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Plaque Off is a unique product that uses the latest technology along with natural ingredients to improve your dog's oral health. All of the ingredients in Plaque Off are human food grade quality, providing safe and effective results within 48 hours. Here's how Plaque Off works: Anthium Dioxide is the main active ingredient. You will find this in some higher-end human toothpastes and rinses. A.D. actually dissolves the food film on teeth and gums...preventing plaque build-up, tooth decay and mouth odor. A.D. helps to dissolve the adhesion of existing plaque and tarter after time, the hard build-up on your dog's teeth will loosen and come off. Anthium Dioxide, along with Yucca extracts, work together to reduce digestive odors, which will reduce odors emitting from both "ends" of your canine friend. Yucca also aids in balancing good and bad bacteria in the G.I. tract, which results in better absorption of nutrients. The addition of Mint Oils also helps to reduce breath odor. Just one Plaque-Off capful each day in a 24 ounce bowl of fresh water will provide your dog with a fresher, healthier mouth and remove plaque and tarter. This 16 ounce bottle of Plaque-Off will provide 13 gallons of treated water. If your dog already shows signs of advanced gum disease...Red, Swollen or Bleeding Gums, Gum Erosion or Putrid Smell Emitting from his mouth, your dog should see a veterinarian immediately.

  • Brand: Triple Pet by Benedent
  • Size: 16 ounces
  • Now Made In The USA!
  • Safer than having your pet anesthetized for cleaning.
  • Begin seeing results in as little as 48 hours.

Customer Reviews:

  • Moldy! Buyer Beware
    I ordered Triple Pet Plaque Off at the beginning of November. When I got it I was anxious to try it out. But, when I opened the bottle I could see little greenish black things floating around inside the bottle.
    Concerned, I emailed the Benedent Corporation who makes this product. I asked if it was normal to have things floating in the Plaque Off and they replied that it wasn't normal and for me to send my mailing address and he'd replace the bottle.
    I decided that since I was going to get a replacement anyway, I'd pour the contents of the bottle inside a bowl to see if it was bugs, mold or what. It turned out to be some sort of black mold, and I let Benedent know what I found in there and dumped it all in the sink and threw away the bottle.
    Three weeks later I still hadn't received the replacement bottle so I contacted the Benedent Corporation again to ask about it. They replied that they sent it to an address and that it hadn't been returned to them. The address they said they sent it to was incorrect so I replied back with my correct address and asked if they could please resend the replacement bottle. I got no response and never received my new bottle of Triple Pet Plaque Off!
    Now I can't get a refund from KV Vet because I threw away the bottle thinking I was going to get a new one! I would NOT buy a Benedent product again, nor recommend them to others....more info
  • Seems to help, dogs like it
    I like it- it seems to help and it isn't just a perfumed mouth wash to try to cover up stinky breath.

    The price is really good compared to similar products....more info
  • Triple Pet
    This product is not as good as CET AquaDent. Did not refresh my pets breath. Would not buy again....more info
  • Triple Pet Plaque Off
    In the month that I have been using Triple Pet Plaque Off, I have noticed quite an improvement in the plaque build up and breath freshness in my two dogs . Our poodle had very bad breath and now it is quite tolerable. I hope that its continued effectiveness will make teeth cleaning at the vet a thing of the past....more info
  • Would give it a 10 - but there isn't enough stars
    I recently got a hairless cat, and not only did he have vile breath, he had B.O. and a stinky litter box issue. I tried everything to get rid of the smell - I couldn't stand for him to sit in my lap because he smelled like a rotting carcass. I was seriously thinking of giving him away. Out of desperation, I bought Triple Pet plaque remover. It was really a miracle. Within 2 days, he didn't smell quite so disgusting and after a week, he smelled like a "regular" cat. Instead of giving the cat away, we gave the gas masks away. ...more info
  • helps a lot
    I've been using this product for nearly a year for my 2 dogs and 2 cats. It is so easy to use and the pets don't seem to be aware at all that it is in their water. It really seems to prevent bad breath and keep their teeth healthier. I also brush their teeth (dogs) every day with the doggie toothpaste....more info
  • Very pleased.
    Pearl's bad breath is mostly gone and her teeth have cleaned up nicely I even bought mouthwash for myself with the same main ingredient-it is working good for me. I will be keeping Triple Pet on hand all the time. ...more info
  • Plaque Off Works!
    I am an avid user of this product as it does what it says, it keeps my dogs' teeth clean, white and easier to take care of. I will continue to be a repeat customer of this merchant since they have the best price when free shipping is calculated in. This is an easy product to use, just place appropriate amount in dog's water bowl or premix in a container and use as you go.

    The manufacturer (Benedent) also markets the same formula under the label of Waste Eaze because this product will also keep your lawns from turning yellow from dog waste/urine. I would love to see a merchant sell the Waste Eaze which I would buy instead since it comes in a 32 oz size and I go through the 16 oz size quite quickly with two large dogs in the house who love to drink water....more info
  • Triple Pet Plaque Off Works!
    I recently obtained this product for my two standard poodles. They allow me to brush their teeth (using Triple Pet Toothpaste) but they don't enjoy it much and its a bit of hassle on both of our parts. I bought the Plaque Off hoping brushing could be less. The dogs' teeth are looking bright and white and there is less "doggy" breath, so I am happy about the whole product overall. I still brush, but not as much....more info
    I bought this product from another vendor and my dog got very sick because the bottle of plaque off that I bought grew mold. I contacted Benedent and they said that they did have a batch (bottles with blue and green label) did grow mold and they had to recall it. I read several reviews on Amazon where several folks mentioned their dogs got sick from this same product. I had to take mine to the emergency vet. You can confirm with the vendor....more info
  • No more stinky breath
    Plaque Off definitely helps with my dog's stinky breath and plaque. Her breath doesn't smell like roses now, but atleast it doesn't smell like garbage. Weekly brushings are still required to keep periodontal disease away.

    My cats don't seem to mind the additive in their water either and it really seems to help with their plaque build up....more info
  • It works !!!
    This is a fabulous product and not just for keeping our dogs teeth clean. I rescued an adult English Setter that came with a gas problem that would peel wallpaper and breath to match. Vet ran test & said dog was in "perfect health". I spent a small fortune on all kinds of digestive aids to control or hopefully eleminate the gas problem. Nothing worked no matter how expensive. I was doomed to using air freshener the rest of this dog's life. Then I bought a bottle of Triple Plaque Off for my other dog who just had her teeth cleaned.I put it in the water that all my cats and my other dog drink... Yikes: within a week the gas had stopped completely in the English Setter and his breath had no odor what so ever. Gone were all the problems ! I could shout for joy !!!! I ordered a case here which is the best price on the Internet I could find. Get this stuff, you will not regret it because IT WORKS !!!!!...more info


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