Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home - 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk
Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home - 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk

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Studio: Starz/sphe Release Date: 12/02/2008 Run time: 97 minutes

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  • walking tape
    I found this a good walking video the only problem I had wasnt with the dvd but the quality of it I only can get to 2 miles and the dvd skips I cant do mile 3, 4, or 5 and I thew everything away so I cant send it back Its my problem Im just saying dont throw the info away till you try it....more info
  • Great exercise dvd
    I am very pleased with Leslie Sansone's walk at home dvd! My husband has been undergoing chemo for 6 months and we havent been able to go hardly anywhere so this dvd helps me get fit while being at home!! She has great energy!!...more info
  • A Great Workout!!!
    I have several of Leslie's videos and I must say this one is the best so far. I am 58 years old and have only been walking with Leslie for 2 years now and it is the best thing I have ever done. I started walking with her after having 2 knee replacements done. All her videos are low impact but yet you still get a good workout. After only a mile, it really had my heart beat up.The whole video is fast pace!! I like the way that the first mile is just one or one, you and Leslie, then for 3 miles is with a group (different group each time) and then the last mile is one on one again. I bought this on the Amazon website and it was the cheapest price I had found. Amazon is the way to go. Cheaper and VERY Quick delivery. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE....more info
  • Home aerobics
    I liked the "Walk at Home" DVD that I purchased, especially because I use it in the privacy of my house. I don't like being in tne fitness center with a lot of people. ...more info
    This is my first Leslie Sansone video and let me tell you, it is THE BEST workout video I've ever owed. This video is perfect for beginners-intermediate. I lost 10lbs in one month by doing this video everyday ( the full 5k walk) and eating healthy food. Good Luck!...more info
  • 5 mile fat burning walk
    I am very impressed with this walking tape. I have used many of the Leslie Sansone dvds over the past 5 years. This one I especially enjoy because of the fast pace and the ability to select from 1 to 5 miles. I would suggest that it's not for a beginner, however, due to the fast pace and boost walk (jog) sections. Someone new to the program might feel overwhelmed without the slow sections that her other dvds have. ...more info
  • Sansone's Best Yet!
    I love, love, love this dvd! I usually start this dvd with the intention of only doing 2 of the 5 miles, but I always get so motivated that I end up doing 3 or more! I own at least 10 of Leslie's walking workouts and this is by far my favorite. It is fast paced and she includes different groups of walkers on miles 2, 3, and 4 so I never get bored. The music is really good and the miles are fast so I get a good cardio workout in a short amount of time- an added bonus!...more info
  • Great work out!
    I really enjoy this DVD. I feel like you really do get a great workout, and have been steadily losing weight pairing this with a healthier diet.

    The miles are all structured in the same manner. 5 minutes brisk walking, 5 minutes power walking, and a two minute jogging boost at the end. At first I was a little concerned about the fact that you boost at the end of each mile, then drop back down to a brisk walk at the start of the new mile, but I researched a little online and it seems that interval workouts with varying intensity are the most effective for burning fat, so now I'm really happy when I get to drop down to that brisk pace after boosting!

    I feel like this DVD is very easy for beginners to follow. As with any Leslie Sansone DVD, the focus is on moving your body to the music with no complicated steps or combinations. Another great thing about the DVD is that is works great for any fitness level as you can walk as little as one, or as many as 5 miles during your workout. Right now I'm walking between 2 and 3 depending on my energy level, but plan to work up to 5 miles eventually.

    I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to drop some weight and start a work out routine....more info
  • Great video for everyone
    Leslie Sansone has woderful videos. She is motivating and offers you a great way to get active again and at a pace you can handle....more info
  • Good, easy, exercise!
    I have used an old vhs tape of Leslie's until I wore it out. This one is even better. Leslie has a good knack of changing things up so it doesn't seem like hard work. It's fun!...more info
  • Great exercise option
    This product really gets your heart a pumping. I would suggest this tape to anyone who is serious about their health...more info
  • Leslie's best walk!
    Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home - 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk

    If you buy only one Leslie Sansone workout, then this is the one to own! The creator of "Walk Aerobics" and my hero, Leslie, has done her best work yet with this one! I own 80+ of her workouts, and she just gets better and better (and yes, they are all different). I love this one because the miles FLY by! 12 minute miles are the perfect pace. You do 10 minutes, and then the last 2 minutes is the "boosted walking" - which is really jogging, but if jogging hurts your knees you can just do a fast power walk during that portion. You can pick and choose your miles, or do all 5! It begins and ends with just Leslie, and then the miles in between include other walkers. Leslie always has real-life people, just like you, in her videos - many who are living testimonies of the effectiveness of her programs. Grab this one,especially now that it is on sale for $6.49, and enjoy!...more info
  • Love....it!!!!
    I have used Leslie Sansone's" Walk away the pounds" before but this was more personel and I really enjoyed it. . ...more info
  • One Of Leslie's Best....5 Mile Workout...
    ~I throughly enjoy this workout from start to finish. Along with *The 4 Mile Super Challenge* it is one of my favorites. Leslies and her *walkers* are positive and upbeat and so is the new music she features in this workout! I really sweat with this one! If you want a good workout and one that goes quickly..try this one! You will never be disappointed! Now go walk!~...more info
  • Leslie Sansone
    I love Leslie Sansone's work outs but I didn't like this one as much I still rate it up in the high 7.5...more info
  • Great even for beginners!
    I have recently taken the decision to change my lifestyle and incorporate healthy eating and exercise in my routine. I am over 150lbs overweight at the moment and I was having a really hard time finding a workout regime that would keep my heart rate up without complicated moves or painful impacts on my joints.

    I was apprehensive trying this one because of its length and the reviews saying it's more for intermediate walkers, but after trying it a couple of times, I can say I love it. I have been able to do the whole 5 miles at a time, keeping my heart rate up without having to concentrate on doing hard routines.

    Leslie is really encouraging throughout the video and the music is fun and easy to keep up with. There are only a couple of things that I disliked in the production of this video and that is the only reason I give this 4 stars instead of 5. First, the music stops at intervals and it's a bit awkward maintaining a pace for those few seconds - I may be picky but it just puts damper on the workout for me. Second, the sound production could have been better as Leslie's claps and screeching of trainers can be heard on the hardwood floor. I suppose that could have been removed from the final piece.

    Other than that - really great. I worked up a sweat big time and was able to maintain my elevated heart rate without it being too hard for me to give up on. Really recommend it for those wanting to lose weight! ...more info
  • Great workout...but
    I have been using Leslie's workouts for some time and really do like what they've done for my health, fitness level and over all tone. However, though I love the 5 mile goal in this DVD there are a few things, I've decided, that keep this from being a favorite. 1) The DVD seems like a hodge-podge of several workouts 2) the music doesn't really flow well from song to song 3) the useless mile meter but the worst one is: 4)you can't do "music only workout", and no offense to Leslie, but sometimes all the talking is just plain annoying! Sorry, I had to say it..I love the music only. I still use this workout seveal times a week, but that's my opinion. It's not quite put together as well as some of her other workouts....more info
  • Leslie Sansone Walk Your Way Thin
    I love Leslie. I have been walking with her since 2002. I started out with her WATP with weighted balls. I now have a ton of her workouts.

    I filled out a survey quite awhile back and one day I got a package with 3 of her workouts to try! I probably own at least 30 of her walks so I was pretty excited.

    I recently had the chance to try 3 walks that will be sold in Select Target stores starting April 5th. There will be a total of 6 workouts each comes with a booster.

    Belly, Buns and Thighs slim down comes with the fit cuffs. It is a 3 mile walk that made me sweat more than some of her other walks.

    Walk Off 10 Pounds is a fast 3 mile walk with a 14 day meal plan and a pedometer It has a couple of new moves in it and I did enjoy this walk a lot.Leslie has a segment in this where she cooks a simple breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    My favorite one of all is called Punch Up Your Walk. It is a 4 mile walk with weighted gloves. I loved the gloves. I have some of her walks where you hold weights while walking. The gloves velcro onto your hands and around the thumb and stay on without you having to grip them through the walk. There are some new moves in this walk as well. In one you step forward, and punch, it took me a minute to get it but once I did I really enjoyed it.

    Last Friday I went to my Target and bought the other 3 workouts in the series. They are amazing. Each walk comes with a Booster like the other 3 and are just as intense.

    The 5 Mile Fat Burner comes with 2 stretchies which she uses throughout the walk. Let me just say, 2 stretchies was pretty tough. If you aren't an advanced walker then you should use one at first. This walk wore me out!

    Walk Your Way Thin comes with a weighted belt that you wear while you walk. I was impressed with how much it boosted the walks. There are 2, 2 mile walks. One is classic Leslie and the other is a faster pace. I loved both walks but the faster one is my favorite.

    The Three Mile Calorie Blast is just that. It comes with a walk belt, I have a couple already but they don't last forever so I was happy about that. It is a solid 3 miler with a few new moves in it. I really felt this in my back and arms the next day. One of the new moves she uses works your back muscles!

    One thing that I loved most about these walks is that Leslie is spot on with her cuing. She chats as always but it is encouraging and it actually kept me motivated when I started getting a little tired toward the end of the walks. I have done all the workouts and I did not catch one mistake.

    Unfortunately these walks are only at a few hundred Targets nationwide. I am putting a link so you can see if your Target is carrying them. There is a coupon included. http://www.walkathome.com/associates/target/ I hope that Target puts them on their website at some point so everyone can get them.

    I don't write reviews often but these are some of Leslie's best work.

    ...more info
  • Disappointed in the CD Quality
    I have several Leslie Sansone CDs. I'm disappointed in the quality of the CD. It's just not as good as the ones produced by Good Times in 2002 and 2003. I will still use it for workout variety. But I don't think I'll buy another recently made CD. ...more info
  • Better than Usual for Leslie
    Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home - 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk
    Recently I purchased this DVD and really like the fact that you can do all 5 miles in 63 minutes plus the cool down (12 minute miles)! You do the usual knee lifts, side steps, kicks, etc. for about the first 10 minutes of each mile. Then you do "boosted walking/gentle jogging" for the last two minutes of each mile. This is a faster paced walk than some of Leslie's other walks. Unlike the 5 Day Slim Down, you don't target a particular area of the body on each mile . . . instead you just do brisk "walking" during the whole DVD.

    My only complaint is my usual complaint . . . that there are a couple of times Leslie's cuing isn't great. There is one point where she starts a sidestep by herself . . . because she didn't give the other walkers the cue soon enough. Also, occasionally she switches lead legs.

    I would say that this is geared more for the intermediate walker. . . however, I think you can make it as difficult or easy as you'd like by exaggerating the movements. . . or not. Leslie has some walkers who don't do the "boosted walking," for those who don't want to jog.

    Overall, I'd say I'm quite pleased with this DVD. I have purchased this and the 5 Day Slim Down for my sister who likes to do indoor walking in the winter. . . so neither of these DVDs can be that bad, right?...more info
  • My Absolute Favorite - I Love It! A Quick Run to Get the Job Done!
    This is exactly what I was looking for. I can do a quick 1 or 2 miles, or go the distance for the full 5. You choose. It's fun, efficient and effective. I own ~8 Leslie Sansone tapes and this is my favorite. Thank you, Leslie! This is the best one yet. :)...more info
  • The Best By Far
    I have several of Leslie Sansone's walking tapes and DVDS. This by far is the best one I have ever ordered. I am so impressed with it. If you are looking for a good fitness DVD that is easy to follow than this is the DVD for you. ...more info
  • Must Have!
    The versatility of the 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk has made this one of my favorites from the first time I popped it in.

    The workout is 5 12-minute miles with "Boosted Walking" in total but it's broken down into 1 mile segments. You can choose the entire 5 miles or choose individual miles.

    I've heard some people complain that they don't like "Boosted Walking" (which is actually a light jog) and what is awesome about it is, you don't have to do it! You can keep at a low impact walk instead of boosting up but you still get all the benefits of doing the fast 5 miles!

    Mile 1 & 5 are with Leslie alone - which I like because she seems to concentrate a lot more on the actual workout than talking - but hey, her talking is what keeps me motivated!

    Miles 2, 3, 4 are with a group that changes a little, some new faces (at least for me) which was nice.

    Great music - this probably has one of the best tracks of music out of all the DVD's of hers that I have.

    My one complaint is that stretching is WAY too short. I like more stretching come the end, like a 5-10 minute stretch but if you are used to Leslie's 2-3 minutes stretches, then no problem! It's got it.

    If you like Leslie Sansone, if you like the Walk At Home series and you are past the beginners stages of walking this is a must have!...more info
  • The Best!
    This DVD is absolutely the best workout she has done. I was starting to get bored with her workouts & then this one came along! The music is awesome & energetic. She is not annoying at all in this workout. I've done this workout everyday since I got it (3 weeks) & still get excited every morning to do it again!!!!...more info
  • impressed!
    I am 60 years old and have been using Leslie's tapes on and off over the last few years. I absolutely love the fast speed of this continuous 5 miles exercise and am extremely impressed with the results I am seeing, both in my overall health and decreasing body size. What a great way to exercise!! Am already so looking forward to her next version....more info
  • Shocked!
    I was very skeptical about purchasing "walk at home" videos because I could not mentally perceive how it could effectively work. I purchased the 3 mile walk with the walk belt included and this video, the 5 mile fat burning. I started out using the 3 mile video with the walk belt and I could do it fairly easy without really giving out. Well tonight I decided to do this video just for a change, but I assumed that it would be the same as the other video. Wow, was I wrong!!! I attempted to do 3 miles, but by 1/2 of the 1st mile I was gasping for air but i toughed it out. By mile 1 1/2 I almost needed and oxygen tank, but I kept pushing. I got to mile 2 and almost fainted! LOL! This video rocks! I am now hooked and could care less if I ever walk outside again! This is a winner and Leslie is so.... laid back. She doesnt make you feel like you have to be perfect and have the routine down pat, she just asks you to keep moving and if you cant, just stop. I love that fact. God bless her for this video! ...more info
  • Great, great workout!
    I have used the 3 mile walk for years and loved it.....When I read the reviews for this video I bought it and now use it all the time. It's fun and you can decide how many miles you feel like doing that day! It also motivated me to lose some weight....more info
  • leslie sansone
    This is the best so far from Leslie Sansone! I love the 5 12 minute miles! I am a 50yr old female who enjoys being in shape. Using the walking DVDs I have not lost alot of lbs, but I have gone from a 14 to an 8. I have realized that the scale isn't such a great tool. How you feel is so much more. I have more energy that most of my coworkers who are 10-20 years younger than I. Thank you Leslie!...more info
  • Absolutely LOVE it!
    This was my first Leslie Sansone purchase (after using one from the library for 2 weeks). This was my intro to Leslie and her Walk at Home system. LOVE IT!!!
    It's chaptered and each mile is marked and each mile ends with 2 minute boost (gentle jog).
    You can mix up the order however you want to suit your ability, mood, time constraints.
    I also like her chatter and interaction with cast.
    The music works too.
    Miles 1 and 5 are just Leslie. Miles 3,4,5 are variations of the cast. I know this may sound silly but I like that everyone's outfits are coordinated. It makes it less distracting and more professional. I know it's a small thing, but not all her dvd's have this and it's annoying when they are mish mosh.
    Uses her basic steps with a little variation--walk in place, kicks, side steps and knee lefts.
    This dvd is very good at keeping you in the calorie burning heart rate zone. if it's low, you can always add more upper arm movement to bring your heart rate back up. Serious calorie burner.
    HIGHLY recommend this dvd!!...more info
  • Great dvd
    I love this dvd I just started it about a week ago. I feel that it is fun the music is great. I love how the miles are seperated but are great together. Leslie Sansone is alone in the video and I love that there is no one else there. It seem like since she is alone she moves arould more and I think that is great....more info
  • Amazing!
    I bought this dvd after the first of the year (2009) in hopes that it might inspire me to actually get moving--it did! I weigh over 200lbs but I am already at 3 miles in just 1.5 months of activity. I know that as I progress I will be able to get even more out of this workout. You can select which miles you want to walk so you never get bored--I am in love with this workout! Thank you Leslie--you inspire me to achieve good health. I do my workout in the morning 3 days a week and I am feeling so much better! It doesn't take up much space to do the moves and wow, are you moving! I give this workout my highest recommendation. Really good if you have a lot of weight to lose--challenging but definitely doable for all. Have fun!...more info
  • Excellent Indoor Workout
    Living in a mid-Atlantic state makes logging miles outdoors in the Winter a problem. This tape is a fun and lively workout which helps me keep my miles consistent. I like the flexibility of doing anywhere from 1 to 5 miles depending on my schedule. Would recommend this tape to those looking for a low to medium impact workout....more info
  • Solid, Low-Intensity Workout
    I like this video because it's not too hard-core for every day. I alternate Leslie's stuff with other more difficult stuff, but your average lady exerciser would probably be perfectly content with this level of workout on a daily basis.

    I particularly like the fact that you can choose how many miles to walk, and also choose whether or not to do the little "boost" workout at the end of every mile. It also helps that they change clothes every mile. It's more entertaining that way....more info
  • this is the best workout I've ever done

    I just concluded her 3 mile weight loss walk dvd, and I tell you I'm so excited. I love the fact that she has "regular" people with her and not the normal size 1 that you see on regular dvds. I was also encouraged by the weight loss count of some of the members of the group that were highlighted during the workout.

    She is truly a GOD sent, in the midst of the workout I called my last sister who weighs approx 300 lbs and was enocuraging her to get into it, there is no strain to the body and I just love leslie's spirit.

    There were a couple reviews that she talks to much and what not and the music is this and that, to those people I say if you were such great experts why not make your own dvds and leave your negative comments for somebody who really cares geez, cause this woman knows what she's doing and she encourages you to have fun while losing weight.

    I actually found myself laughing and being interactive in the workout, I've never had that level of fun or enjoyment before while exercising.

    I ENCOURAGE ALL WHO ARE LOOKING FOR AN ENJOYABLE AND EFFECTIVE WORKOUT, PURCHASE LESLIE SANSONE DVDS and forget the party poopers who really can't do any better themselves....more info
  • Good for fast miles
    I agree with the other reviewers about the annoying odometer (that really doesn't do anything except tell you which segment of the DVD you're watching, but it's animated, so it can be distracting - it could have at least updated to show how far along in the mile you are), the cheerleader, and the chatter, but overall, this is a great set of workouts to do a really high power exercise. I have a number of Leslie's DVD's and wanted a more advanced workout to make me really sweat and burn more calories, and this fit the bill. I also do understand that the feel of the workout is also very important, so some of the things that the others mentioned might be distracting enough to pass this DVD by. That's why I gave it 4 stars, but I still like the routine enough to continue using it....more info
  • great results!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been using the 5 mile fat burning dvd for 1 month and I have lost weight and inches. You will end up at the end of the 5 mile drenched as is if somebody doused you with water. Linda is a very good motivator, easy steps and routines. I have already ordered and received her latest dvd and I also love it....more info
  • Easy to do
    This is the third DVD I purchased of Leslie, it doesn't feel like a person actually walks 5 miles and the 2 minute boosted walks are only 1 minute 30 seconds. Also I would rather Leslie walked alone then with some of her walkers like Brittany or Kristina in her 4 mile walk. Where do you find people like this? If you need to have people walk with you stick with people like Nicki she is definitely more mature and doesn't look like a geek and want to make you turn it off. Over all I love walking with Leslie and is the only exercise I have been able to follow and stick with. Just pick better people to walk with. ...more info
    I now have 11 of Leslie Sansone's videos and I love every one of them. She often states that her workouts are not for sissies and that is very true but REALLY anyone can do them. You just set your own pace.I started working out with Leslie's videos on April 1st, 2008. I weighed 240 lbs. It is now February 24th, 2009 and I am happy...no thrilled to tell you that I have walked away 83 lbs!!! I went from 2X to size 12. My goal is to lose 100 lbs and I know I will get there. When I started out I could barely get to the end of the 3 mile video. I'm up to 5 miles now and I love it! I'm hooked! What a great thing to be addicted to...excerize!!! Now here's the best part....I'm 62..I'll be 63 in just a few days and the young girls who work out with me can't keep up!!! Please do yourself a huge favor and get started walking away the pounds today. Or just do it to be healthier. Either way, you come out a winner!!! ...more info
  • Love this one!
    I really really enjoy this one. It is kind of a nice change of pace from some of the other ones. At the end of each mile is the boosted walking and you can decide which mile or how many you want to do. During the week I will do 4 of the miles due to time restrictions and then on the weekends will do all 5. I easily burn 500 calories doing the 5 mile. It is a great work out!...more info
  • 2 Distracting people
    I like this DVD very much, I would have said I loved it, but for the 2 annoying people in it. The Cheerleader and the Sharkwoman. Cheerleader is very annoying, (could she possibly make her boobs bounce any harder?)but I just hang a towel over the right side of my TV screen and wha-la she is gone,,,,Sharkwoman in the back who at times makes me think that she is really hungry or something because I'm afraid at any minute she is going to start chewing the flesh on one of the ladies in front of her! I think she is just trying to show her energy in her smile? but it just looks Scary!
    But I think this is a good DVD, the music still stinks, but I have gotten use to Leslie's poor music choices by now....more info
  • I love Leslie
    Leslie Sansone is THE BEST! Her work outs are effective & good for EVERYONE from beginner to advanced! I own MANY of her videos & they are all GREAT!...more info
  • Long overdue exercise review
    I enjoy this tape very much. It has been some time since I have exercised and I have some arthritis and health issues, so I thought this workout tape would be a good place to start.

    I have been doing the " 1 mile walk 5 days a week for about 2 weeks now, and enjoy it very much. I feel like I have more energy and hope to in the near future been able to do the " 2 mile walk.

    Thank you Leslie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • It does what it claims to do!
    This work-out definitely burns fat! This was the first Leslie Sansone DVD that I have purchased, and I wasn't sure about the whole "walk-at-home" concept. I'm a treadmill or outside-walking kind of girl, and I usually do 5 miles a day, but I don't have a treadmill in my home, nor do I have the space. And in the winter in northeast Ohio, you have to be crazy to walk outside....so I tried this DVD, and it's awesome!! It's brisk, it uses more muscles than a regular walk, and it burns tons of calories!! There aren't a bunch of complicated moves to follow, and Leslie is usually really good about giving cues. It can be customized for beginners or advanced walkers/joggers. It'll tone muscles you didn't know you had!! I loved it so much, I bought 2 more of Leslie's DVDs! ...more info
  • Pretty cool
    I've been doing Leslie on and off for the last 5 years. I lost about 20 pounds with her 3 mile video. I've since upgraded to her 5 mile walk, but this video was pretty good. Leslie is your usual upbeat self and she has people on the video with REAL bodies. The repetition gets tiring after a while, but it's a good fall back video when I don't feel like jumping all over the place....more info
  • Decent workout!
    I own 3 of Leslie's DVD's. This one, the 5 Day Slim Down and the Walk Away your Hips and Thighs (that includes the ankle resistance tube)

    I have to say that enjoy this workout the last 2 minute boost is a great addition. 1st and 5th mile she does it solo which I like better because I really don't like the girl in yellow or the one who lost all the weight. She makes this god awful face when she's moving around and the other walks and kicks like she's posing. I try to not watch them anymore. I actually turn my back on the tv now and know this by heart that I can move without actually viewing.

    Overall, good video. Music is ok. ...more info
  • High energy walk-fit program
    I rate this program as very good. I was a little disappointed in the fact that it was done as 5 separate miles in the workout. I'd really like to see what a 5 mile workout would look like without the breaks between miles. I do work up a sweat though so I'm not complaining....more info
  • I Like It!
    I really enjoy this DVD workout. I started with Leslie DVDs a few months ago and could only do 1/2 mile. Now, 3 months later, I am doing the 5 mile and loving it. I enjoyed the fact that there is a little interval training at the end of each mile. Though each mile is seperate, I really didn't have to stop between each mile. As long as I kept moving, it was only a few seconds before the next mile started. I agree with other viewers that some of the walkers were very much out for attention. I think I could handle them all except for Brittny. My eyes kept moving to her because I was afraid she was going to break something with all the hip wiggling and shoulder shifting she was doing. Other than that, I would have to say this is a very fun workout....more info
  • A Good Workout!
    This is my second Leslie Sansone dvd, and it's better than the previous 5 mile walk. I'm looking forward to the next dvd, and hopefully it'll include more miles. Try it, you're guaranteed to sweat big-time....more info
  • EASY
    This DVD is so easy for older people like myself. You are finished with a mile before you know it!...more info
    What an EXELLENT workout. I would have to say that this Leslie Sansone dvd is the best walking dvd I own(and I own alot)!
    I have to confess that when I played the dvd through (it's always recomended to watch them first before doing them),I thought that it would be a dissapointment as the moves are very basic and the workout looked to very easy to do.
    Was I wrong!
    The dvd consists of 5, 1 mile workouts that can be done individually or all 5 in 1 go.
    The first mile is with Leslie on here own and demonstrates the moves that will be used throughout the 5 miles.Mile 2,3,and 4 are all with a group.Mile 5 and the cool down are again with Leslie alone.
    All miles end with a boosted walk which is what Leslie calls it but it really is a jog with jumping kicks,knee lifts.The boosted walk is only 2 minutes but you can really feel your heart pump.
    I recomend to do all 5 miles together for a fat burning workout that do get results.Idid this dvd twice this week and have lost 2 kilos already....more info
  • Another winner from Leslie
    I have several Leslie Sansone workouts and this is one of the best. Consistently challenging, with Leslie motivating you all the way. I really feel it when this workout is over....more info
  • 5 Fast Miles that leave you sweating!
    This is by far one of my favorite Leslie DVDs. Advanced walkers can do all 5 miles, or they can be broken down into smaller doses of exercise for those just starting out. Each mile has a segment of "boosted walking" (or jogging) at the end of it. I love that each mile is a 12 minute mile, so I can get in 5 miles in around an hour. The music is peppy and fresh, and the changes in cast members each mile keep the walk interesting. A success story of one of the walkers is highlighted which adds extra motivation to the walk. One of Leslie's best!...more info
  • The best!
    I have a lot of Leslies dvd's but these one is so diferent. If you want to loose weight and have a great work out these is the one that you have to buy, you will have options can do 1, 2 ...4 or the complete 5 miles to burn fat and feel great. ...more info
  • Great workout!
    I enjoyed this workout so much I over did it since I havn't done much recently. I did the one mile one day, then a couple days later I did the whole five miles! Very enjoyable for working out, nice variety. I have some of her other DVD's and like this one best, good music and scenes....more info
  • This is best work out ever
    I can honestly say that i never got a workout like i do with this video.I have never sweat so much just walking.The only thing is that you have to start slow and work your way up. But this dvd is absolutely amazing i have never had such a good time working out. ...more info


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