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After working for 10 years to develop my method, I have turned down every opportunity to have it reach the masses - until now. I have figured out an effective way to take everyone on the life-changing journey that my method has to offer. This DVD will help you to get the kind of results that I know you never thought were possible.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Challenging workout
    I enjoy the workout. It is very challenging, especially
    The standing leg workout. I'm still struggling with the leg workout, but it's getting better.
    It will be about a month, since I started this workout, and I can already see positive results.
    You'll need to stick with it to see a real change in your body.
    The arm workout is challenging as well, I personally love it.
    At the beginning it really hurts, since you're using the accesorie muscles.
    It will take a few times to get used to it. Once you get used to it, it
    Gets better. Not for beginners I would say to must be mid way fit to be able to
    Keep up with the whole workout it's one hour....more info
  • Tracy Anderson sure knows how to make it burn!
    A1, it has been a long time since my wife did a exercise regime that was so physically taxing, believe me she has got them all and she loves this mat work out....more info
  • innovative and challenging
    I was a bit worried after reading some of the reviews here. However I'm extremely pleased with this DVD. First of all it arrived 26 days before the estimated delivery date even though I'm in the UK and the DVD was properly sealed. I have already started doing it. The exercises might look easy but they are not. However, this makes it more challenging and for me it's important not to get bored. My only minor complaint is the abs section since I cannot master what she is doing (yet) and would prefer a bit more guidance. As for the lack of cueing I much prefer it to other DVDs where the instructors don't stop talking. ...more info
  • TA Mat Workout
    I bought this in the hopes it would change my overweight flabby body into Tracy Anderson's body. Well I think it will take more than a week, but in this first week (I did it almost every day)I can already see a big difference. It is a ton of different exercises done in certain patterns to reshape the body. And OUCH! This one hurts and I still can't do it all in the order she does. I have to do the legs fast forward to the arms, then back to the legs, then abs, then arms, etc. Some day I'll be able to do the whole thing from start to finish in the order it is suppose to be, that will probably be the day I look like Tracy. Overall it is a great workout, my legs, butt, love handles, stomach, and arms have all gotten smaller and more toned. My arms hardly flap in the breeze anymore! I highly recommend it, just be prepared to be in pain and I usually end up yelling at Tracy as if she could really hear me through the TV but it helps me get through it! Enjoy the pain, it gets results!...more info
  • Tracey Anderson Mat work
    I have been following these exercise for five days a week for about 5 - 6 weeks. They are very challenging but slot right in if you've been doing Pilates as I have. I've found them to be a lot more subtle than pilates and definitely target the minor muscles. I found I was starting to get a bit too muscley so have stopped my classes and don't even go to the gym now , I do this each day and get at least half hour walking - cardio, with a long hike at the weekend. I am at my perfect weight and am looking really toned I am well impressed, my arms are getting nice and slim, my waist is getting smaller due to the standing abs and my legs are changing shape very gradually I reckon you need to do it for at least 2 months to see a proper change my husband even does some of it with me. I would recommend this to everyone it's excellent!...more info
  • Tracy Anderson Method Presents Mat Workout DVD
    This is the best method I have ever tried!!! I saw changes almost inmediately.... It really works!!!! She is a genius in fitness!...more info
  • Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout DVD
    Fantastic !! First DVD was lost in post and they straight away sent me a replacement. It arrive earlier than I expected. I love the mat workout, have tried a few times although it's hard at first, but I'm slowly getting it now. Hopefully doing this will give me the result as Tracy promise. Finger cross !! :-)...more info
  • Awesome workout, horrible instruction.
    I gave this four stars because the workout is hard and fairly unusual - which is good.

    okay, first the bad news: you will not get all the moves in this dvd the first time or even the first week. Mostly because Tracy doesn't speak much during this video, which for me is a downside, as i don't want to have to look at the screen. I am a yogi and workout a lot and there are some tricky moves and body angles in this video, she goes too fast and changes stuff up without saying anything. So basically, there is little to no "sonic cues" for you. It is all visual. I like her, so if she were talking more, it would not be irritating. Nor does she count at all. She also says that you should do her cardio dvd, which i've seen a clip on you tube and it looks even more fast and confusing. However, given how challenging the workout is, it seems - as a new user of this dvd - worth it to keep using it as the suggested 4-6 times a week to see results.

    Now the good news: it is a challenge! and considering I've been working out for 20 years, this is exciting. moves I've never done. it is very "dancy" but super hard. I doubt anyone but a fitness instructor could get through this video with perfect form. The nice thing is that most of the moves are "new" or rather, not yoga or pilates. You will feel it. It is not a cheap video, so only buy it if a) you are willing to get used to it and learn it without as much instruction, b) you are ready to do it 4-6 times a week - you will see a result for sure, and c) you are wiling to feel sore and awkward in order to get a hot bod. I have only done it a few times and I am glad that I have it, even though there are some things that drive me coo-coo! I'll break down the workout for you:

    Warm up = don't skip it, but funky
    Standing Legs = a challenge! weird but effective leg rotations. you'll have to study it a bit.
    Standing Abs = horrifying. no instructions, could not follow. hope to conquer someday.
    Standing Arms, no weight = super duper challenging.
    Standing Arms, 1-3lbs. weight = again challenging, but why are these right after the other arms?
    Mat Legs = pretty good challenge, no inner thigh work though...
    Mat abs = super challenging. basic but painful!
    Cool down = like the warm up in reverse.

    hopefully this will be it if you want a different sort of dancy mat workout. it is the cost of two yoga classes, so if you actually DO the dvd's you buy, then it is worth it....maybe her future videos will have more instruction?...more info
  • This is a full body workout!!! Love it!
    This video is about an hour long and pretty intense. All of the exercises really target problem areas for women. I can already see results after only a few weeks of using it. The arm section is killer!! I'm just now being able to complete it without sneaking in a little break. She explains the moves well and the background music is nice. Overall, love it!!! ...more info
  • GET IT!!
    This video is amazing! Order it now and do it every day! You have to make a commitment to it, but if you do you will get the benefits. Just relax and follow her lead, it's like exercizing with a friend!
    ...more info
  • the Method
    I feel the video was easy to follow and I got fast results without a lot of pain. I would recommend it to my friends!...more info
  • Tracy Anderson method mat
    This is not a work out for beginners as she gives minimal vocal instructions and you have to keep looking up at the screen. Also, she says how important it is to keep hands and feet pointed or flexed, however on some movements I can't tell what she's doing with her feet. All that said, this looks to be a great work out. One big BAD design is that I accidently hit the stop button and am now fast forwarding through the first 20 minutes of the DVD looking for where I left off. It would have been better if there was a way to skip forward to the leg, arm, or ab section. BAD DESIGN. ...more info
  • beginner/intermediate workout dvd
    i fully support the ideas behind tracy's workout method, however i am an experienced athelete and former dancer, so the moves and routines are a little too easy and simple for me. this is a great dvd for a beginner/intermediate exerciser. music during the workout is boing and tracy doesnt talk much so its kind of a snoozer/uninspiring workout dvd; if your looking for high energy, it is not....more info
  • Great work out!
    I saw Tracy on Oprah and was so interested in her unique style that I had to try this. I am very happy with the tape and results. I consider myself in good shape and exercise at the gym regularly. After three weeks of this video it is still really challenging. I have actually been doing the video in my bathroom using my laptop since I don't have a home gym space, so if your space is limited this may be for you. I can see the difference in my arms and my husband noticed a difference in my "glutes"!...more info
  • mat workout
    I like this video a lot, its really great for toning especially the arms and butt and thighs. I recommend this video for anyone....more info
  • Best workout ever!!!
    This method of exercise is completely different from anything I've ever done. It creates amazing results! Thank you Tracy Anderson!!!...more info
  • love it
    love this video. It totally kicks my butt and I feel sore in totally new places. I can tell that it's working and the exercises are easy enough to do in little pieces when I'm not doing the video (like while I'm brushing my teeth) I've been recommending this video to all my friends and can't wait to get her cardio workout....more info
  • A-MAZE-ING!!!!!
    This is by far THE best workout i have ever done!!!!!There are not enough great things to say about Tracy Anderson and her method of getting in shape.Results come quick if you stick with it and do it at least 4 times a week.Its hard...yes...BUT its that hurt that feels good afterwards.I feel amazing after i do her workout!So worth the money.I have all three of her dvds and they are all wonderful.The post preg one is also awesome...whether you have had a child or not...Tracy Andersons workouts are worth ever penny!!!!!Anything she may come out with in the future...i most certainly will purchase!!!!...more info
  • "Easy" mat work
    Now, this is a mat workout!! It is deceptive. You think it looks easy. I can do that. Man, IT KILLS!! I have been very pleased with this video. I do it three times a week and have seen definite changes to my posture and body. I have had to build up to doing the whole video because I have never done some of these movements before.
    This is low impact and easy to follow. I highly recommend this dvd!
    ...more info
  • Great workout w/Tracy Anderson
    This is a great workout to do all the time or just on rainy days when stuck inside. Tracy motivates and makes me feel like I could look like a dancer too....more info
  • Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD
    The exercises are VERY EFFECTIVE, which is why I gave 4 stars! The most annoying thing about this video is the different routines are NOT set up in chapters. They automatically assume everyone will have the time (& strength) go through the entire routine from start to finish each time, so all of the exercises can ONLY be accessed through ONE chapter. You must fast forward thru each time to get to the segment you want. Also, her instruction is so limited, you must watch her every second to know when she makes any change, because she never tells you a count for any of the movements. Even with these criticisms, I LOVE this workout! Exercises appear simple, easy, but they WORK even for a professed "gym rat" like me. Would be a GREAT travel routine if they would publish a print-out of the routines with a count for each!...more info
  • tracy anderson Mat workwout

    After a lot of problems getting the DVD. I has arrived 23 after shipped.

    Dvd seems good. Not used it much though. Tracey Anderson mat workout ...more info
  • Very poor instruction, can be unsafe
    This is possibly the worst workout video I have ever done.

    Throughout most of the video she gives little to no instruction, with the exceptions of things like "everything should be done with power" and "everything should be really alive, nothing should be dead".

    - In the warm-up section, she moves with the music and she doesn't give directions, so you don't know what's part of the move and what's her own expression of the movement. Also, she moves though the stretches at lighting speed, holding them no more than 5-6 seconds instead of the recommended 30, and she moves to the next stretch/move without giving you any warning, so if you are looking down like she is, you won't see her moving. I thought: "ok, I'll just do my own warm up" and then do the rest, but it doesn't get better:
    - The first leg section includes good moves, but it's nothing you won't find in a number of other The Firm or any number of barre-inspired workout like Squeeze, Cardio Barre, etc. She gives no pointers on the position of the standing leg or protecting your knees.
    - In the "standing abs" section she gives NO instruction. She just tells you to do what she is doing, which is moving her torso in different directions at the pace of the music, but she gives no pointed of keeping your core tight, breathing, protecting your lower back, leaving your shoulders down, nothing. You just have to try to keep up. If you do, you will notice that you aren't working your abs that much, and as far as ab work you could accomplish more by paying the Hula Hoop on the Wii Fit.
    - In the unweighted arm section, again, she gives very little direction, you just have to imitate her. The movements are awkward and better cueing (or any, really) is really needed, along with any hint of which muscle you should feel it in so you can visualize... neither of which are provided.
    - The weighted arm section is simply unsafe. She said everything should be really controlled, but that's the extent of her instruction throughout the section. She moves quickly in different angles and overextends her joints, both of which are really unsafe practices, especially when holding weights, even if it is as low as 3 pounds.
    - The second leg section contains some good moves, but again she gives no tips on avoiding momentum, relaxing your shoulders or using your core to protect your back. The moves themselves are nothing new really, they can be found in Pilates videos, Squeeze and some even in old videos like Denise Austin's Butt, Legs and Thighs.
    - The ab section is good, probably the best of the whole workout - however it's again nothing new, I have done the same exercise in videos from The Firm, Kari Anderson's Tone it Up!, David Kirsch.
    Also, because the video is not divided in chapters, you will have to fast forward through the whole video to get to the abs - or any section towards the end, really.

    I would absolutely NOT recommend this video. The poor cueing alone can be really frustrating, but the lack of instruction and the unsafe moves is really what makes it actually a poor example of a workout video.

    If you want a video that hits those trouble spots but has good instruction and good cueing I would recommend Tracy Effinger's Squeeze, Pure Barre or even Cardio Barre, which includes also cardio in addition to muscle work....more info
  • Pretty Good
    I just got and did this workout yesterday. I'm 28 and yoga instructor. I really like Tracy's video which reminds me a lot of dance class mixed with aerobics (some moves) and Kundalini Yoga exercises. The video is not too long (I think around 45-50 mins) so I can do it twice in a day or at least squeeze in a day however I wish she had a little more narration to let you know that she has moved onto another exercise along with a different camera angle(like during the ab exercises) to show which way she is moving. But all in all, it's a nice change with some challenging control since she is changing it up a lot so you can't get used to the repetition. Add some ankle/wrist weights and this would be killer!! Would recommend for someone who wants to exercise/tone their body without all the equipment or time....more info
  • waste of money!
    Tried out the tracey anderson mat workout Dvd, and it was the worst exercise routine i have even tried. I have been exercising for the past 8 years and would say i am quite experienced. First of all her attitude in the video is not at all motivating, she acts as if she would rather be somewhere else! The stomach routine was the worst, it was so silly and not easy at all to follow. Stomach exercises standing up and dancing around just dont work!! To conclude, dont waste your money, just beause she mentions Madonna or Gwen. Paltrow on her website. Such celebrities have people to watch out for their whole lifestyle (food, nutrition, health etc.) . They dont look the way they do because of a few minutes of a useless mat workout!...more info
  • amazing workout
    Tracy Anderson's Mat Workout is a fun change to my regular workout routine. She is very inspiring and motivating and I already see a change in my body. I actually look forward to doing the routines!...more info
  • love it
    love this video. It totally kicks my butt and I feel sore in totally new places. I can tell that it's working and the exercises are easy enough to do in little pieces when I'm not doing the video (like while I'm brushing my teeth) I've been recommending this video to all my friends and can't wait to get her cardio workout....more info
  • wonderful!
    This DVD is a great hour-long workout. While it's not a cardio workout, it is perfect for toning. It's tough, but works great!...more info
  • Good workout, but Poor Instruction
    Make no mistake -- this workout is challenging. You really FEEL it, in a good way. I'm sure doing this workout several times a week will yield an impressive body. However, I was really disappointed that Tracy is such a lousy instructor.

    She changes positions and exercises often without saying anything, so if you are looking anywhere but the screen at ALL times (hard to do in many positions), you won't see that she's changed positions again. She also fails to explain what exactly she is doing when she takes up new positions. Most video instructors spell out how your body should be positioned, but she does not.

    She seems to get lost in her own world of dance moves toward the end, so it's hard to follow, even for someone who used to dance often.

    In short, the workout seems to be a good one, but you have to go through it several times to figure out just what you should be doing and when....more info
  • don't waste your time
    This video is the biggest joke!!!! She basically moves around without telling you much of anything. Just when your ready to do one movement, she switches to another without telling you and also, isn't breathing important? She doesn't say anything about holding in the core or when to breath in or out. I found this dvd extremely frustrating unless you are a hard core exerciser yourself!!!! I'm sure Ms Paltrow gets more instruction when working one on one with Ms. Anderson!!!!...more info
  • Wonderful.
    This is my favorite workout DVD! I enjoy the set, the music (at first I disliked it but now it's growing on me!) and feeling like I'm in her class. Though she doesn't explicitly direct on movement, it made me pay attention to her more in the beginning so I can make sure that my movements were perfect. As for the flair and the dancing--I love it. I've shared this DVD with all the girls in my college class and they love it....more info
  • Review of Mat workout by Tracy Anderson
    I love this workout however Tracy does need work with cueing instructions to her audience. Her moves are great. You can feel the changes in your body after 2 weeks of 4X a week....more info
  • I enjoy working out for the 1st time!!!
    I received my Mat Workout on Monday. It's Thursday & I have done the video 3 times. I can already tell a difference in the way I feel. When I complete the workout I am energetic, but I still feel like I worked out. Tracy really gives you a lot of reps in some unique positions that will get your body burning.

    I would highly recommend this video to anyone who is wanting to transform their body, but is willing to work hard for it.

    Tracy is informative, but NOT chatty at all. I actually really like that about the video.

    I gave this workout 5 stars b/c I feel that I have already seen a difference in my body. Also, I enjoy working out & I even look forward to it now. There is one thing that others have commented on & it is true. Tracy does not set you up for the next move. You do have to be watching the video to know she is on another position. I always watch the workouts before I do them so I had an idea of what was coming next.

    Give it a try you wont regret it when you start to see your body transform!...more info
  • Review from an unfit person!
    Oh My! I am a self proclaimed couch potatoe! And usually hate the fact when I have spurts of going to the gym, I end up being sore and not being able to see any results! This DVD however has to be the fastest acting DVD ever! I try to do it 4 times a week - it does get boring after a while but I try to set my self a calender to stick with it, but the results are what keeps me at it...
    It really is fast and any thing you cant do at first be sure to know you will in 1 week's time - yes cues arent a lot but u get to learn to count and moves yr self in no time!

    I have just ordered her other 2 DVDs so will keep you posted to see what the combination does! Oh also, amazingly, even my cellulite diminished - maybe from all the toning of my legs and butt! Amazing work out! Welldone Tracy and go girls - keep up the good work - just dont give up at first as it is hard (I almost cried at the arm section!) :))...more info
  • A body changing experience..I absolutely love this workout!
    This TA Mat Workout DVD is like no other home workout I have come across. Before purchased, I did my research and read all the reviews, went on different sites, asked people I know if they heard of her. Like all new workout DVD's I watched it full length first so I know what I was getting into. She does recommend doing this video 4-6 times a week but personally for me, my workout experience is always trying to push myself for that last 3rd day of the week and that's it for me. So that's what I stuck to, the first week I didn't feel any muscle soar like many reviewers had experienced but I did feel my muscle movements sometimes when I would move regularly. Well after working out with this video for just 3 weeks doing it only 3 times a week, I couldn't believe the definition in my arms, legs, the slimmer waist and fat i've shed on my back area (you know that nasty chubby fat some of us see on our lower back area). I am in my 30's, and have thick thighs flabby arms and like many of us a stomach, I needed to loose about 20-30lbs so before I came across the TA workout I did toning workouts with 5lb weights and as a result I started to see my arms toning but the problem I had was that they were getting bulky and toned instead of sexy, sleek and toned. I'm so happy I decided to purchase the TA Mat Workout DVD because now I'm starting to see my body transforming into one I never thought possible. It has only been 3 weeks since I've been using Tracy's method and everytime I look in the mirrow now it motivates me more to want to do it consistantly. I love this workout because everytime I get lazy to want to get my workout in for the day, I put the DVD in and the music, the atmosphere of the workout and the moves itself pushes me to want to do it, yes she doesn't instruct much verbally but it doesn't bother me because I'm paying attention to her moves anyway. I like her method because her moves are easy but she give alot of reps that make you feel the workout and work your muscles and that's what you want. I like that each segment goes by pretty quick, the 1 hour is over before you know it and you feel great in the end. She also recommends her Dance workout DVD which I have done some research so far and found it to be toucher and more time consuming but I am willing to give it a try if I know i'll have a better body as a result. Thank you....more info
  • TAM Mat Workout DVD
    A really great DVD, easy to follow and a real challenge. Very enjoyable and results are visable within a short amount of time. Improves posture, inner strength and co-ordination. Genuinely impressive....more info
  • Not for everyone, but definitely for me
    If you need hand-holding and a lot of encouragement, then this is not the DVD for you. It was a little pricey for me, but so far I am really enjoying it. I like that everything about it is simple. I also like that it's just her in her studio. I have the Biggest Loser DVD also, and I thought it would be so distracting that there were 2 other people with Jillian; but that's just me. I don't agree with the people who said she looked bored. I didn't get that from her at all. And I also like that she just jumps right into moves. After about 3 or 4 times, you can follow it exactly. The only thing I don't like is that there are no chapters and I can't fast forward. After I finished the DVD, I wanted to go back to do the ab part again, but I didn't want to sit there for 10 minutes to fast forward. Overall, a great, different, simple DVD....more info
  • Poor teacher-poor instructions
    Although some of the exercises in this workout are good, Tracy is not a good instructor. She doesn't break down what she is doing. The standing abs is hard to follow. She just moves and expects you to do the same without telling you what she is doing. She does not know how to teach. She may be good an a personal trainer but she is not good in this video. You also have to watch the whole time when she is doing floor abs because she doesn't tell you when she is changing exercises. To be a good trainer you need to be a good communicator and she needs to work on this....more info
  • Pretty good but.....
    This DVD does work; after doing it for 3 weeks, I can see noticeable results; the first week I could only do it 3 times, week 2 and week 3 I was able to do it 4 times each week; not all the way thru but I gave it my all. The problem with this DVD is cueing; she's not very good at it and in certain segments, it doesn't exist at all; she just changes exercises and expects you to be able to follow along. However, it's not too difficult to catch up. She also doesn't really talk about 'proper form'; so you need to be familiar with exercising and your body. Other than that, it's not bad. It makes a nice a change from yoga and the stairmaster and running! ...more info
    I was looking for a workout video that would provide results, not just work me hard and nothing to show for it. Well, let me tell you this video provides everything I was looking for and more. I saw results within 2 weeks!!! If you are like me and want to see the benefits of your hard work, then this is the video for you. Expect to work hard, but the payoff is awesome!!...more info
  • Boring, Not Feeling It
    I am 31 yrs. old, 5'9", and 140 lbs. I quickly grew bored of this dvd and didn't enjoy spending an hour with Tracy Anderson. She seems bored and appears to roll her eyes during the workout. She discourages users from doing any other exercises other than her dvds in order to achieve results. I like to run and do other things so I didn't like the idea of limiting my activities. After doing it four times, I tried to motivate myself by doing it to different music, but after that, I lost interest. I could see a difference in my shoulders, but my arms never felt sore like Gweneth Paltrow talks about.

    I like the workout designed by Jennifer Aniston's personal trainer, Mandy Ingber. She uses yoga. In the past I was hesitant to do yoga, because I thought it wouldn't give me a good workout, but I learned it really does and it feels good. Mandy Ingber and Jennifer Aniston did an interview together for Self Magazine which is available on Mandy Ingber's site under "press releases", along with a video she did demonstrating the workout. The results are obvious and I thoroughly enjoy it....more info
  • I Am returning this! It's awful!
    This Dvd is ONe Long DVD that has No OPTIONS. If you have to stop for any such reason, you cant get Back to where you were by Fast forwarding. When You Push Fast Forward it goes back to menu! So you have to watch it all Over again to get to where you left off. She explains NOTHING, and you have to keep watching her, Or You will be doing it wrong. I Looked away for a second Looked back up and she was doing something completly differnt, with not a word spoken. The standing abs section is a Joke. Basically her dancing around trying to look sexy. I agree with many other reviews i have read-- No Instruction, No Options, and she Looks Like shes totally bored. I am Not Obese, and have been working out for over a year. I thought this would be a good addition to my normal work up to change things Up a Bit, but for $30.00 its a Joke. I have never spent that Much On a DVD before, and for that amount money it should not be as Lame as it is. The ONLy thing good about it is the music. I returned it today. I want a refund. I feel ripped off for buying this. Dont waste Your money- there are Plenty Good work Outs Out there- Like The Biggest Loser Boot camp & Yoga DVD's . The Core Fusion is another good One. This one is Not worth the money. ...more info


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