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  • Buying one World Food Programme FEED bag feeds a child in school for one school year.

  • School feeding acts as a magnet, dramatically increasing enrollment, sometimes by as much as 100 percent. It also improves performance at school; children concentrate better on a full stomach.

  • Girls who go to school not only marry later, but have half as many children than illiterate women. Furthermore, these children are healthier and better educated.

  • $20 a year can transform a child's life and provide the tools for a lifetime of self-reliance. School feeding is a simple but effective way to beat hunger and poverty.

  • The FEED Project is a partnership between the United Nations World Food Program and Lauren Bush, WFP Honorary Spokesperson.


Lauren Bush

Honorary Spokesperson for the UN World Food Programme

"FEED is a project I initiated to help fight child hunger. For the past 3 years I have been an Honorary Spokesperson for the UN World Food Program (WFP), which is the food-aid arm of the UN humanitarian forces.

Throughout my time as a volunteer, I have gotten to travel to 7 countries around the world (Guatemala, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Chad, Lesotho, Tanzania, and Honduras) that are all receiving food aid from WFP. The people I have met during my travels struggle each day to obtain one of the most basic human needs--food. It breaks my heart to think that every 5 seconds a child dies needlessly of hunger and malnutrition."

"But the most hopeful thing I have seen during my travels is WFP's school feeding program, where kids are given a lunch meal in school each day. This is incentive enough for kids to attend school when they might not normally, and the meal is nutritious enough for kids to stay healthy and engaged in their studies. It is truly inspiring to see kids, who are born into extreme poverty, in school eager to learn and improve their lives!"

"The FEED bag is a sturdy, reversible bag made out of natural burlap and cotton materials. The design of the bag was inspired by the big bags of food that I have seen being distributed to schools around the world. Besides being a cool bag, it is a tangible way to make a difference in the fight against child hunger. Every FEED bag sold will feed a child for a whole year in school!
Thank you for your support of the FEED project! With your help we will be making a big difference in children's lives around the world, one child at a time. So wear your bag with pride!"

Bag dimensions:

  • 15 inches high

  • 15 inches wide

  • 5 inches deep

What could be better than shopping to help others? This bag lets you do it. You'll feel good about buying this sturdy bag because you'll carry it with the knowledge that you've made a positive contribution to those who are less fortunate.

Customer Reviews:

  • why not just donate the whole $60 to a charity instead????
    Why spend $60 for something when only $20 is going to the charity? Hey, if it's a good bag and worth $60 then buy it, but don't fool yourself that you're doing some great deed by giving $40 to a company who is making a cheap burlap bag. There are so many charities out there where you can donate the $60 to and that would really be making a difference. It's always a good idea to check out the actual amount from the purchase the company is donating to a cause.

    They advertise this bag as "$20 a year can transform a child's life and provide the tools for a lifetime of self-reliance." so why not just help out THREE kids and send the $60 directly to the organization? The company should be doing the right thing and donating 100% to the charity but it's often more about the hype than anything else....more info
  • Couldn't be Happier!
    Well worth every penny. I use it for class & it holds all of my books perfectly. I had been looking for a bag that would work for me and finally found it, not to mention it goes to such a wonderful cause! I love that its reversible and it washes well. Highly recommended to all....more info
  • FEED Bag
    This is a VERY well made bag. The best point is that money from the proceeds go towards feeding a child- what is better than that?. I fully recommend the purchase of this bag to everyone, not only for the re-usable part but for feeding the children that are less fortunate. WAY TO GO LAUREN FOR THIS PROGRAM- MY HAT IS OFF TO YOU!!!...more info
  • Feed Bag
    I bought this bag just to donate money to the organization. The bag is huge! Great for carrying groceries. It is also reversible. The inside is white with the print on it as well. The inside also has a large pocket with two smaller ones on the sides. The bag smells a little funny, so it will take a while for the smell to fade. The brown outside part of the bag is made of something like burlap. ...more info
  • I love this but is it washable?
    Has anyone tried washing this bag? Does it look nice after? I love this bag......hands down its great , but I've yet to try washing it. I'd like to do it in my own washer? Any feedback on this?...more info
  • Great Product, Wonderful Program
    I love this bag because it is so functional and you can fit everything into it. It is really great quality, but I do have a slight problem with the outer layer unraveling on a handle. It's probably because I use it everyday and I carry a lot in it, but otherwise it is holding up well. A really wonderful way to give and receive something in return, this bag is for you if you would like to touch a child's life....more info
  • feed the children
    i love my world food programme feed bag! it is huge, durable, and reversable! it's a great bag! i'm thrilled with the bag itself and i'm more thrilled that it will feed one child for an entire school year! that was the bag's biggest seller for me! i get a great bag and a child gets to eat! what could be better? i would buy the bag again in a heartbeat and i hope you will too!!!...more info
  • Give 100% elsewhere, stop paying marketers
    Great idea, poor use of money.
    Go to direct sites like the Red Cross or Catholic Charities or.... there are many well-known and established charitable sites that well put MORE of your money DIRECTLY to good use.
    I suppose something is better than nothing, but why do we need to GET something in order to give? To show off our pride in what we are giving? Give it all, and smile inside knowing without the bag you are feeding x amount more kids....more info
  • Burlap fuzzies all over my clothes
    I am not sure of how I feel about this bag. I like that is seems sturdy double layer, reversible. I like the cause, despite arguments over how much actually makes it to the feed program. I like that this bag atleast raises the awareness of the cause and encourages use as alternative to plastic bags....

    But...I used the bag with burlap side out so that inside cotton straps are against my shoulder....and I get fuzzies from the entire exterior of bag all over my clothes. If I reverse it to white side, the burlap side of straps are on my shoulder and is rough but also leaves burlap fibers all over my clothes too. And then you get the burlap/rough side on inside so be cautious as you may get shedding fibers on whatever you store (if using as handbag). I haven't washed bag yet, but it seems that this may be the nature of burlap fabric even after washed?

    So, I am torn since one of my main needs was as a frequent use sack/bag and it is a pain to deal with the burlap fibers shedding. Maybe just donate money directly to the World Food Program and get a cotton reusable sack?...more info
  • All around best present - for you giving it, for them getting it, for those benefitting from it.
    What could be better than purchasing something that feeds others and is great for the environment.

    1. You feed a child for a year.
    2. You don't need to use plastic bags that will sit in a landfill for a thousand years.
    3. It's gorgeous!...more info
  • Feed Bag concept great for various reasons
    When I first saw this product on TV I came to Amazon right away to check it out. I took some time to think it over and I liked the charity aspect behind it.

    I used a gift certificate from Christmas for Amazon so I thought of it as being two gifts in one. The bag is sturdy and quite useful for a variety of things from a personal tote bag to groceries.

    My only complaint is that the burlap does leave particles....more info
  • Great bag!
    Very well made, substantial bag. Lined with a good quality cotton with a small pocket....more info
  • The best gift!
    I immediately passed out the link for my friends to make the donation to this great cause. When I received the bag in the mail a couple weeks later I immediately started using it to carry my items to work. It is great conversation piece as others commented on it. My teenage daughter likes the style of the bag. So, definately I would recommend this product to everyone. Helping others and continue to spread the word to help others with the bag is a great idea. It has been a great experience for me. ...more info
  • Great bag for awareness and function
    Yes, only $20 goes to the WFP, but it's still a great bag if you buy it instead of another commercially sold tote. It looks awesome and people ask about it all the time, so I think it's great for creating awareness. My friend actually bought the same bag from a Tom's store! We both love our bags, and they carry a ton. I would never use the white side out, especially because it's all dirty inside now, but the canvas is very bohemian and nice. ...more info
  • Doesn't hold up
    I got this bag in December 2007. The white cloth side is now very dirty (can you wash this bag?), and the other side frays EVERYWHERE. No matter which side is facing outwards, I end up with light brown fibers all over my shoulder and arm everytime I carry it. I used it for college, carrying a few notebooks and a textbook or two, but it just hasn't held up. When I do use it, I end up having to brush my clothing/jacket off every time.
    The money went to an excellent cause though....more info
  • Great for bringing the cause to people's attention!!
    Not only is this a great cause and cute tote but three of my friends have bought it as well because they have seen me with the bag. One of the reviews referenced the fact that only $20 goes to the cause so why not just donate the total cost of the bag directly to the charity instead, but I really think by carrying the bag it gets the word out and brings it to people's attention who might not have donated or who didn't know about it. I have had so many people ask about my bag and as a mom of 2 - I LOVE it!! ...more info
  • Very Misleading
    I was very disappointed in this product....not the product itself but the hype about the feeding program. I assumed 100% of the dollars spent which was $60, went to the children. When I received the product there was a tag on it that indicated only $20.00 went to the children...where is the rest of the $$$!!! AND the bag was made in CHINA --- which was insult to injury. Knowing all that, I would have sent $60 to the org and fed three children vs one and forgot the bag.
    I sent the bag back over three weeks ago and still have not been contacted or credited the money ... Amazon and World Food ..shame on you!...more info
    At the top of my granddaughter's Christmas list this year was a Feed Bag purse. She had observed a lady with one at her church. She was drawn to it and inquired about it. When she found out part of the purchase price would go to feed the hungry, she said she was willing to sacrifice some of the money we woud spent on her this Christmas to share with those in need. Her name is Rachel and she is 14 years old. I'm so happy to give her this bag for Christmas because she has truly learned the Spirit of Christmas....more info
    I was very happy to hear Amazon was offering this item, and am happy to participate in such a wonderful program as Feed Project.

    I do hope Amazon continues to offer similar items, and will be purchasing through this organization again.

    Thank you. ...more info
  • Great Bag! Great Cause!
    My husband bought me this bag for X mas and it not only looks good, it is roomy and sturdy (I use it as a diaper bag). I love that it supports a reputable charity! I too was dissapointed that such a small portion goes to the charity (but it is a very nice bag) and that it was made in China (why not have the people in the country of need make them??) but it is still a noble cause. I have gotten many compliments on the bag and everyone wants one. ...more info
  • Good Product for Good Cause
    Overall the bag is excellent. The quality is acceptably good but more importantly the profit goes to help others in need and I feel good about it....more info
  • Mixed Feelings...
    Con's - Only $20 of each bag purchased goes to the charity, the bag is made in sweatshops in China, it isn't made from organic materials, and after Simon bought the "FEED" top for Alex on Real Housewives, I can't help but be reminded of their odd relationship every time I spot the tote.

    Despite this, if you're in the market for a tote bag, I still think it's a good pick. $20 is enough to feed a child in school for one year and rocking this bag spreads awareness of the United Nations World Food Program. Plus, it's cute and functional.

    I understand people's qualms with this bag. Buying a fashionable tote shouldn't be your only charitable contribution to the world. If you really want to help people as much as possible, give money straight to a charity and buy a $4 canvas bag. I'm a firm believer that anonymous donations are the way to go. It is truly a selfless act.

    Speaking for myself (and I'm sure a few of you out there), there are a lot of things I spend more money on than necessary and don't give that money to charity. At least this bag does more than most.

    ...more info
  • The Bag that keeps on giving!
    i love it! not only can i fit all of my books but it truly is the bag that keeps on giving! everyone should own one. my best spent $60...more info
  • LOVE it.
    I'm in love with this bag, so glad I got it! People are always commenting. I can fit so much inside it's incredible, very durable too. I wish there were more products like this to benefit such good causes....more info
  • Great bag - great cause
    This bag is awesome, love the size and the quality and gets people talking for sure!!...more info
  • Reusable, reponsible bag
    My wife loves this item I got her from Amazon and she has cut down the use of plastic grocery bags by 80%. Its tough, light with enough capacity (about two plastic Safeway bags)for her to fill up, carry with being fashionable and eco-responsible....more info
  • It takes a village...and a bag..
    In a world full of so many luxuries for many of us it is hard to believe or even grasp that there are children dying needlessly of hunger. It can feel overwhelming at times and some may even consider justifying their apprehension by saying they are not sure where their money really goes. Or feeling that it really isn't their responsibility, but you know what? When it comes to innocent children, born to unfortunate circumstances, it is everyones responsiblity to try and help. So that being said...I think this bag represents a great cause. It not only helps a child, but it is a gentle reminder of the good that was acheived by one small act of kindness. It also spreads the word to others giving them a chance to leave their mark and do something selfless for someone else, just because they can. And on top of all that, it truly is an awesome, functional, well-made bag. What more can you ask for? Buy it and buy one as a serves a dual purpose, a gift for someone you know and a gift for someone you may never know......more info
  • Good idea, good cause
    I got this bag to be used to carry purchases and thought it was a great idea to donate at the same time. It is very sturdy. I thought that it might be bigger, but it will be able to hold a lot of fairly heavy items....more info
  • Great gift
    I gave this as a gift to my mother-in-law. She loved it, I noticed she started using it immediately. It was nice to give a christmas gift that had meaning and a good cause behind it. I would have liked a little nicer quality out of the bag, it doesn't look worth the price you pay for the item, but the cause is worth every penny. I would give this as a gift again. ...more info
  • Just give your money directly
    I loved this bag when i saw it, loved the idea..told everyone about it.. Then it fell apart. I used to back and forth to work to hold my purse and laptop. the burlap started falling apart and leaving burlap pieces on all my clothes...i tried sewing it to make it last longer, didnt work...better to get a 10$ bag and give the other $50 directly to WFP, with the bag only $20 goes and you end up looking a mess due to the burlap falling apart. I think mine started falling apart in three months and i wasnt very tough on it...used it for flying a few times but that and work, and i drive to work so it's not like it was doing much more than being toted from the house to the car and from the car to the office.

    Also, depending on what you are wearing the burlap can make pulls or wear your clothes in spots... thats why i always used the cotton on the the cotton print with the 1 is really great looking....more info
  • great X 2
    Got the bag primarily for the charitable aspect. Turns out I love the bag. I replaced my brief case with it actually. Get lots of comments. The only thing I would change would be to add a loop or ring to attatch keys to so they could be grabbed without digging. I really love the bad. c...more info
  • Great product... great cause!
    I bought this as a gift for my sister and am now buying one for myself. Aside from helping a great cause, you are purchasing a very durable bag that carries everything you need and more. The burlap is also carbon neutral. My sister takes it everywhere... weekend stays, plane trips, grocery shopping... everywhere! You will not be disappointed!...more info
  • A superb, sturdy bag with a great cause
    I initially bought this bag because it was a great combination of a solid looking functional bag to carry groceries in and a good way to publicize a charity organization. Plus some of the money actually went TO charity. The bag was so amazingly useful that I promptly then bought a second one.

    Yes, it's important to point out that the bag is selling for $60 on Amazon and that "only" $20 of the price is going to the charity. They are able to feed a child for an ENTIRE YEAR when you give them that money! I think that's an amazing deal. However, some people are complaining - they say people should donate $60 directly to the WFP and not get the bag.

    I think they're missing the entire point of this bag. Some of the money is going to Amazon. Some of the money is going to shipping (I get free shipping with all my Amazon purchases). And some of the money is going to WFP so that they can continue to administrate a program that helps so many people!

    Yes, you could send $60 directly to the WFP. However, how many people actually do that? By having this bag with me, I am continually advertising WFP to everyone I meat. And believe me, I get a ton of compliments on this bag because it is SO handy. It is thick, sturdy, with wide handles and it holds a TON of groceries. That's why I got two of them. I have many other bags I use and these are just AWESOME. Every time someone asks me about this bag I tell them where I got it and why. They are very likely to go on Amazon when they get home, look it up and buy one for themselves.

    If I just walked around randomly without the bag, how many people would come up to talk with me? How many would I then spontaneously mention WFP to - and how many would really think about going home, looking up WFP and donating money to them?

    Yes certainly you can donate money to WFP *separately* from this bag purchase. However, I definitely recommend people buy a bag or two for their daily use. The bags are awesome. Just by buying it you have already sponsored a child for an entire year, to get them a meal every day. And the publicity you provide to WFP by using it is simply priceless.

    Highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • The Truth
    The concept and the design of the bag were a gift from Lauren Bush. The product itself must be paid for. The materials, manufacturing and distribution all cost money, as does the procurement and distribution of the rice or other grains that feed the children. If it is any comfort to you, the World Food Programme has one of the lowest overheads of any charitable organization and this program is sponsoring this product. As for being made in China - so what? It is a global project, and if anyone complains about the price tag now, think what it would cost if it had been manufactured in the U.S.? Besides - I imagine some little Chinese children were fed by the money earned in the factories making these bags. One more thing - you cannot possibly give money directly to the children this project targets. There is no way to do it. What you CAN do is find the most responsible way to help, and buying this bag is it....more info
  • nice bag for everything - sturdy
    This bag is very sturdy and big - reversible too if you get it dirty! I love it....more info
  • misleading
    I think the bag itself is great. But it's misleading to tell the customer you are feeding 1 child for a year with the World Food Program for $59.95, when only $20 actually goes to the program....more info
  • Get this @ Whole Foods!!!
    I nearly purchased this bag thinking the cause was good, but upon reading further reviews I started to question the ridiculously high price.

    This bag is sold at Whole Foods Markets for 1/2 the price. They cover some of the mark-up so your money is spent helping supply 100 meals. Go there to purchase it!...more info
  • I Love My Feed Bag
    My daughter-in-law gave me this bag for Mother's Day because she knows I'm involved in charitable causes especially those benefiting children. There were critical reviews about how small the portion was that actually went to the cause. How many items do we buy everyday where no part of the cost goes to anything but the bottom line of the manufacturer? Twenty dollars may not seem like enough yet it's 30% of the cost. That is very generous. They have a right to make a profit. Look at it this way the more they sell the more they give. We need more companies like this. If every profitable company in the U.S. donated even 1% from each sale, billions could be raised for charity. I personally support my own charities but I adore my daughter-in-law for such a thoughful, meaningful gift and I just adore my bag. It's the coolest and has become my permanent roadtrip accessory. I love that I can cram it with my stuff. It has great pockets for a cell phone and small items. It's a great gift for that person "who has everything" and it's great a book bag for students (as well as raising their awareness about charitable giving)....more info
  • Love this bag!
    I have never gotten more compliments on anything in my life! I have given at least 5 as gifts, and one of the girls I bought it for turned around and bought one for someone else. It seems like everytime I use it someone asks where I purchased it. Store owners ask about it because they want to carry it in their shops. ...more info
  • Great Bag for Great Cause
    Good sturdy bag, lots of roomy pockets, and fits my lunch bag, portfolia, and purse for work commute.
    ...more info
  • great
    This is a great product extremely roomy very versatile in use. The fact the some of the money goes to charity it makes it an extremely good investment. The bag is unique because it is burlap on the outside. The inside has 3 large pockets. It is reversible so you can pick how you want to use it. I am glad I purchased this product....more info
  • I love my happy ; )
    I am so happy with this bag...I was worried there was no pockets so the first thing I did was look inside and lots of pockets (on the white side) I am very happy that $20.00 goes straight to feeding a child, it's not like it is a cheaply made bag it should last a long time.. so no not 100% of the $$ goes directly to the child but hello it does cost $$ to produce and make it!

    So if you rather just donate to another chairty and not get a cool bag go for it...but you'll be missing out : ) ...more info
  • I Wish It Was Sold In Stores
    I love the Feed 1 bag! It is very sturdy, roomy, and people always ask me about it! My only complaint is that it is currently only available on Amazon, while Whole Foods sells the Feed 100 bags in their stores. I have heard that they are supposed to sell this bag but every time I have asked, they tell me they will not be getting any in the stores. Overall, though, a wonderful purchase and would make a great gift!...more info
  • I Love this bag!
    Great bag nice and large for book bag, groceries, baby bag, or anything! Well made and great cause to give to :)...more info
  • Disappointed
    The Bag was as described; however, when I ordered it, I was so excited that I would be helping a child receive food for a school year. I was, however, disappointed to find out that only $20 of the $59.95 purchase cost would go to help the child. I thought I would be at least helping two children. I can't believe that administrative costs are so high that only an initial $20 would be given to the child. ...more info
  • Fashionably thought provoking
    I bought this bag for my 16 year-old daughter and it is both a fashion statement (In these days of giving being politically correct) and also a conversation starter. the importance of giving and chosing what to buy, especially among young people. I applaude all of the people and celebrities that have made it "cool" for kids to be aware of the importance of giving and the importance of chosing what to buy, especially among young people....more info
  • Feed Bag
    I love this "Feed Bag", not only for itself, but for what it represents. It would be nice if percentages of more of our purchases went to help the less fortunate, rather than make fat profits for companies/CEO's, etc. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I love this bag! I use it whenever I go to the grocery store instead of plastic bags. It's durable and pretty big so you can stuff a lot into it. I also like that it is reversable. My one issue is that only $20 of the $59 it costs goes to the World Feed Progamme. I think they should let you know that before you purchase it....more info
  • Food Bag for African children's charity

    It was for a good cause but next time I'll just send the money. The bag is rough, scratchy burlap and the handles don't fit comfortably over my shoulder. It is strong and very big though, so it holds lots of groceries. I wouldn't buy it again....more info
  • Great tote bag!
    This is a wonderful tote bag. Its super sturdy and quite large. Great for hauling books or a laptop. ...more info
  • Feed Bag
    It's always a good feeling to support a cause. I realize that the full cost of the bag does not go to the program, but to have atleast helped in some way is one more child that will appreciate the opportunities it gives them. The bag is awesome, really nice and big. I can put so much stuff in it, laptop, books, wallets, lunch...all at the same time. It was just what I wanted. The only thing that I didn't love about the bag is that the brown side tends to "shed" onto your clothing if it brushes against it, because it is some kind of burlap sack or something. But that is one of the coolest looking sides of the bag. Also, if you have dark jeans that might bleed don't let the white side of the bag rub against them, it will dye it blue! I definitely recommend this bag! It rocks! and you'll rock for helping out, even in a small way. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    I purchased three of these as Christmas gifts for my daughters, ages 14, 17 and 22. They thought they were wonderful bags and couldn't wait to begin using them, but even better than that they absolutely loved the idea that they were helping out those less fortunate than themselves. Each one was excited to tell their friends what this was all about and how they should get one too!...more info
  • Misleading
    When I first saw this, I too thought it was such a wonderful idea! I was also greatly disappointed in finding out only $20.00 of my dollars would be going to the fund-that's not even half of what I paid. I'm with the other reviewer when she says "Where does the rest of the $$ go? It's better to give directly so that MORE OF YOUR DOLLARS GO WHERE THEY ARE DESPERATELY NEEDED!!" Amen.
    ...more info
  • another BUSH organization
    yup thats right, Laura Bush came out with these bags. At whole foods market they are $30- $10 goes to feeding children of Rwanda (not even our own kids) $20 to the Bush family for "administrative reasons" yeah like to gas a plane from china.
    ...more info
  • Responible shopping
    The money paid for this World Food Programme Feed Bag provides enough resources to feed a child for an academic year, and actually using the Feed Bag on a regular basis helps to reduce packaging that squanders natural resources and pollutes the environment. The bag itself is well made and reversable. I use it as the "container" for my other smaller reusable shopping bags on the way to the grocery store, and it serves as the easily identifiable "cold foods" bag on the way home. Buy it for yourself and as a gift to encourage others. And use it. ...more info
  • I LOVE THIS BAG! let me start off by saying that I think this is a wonderful charity! This bag is so spacious, I use for my class books, and my purse! People tell me all the time how my bag/purse looks so different, and that is a great opportunity to tell people about the charity/program!

    I def. recommend this product!...more info
  • amazing!
    This bag is absolutely amaing. I bought it for my best friend for a graduation present and she absolutely loves it. Great price for what you get and more than likely the person you give it to will love it....more info
  • Expensive but I love it!
    It is a lot of money to spend on a bag but it is for a good cause and it is a great bag! I have used it for a school bag, purse, shopping bag, you name it....more info
  • Help feed ~ Buy this bag :)
    What a fantastic way to promote a food programme. I use it for multi-purposes and it is a great conversation starter :) Get 1 ...more info
  • World Program Feed Bag
    This is a great product - well constructed, money goes for a great cause, AND I take it with me everywhere in an effort to help save the planet by being more GREEN. (No plastic or paper bags when I go shopping!!!!!)...more info
  • worth every penny
    What a great way to spend $$. I now hav a beautiful bag that reminds every one to give back and I know that somebody far, far away is having a better day because of this purchase! ...more info
  • fantastic.
    while some complain that this is buying and therefor less efficient than giving...purchasing this bag and carrying this bag raises awareness. every time someone asks about the bag or even just sees it that is one more person thinking about it. if we all just give less would be given as the sources we give to become more and more anonymous. whole foods offers "feed" bags at $29/100 children fed for a day, those are my gift bags rather than wrapping gifts. anyway, love the concept, love the product. giving is NEVER bad or wrong in this context....more info
  • my bag
    i was glad to purchase the bag and even happier when i recieved it. but why did it start to tear about 3 weeks after i got it. im really dissapointed because i mean i payed 60 bucks and not even all the money went to the cause and then i feel like i got ripped off because i cant wear the bag. ...more info
  • great bag for a great cause!
    fun bag - something different and i am happy to be putting money toward a great cause...more info
  • snazzy shopper
    I bought this bag for two reasons; one-is that a portion of the proceeds go to a charity and the other is that I am sick of plastic bags and paper ones too for that matter. I use this bag to for grocery shopping instead of using the bags from the store. It has a nice inner pocket that you can throw your keys and wallet in so you don't have to bring a purse too. The inner pocket is good too at the end of shopping if you want to keep something separate, like a magazine or a candy bar you have to hide from the kids and hubby. It is also reversible and well made. If they were a little less expensive I would buy a few more because the "green" shopping bags you buy at the store don't have the longevity of this one....more info
  • Feed Bag
    I just love the World Food Programe Bag. I see a lot of people using cotton canvas bags now and not just for grocery shopping. What makes this bag stand out is the burlap side. I remember back in the day when this type of material was used to pack brown sugar back home. Now it adds a touch of ruggedness to a stylish bag. The only draw back is the lint you get off of the buralp side. So for those who wear truly black, beware.
    To sum it up, I LOVE THIS BAG....more info
  • Great
    I bought two, one for myself, and one for my sister-in-law. We are both teachers we load them up with tons of books and tote these sturdy bags back and forth everyday! I love that it's reversible. While only a portion of the profits go to the organization, you also have to remember it's promotion for the company. A lot of people ask what the World Food Programme is and how they can help.
    DOWN SIDE: it's puts little fuzzies off, but I would assume once it is washed it should be fine because it seems to be made well.
    ...more info
  • FEED Bag
    I love my bag! It is an all purpose bag that acutally helps someone at the same time. I couldn't be happier!...more info
  • Laura Bush " Feed Bag"
    This bag was a gift to my teenage daughter who is very politically minded and this allows her to make a subtle statement everyday. It is a conversation starter among her peers. She loves it. It holds as much as she can carry....more info
  • I love my FEED bag!
    I love my bag! I take it to the gym with me almost every day. Its sturdy, eco-friendly and there is plenty of room for my things.

    It's nice to know that I purchased a product that I use regularly and helped children at the same time....more info
  • love this
    nice big bag , I love it . it has a cause, plus i take it everywhere to use as a reuseable bag for groceries. it may cost more than most but if any of the money goes to a charity it is better than none. also i noticed that someone compared it to one being sold by whole foods and it is not the same bag .it says it is a feed bag from the world food program but it is not the same . just thought i should make that clear. i personally like the bag ...more info
  • Great Bag!
    The only thing I do not like about this item is that you don't know only $20 of your money goes to help those children not the $60 you paid for the bag! None the less, it still helps feed a child for a year!...more info


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