The New Glucose Revolution Guide to Living Well with PCOS: Lose Weight, Boost Fertility and Gain Control Over Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with the Glycemic Index

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If you?ve been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or suspect you have it, and you?re looking for a way to manage your condition, you?ve come to the right place. In The New Glucose Revolution Guide to Living Well with PCOS, Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller--author of the New York Times bestseller The New Glucose Revolution, the authoritative guide to the glycemic index--along with Dr. Nadir Farid and Kate Marsh, address the root cause of PCOS--insulin resistance--and show you how eating a low-GI diet can help alleviate even your most troublesome symptoms, including:

Weight gain
Unsightly hair growth
Irregular cycles
Mood swings

Filled with indispensable advice on switching to the low-GI diet, incorporating exercise into your lifestyle, and preserving your overall health and well-being, as well as thirty delicious recipes, The New Glucose Revolution Guide to Living Well with PCOS will help you beat your PCOS symptoms and take back control over your life.

Customer Reviews:

  • Informative but repetitive
    This book was a good overview of why a Low GI diet is so important to those suffering from PCOS. It went into a lot of detail regarding the way our bodies process things differently. It was dry, and I thought could have used more recipes, but I'd recommend it as a resource. ...more info
  • Not very helpful
    As a PCOS sufferer, I've done lots of research since being diagnosed. This book may be a great starting point for people who have yet to do any research, but for those have, you will not receive any new information. The recipes are nice, but if I wanted recipes I would have bought a cook book! Not worth the money in my opinion....more info
  • Enlightening
    This is a wonderfully informational and helpful book that gives hope to PCOS sufferers. Before reading this book, I had no idea that so many of my symptoms were PCOS related. All I've ever been told by my doctors was to "lose weight" and then my PCOS would be cured and I would be able to conceive. The problems with this were two-fold: one, I was never able to lose a significant amount of weight with a lower caloric diet thanks to the PCOS itself, and two, the information was wrong -- PCOS can't be cured, only alleviated...information I was unaware of before. Now, after reading this book, I have all of the information I've been longing for, along with a plan to alleviate my symptoms and hope that I will be able to conceive. I have eaten according to the low g.i. plan for 2 weeks and have already lost 10 pounds! I highly recommend this book to all women who suffer from PCOS!...more info
  • Not too good. Nothing new you can;t find on the internet
    This book was minimum helpful. I didn;t learn anything new that I didn;t already know and I ampretty new with PCOS. I would recommend looking for a different book. DO NOT BUY! Just search the internet.. it's out there!...more info
  • Excellent and Helpful!
    This book is Excellent! It's written well and very readable. It answers all those questions the doctors can't answer for you. PCOS being a new study is still not fully understood by our Physicians and GYN's and this book helps with that on a great level. I am not new to PCOS at all as I have been dealing with it since I was 19 years old BUT I am new to truly understanding it and this book has helped with that. I refer to this book almost daily/weekly when making food choices and vitamin choices....more info
  • Disappointing
    I was hoping that this book would be very helpful, since it got such great reviews; however, I was disappointed by it. I recently discovered I had PCOS. I was prescribed metformin and told to follow a low GI diet. The book does a great job of explaining how and why a low GI diet should work for women with PCOS, but it does a poor job of explaining the actual diet. It makes it very confusing to follow, and although it gives a table of foods along with their GI, it is very vague about telling you what you should be eating. I followed the diet in the book the best that I could, and gained 5 pounds before the first week was over. Also, the recipes in the book were no help to me... each one of them had an ingredient that was either very exotic (lamb meat was one of them) or something that I had never heard of. They cannot realistically expect people to make these recipes on a regular basis. I recommend PCOS and your Fertility by Collette Harris. This was a much better and more helpful book....more info
  • New Glucose Revolution Guide to Living Well with PCOS
    This book is really a good tool for women with PCOS. I keep this on hand in case I need to go back for a referance....more info
  • PCOS
    This book has given my daughter and me more info on this disease than any doctor has been able to do. The book has given my daughter encouragement that she can live with this syndrome and that she can make her life better if she takes the metformin and gets her body moving. The info on food has helped sooooooo much. Thank you for this book!!!!!!...more info
  • Very informative
    I found this book had a lot of great information about PCOS. I thought I knew a lot about PCOS, but never really understood insulin resistance. The book does a great job explaining in terms that anyone can understand. I am enjoying the recipes and finding that following the meal plan is fairly simple....more info
  • Another great book in the New Glucose Rev. series!
    I've read/own most of the books in the New Glucose Revolution family and have followed a low GI diet since 2004 when I read the original book. I have PCOS and found this one a few months ago and I LOVE this one the best I think out of all of them. I loved that it really targeted WHY a low GI diet works with PCOS, and how you can stop the cycle and bring your hormones in check. I love that they do mention using Metformin in correlation with the diet too and that really made me feel good knowing that they had brought up the medicine too since I do take Met. I've lost over 30lbs. and am still losing and highly recommend this book for anyone struggling with PCOS!...more info