Nature babycare Eco Lightly Scented Wipes with Aloe, 70-Count Packages (Pack of 10) (700 Wipes)
Nature babycare Eco Lightly Scented Wipes with Aloe, 70-Count Packages (Pack of 10) (700 Wipes)

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Product Description

Like all mothers, you'll want only the best for your baby, including a clean and safe environment for them to grow up in. Nature Babycare Wipes are made of unbleached wood pulp sustainably harvested and are moistened with purified water and natural aloe vera, making them as good for your baby as they are for the environment.

Leading the Way in Europe
Nature Babycare is a Swedish-based company set up by a pioneering mum 14 years ago, and produces a range of award-winning wipes and baby products which are effective, price competitive, and environmentally friendly--making Nature Babycare products good for both babies and the environment. Europe for a long time running has been widely known for leading the world in environmental standards. Nature Babycare is proud to say that we carry the Swedish Society of Nature Conservancy approval. We are the trusted source for eco-friendly baby products among consumers and the green community.

Why We're Award-Winning
Our wipes are completely free of chlorine and are made from a biodegradable wood pulp sustainably harvested from our own Scandinavian forests. We chose to use purified water fresh from the lakes and added aloe vera for softness. Our wipes are hypo-allergenic, contain no alcohol and are 100-percent chlorine-free. We even use 100-percent biodegradable packaging based on natural corn chalk. Nature Babycare has been awarded "Best Baby Wipes" for 2006-2007 by Mother & Baby Magazine.

About Nature Babycare
It took a concerned Swedish mother to make it--Marlene Sandberg, a former law partner and mother of two boys. "I started my company with the determination to make a high-performance diaper that was more friendly to nature and healthier for the child. Nature Babycare is all of that." After many years of intense work and development, Marlene has created a range of products to include eco-friendly diapers, eco-friendly baby wipes, nursing pads, bibs, and skin-care for babies which are all made from renewable and biodegradable ingredients. So now moms can be rest assured that when they buy Nature Babycare, they are caring for the environment and their child.

Marlene, "I don't believe in compromises or shortcuts. If you want an ECO-friendly diaper to be successful, it must perform at least as well or better than the best 'traditional' diapers."

Nature Babycare--the award-winning ECO-diaper. From a mum who decided the world needed a better diaper, and made it happen!
Diaper Brand Comparison
No oil-based plastic against the baby's skin ? ? ?
Made from 60-percent+ natural biodegradable material ? ? ?
Patented Center-Channel that reduces the amount of absorbent polymers ? ? ?
Certified by the world renowned Swedish Society for Nature Conservancy ? ? ?
Soy-Based ink on diapers and packaging claim ? ? ?
Sustainably Harvested Absorbent Pulp ? ?
100-percent Totally Chlorine-Free ? ?
Elastic Tabs and Gatherings

  • Award winning 100% biodegradable Eco-friendly Baby Wipes
  • 100% Natural and Chlorine-free materials do not contribute to dioxin pollution
  • Contains natural aloe vera making them gentle for your baby
  • 100% compostable natural consumer packaging- NO plastics- reduces the greenhouse effect
  • 100% Free of Alcohol or any other harsh ingredients

Customer Reviews:

  • ecowipes
    Not as effective as the usual non-eco-friendly wipes. These wipes are slightly dry thus making messy diaper cleanups more difficult. On the positive side, they are not as cold on baby's bottom as other wipes....more info
  • Great for BABY and great for ENVIRONMENT
    These 100% biodegradable wipes are gentle on baby and great for the environment. I love them! :)...more info
  • great wipes
    I don't have any problems with these wipes at all. They are great. They are moist. I like them better than the 7th generation wipes(they don't smell as strong as the 7th generation wipes)....more info
  • Great wipes, great price
    We love these wipes. I don't find them too dry, they are moist but don't drip like some others that we've used. They have no scent and work wonderfully on my newborn's skin as well as my two year old. I'm happy to have found a wipe we love... the best thing is the price, these are cheap!...more info
  • Great Smelling Wipes!
    I Love these wipes! I don't find them too dry as long as you keep them in their original packaging or a wipe warmer which requires a bit of distilled water to be added occasionally anyway. I like them so much that I have them on automatic shipment. They smell wonderful too!...more info
    Price is right but these wipes are not very effective in wiping up after a big mess and therefore I would not recommend buying. I end up using a lot more wipes than normal. Try Seventh Generation. ...more info
  • Good Wipes
    I think these wipes work great and are a great value for the money. They are a little less moist than 7th Generation or Earths Best. No diaper rash or problems at all! I plan to purchase more of them....more info
  • Not a joke - DANGEROUS INGREDIENT!!!
    Thanks to the other review I did some of my own research - I wish I had done this BEFORE purchasing - would have saved me [...]

    One of the top ingredients in this product has been deemed TOXIC by Europe and Japan - this is not a joke. DON'T BUY THESE WIPES! Here is the website to see for yourself - don't be confused by the two kinds, there is a Phenoxyethanol and a 2-Phenoxyethanol BOTH ARE TOXIC.

    [...]...more info
  • Note dangerous ingredient: Phenoxyethanol!!
    I was just about to purchase these wipes when I noticed they contain Phenoxyethanol which the FDA has warned causes cancers and endocrine disruption. It's a substance (commonly found in cosmetics) that's now increasingly restricted in E.U. and Japan (and hopefully soon in the US). I'm shocked and dismayed Nature Babycare would use such a toxic substance in their purportedly "natural" product. I will definitely stay away from their wipes until they change their chemistry. Look up the ingredient yourself before you buy this product!...more info
  • love the paper wrap
    It does not irritate my baby's bum. Typically, I get 7th generation. This compares well. I love that it's not perfurmed. Most importantly, I love the paper wrap! Why 7th generation uses plastic escapes me....more info


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