Target, did some research and bought them. I liked them, but stayed with the 7th gen. because I could do subscribe-and-save, but bought a pack of these to cover the wettest times of day. Now that I can do subscribe-and-save to mitigate the higher cost of the Natures Babycare, I am switching for good. The design is better and they hold a ton of urine. So far sizing is good as well.

    The three main drawbacks are:

    1) the tabs stick only to each other, not to the diaper, so you can't make a very tight bundle with the diaper, say if it is full of poop.

    2)they get really huge when they get wet; and

    3) I think they smell a little weird when they are wet, but only when you take the diaper off.

    But, I went from leaks 2x day to no leaks at all so I am a fan.

    Try the single diaper disposal bags which are really cute.Nature babycare Disposal Eco-bags For Diapers...more info
  • High quality, "green" diaper, hard to find and a bit steep in price
    We tried this diaper and were highly satisfied with its construction, fit, leak-protection, appearance, and environmentally-sound production and materials. However, there are drawbacks:
    - The diaper is not reliably available at its best cost. Available for the lowest price at SOME Target stores, next cheapest with Amazon subscribe and save. We've found with some environmentally friendly diapers (even on Amazon) they are not always available and in the sizes you want.
    - The diapers run small (at least in sizes 2 and 3), so that you have to move up to the next size (more expensive per diaper) before you might have to with other brands.
    - The stretchy tabs are ok, but do not have the nice, stretchy side panels of other brands.
    - The cost is pretty high. After considering the environmentally friendly attributes of differing diapering options and disposable brands and comparing those benefits to the cost per diaper -- this brand ranks (for us) below Natural Choice but above Seventh Generation diapers.

    Given all factors, this diaper is not our current top choice. We use Natural Choice (when available) -- it's per-diaper cost is significantly lower, the fit is slightly larger (lasts longer), the stretchy side panels help it also to be tighter, and it also has many environmentally-friendly aspects.

    P.S, We've determined to decrease our over-all diapering costs, increase our convenience, and mitigate our environmental impact by choosing environmentally sensitive disposables and combining their use with cloth diapering (after the baby has pooped for the day!)....more info
  • Great 'green' diaper
    We have been using 7th Generation almost exclusively -- lapsing to conventional brands when baby is between sizes (e.g., a sz 2 Huggies is bigger than a sz 2 7th Gen so handy when sz 3 7th Gen is still too big). But I digress...

    I read about Nature Babycare on and have long wanted to try them, but they were so expensive. Finally got a pack to try. I would say they are just as good as 7th Gen -- may be a bit stiffer, but less prone to leaks (not that that was a huge problem with 7th Gen). We are in sz 3 now, and doing a side by side comparison, sz 3 NB seems just slightly roomier than sz 3 7th Gen. We will likely use them interchangeably. I like the tan look of the 7th Gen, but the cute leaf design of the NB is a refreshing change, too....more info
  • excellent absorbent and comfortable diapers
    these diapers were excellent. very absorbent, and my son seemed to find them very comfortable. Worked great overnight. Only negatives were tabs can not be use to roll up used diaper and they run a size small....more info
  • good diapers, good price
    These diapers are great. I've always used a chlorine free diaper, but these are also plastic free and completely biodegradable. The price of these using the monthly subscription is wonderful, and makes using these diapers a great value....more info
  • Nice diaper with less leaks
    For our 10 month old daughter we use G-diaper, seventh generation, and now this Nature Babycare. The size 4 for our daughter was leaking with seventh generation, but the Nature Babycare size 4 is a bit longer and wider. No leaks since we switched. The outside of the diaper is paper compared with the plastic of the seventh generation. This diaper still uses some gel for absorption as we have seen a few gel balls. We do have some diapers with misplaced closure tabs, but overall the tabs work very well and hold very strong. Overall we are very pleaed. Would recommend these. ...more info
  • Great diapers
    These diapers are very absorbent, better then any other brand (and I have tried them all). I buy them because they are the most earth-friendly diapers that I have found AND they work well. I am very happy to have found this combination. The only thing I think needs improvement is the tabs, which do not stretch enough. I tend to buy one size larger for my baby to compensate for this, but it is still well worth it, and the price is right. The pull-ups from this company also work great!...more info
  • The great road diaper for a green family
    These are, to my knowledge, the only biodegradable diaper on the market at this time. There are a few others that fall into the chlorine free/baby friendly market, but they are not biodegradable, (ie - 7th Gen, Earth's best, etc.) Then there is the flushable G Dipe, which is in a category all it's own. My wife and I, however, have switched to using cloth diapers pretty much full time. And we purchased Nature Babycare biodegradable disposables to use when we are on the road, and they work great! We've never experienced any leakage with them, no poopy smells, nada. My only complaint would be that they feel a little rough to the touch. But I usually open them and krinkle them a bit to soften them up before I put them on my baby. He doesn't seem to mind at all. These are a perfect alternative to the standard plastic disposable diaper. And if you do cloth, and can't fit more than 2 or 3 extra cloth diapers in your bag, stuff a few Nature Babycare diapers in the bag too. The have become a great road diaper in a pinch, and have saved us after a few poopy cloth diaper accidents away from home....more info
  • Love this product!
    I had been looking into switching my daughter to a more eco friendly diaper and couldn't bring myself to deal with the hassle of cloth diapers, and I started to use these and wow they are great! My daughter was using Pampers Cruisers and I was concerned that they would be leaky because my daughter is petite and needs the diaper to fit snug and these are great! No problems at all with these and I have been using them for about 6 months now....more info
  • They work great AND great for the earth!
    We've been using these on my daughter since she was about 6 months old. The "Subscribe and Save" feature is especially great because these diapers aren't sold in stores anywhere near me and I don't have to think about ordering more at the last minute.

    -- VERY absorbent. My daughter sleeps an average of 10-12 hours each night, and she drinks a 9 oz bottle before bed. Huggies couldn't contain her and Pampers were hit and miss. These diapers contain all that pee EVERY time. Catches all her poo too.
    -- Comfortable fit. Even though these diapers are rectangular instead of the hour glass shape you find on Pampers or Huggies, my daughter seems to find them very comfortable, and it doesn't interfere with her walking or moving around. I think the advantage of the rectangular shape is that it makes them more absorbent (and able to contain all the poo better).
    -- Keeps moisture away from baby. We have had NO problems with diaper rash on these diapers. Again, even after wearing them for 12 hours straight all night long, we don't have to use vaseline or diaper rash cream.
    -- Biodegradable! These won't be filling up landfills for millenia-to-come. Even 7th Generation diapers can't say that. So I can feel like I'm still being good to the earth without dealing with cloth diapers.

    -- With the Pampers and Huggies, I could wrap up those diapers into a nice tight little ball so they'd be less stinky and I could fit more in the diaper pail. Not so with these. The velcro tabs ONLY stick to the band in the front or to each other. So you can't wrap them up as tight. Small compromise, if you ask me, though.

    Using the "subscribe and save" plan, these diapers aren't any more expensive than buying a regular pack of pampers from your grocery store. I highly recommend these diapers to the earth-conscious who still crave convenience like me :-)...more info
  • Beats huggies or 7th generation
    These are great diapers. Having 3 kids, we've tried them all. We had been using 7th generation, but found that they leaked and fit small. No problems with leakage here.

    They do seam slightly bigger padding wise compared to some others, but they definitely trap in the moisture. Others have reported they fit smaller, however, in the size we use (4) I found them to be bigger than the same size of 7th generation we switched from. The only difference you may notice is that they feel somewhat like paper on the outside, not as smooth as other brands, this is due to their construction which allows them to biodegrade. The interior is just as smooth as other brands, and we have had no issues with rashes.

    Both my wife and I like the fact that they are more environmentally friendly than other diapers, and not just chlorine free. We were willing to pay a slight premium for this, but with Amazon's already good price and the subscription discount, there is no extra cost penalty for buying something better for the environment....more info
  • Great diapers - earth-friendly AND absorbent!
    I love this product - it's a way to have the ease of disposable diapers without feeling guilty about filling up landfills with dirty diapers. They are friendly to my son's tush (no more rashes!) and very absorbent....more info
  • Feeling good about helping the environment
    I was looking for an alternative to cloth diapers and diapers that would fill our landfill. These diapers make me feel like I am at least doing a little to help the environment, and they are a good diaper. They do not leak, however, I do not use them at night. The only down side is that the tabs only stick to the waistband, so if you like rolling up your diapers tight after use, you won't be able to with these. Also, I have had one or two, per package, that came with a tab missing. I solve the problem by putting that one on baby first, then a good diaper around that. Once baby wets the first one, I toss it and use the one I had on the outside. I do recommend these if you are trying to help our environment and don't want to go the cloth route. ...more info


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